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Time-Travel Mishaps! by AccioSachio
Chapter 4 : Getting to know you...again!
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Tonks and Victoire were walking side by side around the garden, they had done two full rotations of the grass space before Tonks acknowledged a rickety bench and gestured to sit down. Awkwardly, Victoire sat down next to her future mother-in-law.

"So, you and Teddy are getting married? That's so exciting!" enthused Tonks. "HAve you got a dress picked out yet?"

Victoire smiled modestly. "Yes, i have a dress. Let's just hope we make it, the wedding date is for just in between christmas and new year."

"Oh i'm sure you'll be back by then," smiled Tinks reassuringly. "Even though technically i wont be there" Victoires head snapped up. Does she know? "Because obviously you're from the future." continued Tonks, Victoire smiled tightly. "I bet the future me can't wait. Ooh! Have you seen what i'm wearing yet?" wondered Tonks idly.

Victoire swallowed loudly. "No actually i haven't seen it yet. Why don't we go back inside i'm sure they are waiting for us." she said hastily and stood up and began a brisque walk back into the house with a confused Tonks following behind.

Elsewhere, Albus and James were sat in the twins rooms howling with laughter. Together, they were swapping stories on all of the pranks they had pulled on one another and eachother. Even though Albus was the subject of most of the pranks performed by James, he stillw as really enjoying the company and found his mischeivous uncles hilarious.

James couldn't help but feel slightly sorry for the fun Uncle George he knows in the present day, even though still fun and hilarious, he was sure that if Uncle George was alive it owuld be twice as much.

"This colour is perfect!" squealed Rose delightedly as she rummaged through her mothers and aunts nail polish collection. She had picked out a sparkly pink colour.

"Good choice Rosie," smiled Hermione. She couldn't help but feel attatched to the young girl, even if she didn't know her and she was only two years younger then her.

"Do you want some too Lily," asked Ginny softly to the ten year old.

Lily shrugged and showed Ginny her hands, her nails were already painted a light blue colour. "You did these for me just the other day, they were really lovely and you told me not to bite and make them chip. I'm sorry, i did it anyway," blushed Lily.

Ginny smiled widely and took her hands in her own, examining the slightly chipped polish. "No matter, i can redo them if you'd like?"

Lily grinned at her teenage mother. "Thanks!"

So the four young girls began painting eachothers nails amist meaningful chitchat.

"So I can't believe you married my brother!" giggled Ginny. "Sister-in-law!"

Hermione once again turned scarlett. "What about you!" she retorted hotly, smiling slyly. "Ginny Potter!"

Ginny's eyes widened in embarassment and she continued painting Lily's nails very carefully.

"Come on GIn', I know you. You must be ecstatic," she said playfully. Ginny shrugged and threw her best friend a dirty look.

Lily and Rose watched the exchange in amusement and couldn't help but join in on their palyful banter.

"So now you've seen the whole house," said Ron awkwardly to Hugo as the two of them along with Harry found themselves back in the kitchen. Teddy, Remus and Tonks were ast together with VIctorie talking happily.

"Yeah, thanks i mean Ron," Hugo blushed at his mistake. Ron also looked away his ears turning red. "Although, this house is still there in the present day, we go there all the time."

Ron was silent until Harry's laughter broke it. "Why didn't you say?" he laughed at Ron's annoyed expression.

"I didn't want to seem rude, and it was cool hanging out with you younger."

"What are we like as grownups?" wondered Ron sitting down at the table, Hugo and Harry followed.

"Generally, you and mum are the best, couldn't be better. Especially when Rose is at Hogwarts, it's like i'm an only child," Smiled Hugo. "Although, mum can be really scary when she's angry, and you always make me laugh by pulling funny faces so she tells me off more. But she tells you off afterwards. I always hear her."

Harry once again was laughing hard. "What about me....and Ginny," asked Harry.

"You two are definately the cool aunt and uncle, it's nice when the others are away at school because it's just me and Lily with noone being mean to us. You always teach us how to play Quiddich so we are ready for when we start school. One time you even let me play on your broom!" enthused Hugo.

"Do James or Albus play Quiddich?" wondered Harry.

Hugo nodded enthusiastically. "Oh yes, they are both on the team James plays Chaser and Albus is a Seeker!"

Harry was now smiling widely.

"What about Rosie?" asked Ron excitedly.

Hugo went silent. " She is scared of heights; scared of brooms and basically scared of Quiddich itself she just reads all the time. I'm not even sure if she comes to all the games, she probably just stays in the library. With her boyfriend" he added quietly as an afterthought.

Ron grumbled to himself. "Just like Hermione then...wait! Boyfriend? At thirteen!" Ron was spluttereing and trying to find the right words.

"Yeah, Scorpius Malfoy-" he stopped and clapped a hand over his mouth just as Ron and Harry took in a sharp breath. "She made me swear not to tell you, i forgot you were you because your young! Please don't tell her," he begged. "She will kill me!"

"Mothers temper then," interjected Harry.

"Rose is dating a Malfoy? That Malfoy scum actually breeded?" Ron was fuming and his ears were scarlett.

Hugo too was going red but in a different way. Tears were begining to well in his eyes and he tried not to let them out. "Please dad-Ron- she made me swear! Please don't say anything!"

Ron huffed. "Fine."

Mr and Mrs Weasley and Sirius were exhausted and frustrated, there was no way the tapestry was going to come off.

"Damn the House of Black!" hissed Sirius.

Mrs Weasley huffed and then stood up and smiled. "We should probably go tend to the children and get them in bed. Time travel can take alot out of a person." And with that she strolled out of the room calling everyone to the kitchen as she went, her husband and sirius followed behind.

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