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Keep Breathing by Loving_Sirius_4eva
Chapter 6 : Chaotic Fun, Pancakes and More...
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Chapter 6- Chaotic Fun, Pancakes and more  

 “Don’t forget to eat all your medicines on time!” My mother informed me anxiously, placing all the bottles into my bag. “If anything happens don't hesitate to call me.” I glared at the door where James stood, talking intensely to my father. “Write every day, or else I’ll buy you a phone.” Another pile of parchment was placed into my bag. 

I groaned and flopped down onto my bed, covering my face with a pillow. This was all James Freaking Potter’s fault! 


“Lindy, you have a beautiful home.”  James complimented, sending me a smirk. 


I pressed my lips tightly, giving James a withering look. “Thank you James, how nice of you.” Honestly this house was nothing compared to James’s house. 


“Don’t forget this too.” I'm pretty sure my mum was placing unnecessary crap into my bag.


Once again I shoved my face into my pillow and banged it continuously. 


“Don’t worry Mrs Hill, I’ll take good care of her. Every one of us will.” James assured, receiving an approving smile from my father. 


“I trust that you’ll take care of her. You are such a nice boy,” my mum glanced from James to me smiling widely like a loony toon. James and I both knew what was flashing through my mother's mind. James being the idiot winked at me. 


“Ew mum, James is just my friend nothing more.” 


James opened his mouth again to assure my mum but my dad beat him to it. “Honey what’s that burnt smell?” 


“My peach pie!” mum scurried out from my room with my dad right behind her. 


I turned to face James who was busy looking at the photos on the wall. “You said you were going to drop me off.” I informed. “But instead you convinced my parents to let me stay over at your house for the break.” 


“I know what I said, but while dropping you off i decided that you should stay over like everyone else is.” He picked up a frame and held it to me. “Minnie Lindy.” I grabbed the frame of him and tossed it on the bed. “Look, I’m sorry I didn’t ask but Lily is going to be expecting you to come since you’re my girlfriend.” He explained, taking a seat on the bed. 


“So it’s not because you want me to come?” I questioned with my arms firmly crossed over my chest.  


“No! I didn’t mean it like that. I actually do want you to come.” He assured.


“That’s fine, but the girls are coming tomorrow.” I sighed, taking a seat next to him. "Can't i just come then?" 


“No. Besides, I already asked your parents and they said it's fine. I'm pretty sure Marlene is coming tonight by the way.” He laid his head down and grabbed a piece of paper. “And knowing you, you’d make an excuse.” 


Totally me!  But now I have to pack and stay in James’s house with Sirius. “What’s this?” 


I looked at James and shrugged, “a piece of paper.” 


 “Ten things I want to do.”  My body froze; I'm screwed.

I quickly recovered and wrenched the paper out of James’s grasp. “That’s personal.” I mumbled, shoving it into my pocket.


“You have a do list. Why?” James questioned.


“Well…” James sat up and raised a questioning gaze. “Don’t you? Everyone has a list of what they want to do before they grow up.” At the time, my reasons seemed legit and reasonable.  


“I guess so, not that I have one,” he said unconvinced. “What do you want to do?” he asked. 


“Well, one of them was that I wanted to go to Hogwarts, and that I am currently doing.” I explained. “That’s pretty much it.” I concluded lamely. 


James got up and slowly wandered towards the bed, keeping an eye on me. Avoiding his gaze, I turned around and changed the subject to a lighter note.  “I guess I should pack, since I’m coming to stay at your house.” James’s expressionless face broke into a grin. 


“Yes! Don’t worry, though. Remus, Peter and Lily are coming tomorrow. Marlene is probably already there, so you just have to survive one night with Sirius, Marlene and me. The sane people are coming tomorrow.” He replied cheekily. 


“Wonder what could possibly go wrong if I stay with Sirius, Marlene and James Potter?” I mocked. 


“Come on, we can give them a surprise.” Sending me a wink, he grabbed my bag and pulled me downstairs. “Oh, I probably should warn you that we’re going by broom.” He confessed. 


“Broom?” I quivered at the thought, knowing that he sensed my worry. 


“How else do you want to go?” he asked. 


“By foot. Good old, safe walking or even flop powder.”  


James chuckled, tilting his head backwards. “Lindy, you’re a nut.” I laughed nervously, wondering what went through James’s head. 


“Thank god for an invisibility charm. Or we’d have to walk home.” James complained. 


“That's the biggest worry right? Not, falling off or crashing into a tree.” I stood still, stabling myself to the ground. I always thought James was partially insane, but today proved that he had absolutely no sanity in him. He took me all the way to the top of the sky, where we had a breathtaking view of the town, but then swooped me all the way back down and scared the living hell out of me. My hair currently resembles a lions mane. 


As we approached the front of the Potter's house, I mentioned to James. "Did i ever tell you how awesome your house is?' 


"Only like fifty times." James replied in false jolliness. “The house is too quiet for Sirius’s liking.” James whispered as we walked into the house.


"Maybe he got kidnapped!" I exclaimed as James studied his surroundings.


"Nope, the house is well protected. My parents made sure of that." James assured. 


 "Maybe he fell inside the washing machine." I suggested, as we headed towards Sirius's room. 


"Omg! He could have." James cried. 


"James, i was only kidding." I explained. "Who falls into a washing machine?" 


"You never know muggle products!" he screamed, running to the laundry.


“James.” I called softly. No response came back. 


I peered to the door James walked in and found James flat on his face. 


"I forgot about the prank we planted here. It was for my dad." James quietly spoke beneath the layer of clothes. "Argh, he must be in his room then." who would have thought? 


“What are we looking at?” James and I shrieked. I had to quickly recover from my mini heart attack and face  and  Marlene who was a large chunk from her delicious red apple. “It’s good to see you Lindy.” She locked me in an unbreathable hug and smirked at James. “Miss me?” 


"What the bloody hell women!" James roared. "We could have died. We thought Sirius was kidnapped and you just came in and scared the living hell of us." James pushed the clothes off him and straightened his clothes the moment he got up. “Anyways, where’s Lily?” 


Marlene huffed. “James, she told you she was coming tomorrow. It took us a week to convince her to come at all. So do me a favour and try not to ruin it.” I took some sharp breaths the moment she released me. 


“How long have you been here?” James questioned. 


She flicked her hair into James’s face and turned around to look at me. “I got here about twenty minutes ago; no one was home so I let myself in.” 


“How?” James interrupted. 


“By the door genius, anyway, what were you doing outside Sirius’s room?” We all turned to look at the room that we had planned to bombard five minutes ago.


Marlene squeezed in between us and grabbed hold of the door knob. “Well, we were planning on surprising you and Sirius.” James replied. “But you ruined it by interrupting us, as usual” James and Marlene exchanged scornful looks.


“Whatever Potter!" Marlene flung the door wide open and yelled flatly. "Surprise!" She walked further and whispered. "He's not even awake Potter. Don't you know when your friend sleeps." 


"How am i supposed to know." James barked. 


"And he calls himself Sirius's best friend." Marlene murmured to me. 


"HEY!" James retorted and fell into another argument with Marlene. 


“Who knew, Sirius could look so innocent while sleeping.” I muttered. James snorted and walked past Marlene who seemed furious and ready to punch James to the pulp.


I tried to ignore the fact that Sirius was currently sleeping without his shirt on and had a well-built six pack due to the fine sport of Quidditch. 


“He’s asleep James, let’s not wake him up.” I motioned my finger for him to follow me out. 


“Might as well. Marlene is doing a fine job herself."  I tilted my head to see Marlene dropping objects onto the floor and snooping through Sirius's belongings. 


Grabbing Marlene by her arm and James by his collar, I closed the door behind us. “Do you want to play wizards chess?” I offered.


“Marlene snorted and smiled. “No thanks, I’ll go freshen up.” I watched Marlene leave and noticed James, who was staring at me curiously.   


“You know how to play?” he questioned. 


I nodded. “Of course I do, and I bet three galleons that I’ll win.” 


“Make that ten!” he shook my hand, smirking widely.


‘You’re here!” Sirius appeared at the kitchen, smiling brightly at me. 


“Yeah, I came at two o'clock but you were too busy sleeping to let me in.” Marlene scolded from the counter. 


“I wasn’t talking to you Marlene, but good to know you made it.” Sirius walked in and propped himself on the counter top. 


“And we’ve been friends since first year.” Marlene left and went to James, who was busy choosing a movie. 


“I was practically forced to come.” I stated while chopping the carrots, pressing the knife with all my strength. I tried to ignore the eyes that were pinned on me. 


"I'm glad you came." Sirius informed. 


The awkward tension was building up. What was one supposed to reply to that. Thanks? 


“Ok guys, movie time. Time to choose, Star Wars or Jaws?” James asked, looking distraught. 


“Oh, that’s easy, Jaws.” I answered.


“I told you James.” Marlene yelled from the TV room. “How could you even put those two movies in the same sentence? It’s has to be Jaws, it’s the most emotional, sad and heart wrenching story of our time.”  Marlene explained. 


“Why must we watch Jaws?” Sirius complained, sitting on the edge of the counter chewing on a carrot. 


“Because it’s a good film.” I replied curtly, continuing to dice the carrots. “And if you continue to eat all the carrots, then what are we going to eat for dinner?” I questioned. 


“Who eats carrots for dinner?” Sirius asked, jumping of the counter. 


"You make dinner then." I defensively replied. 


It didn't take a genius to figure out that I was in a bad mood. "Ok. I've had it." Sirius jumped of the counter and cornered me against a wall. "What is the matter?"


"I honestly don't know what you're talking about."  I tried pushing myself away from his but his arms held it's place on either side of me. 


"Really. That's why you haven't said hi to me or talk to me in a tone other than pure coldness." he feigned confusion. "I must have thought wrongly. My bad." 


"Sirius if you don't let me go, you are going to be eating carrots for dinner." I commented, ducking under his arms. 


Pulling me back to the wall he smirked. "I think i could survive." I watched his eyes traced my face, searching for answers. "What's wrong Lindy? Did i do something?" 


"No." I mumbeled. "I'm just tired." I lied. 


"Though i must say you are a terrible liar. I'll let this slip." he released me from his grip and moved towards the chopping board. "I'll help make dinner then. You, sit." he ordered. 


 “I’ll make you the best dinner.”  


“You can cook?” I asked, shocked. 


“Yes,” he replied. “I’ve learnt a few dishes from Mrs Potter.”


Dishes piled up in the sink and two sleeping boys on the couches. They didn’t last ten minutes into the film. I tiptoed past the two boys and started to clean the dishes while Marlene wiped them.


Placing the last dish in the cupboard, Marlene faced me. “Should we wake them?” she whispered. 


“Nah, they look so adorable. Let’s just leave them here.” Marlene and I switched the lights off and headed to our room. Falling down onto the bed and drawing the blankets over us, we slowly fell into sublime sleep. 


 “LLLLIIINNNDDDDY!” I groaned at the sound of my name being yelled out for the hundredth time. “Wakey, wakey!” I rolled over and stuffed my face into the pillow, whoever this person was, they had to wait. 


I finally positioned myself away from the sun but felt my sheets begin slowly tugged away from me. I instantly pulled the covers over my head and fastened my grip.  


"Argh! Come on Lindy." they growled.


“The light, it hurts.” I begged. 


“It’s ten in the morning Lindy, everyone is awake.” Already ten, I feel like I could sleep the whole day. “Everyone arrived at nine." I felt the blanket slide off me completly. "Sirius told me not to wake you up but I need to be entertained and be explained to why I'm here."


"For me!" I answered. 


"I guess so." they claimed. "I'm bored! Marlene is outside tanning and I refuse to stand or sit in the same room as Potter.” Oh, it’s Lily. “I came because of you so wake up.”  


I sat up and allowed my eyes to adjust to the sunlight. “Hey Lil’s” I greeted. 


“You look like you could use more sleep.” She stated, smiling gently. 


“Too late now, I’m wide awake.” I grunted as I clumsily jumped off the bed. “I’ll go brush my teeth.” Lily pushed me towards the bathroom and placed a towel in my hands. “I’ll only take a minute.” I promised.


After scrubbing my teeth and swallowing my meds, I washed my face and emerged from the bathroom. 


I never really got to take a good look at the room in daylight. It was breathtaking.  Red and gold themed bedroom with ebony hangings surrounding the large king sized bed that was right in the middle of the room. The room was perfect. 


“Lindy, there you are.” I looked at the entrance to see a much improved healthy looking Remus. "Lily ran to breakfast." 


“Remus!” I brought him into a tight hug. “You look so much better. How have you been?” 


Remus laughed and nodded. “I feel wonderful, I went out to the beach a couple of days.” He pulled me with him out of the room and guided me to the kitchen. 


"Good for you!" I was really worried about him. 


“How have you been?” he asked. 


“I'm fine. I stayed up with your loony friends to watch Jaws last night. Stalked by them at Diagon Ally and forced to do all kind of strange things by them.” I smiled sheepishly. “Speaking of friends, where is everyone?” 


“They’re all waiting for you to eat breakfast.” Remus answered. I rubbed my hands nervously as I  walked step by step into the dining room. I let out a huge breathe when I saw it was just Peter and James. 


“Someone was having a good sleep.” James commented looking up from his pancakes, which, by the way smells incredibly delicious.


“Well, I unlike some people watched the whole movie.” I shot back. 


“It was a stupid movie.” James whispered into his goblet. 


I moved my attention away from James and nudged Peter who was sitting next to me. “Hey Peter.” 


“Hey Lindy, it’s nice to see you’re up.” I smiled and inhaled the frying smell of butter. 


I took a bite from the fresh pancakes that were served to me. They tasted like heaven. “Sirius, I’m going to have to take you home.” I blurted, causing all eyes to face me. 


James raised his eyebrows while I tried to cover the light tint of pink that appeared on my cheeks. 


Sirius ambled towards me with another batch of pancakes. “How in the world did you know I cooked them?” Sirius questioned with a twinkle of gleam present in his eyes. 


“From the delicious dinner last night, this has to be your cooking. Best pancakes in the world.” I complimented. Sirius grinned widely and watched me take another bite. 


“Maybe James should learn how to cook, I’m sure Lindy would like to eat something her boyfriend makes.” Lily interrupted, sitting herself opposite from us.


"Boyfriend!" Remus exclaimed. 


"Strange how no one knows." Lily commented.


 “I was going to tell everyone today." James lied. "And I’d love to cook for Lindy, but she hardly eats anything so there's really no point.” James replied coolly. A sudden awkward tension grew between us, causing us to look anywhere but at each other. 


Thanks to Marlene for entering, the tension eased. “So, what time is this party?”


“What party?” I choked out anxiously staring at James. He hadn’t mentioned anything about a party! 


“Just a small one, don’t need to be worried.” James assured. “Our parents are just hosting a small barbeque here and a few people are coming.” 


“A FEW” I cried. Yeah right a few! Wait till I get my hands on James, I’ll throttle him and invite Lily to join. 


I observed the so called barbeque that was around me. There were people everywhere, in swimsuits. Had James forgot to mention that ‘a few’ to him was the entire planet to me, and had he forgot to mention it was also a swimming party. 


“Calm down, you’ll ruin my one hour work of effort.” About that! Marlene forced me, attacked me and made me wear an ocean blue dress that was fitted nicely. It ended just above my knees and was strapless. I also have to add her name to my killing list. 



Normally i would object to the overdressing but since the party was huge, i figured no one would see me sneak out. “I’m going to find my darling boyfriend, Remus. See you later girls.” Marlene left us stranded in the crowd.


As Lily handed me a drink I watched as her body froze. "Oh no." she gasped.


"What is it?" 


"My ex is here." she drowned the drink into her throat and explained. "He broke up with me because James punched him in the face and threatened his life." she grabbed another drink and chugged it too. "I could never look at him again. I felt so embarrassed and humiliated." she took another drink and giggled. 


"Lily that's probably alcohol…" I warned.


"I think they spiked the drinks." She guessed. No shit. "I'm going to hide. Catch you later!" 


"Lily wait!" Great, now I'm alone in a crowd. Might as well escape now.


Music pumped through the whole house, louder than a concert. I tried squeezing my way through the crowds to find my escape route. As i pulled my way out squeezed my way through people, I tripped over a dancers feet and poured my drink straight onto someones shirt. 


"I'm so sorry!" I apologised instantly. "I'll get you a napkin." I quickly hurried and grabbed the stack of napkins that were placed on the table. Handing the poor guy the stack, I finally got a glance at his face.He was extremely cute with his dark messed up hair and enchanting green eyes. 


“It happens. Don't worry about it. It's not everyday a beautiful girl spills her soda on you.” he flashed me a stunning smile as i tried to hide the blush that was crawling it's way to my cheeks. “I’m Josh Fanning, James’s neighbour.” He offered his hand which I shook. 

“Lindy Hill, James’s awesome, coolest friend, who he wouldn’t be able to live without.” I replied, raising my voice so he could hear. 


He chuckled lightly. “Enjoying the party?” he asked.


“Yeah, do they always have parties this crowded?” I asked. 


“Yeah, everyone comes. The Potter’s host the best parties in this town.” After taking a glance at my surroundings, i looked back at Josh who was watching me closely. “You look really nice.” I managed to catch through the music. 


I blushed deeply and thanked him. It wasn’t long until James appeared by my side. “Josh, you made it. Who’s your date?” he said to Josh, while I blushed crimson and glared at James. 


“It’s Lindy, James.” I informed. 


“Wow, you look beautiful. Your hair is different.” He lightly kissed me on the cheek and whispered. “Lily’s at my twelve o’clock and is staring.” I nodded and played along. “Josh, this is my girlfriend Lindy.” 


“I’ve had the pleasure to meet her already.” Josh complimented. 


“Enjoy the party.” James yelled. “I’m going to introduce Lindy to some other people. Sirius is probably looking for you.” Josh smirked and headed the opposite direction. 


I looked at James with a bored expression. “Josh is the best when it comes to pranks. He and Sirius get along like syrup and pancakes.” He laughed. “He was in Ravenclaw, a year above us. Smart kid, he’s currently working to be a Healer.” 


I tuned out James’s rant and watched as Josh approached Sirius on the other end of the pool. Sirius as usual looked mind blowing in his jeans and simple black shirt. As I turned around to face James again, I swore I felt eyes on me. I'm pretty sure they were grey, honest and had a certain sparkle in them.  


It's been forever i know. I'm losing my touch i reckon. I always feel the need to edit the last chapter before i ,move on. I will come with the next chapter ASAP. Hopefully it will be much more interesting :D Please leave a review, it honestly makes my day. ~LoVe_Sirius


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