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Time of Wolves by Mihali1432
Chapter 2 : February 17th
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                Teddy groaned as he opened his eyes and tried to stretch his arms. He gasped in pain when he moved his left shoulder though and he instantly stopped moving. Panic crept up into him as he remembered what had happened. He quickly took in his surroundings and noticed he wasn’t in a bed, not even a hospital. He was in a weird cabin, and covered in furs. He realized he didn’t have a shirt on and that his shoulder was wrapped with a red stained bandage.

                Someone walked into the room he was apparently laid in and walked up to him. The man grumbled as he put down some bandages he was holding. Without even asking how Teddy was doing he just started to take the bandages off Teddy’s shoulder, even though that meant leaning over him.

                “Well how do you do too!” Teddy said sarcastically as the man finished pulling the bandages off. Teddy’s shoulder had started to scar, leaving a strange amount of small little circles from where the wolf bit him. The man grumbled as he backed away without bandaging Teddy’s arm back up.

                “Maybe I should’ve just killed you back there?” The man’s eyebrows rise and Teddy’s eyes shot open. Teddy shook his head then smiled sheepishly. “That’s what I thought.” The man grabbed the bandages and wrapped Teddy’s shoulder back up tightly. Teddy winced when the man let him fall back down.

                “Er… I suppose I should say thanks. Um. What’s your name?” Teddy asked as he looked at the guy. The guy’s hair was a shade of light brown, almost grey even.

                “I’m surprised you want to know my name more than the place you’re at. Fenrir Greyback,” Fenrir replied crossing his arms as he looked at Teddy. Teddy’s face contorted into surprise before he tried to say something but kept tripping over his words. “What?” Greyback growled as Teddy continued to look at him.

                Teddy wondered what he should reveal about himself or even about Greyback in the future. Victoire’s warning echoed throughout his head and he quickly decided to cover up his confusion before asking Fenrir a few careful questions.

                “What year is it?” Teddy mentally slapped himself for asking such a stupid question but when Fenrir sighed instead of looking at Teddy as if he had three heads, he felt relieved. Fenrir sat down in front of Teddy, crossing his legs.

                “1968. You seemed like one of the ones who wouldn’t lose their memory,” Fenrir grumbled as he scratched at his face. Teddy thought he seemed to be really tense for someone who didn’t look so old.

                Teddy stayed silent for a second as the year sank in, and everything that had happened. I lost my memory, all right. I can work with that. Teddy thought to himself. But 1968. That’s two years too early. Teddy sighed as he thought about his bad timing.

                “Do you know your name?” Fenrir asked, trying to see how bad Teddy’s ‘memory loss’ was. Teddy looked up and quickly tried to think of a name but failed miserably. “You look like a Lupin.”

                Teddy’s eyes widened and they darted back and forth while he tried to think up an excuse and think of a name to use.  “Uh… um uh… I’m not a, I don’t know? Uh…”

                “Just shut up,” Fenrir said as he sighed, rubbing his forehead. “Ok, do you think you can walk?” Teddy tried to get out of the furs, feeling his arm drag behind him. When he stood up shakily he noticed that he could barely move his arm and that pain shot up his arm every time it moved.

                “I can walk, but this arm issue is going to make it painful,” Teddy said as he went to take a step, his legs gave out right as he did. Fenrir caught him before he landed on the ground and picked him back up. Teddy smiled sheepishly and while Fenrir raised his eyebrows.

                “That’s not walking, that’s falling,” Fenrir mumbled sarcastically while Teddy sighed.

                “Just lean on my shoulder?” Teddy nodded and was shifted around so that his right arm was around Fenrir’s shoulders. “I’m just gonna show you around quickly then you’re going back.”

                “That’s fine by me,” Teddy replied as Fenrir slowly took a step forward, Teddy doing the same. Soon the two had exited the small cabin and Teddy got a glimpse at what looked like a very small werewolf civilization inside a forest. The trees parted at certain parts as if they were planted to be like that, or that trees were removed. Light filtered in softly and whenever the wind blew Teddy could hear every leaf ruffle. Everything felt natural, and even the air seemed clearer than any air he’s breathed in before.

                “Woah,” Fenrir smirked as Teddy took in everything he saw. “You have a small town in the middle of a forest?” Teddy asked with incredibility. He turned his head to see everything, although he was slightly disappointed that there were only four cabins, the amount of werewolves he could see far exceeded how many people would fit in those cabins.

                “Not even a town. The cabin behind us-” Fenrir jerked his head towards the small building they just exited from. “Is the place where we put the wounded or ones that are sick. The slightly larger cabin is where the alpha, or current leader, of the pack stays. And the other two places are storage, where things such as wands and clothes and weapons are held.” Fenrir explained all the cabins the best that he could to Teddy. Teddy looked around, taking in all the locations, not that there were many, before he became confused.

                “Where do you all sleep?” Teddy asked and Fenrir just looked at him.

                “Outside,” Fenrir replied before he took a step, Teddy being dragged along with him.

                “Pack, so you’re all like a bunch of wolves. Neat,” Teddy mumbled to himself but Fenrir heard him and began grumbling to himself.

                “Wizards,” Fenrir grumbled to himself while Teddy frowned. He knew Fenrir didn’t like wizards, from what he read of his biography back in his own time but he didn’t think he’d be like this.

                “I’m not a wizard anymore,” Teddy stated flatly before he looked around. He saw about ten werewolves walking around but not a single child was in sight. “Where are-” Fenir cut Teddy off before he could finish his sentence.


                Teddy’s heart stopped for a second before his vision blurred. His body had to get used to the new time before he could do anything, and along with being turned into a werewolf he was in a very weakened state. Fenrir felt Teddy’s weight drop onto his shoulder more than before so he took Teddy back inside. Fenrir placed Teddy on the bed before he left to go do some things he had to do. Teddy just laid down without any complaints and fell asleep.

                In his dreams he wondered what had happened to the children of the small little pack of werewolves that lived here.

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