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It Goes Like Clockwork by padfootandprongs25
Chapter 3 : Chapter Three
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Chapter Three - A Terrible Accident

Lily sat with her knees pulled up to her chest in the corridor outside James Potter’s bedroom, she sighed as she flipped the page of Witch Weekly. Same old, nothing really changed in the celebrity part of the wizarding world.

Celestina Warbeck was engaged, which Marlene would find ridiculous she would not be able to believe that somebody would marry somebody with a voice as whiny as Celestina’s. Mary of course would be absolutely thrilled of the fact that her favourite singer was now engaged to an all-star Quidditch player Ryan Roaches, who played for puddlemere united and, according to Witch Weekly, was voted the most successful player of 1976.

Lily flicked over the next page and a piece of paper fell out of it, it looked like a hand scribbled note. She turned it over onto the side where the messy write was. She muttered the message to herself:

I found your copy of witch weekly, never knew you were into who got who pregnant and which witch wore it better.
I was wondering if maybe you would like to accompany me on a date to the beautiful muggle village in which we reside in tomorrow evening.
Think it over, you don’t have to answer straight away.

Lily’s first initial thought was to rip the letter up, burn it and then flush the ashes of it down the toilet and then maybe do the exact same thing to James Potter but she calmed herself for a moment. Why must he be so infuriating? Hadn’t he got it through his stupid head that over the past three years of him asking her out she wasn’t going to change her mind.

See his “crush” started probably around second year but he started asking her to dates and out in third year, this continued somewhat religiously every single day sometimes twice or three times a day and the answer would always be the same, “Were you dropped on your head as a baby Potter? Why the hell would I?” Harsh? Yes. Truthful? Always.

She stood up and flung her magazine to the ground, she didn’t care whether he was still drunk or whether he had a hangover or not she was angry and he was going to hear her shout at him and she did not care whether it gave him a headache or not.

She pushed open the door and it hit the wall with a bang, James sat bolt upright instantly, he looked around wearily and rubbed his eyes which finally landed on a furious looking Lily who was stood in the doorway holding his stupid little scrap of paper. He groaned before flopping back down on the bed and putting his head in the pillow.

“Why must you be so infuriating?” she said loudly, trying to stop herself from shouting at him.

“Go away” he mumbled into his pillow before rubbing his head.

She laughed coldly, “Oh no, you’re going to sit up and hear this Potter” she said moving towards his bed and yanking him by the arms and pulling him into a sitting position, he rested his head on the headboard and looked at her sleepily.

“That’s alright Lils I like it when my girls are tough with me” he grinned, he looked completely out of it though, probably still half drunk.

She shook her head and widened her eyes at him, “Oh no, don’t you dare call me your girl James Potter, I am not your girl, I never will be” she thundered, her eyes ablaze with anger.

“You won’t be saying that on our wedding day” he smirked closing his eyes.

She smacked him hard on the shoulder, he flinched and groaned softly but she paid no attention to this “Shut up” she snapped, “Do you really have to keep doing this?” she snarled pointing to the note before flicking it at him, “Can’t you remember the talk we had at the end of this year” she sighed.

“Hey! Evans, Evans wait” somebody called behind her, Lily turned clutching her books to her chest, she was making her way to Arithmancy a class in which she did not take with either Marlene, Georgia nor Mary so she was alone and by the looks of it so was James Potter. For some reason he took the class too and what annoyed her much more was that he was good at it.

“What?” she frowned, she did not particularly enjoy his company, he was annoying. He had calmed down a lot this year she had to admit, possibly grown up during the summer at the end of fifth year but he was still asking her out all the time and pulling stupid pranks with his friends, which she thought was ridiculous. But he did not bully students anymore, which was a plus. Well not for her, it gave her less things to complain about and less reasons to dislike him.

“Well” he said awkwardly as he caught up with her, he ran his hands through his already messy hair and made it worse, she had to stop herself from rolling her eyes, “I mean it’s the last Hogsmeade weekend this weekend before we break up for the summer and well I mean-” did he actually look nervous? She couldn’t believe it, “Well do you want to go with me?” he finally spluttered out.

She raised her eyebrows she was about to give some really horrible, snappy retort on why she would never ever go to Hogsmeade with him, but something changed. She noticed the hope in his eyes as they darted around nervously, she realised how nervous he actually was – which was a pleasant change from cocky James Potter.

“No” she said softly, he nodded slowly – as if he had been expecting it, she couldn’t blame him. “Look Potter, aren’t you ready to give it up yet?” she said smiling sadly, “I’ve been saying no for almost three years, I’m not going to have a sudden change of heart…” he went to interrupt but she continued to talk, “yeah I know you’ve grown up but honestly James you’re still conceited, and immature. A person doesn’t just lose that. Look I’m sorry ok but it’s a no, and it will always be a no” she said quietly trying not to sound too harsh because for once she actually felt bad for turning him down.

He shrugged and attempted a grin, before shoving his hands in his trouser pockets and continuing to walk on leaving her standing there feeling completely helpless and guilty, “Potter” she called, he turned around, she walked towards him, “I mean maybe, we could try and get along. I mean this summer we’re going to all be at Mary’s, I really don’t want to be at your throat all summer” she sighed attempting to start a truce.

He smiled and nodded, “I promise I won’t ask you out every five minutes if you don’t scream at me for every little thing I do” he smirked.

She rolled her eyes, “Deal” she sighed, he chuckled. That was the last they said to each other before the term ended.

“I believe I said every five minutes, I haven’t asked you out since then” he grinned his voice weak and sleepy sounding, she hit him lightly on the shoulder again, he groaned.

She frowned, “Why in the name of Merlin do you kept wincing and groaning whenever I lightly tap you on the shoulder?”

“Lightly?” he chuckled, “Godric Evans there’s nothing light about the way you smack” he tried to joke, but Lily noticed he wasn’t making eye contact with her. He was lying.

“Take off your shirt” she demanded.

He raised his eyebrows at her, “We’re moving a bit fast aren’t we Evans? I like to get to know a girl before this happens” he smirked, she snorted as she was positive that was not true due to his history of girlfriends.

“Take off your shirt Potter” she said firmly, he stared at her to see if she was going to crack, analysing the situation he finally sighed and pulled his black t-shirt over his head.

Lily’s first reaction was too gasp. Along the back of his shoulder was a large slash which was blood red, it ran all the way down his back on the front of his stomach was a large bruise which looked as if he had been punched in the stomach quite a few times. James looked down at his own body and winced before looking back up at the ceiling.

“James” she murmured moving to sit on the bed next facing him, “What happened?” she asked softly, running her fingers along the bruise tracing it, it was a huge bruise, he flinched as her fingers traced it and she extracted them immediately, blushing, but also realising she was causing him more pain.

“Fell over?” he offered, grinning, but it didn’t quite reach his eyes.

“I swear to Godric James if you don’t tell me I’m telling Sirius, Remus and Peter” she threatened.

His eyes widened, “No you can’t, they weren’t there. They don’t know, leave them out of it” he said quickly and probably a little harsher than he intended.

“What happened?” she repeated quietly.

So he explained, he explained how Sirius had left the pub at around two as it was closing and had refused to go to an all-night bar down the road, James had said he’d be back in an hour which led to Sirius leaving without even looking back. James had actually left the bar at four in the morning; it was still dark as he made his way down some dark alleyways still pretty drunk trying to find his way back to the house. He looked down the alleyway and had seen a few people in long black cloaks, he was pretty sure by that time they were not muggle nor particularly kind. But before he could run one of them aimed their wand at him and that’s when the large cut happened, the spell wasn’t as strong as it could’ve been but James had fallen to the floor, a few seconds later one of them came along and kicked him in the stomach a few times before they all disappeared. He wasn’t really sure how he had managed to get back to the house, he had tried the best he can to apparate in the state he was in and trying to remember desperately what the house looked like in his intoxicated brain. Sirius hadn’t waited up and everyone else was in bed so he didn’t wake anyone.

“You’re an idiot” Lily sighed, “Why wouldn’t you wake anyone up?” He shrugged, “Potter you could have died in your sleep” she snapped.

He managed a weak smile, “Nice to see you concerned about me for once” he said weakly.

She sighed and shook her head before standing up, “I’ve got some dittany in my bag, I’ll be back in a second” she said before departing the room. A few minutes later she was back and the dittany was being dripped upon James Potter’s wounds.

They sat there in silence as Lily tended to his wounds, he winced every so often as she dripped a bit more dittany onto the large lacerate on his back but he did not complain which she was thankful for, it was easier for her to do this without him saying anything.

“Lily” he said softly after a few minutes and she looked up at him, “I really am sorry about the note” he sighed leaning back on the headboard as she placed the dittany on the bedside table.

She shrugged, “Well I’m really sorry about hitting you so we can call it quits right” she said lightly standing up.

He pulled himself up a little more and groaned slightly, “I was wondering, I know we said we’d try and get along this summer, but I don’t know. Maybe we could try and be friends” she eyed him curiously and he continued, “like if I promise to keep my promise” he said actually grinning this time.

She smiled slightly, “but will you” she said raising her eyebrows, he nodded, “I’ll keep mine too” she smiled.

“And um, thanks, for this” he said quietly, “I mean considering I’m kind of a toerag to you, you didn’t have too” he said smiling faintly.

“Yes I did, because if I didn’t I wouldn’t really appreciate being hexed to death by your best friend if he found out I didn’t do anything” she grinned and he chuckled slightly.

“You won’t tell them right?” he asked, she shook her head, “thanks” he added.

She shrugged, “Your choice, it’s not my business to do so” she turned away, “I’ll be outside the door if you need me, you need sleep” she told him, he nodded, she opened the door and turned around one last time, “James” he looked up, “do you know who it was?” she asked trying to keep the curiosity out of her voice and trying to provide a casual tone.

“Yeah, yeah I do” he said, but the tone of his voice led her to believe that he didn’t really feel like telling her or talking about it anymore so she gave him one last nod, “thanks by the way”

“For?” she asked, he had already thanked her.

“Calling me James” he murmured before turning over and closing his eyes, she stood in the doorway frozen for a few minutes before he started snoring softly.

hi guys thanks for reading my story so far, it is being written for a summer romance challenge and I’m really enjoying writing it
Um just to let you know you will later find out who attacked James but how I will not say

also song in summary owl city- hospital flowers

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