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Sometimes life just sucks... by Danosycatwith7livesleft
Chapter 1 : Graduating 4 times can test your saintliness, unless you’re Dumbledore.
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So this is my first ever attempt at a HPFF and im peeing my pants in fear.  What if people don't like it? What if they dont even read it.....This story is Beta'd by the wonderful Valli!! Also known as Valwitch21, and also a goddamn miracle worker since she's made this pile of threastral dung actually readable so round of applause to her ;) *applause applause*


Graduating 4 times can test your saintliness, unless you’re Dumbledore.

1st September (unknown year)

“Bye, Scarlett, please try to be in less detentions yeah? Cause now mom’s getting on my arse and it's freaking pissing me off,” a tall girl with bright aquamarine hair berated me. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you my sister Phoenix. “Oh, and for your information the pink hair is a bit bold, don'tcha think?”

“But Phee, that’s my colour and anyway, you can’t say much right? Bright blue hair? For a Ministry interview?!” I answered sarcastically. “Anyways, it's not like you can talk, you had a detention almost every day. Guess what, that’s my aim now.” Hehe, I love making my 20-year old sister spazz out. 

“Oh, just leave you idiot, and make sure you send some letters otherwise mom will piss me off aaaaand here's your present from me” Her voice dropped down to a whisper as she passed a piece of parchment to me and a pouch full of Galleons, Knuts and Sickles. “These are all the shortcuts in the castle, including those going to Hogsmeade, ‘kay? Watch out and make friends and enemies, you know all that jazz. Anyways, cheerio, wish me luck on my interview.” She walked away, tapping her clothes with her wand and transfiguring everything to the Ministry approved uniform, as opposed to my Muggle clothes. She walked confidently, with an assured step, taking notice of all the stares she was getting and she smirked, being the Fenwick she was (we do awesome smirks). I was the only one to see it. I turned around and fell over my older brother of 2 years also sporting bright colourful-

1st September 2022

I tore myself out of the memories which resided in that particular spot and opened my eyes to find emerald green ones looking straight into mine. I was also, hmm, interesting, being straddle-

“Potter, from your little flings that end up in the Daily Prophet, I didn’t realise your charm consisted in knocking people down and straddling them” I raised a beautifully plucked eyebrow - I know right, I’m so cool, I should be ice. He spluttered, and I continued talking, nonplussed by his reaction. “Clearly you are unused to people being sarcastic, hmmm, you should work on that. In the mean time,” I pushed him hard, “get off me!” I mean I know I’m kind of short (5’11) and people tend to not see me but that’s only because of the curse which I’ll explain in all due time: after this idiot has apologised.

I got up and rubbed imaginary dirt off my Muggle clothes (just to include some drama you see, no one said you couldn’t have fun as a 71 year old in a 16 year old body… Wait. That sounded disgustingly wrong), and looked at Potter. The lucky bastard, apparently he’s 6’11. I’ve got to admit I can see where the appeal is at. I mean, damn, those lips look 100 percent kissable and I could definitely snog him sensel... – wait. Stop. I know what’s happening, grrr stupid hormones; you’d think after 60 years I'd get used to this but no, that would be too easy, they continue to plague me. Anyway, back to the matter in hand: 6’11, with jet black hair that looks like sex hair and has never been brushed; with slightly full lips (that, as mentioned, are 100 percent kissable) and, damn, hormonal sigh, he has muscles which I can see through his top and that are flex- 

Argggghhh. Off the topic…AGAIN. I looked at my surroundings, surprised to see that platform 9 and ¾ had filled up significantly, before looking back at Potter again. Where James Potter – yet another Potter - was holding on to Albus' arm (his parents must have been high or something, I can only imagine the middle name he has LOL) and looked like he was dying of laughter. After calming down somewhat, he managed to sputter something that sounded roughly like “She’s got you there Al, woo! I applaud you lady, you have astonished me -”.Merlin, he looked exactly like James Potter the first….

I reported my gaze back to James and Albus to find that they were looking at me weirdly. ”What!?” I enquired. Oh, shit, please don’t tell me I said that out loud. I did. Albus started laughing. “I’m curious to know exactly how you knew what he looked like???”

“Um… Because... Err... Bye!” I ran on to the train. Of course though, being me, my life was never going to be simple, and I had to bump into Harry Potter, fuck owlets I thought. I probably said that one out loud as well. “Why owlets, what did they do to you?” Harry Potter asked me while helping up… Again... Except that we were 32 years later. As he looked into my face, well, I have to say he took the years considerably well, with only his face going white as paper, heh.

“Scar? Wha…how???” He gripped my wrist while asking the question

“Err…” I scratched my head at this very awkward atmosphere, “Ever heard of that girl who was cursed by Tom Riddle? I mean Voldy-Mouldy?”

“Well, yeah, but how do you… Oh. Unless -” He stared at me hesitantly, and Ginny appeared at his side.

Damn me for thinking I should tell then, I’m such an idiot. With all the Death Eater business, here I am about to tell strangers my business… Haven’t I learnt anything!?

“Hahaha, you fell for it,” I’m thinking – understand hoping to Merlin – I can bluff out of this one. Well, it was worth a try. “Scarlett is my name after my aunt; I’m guessing that’s who you knew… She died years ago, got tired of the curse. I don’t blame her to be honest.” I shrugged and opened my mind to Harry Potter's to see whether he believed me or not. See, Tom Riddle and I used to be somewhat comrades in our time and when he cursed me my power somehow developed further, making me more sensitive to my surroundings. Most of the time I block it (similar to Occlumency but easier to do and learn; it basically consists of building a barrier and resistance to the memories of places and people you touch), but I opened up to see how Harry reacted to my lies. Sure enough, there was a shadow of doubt but he believed me nonetheless.

“Oh. In that case nice to meet you Scar, is it alright if I call you that?” he asked. Merlin, it looks like he’s still got the same amount of politeness. “Um, yeah, sure, if you want,” I waved the question away.

“Dad! You should’ve seen Al barge into her and the way she insulted him!” James arrived at full speed, shouting an explanation at the top of his lungs. I have a feeling I’m going to be deaf by the end of the year….

“I’m sorry about James, he does tend to be a little hyper at times,” Ginny Weasley (I don’t care if she’s married; she’ll always be a Weasley to me). 

“Hey, I’m not that hyper!” I heard James squawk before he lifted me into a… hug!? 

He squeezed me tightly and I saw my (very long) life flash before my eyes. Suddenly, a smaller yet gentler hand held me up while I got my breath back again. “Whoopsie daisy, sorry… Um?”

“Whoopsie daisy?! Is that all you've got to say? Are you out of your mind? You shouldn’t be picking up people and hugging them randomly, and you definitely shouldn't be trying to end up in Azkaban by murdering them with a hug, and I won't be giving damn shit whether what I'm going to do now is manslaughter or not!” I yelled into James Potter’s face as I lunged forward. To my irritation, I felt myself being held back by-

“And Albus, get your damn hands off my waist!” The stupid pervert was trying to feel me up

He raised his hands in defence. “Hey, I was only trying to distract you and you've got to face it, it totally worked. Besides, dressing like that you’re clearly asking for it.”

“Are you insinuating that I am a slut, Potter? If I were you I’d tread carefully with what you say next.”

“As a matter of fact -” he started, but Ginny slapped the back of his head. “No, no, I wasn’t, not at all and I’m so, so sorry.”

I placed my hands on my hips and glared at him “Albus whatever other wonky middle name you have Potter, you can shove that sorry up where the sun doesn’t shine. Bye, Mr. and Mrs. Potter.”

I turned and boarded the train, heading to the back of the train to as far away from the prefects' carriage as was humanely possible. Once, a long time ago, I had been a prefect too but nowadays I rather liked my freedom to curse and hex. I’d say this year was going to be one full of fights, and it didn’t help that the Death Eaters were rising again. The only reason I was going to graduate for the 5th time was because Minnie (that’s Prof. McGonagall to you) had asked me to.

With the rising of Death Eaters, especially in France, my ‘services’ had been called in and I was currently one of the Aurors protecting Hogwarts, under the attire of a student. In reality, I was 71 years old and in need of a job.

I sat down in the last compartment and went over the facts that I knew in my head:

· Voldy-Mouldy (Tom Riddle) was definitely dead.

· Death Eaters wanted to bring him back.

· I’m the last link with him.

· The stakes are higher this time.

· My sensitive power was something that everyone wanted.

· My hair used to be pink now and now it just changed according to my mood.

· I’m a Metamorphmagus, which should help in the wonderful prospect throwing the Death Eaters off my back.

· I had to prepare a barrier for Hogwarts. 

· Love would free me from my curse.

· How the hell was I going to find love?

· Albus Potter was going to be the death of me this year.

· This year would probably be the most exciting I’ve ever had.

· I’m shitting myself for the first time – needless to say that's just imagery?

· I miss my sister Phoenix.

· I still hated my mother, regardless of the fact that she was 6 feet under.

· This train compartment was freaking me out.

I said that I’m sensitive, which means sometimes I see memories of people touching objects or being in rooms when I’m touching that object/room. This was the compartment in which Harry Potter was attacked by a Dementor, creatures that I hate and that made me shiver. I silently cast a Patronus, reassured as a wolf came out of my hand. See, I don’t really use my wand since it’s just annoying, but as I have its splinters forever embedded within my hand, it usually aids my wandless magic and I don’t need to use my wand often. Also the fact that the wand chooses a person right could mean that it has a soul, and I've learnt to never trust anything that can think for itself if you can't see where it keeps its brain… I know it may seem farfetched, but it’s my belief so shut up.

“How did you do that?!?” a voice broke my thoughts. My head shot up to the entrance of the compartment and there stood… Yup, you guessed it. Albus Potter. With a bleach-haired boy (there’s no way that colour is natural) standing next to him, a Malfoy maybe? He and a red head girl were arguing as if their life depended on it. I'll bet you anything she was a Weasley. Finally, behind all the aforementioned intruders, a golden brown haired boy was sucking face with a black haired girl, most probably Asian.

I looked at Albus and raised an eyebrow. “You just produced a Patronus charm without a wand!” He pointed out again.

I dragged him into the compartment and shut the door. “Keep your bloody voice down you idiot,” I hissed, “I don’t exactly want the rest of the world to know do I?!”

“So you did do it. You know, it’s a beautiful wolf, and it kind of looks like mine,” he smirked. He drew his wand - not that one, you dirty minded fools, the magic one. Ugh, just forget it.

“Yours is a wolf as well?” I couldn’t keep the astonishment out of my voice.

A Patronus is your soul animal in a way, that’s what I believe, and therefore it is incredibly rare to come across those who have the same as you.

“See for yourself… Expecto Patronum!” A wolf jumped out of his wand, joining mine which stared in a rather weary way.

“Well ain't this just cosy, Al, is this your new conquest?” The bleach-haired boy slid the door open and looked in. The couple detached themselves from one another, while the redhead looked around the boy. He had to be a Malfoy, I decided, poking his nose into other people's business.

At his words, I pushed Albus out with as much strength as I had, relieved to see my Patronus disappear in a gust of air. “Excuse me, blondie, but you may want to consider your words before calling me Al’s conquest. That is,” I drew my wand and pointed it at the bleach boy, “if you value your own life.”

 “Sorry, of course I meant the girl who burnt him,” he hastily replied before smiling an innocent smile (innocent my arse). He was promptly pushed aside by the redhead who introduced herself.

“Hi, I’m Rose Weasley. That was Scorpius Malfoy; these two” she pointed behind her where the couple had gone back to sucking face, “are Louise Chang and Leo Diggory.”

“Is that wise?” I asked bluntly

“What do you mean?” Louise asked, granting us the honour of pausing mid-snog.

“Well, don’t take this offensively but doesn’t that kind of feel like incest?”

“Why don’t you elaborate?” This time it was Albus who had spoken, he was now sitting across from me as if he owned the compartment

Stupid, insufferable, egotistical moron…

“Damn it,” I glared at Albus before continuing “Well, Cho Chang and Cedric Diggory did go out before he died right? So I’m guessing you’re the son of his younger brother Amos Diggory?” 

“That doesn't make it incest… Besides how do you even know that anyway, are you a stalker?” Louise looked at me in a mildly repulsed way.

“That is a good question… I have another one. How come you knew my mum and dad? And please, don’t give me that shit about it being your aunt, no one can look that similar!” Albus demanded.

I scoffed. “Yes you can, do you realise how similar Louise is to her mother? Almost like twins…”

“Again, how do you know that? Quit avoiding the question!” Rose looked at me on the verge of exploding. Her face had transformed into a tomato, with eyes and mouth and hair a beautiful shade of maroon.

I leaned forward to where she was sat, across from me, and whispered. “Why should I tell you? Who are you to me? Someone I trust or even someone who is trustworthy? Go on then, give me one valid reason why I should tell you, a total stranger, about how I know the famous trio and the extended family and Cho Chang?” She looked at me with fear in her eyes due to the dark tone in my voice, spluttered a bit and then her face began to turn back to normal “Hmm, don’t have an answer? Then back away and piss off before I do something I regret!” I seethed.

I leant back into my seat and looked out the window, losing myself to a world of dreams and memories, but not before hearing Albus whisper in his mind to himself, “She’s an interesting one.”

 I smirked a little. Buddy, you have no idea.

It was no biggy right? This was like the 5th time I was going back to school, and as long as I acted like a raging hag people should and would back off… Right? That’s what I thought.

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