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Road Works by StEpH_M
Chapter 1 : Sanders, Gemma Sanders.
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I sadly do not own anything Harry Potter, that is owned by the lovely JK Rowling. I do however own Gemma, not that anyone would want her. She's mental.

I don’t know why I ever agreed to this. Lying here on the slightly damp grass under the bleachers trying to listen in on the Ravenclaw quidditch teams training, was not how I wanted to spend my Saturday morning. I would have much rather have been cooped up in bed dreaming about being a pirate or a dragon. But no, here I am at 6:30am on a Saturday morning, listening into the Ravenclaw’s planning for their game against Gryffindor. And it’s all because of James and his toast.

Maybe I should explain.


Basically I hate mornings, I believe anything before 10am should not exist, pity school actually starts at 8:30… 8:30! Whoever actually thought that such an early hour was a great time to start class was mental. It’s cruelty I swear. The fact that school started at such an ungodly hour also meant that breakfast was over far too quickly. Which was why I was currently racing down from the Gryffindor’s common room to actually catch the last 10 minutes of my favourite meal of the day. Well, maybe not so much my favourite meal, it just had my favourite food as a major component of it. That food being toast. I adored toast, it was just amazing with its large array of different spreads, what could possibly be bad about toast?

So that’s why I was running, I had all of ten minutes to get down seven stories of temperamental – pmsing - stairs to the great hall for toast, or face the prospect of a day completely void of substance and be grouchy and stubborn the entire time. I did not do well without toast.

Just to my exquisitely bad luck or because they had it out for me – probably from the amount of times I have complained about them having temper tan, the stairs decided they would have a little fun and delay my journey by pointing everywhere but the great hall. One was pointing to the 5th floor left hand corridor for god sake! There was nothing there but a possible troll and a room that smelled like dead socks. I have a slight inkling that the room that smelled god awful was where Professor Binns died, but whenever I question him on this theory he always gives me detention.

I was literally two minutes past breakfast when I made it to breakfast and to my absolute horror there was no toast left. None, no even a single crumb that I could awkwardly steal off someone’s plate to at least satisfy me until after my morning classes, when I could sneak down to the kitchen and beg the House Elves to give me toast.

Feeling utterly miserable over the lack of toast I missed James leaning against the wall next to the massive doors that lead into the Great Hall. I was currently facing the prospect of going to potions without toast. Facing the head of biased head of Slytherin was bad on an average day, let alone on one without breakfast.

“Gemma, look what I have.” Said James. I spun around on the balls of my feet, almost overbalancing and falling forward on to the cold hard floor that lay beneath my feet. Gaining my balance I looked back up at the boy in question and almost gasped. In his outstretched hand, dangling just out of my reach was a lovely piece of toast with butter.

Now, don’t get me wrong I liked Jam and toast or other assorted spreads just as much as the next person but nothing was better then good old fashion butter and toast. And the blighter that was James Sirius Potter knew that very well. I was friends with his cousin Rose, which meant we sat in the same general vicinity at the Gryffindor table.

Perceptive Bastard.

Sighing, I watched his face, the only reason he would have saved me a piece of toast was cause he wanted something, James Potter did not do things out of the kindness of his heart. ‘Kindness’ only came when he bribed someone or was getting some action out of it.

“What do you want James.” I said with a little to much sourness in my voice. I hated having to do favours for James, it was aggravating. The boy asked the strangest things sometimes and if you said no, he had a million different ways to make you do something up his sleeve as ‘Plan B’. I don’t know why he isn’t in Slytherin.

“Can’t a get you a piece of toast without having something up my sleeve Gemmi?” He asked innocently, pushing off the wall to stand next too me.

“Honesty?” I asked, looking up at him, he looked down hopefully, still pretending to be an innocent 7th year without hidden agendas. “No.” I finished, turning to walk off, the toast wasn’t worth whatever James wanted me to do. If I just walked away now, my brain won’t be hindered by the delicious smell it was emitting.

“I’m hurt Gemmi, I can’t believe you would think I would be mean to a member of my team.” He put on an offended face as he followed me down the corridor towards my class. Did this boy not have lessons?
“Yes, I do believe you would. You make us practice at 6am on Monday mornings. Like they aren’t bad enough!” I hated Mondays, I loved Quidditch but I was sick of doing drills at 6am on Monday mornings.

“That’s for the good of the team, we have to win this year!” He said, I wasn’t going to push him on the matter, Captian James was not a person you wanted to see, he was evil. Plain and simple, he thrived on our pain. It almost made you want to break down and quit. Almost.

“Yeah, I know, you have only drilled it into our heads a hundred times.” We were almost outside my potion class now, if I didn’t want to get away from James and his bribe I would have taken a lot longer to get here. But even potions was better then whatever James had concocted.

James pouted at my comment but quickly lightened up, I hope it wasn’t because he remembered why he was here.

“Gemmi, please, I just need you to spy on the Ravenclaw Quidditch team is all. I want to know what Al’s plays are.” He whined, god he could be such a baby sometimes.

“You want me to what?” I exclaimed, a little too loudly, I understood completely why he wanted me to do it, but it still seemed wrong.
“Spy on Ravenclaw, nothing too big.” He shrugged, in my opinion the boy was mental, he needed help.

“James, If I was caught I could get chucked off the team. THE TEAM JAMES!” I yelled, I didn’t care who heard now. I loved my quidditch more then I loved toast. Well probably, I hadn't really tested it yet.
“Well don’t get caught.” This was so simple for him, the idiot didn’t understand that if anyone was going to get caught spying, it would be me. Karma and me are not friends, it took pride in screwing me over whenever possible.

“I will not do it James.” I stated crossing my arms and taking a stand. I was at least a head shorter then him, but I wouldn’t go down without a fight. Okay I would, but I would at least go down screaming till the end. Someone will save me! Probably, if they had a heart. So not Rose, she would just laugh. Maybe Dom if she heard. Or Slytherins, they had more of a heart then Rose. Did I mention before that my best friend was heartless? No? Well she is.

“Please Gemma, Please!” He whined, waving the toast infront of my face. Delicious toast. What was I saying no to again? Oh yes, spying.

“No” I said, I would not fall to James’s bribery. I wouldn’t, no matter how good it was.



“PLEASE, pretty please!”

That’s it, I give up, I just want that toast so bad. It just smells so delicious.

“Fine.” I sighed, putting my hand out for the toast. As I said before, you can’t say no to James, may as well give in while toast was still on offer.

“YAY! You won’t regret this Gemma.” He was too gleeful. Like a 5 year old that just got a new toy car. Damn him, he knew this was the ending. Snatching the toast from his hand I started munching on it.

“I hate you sometimes James.” I said with a mouth full of toast. I never said I was polite, politeness is too much work.

“No you don't, no one can hate me.” He said. I rolled my eyes, the boy was full of himself. Someone needed to deflate his ego before his head exploded. Pity I didn’t have a needle.

“Whatever James, see you round, if I’m not in detention or getting attacked by Ravenclaw after being caught spying on their quidditch team.” I stated, turning on my heels and almost stomping towards the door to potions.

At least I had my toast.


So, that’s how I got here. Lying on the cold, slightly damn grass. Listening into the Ravenclaw’s planning was rather boring, they were all very complicated, it was like each member was on a card for one of those muggle card games where it displayed their strengths and weaknesses. The only reason James wanted me to spy was to find out who would be against who, the actual technique spying he had already been doing.

From lying here, I couldn’t help but notice the similarity between James and Albus as captains; they were both strict and grueling to their teammates. They also both loved 6am in the morning apparently.

In all honesty what I would really give for right now was to be able to see into the changing rooms where they were having their discussion. If I was going to be a spy then it was only fair that I got something out of it, and looking at fit boys was definitely something.

Commando crawling forward to get a better look into the changing rooms, I didn’t notice the sudden silence when I moved. I only noticed something was up in the large changing room when I could just make out hushed voices talking to each other as I saw shadows move in my direction.

This couldn’t be good.

Starting to commando crawl away, I was hoping to god that he would let me get away from this place fast enough to not get caught.

Apparently god prefers to laugh at me.

All of a sudden I was pulled up from my hiding spot by my collar, it was rather rough if I may say so and I didn’t particularly appreciate it. Looking up intending to complain about my rough treatment I noticed that the boy who had my top in his hands was none other then Albus Potter. It made me glad I was the not so well known Gryffindor Chaser. Maybe he didn’t know me, maybe.

“Why hello Gemma.” He said, the Potters trademark smirk on his face.

Damn karma, always got to go and be a bitch.

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