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Second Chances by Drunaforever
Chapter 5 : Quidditch Try-outs
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It was the second Saturday after we arrived at Hogwarts. Classes weren't so bad, for the Ravenclaws at least, and it turned out that I had four classes with Draco a week.


But now I was taking a break from all the schooling. I finished my homework for the weekend the day before so I had the whole day to myself.


Audrey, Cho and I sat talking in the Ravenclaw common room. Cho was taking a break from all her teaching stuff and came to hang out with us.


"So Luna, what'd you dream about last night?" Audrey asked. I laughed. Ever since the weird dream I had about Pigfarts she's made it a daily thing to ask what I dreamt about.


I scrunched up my eyebrows in deep thought. "I was-"


"Oh my goodness! Look at the time!" Cho interrupted. "You guys gotta get to try-outs!" We all stood up- Cho was coming to watch- and the three of us ran out of the common room and all the way to the quidditch pitch. We sat down on the ground to catch our breaths, then Cho wished us luck and went to sit in the stands.


Audrey and I looked at each other.


"You ready?" She asked.


"No!" I said.


"Come on! You'll be fine!" She grabbed my arm and we stepped out onto the field and walked towards the small group surrounding the quidditch captain.


"Alright, everyone here?" Terry Boot asked. A boy ran in and joined us, and he began talking.


"You are all here to try out for the Ravenclaw quidditch team. We will begin with warming up and then we will test those going for Keeper.


We did laps on our brooms and Terry took notes on our flying. We landed and he began to call out names for Keepers.


Audrey gave me a smile as her name was called and she mounted her broom.


Terry was watching her rather closely, but I guess it was because she was a great flyer.


I crossed my fingers and cheered when she had gotten a perfect score.


She was beaming when she landed.


"You did great!" I told her. The Chasers went next and then the Beaters. Any second now I would be called for Seeker-


"Luna Lovegood!" Terry called.


I breathed in and out. I could do this! Cho and Audrey had helped me train for days!


I walked up to the captain.


"I will let this go." He said, holding up the snitch. "Wait ten seconds, then I will time how fast it takes for you to catch it. Understand?"


I nodded and he let the snitch free. I didn't bother trying to follow it with eyes so I stared at the ground as I counted to ten.


I finished counting and I mounted my broom. I started to rise up and I leaned forward to go faster.


My Nimbus Three thousand sped around and I kept my eyes open for the snitch. I glanced at the ground, no luck. It wasn't around or above me. I looked at the stands and I saw it five feet above Draco's head.


Wait, what is he doing here? I asked myself. Oh well, no time to lose. I urged my broomstick forward and I got a grip on the tiny golden ball and I held it above my head for Terry to see. He nodded and motioned for me to come down.


I stepped off my broom and gave him the snitch.


"Not bad, Lovegood." He said. "8 seconds, impressive."


I grinned at Audrey and sat by her on the ground as the only other person trying out for a Seeker had their turn. He was just a fourth year.


I counted his time as he flew around the stadium. He caught the snitch and landed by the captain. He took 23 seconds.


Terry called us into a circle as he announced the new positions.


"... Next, Audrey- can I call you Audrey?- is our new Keeper..."


She squealed and Terry looked up to grin at her.


"Congrats!" I whispered.


"...And last but not least, Luna's the Seeker! Great job everyone I have confidence in this year's team! Practice will begin next Thursday. You are dismissed."


Some people walked away disappointed, but Audrey and I couldn't contain our happiness.


"We did it!" The two of us shrieked.


Terry approached us. "Listen, Er, Audrey... You did a great job. Excellent. You too Luna."


He walked away with a blush and I raised my eyebrows at Audrey. "I think he's got a crush!"


She blushed too. "No way!"


"Denial!" I sang and she playfully hit me with her quidditch gloves.


"Let's go find Cho!" She said.


Cho was waiting for us when we got off the field.


"Good job, you guys were brilliant!" She said as she hugged us.


Someone cleared their throat and we turned to see Draco there.


"Nice job, Lovegood. I reckon we'll be competing soon?"


I nodded. "Oh yeah that's right! I forgot you were the Slytherin seeker and captain! Anyways, what were you doing here?"


"I was bored so I came to watch try-outs." He said casually.


"Oh! Well I guess I'll see you later?"


He nodded and began to walk towards the castle.


"Bye Draco!" I called after him.


He gave a small wave over his shoulder and continued walking.


"Let's go celebrate!" Audrey said.


"Good idea! What do you say, Luna?"


I nodded. "Let's get some snacks from the kitchens!"


And we all skipped inside the castle and had our own mini party in our dormitory.


We left our dorms to go to dinner, despite the fact that we had a few snacks already.


I ladled some soup into my bowl once we had sat down. The three of us started talking as usual.


"Who else do you think made the team for different houses?" I asked.


Cho shrugged. "Probably Ron and Harry for Gryffindor, Blaise and Draco are on Slytherin's team for sure, and Ernie and Justin are for Hufflepuff too."


"How do you know that Blaise is on-"


But Ginny had come up and sat down next to me. Cho glanced up at the staff table, where McGonagall was giving her a look. "I guess I still have to sit up there on my 'day off.'" She got up and took her seat at the staff table.


"Hey!" The Gryffindor said, starting on dinner.


We greeted her and launched into conversation immediately.


"So did you hear about the Hogsmeade trip coming up?" Ginny asked.


I nodded. "The three of us should go!"


Audrey dropped her smile. "I can't."


"Why not?" Ginny and I asked in unison.


"I got in detention with Professor McGonagall."


"What'd you do?" I said.


"I, er, kinda turned her into a monkey."


I was biting my lips to stop myself from bursting out laughing, then I saw Ginny doing the same. We made eye contact and let it out, laughing so hard many people were shooting looks at us.


Audrey looked up from her plate, grinning broadly and laughing with us.


"Well, it's too bad you can't come!" I said after we had calmed down.


She shrugged. "I'm going to be hanging out with Cho, so it's okay."


"So wanna come with me Luna? I'm also going with Harry, Ron and Hermione."


"Is it the Saturday tha-uh, a week from today?" I asked.


She nodded and I thought to myself.


"We'll see. I'll tell you when I figure out if I will be free then. Homework and quidditch is my first priority."


She rolled her eyes. "Typical Ravenclaw!"


A/N: So what'd you think of this chapter? What would you like to see in the future? Let me know in a review! Thank you everyone who is reading and had reviewed so far, I love it! :D Look out for the next chapter: DADA class and more Draco!


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