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My Summer Of Love by potterfan310
Chapter 3 : Getting To Know Each Other
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Dear Diary,

I've fallen for a dark haired Irish lad, who has a child with a blonde called Nikola. Said blonde spent the night in James' room, possibly together, in his bed. Then acted like nothing had happened when I ran into at her house whilst delivering cookies. I was meant to act cool around Connor after a certain best friend couldn't control themself, but did nothing of the sort and I ended up looking like a fool again.. Ok so maybe the baby thing does bother me a bit.

On the upside, Molly is now going to be staying here for a while as well. That means another person to help us with the boy plan. If there's anyone in our family who knows boys, it's Molly. You see she's been with a fair few in her fifteen nearly sixteen years on this planet and now I sorta got my sights on Connor, Mol is gonna help get Dom and Phoebe a decent guy each. Wish us luck, we need it.

Love Moi (Rose)

I was shocked to see Nikola sat at out kitchen table this morning. First she spends the night, now she's at our kitchen table drinking coffee. Thank god James had clothes on this morning, ok so it's eleven and I'm just getting up but hey it's my only chance to sleep in. Molly arrives later on, so that should be fun.

James greets me with a smile and says "Morning Rosie."

Blimey, some thing must be up. He barely speaks to me in the mornings, ok like I said it's not exactly earlier right now but still.

"Um Rose, are you going to see Connor today?" Nikola asked as I was helping myself to cookies. (I found out Nana had made more after dinner last night.)

I shrugged as my mouth was full. We had spoken once and then shared milk and cookies, I mean we weren't friends... yet. Well at least I don't think we are, all I know is he's called Connor O'Brien and he moved here from Ireland. Oh and his Nan is Ivy O'Brien as she lives with him along with his younger brother as well as a potential girlfriend/mother of his child.He know's I'm Rose Weasley and that I bring cookies, that's it.

"Could you ask him to look after Carly for me, maybe you two could take her out." She said.

I noticed her eyes were a bit red, had she been crying? I mean that was kinda strange, you don't ask a teenage girl who you barely know to take out your daughter and boyfriend. That's just freaky. James glared at me which clearly meant I was to go see Connor and take the baby out.

After my breakfast of the delicious cookies I got dressed in shorts, a blue cami that matched my eyes, a white cardigan and silver flip flops. I left my hair down and used an anti-frizz charm on it since the weather was ok, sunny and warm a few clouds in the sky, just perfect.

I knocked the door and Ivy answered. "Hello dear, come in, come in. Connor's in the living room just through there. Do excuse me I've got to check on Ronan, he's helping me paint Carly's room." Ivy told me.

I followed her directions as she went off upstairs and found Connor lying on a wooden floor with the small blonde baby girl trying to climb over him. "Hi Rose." He called.

"Nikola said could you take her out today." I said after I had chosen my words carefully.

Connor's head looked up a little, "Oh yeah, where is she?. Leaving me here with the little monster" I watched as he tickled her and she giggled.

My brain was frazzled by the baby's cute ness, so I thought of the next best thing that didn't indicate she was with my cousin, "I saw her in the village and she asked me to tell you." I lied.

"Of course," He laughed as he tickled her again, "Never one to tell me, just leave me with the monster."

It was kinda cute seeing them together, except they look nothing alike. Connor's got dark brown hair and blue eyes, where as the baby had blonde curls but the same blue eyes.

"Will you watch Carly, while I get her stuff ready." Connor asked me as he sat up. I nodded. "You stay with Rose, ok." He said to Carly.

He left the room and I watched as she looked at me before crawling over. She pulled herself up on the chair I was sat on and reached for my hand. Wondering what on earth she was doing, I soon realised as she tugged on my fingers.

"Ok, I'll move." I grumbled, thinking that she wanted to sit there. But no, she held my hand and toddled to the hall, where Connor was setting up a pink pushchair. I laughed and picked up Carly as she hit me with her free hand and said, "Up."

"What's so funny?" He asked.

"Nothing," I said hiding my smile, "It's just that a teenage boy with a pink pushchair is quite amusing."

"Well it's simple, you shall come along and push, therefore it won't be so amusing then."

I smiled again, can I just say we both seem to be extremely crap at flirting. That's if he is flirting with me. I strapped Carly in and Connor put her baby bag on the back and we left his house.

"So Miss Weasley, where do you live then?" He asked as we strolled through the village.

"About half hour away, I'm staying at my grandparents house"

"And are you there all summer?" He questioned.

"I might be." I giggled. Oh dear god help me now.

We had walked into the next village and headed towards the park. We spent ages in there and not once did I heard Carly call Connor daddy, in fact I had only heard her say 'Mumma and up' oh and a lot of babbling.

As we walked back, I gathered my thoughts. After speaking with Dom when she got back from seeing Courtney the other day and Phoebe who flooed over yesterday, they suggested I ask Connor about his and Nikola's situation.

As The Burrow came back in view, I decided it was time to ask. "Um Connor, I think you should know Nikola's cheating on you, possibly with my cousin." I blurted.

His face didn't look angry or hurt, and to my surprise he laughed. "Wait what, you think Kola is cheating on me because..."

"Because she's your girlfriend slash mother of your child." I said indicating to the fast asleep Carly in the pushchair.

He laughed again, "Um Rose, Kola is my sister and Carly is my niece."

I felt my face drop and I blushed. "I am going to Bloody murder Dom and Phoebe." I muttered as I left a bewildered Connor and stomped across the green ignoring his shouts.

"DOMINIQUE BLOODY WEASLEY GET YOU SKINNY ARSE HERE NOW!" I yelled walking through the kitchen.

"I'll have you know Bloody isn't my middle name and it's Delacour-Weasley not Weasley." She smirked as she appeared in the doorway and I noticed the blonde hair that belonged to my best friend trailing over the side of the sofa behind her.

"You and Phoebe told me to ask him, he said it was his sister and niece." I growled at her.

"Oh my god, really." She said as she sat down at the table, "You're kidding me." I glared at her, "Ok maybe not then." She added.

"Well at least he isn't a father." Came a familiar voice, the second person who I wanted to murder had arrived in the kitchen.

"Arghh!" I screamed as I flung myself onto a chair.

"There, there Rosie, just because I'm always the fool doesn't mean you have to be one as well." Phoebe joked patting my back.

After their strange ways of trying to cheer me up, we had dinner. Afterwards I went straight to my room, flung myself on my nicely made bed and buried my head under my pillow. Great not only had I acted like a fool, my stupid friends and I thought Carly was his and that he Nikola were an item.

I heard a knock on the door and I yelled "Go away!", they knocked again and this time I heard the door creak open. I turned my head to peak from under my pillow and saw the same beige shorts and green t-shirt that a certain Irish person had been wearing earlier when I publicly humiliated myself once more.

"Rose." He said as he sat on the end of my bed.

"What?" I mumbled.

"Why did you run?" He asked.

I groaned, "Because I was an idiot. I should never have listened to Dom and Phoebe." I felt the pillow move from off my head, so I looked up a little.

"So why did you think I was seeing Kola, or that Carly was my daughter?" He questioned.

I groaned again and rolled over onto my back. "Well you see, yesterday when you were moving in. The three of us were spying through the bushes and we saw you, Carly, Nikola, a young boy and an oldish lady. And the way you and Nikola were with Carly we though you were a little family." I admitted as I felt myself blush.

"Is that why you're called Rose." Connor said, out of the blue. I mean I had just admitted how sad we were, spying. God we're sixteen not six for crying out loud.

"Is what why?" I asked.

Connor laughed, "Your face, it's gone red. Which is why I asked if that's the reason your called Rose."

I felt around my head for my other pillow and pulled it close before screaming into it. Just great not only have I acted like a fool, I now bloody look like one. Curse the Weasley genes.

"Hey," He said softly taking the pillow from me. "Don't you like looking rosey Rose?, because I think you're beautiful." Connor grinned as he said it, leaning over to me.

I felt myself blush again and then the door creaked open revealing Dom and Phoebe. Connor jumped up throwing the pillow to me "See you around Rose." He called over his shoulder as he left leaving me gawping at the door.

Had that really just happened, had a boy really just called me beautiful. I jumped up myself, chucking my pillows aside and grabbed my diary from under my bed.

"I'm going for a walk." I muttered as I stuffed my diary down the front of my shorts, pulling my top over it. Like hell was I going for a walk, right now I needed a certain tree where I would be able to write down all that had happened today.

Dear Diary,

So today was pretty cringe worthy as well as eventful. James sort of made me go out and spend time with Connor and Carly. Turns out she's his niece and I am so annoyed with myself for listening to my best friends. But Connor is just so dreamy.

He's totally and utterly gorgeous and he's so, so different from Malfoy. Connor's kind and thoughtful and great with kids. Malfoy, well he can be cruel, annoying and I'm not sure on the baby front. I know he has cousins but I've never seen them so I have no idea how he is with little kids.

Why am I thinking about having kids, I'm sixteen!!  They both look different as well, Connor's got dark hair, blue eyes and Malfoy is blonde with grey eyes.

AND HE CALLED ME BEAUTIFUL, LITTLE OLD ME. Plain, red haired, book reading Rose. He thinks I'm beautiful, like OH MY MERLIN! I can't actually believe a boy who is not related to me has called me beautiful. I think I need a little time to adjust so I'm going to stop writing now and have a little nap.

Love Moi (Rose)

When I finally left my tree, the sun was setting casting a warm glow. Molly, Dom and Phoebe were sat at the kitchen table, talking but once they saw me they stopped.

"Ah just the person we wanted to see." Phoebe said.

"Yeah, what happened back there Rose and why did Connor run off." Dom inquired.

"He saw your ugly mugs, that's why he ran off." I told them with a smirk on my face.

Dom looked at me blankly, "Oh haha Rose. No seriously why did he run off."

I sighed, "Follow me and I'll tell you."

I made my way upstairs, I carefully place my diary back under my bed before sitting down just as the three of them came in.

"Tell me everything." Molly asked.

Molly, is another one of my many cousins. She's uncle Percy and auntie Audrey's oldest daughter and has one younger sister:Lucy. Molly's great for boy advice since she's had more boyfriends than all of us put together (including Vic and she's the oldest).

I launched into my explanation about what had happened since Myself and Dom had arrived here on the first day of the holidays.

"Oh god Rose, why would you listen to these pair of idiots. Why not owl me." Molly said as she put her brown hair up into a ponytail. She always does this whenever she has a plan coming on.

"Because I thought they were right." I mumbled.

"Right mission get Dom and Phoebe boys is on and mission get Rose and Connor together is on." Molly announced as she stood up. I could practically see the steam coming from her head as she though of a plan. That girl isn't a Ravenclaw for nothing, she's as smart as mum and that's saying something.

Great look's like we're about to become secret agents. May I remind myself that we are sixteen (well fifteen in Molly's case. She's the youngest out of me, dom and Al) not bloody six year's old. This isn't some childish game for god sake.

A/N I know this chapter's pretty short and I know I could have extended it more by putting in Rose and Connor's conversation when their getting to know each other. But there are reasons for this which you find out in later chapters.

Thank you to FredWeasleyIsMyKing aka Lauren for the inspiration for Rose's second diary entry :D


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