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Grand Scheme by charm_the_stag
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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Lately I've been hard to reach, I've been too long on my own,

Everybody has a private world where they can be alone,

Are you calling me? Are you trying to get through

Are you reaching out for me, like I'm reaching for you?

-Eminem, beautiful.

Life was never fair. Learning it the hard way made it easy for her to come to terms with this fact.

She was perceived to be a model child. Top marks, even in elementary, musically inclined, first to finish the race.

Her demeanour was not hostile, it was guarded. A wary seven year old does seem odd, but it was accepted, being perceived as an old soul. She was lively yet her warm chocolate brown eyes beheld a tired look.

Childhood has poignant connotations of innocence and happy obliviousness to the workings of the real world.  She was one of the few children who had been deprived of a proper childhood. Under a strict disciplinarian- her mother.

The facade that was put up for the world was a brilliant act. A perfect hardworking child and her doting parents. But it was a facade. A deception.

The inner workings of the elusive and brilliant family were known to none and snoopy neighbours just assumed a snotty family who held a high regard of themselves. One of them recalled going over to their house when the Mallory’s had just moved in. She exaggerated their lack of hospitality and aloofness.

Little Arwen Mallory didn’t have many friends. A dog and a cat were not considered ideal friends, but they were patient listeners and understanding mates. She sat in the garden, in a part hidden from her house and talked to her loyal friends about her life. She would tell them tales of magic and happiness, wishing magic to save her from the wrath of her mother and ignorance of her father. It was the only time you would think of her as a child of seven.

Arwen was pushed to excel. Perfection and excellence was expected from her.  

There was always an impending doom awaiting her if she ever failed. The horror that lay ahead of her made her want to hide, she needed a place to hide.
Once, when she came home with a less than satisfactory result, her mother’s fury was so traumatising that she prayed for a miracle. In her favour, the roast in the oven caught fire causing quite a stir in the neighbourhood when the fire department had to arrive due to the alarms. She quietly went into her room thanking the burnt roast for its appearance.

The years went on and Arwen Mallory grew up to be a pretty little girl with a perfect record. Yet, we know that looks can be deceiving and so was her life. When she turned ten, her mother disappeared. She left before Arwen's father returned. Mrs. Mallory ignored her daughter's questions and quickly packed her belongings.

The parting words of her mother were not words of comfort. She looked at her daughter with contempt filled eyes and said, “The stars have aligned themselves. Better work harder girl.”

And with that she disappeared into the night, not once did she look back at the life she was leaving behind. Arwen asked her father but he had no answer. If he did, he never told her. Her mother had left her job as a lawyer in a local firm. Arwen was secretly glad her mother was gone.

Her father was even more distant but it wasn’t as bad as before. He still ignored her existence and went to work mechanically. He was the operations manager at a multinational company and was usually engrossed with his work.  A monotonous greeting and question on how her day was, and the day ended with him retreating to the library after dinner. She chose not to dwell on her feelings and went to finish her work, haunted by her mother’s words.

Later at night she would sit out and look at the stars. She loved the night sky and the constellations. Orion, the ruler of the winter sky would draw her attention, especially Sirius the star. Jet and Joy her furry companions would sit by her side and listen to her words. 

Her solitude was not enjoyable but she lived with it. Finding solace in books.

Then came the day Arwen found out she was a witch, part of a hidden magical world. It marked a new beginning. A fresh start.

She stared at Professor Longbottom incredulously. His dressing was horrifyingly odd. His purpose even more warped. A concept she had long given up on. Magic. Her mind couldn’t comprehend what he was trying to convey. She couldn't even remember offering him to sit down.

She found it offending when he called her a witch.

“Well Ms.Mallory you are a witch.”He stated casually, as if he was discussing a dinner menu.

“Excuse me!” Arwen gasped She stared at the man who had just offended her.

“And I am a wizard.” He grinned at her.

“Are you trying to be funny Mr. Longbottom?”Her eyes narrowed dangerously.

“What is the meaning of this!?” Shouted her dad, who had just entered the living room to see an oddly dressed man and his daughter talking about an absurd concept: magic. He noticed the man's attention being drawn every now and then to the curios and awards that decorated the room.  They both were standing near the coffee table. By the way the man was standing, it seemed like he wasn't going to stay for long.

“Good morning Mr.Mallory, I am Neville Longbottom, deputy head of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and I have come to offer a place in our school to your daughter. She is a witch. Oh, and by the way, happy birthday Ms.Mallory.“He grinned at her.

“Umm... are you sure I am a witch? Because I do seem to lack warts and a creepy toad.” She asked warily. Fairy tales had fuelling her imagination delightfully.”This isn’t a prank is it?”

“Hahahaha...Muggles. No, witches do not have warts and creepy toads. Mind you toads are amazing pets. You shall find other kids like you at Hogwarts. I have come to deliver your letter and if you accept I shall be accompanying you to buy your equipment and other things on the list.” Said Neville. He handed her the aforementioned letter and looked curiously at a plant that decorated the room.


"Non-magic folk, like your father."He replied quickly. He was still absorbing his surroundings. "Nice place."

“Now wait here Mr.Longbottom, you are saying that my child is to be packed off to an unknown obscure place to learn magic?” Asked her incredulous father.

“Yes, Mr. Mallory quite right! I must say it is a delightful place and she needs it to control her magical ability. I’m sure you might have had some unexplained occurrences happening when you were angry or frightened.” Replied Neville.

“Well... Professor Longbottom now that you mention it...  I guess there have been time where unexpected things happen to me. Like when mother was so angry at me when I hadn’t practised my music lessons for the day, I wanted a distraction and the pots beside her shattered and the other time when her car tires deflated and when I wanted to see something pretty, the lily in my hand turned into a butterfly and...” She went on. She had a lot of unexplained occurrences.

“Ah, accidental magic. Very common occurrence with all witches and wizards. You seem to be very powerful Ms.Mallory. I suggest you do accept. It would help control your magic.”

She continued with her observations, while Neville looked at her with a pensive expression. 

Her father looked at her silently, internally debating. It didn't take him much time to make up his mind.

“Take her.” He cut her rant off and told Neville. “Might as well harness her powers and save my house mysteriously combusting.” Looking at his daughter,”Take as much money as you want and get your supplies.”  Without further ado, he retreated back. Neville looked surprised at her father's behaviour.

“Your father is always this cut off from your life? Usually parents are over-excited or totally scared.” He murmured.

 Arwen stared at the floor. Unable to explain her father’s actions.  Her dog Jet and cat Joy were jumping about her legs, trying to gain her attention.

Neville looked at the girl, her wide brown eyes, her scrawny form that looked longingly at the door her father just shut, her tee read 'My purple socks are more awesome than you', he hid a smile and thought, Hogwarts shall treat her right. Maybe this is what she needs.


Year Five

 Location: Hogwarts, Great Hall.

She rose as she saw the doors of the great hall opening. Her brown eyes guarded. She made her way towards the boy who was walking towards her.

She broke into a sprint. Forgetting the crowd. He stood still and waited.

She had almost reached her him, when a flash of white light hit her.  “Protect her.”She whispered to the boy, as she comprehended what was happening, and then her world turned black.

Location: Under Fidelius Charm.

A man bent down on one knee and reported to his master, “She has been taken down.”
An evil laugh rang across the dark empty room.

Peeerfect.”The voice resonated in the empty room, making it sound even more sinister.

The man suppressed a shudder and got up. They had work to do.


Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or Eminem's Beautiful. 

This is my first fanfiction.
Please review. Constructive criticism is appreciated! Thanks =)

::Updated: I made quite a few changes from the original script. Nothing that changes the plot but just a bit more information on lots of places where there should have been more substance. ::


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