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Dear Diary by ginny_malfoy1231
Chapter 1 : Journey Back to Hogwarts: Draco's POV
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I am Draco Malfoy, son of Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy, age 19. I am sitting on the Hogwarts Express with nobody in my compartment. People walk by, but none come to me. I am alone. I don't think anybody really wants to even come. After all, my father was a Death Eater, and nobody wants to have to do anything with a Death Eater's son.

As we came closer and closer to Hogwarts, my hands clenched and unclenched tightly. I changed into my robes, and soon saw Hogwarts castle looming over the lake with the giant squid leaping, it's tentacles waving over the water, as if it was dancing in a trance. Suddenly there is a knock on the compartment door. The glass only showed me a dirty blonde head. I opened the door to reveal Luna Lovegood, in her black robes, carrying The Quibbler in one hand, wand in the other. On her face, she wore a dreamy expression.

“Hello,” she said, “Harry wants to see you”. “Why?” I asked, “Why me?”. “Don’t question me, just come,” she replied, her eyes watching me as if I was going to attack. “OK, I’ll come, I’ll come,” I replied playfully and we walked out in the train hall. “Oh and, take all your stuff your going to carry to Hogwarts cause you’ll be with us for the rest of the ride,” she added, stowing her wand in her pocket. I nodded and said, “Locomotor trunk,” and my truck floated behind me.

When I walked down the train, whispers followed my back.

“Oh god, its Draco Malfoy!”

“Malfoy? What is he doing here?”

“Oh he is so dreamy!”

“C’mon lets see if we can get closer!”

“Oh, mama!”

Ok, so nobody said ‘Oh mama’ but it sounded like that! Well, anyways, we soon reached the end of train, where the last compartment (on the train) was. When I got there, I found Potter, the two Weasley’s (you know Ron and Ginny) and Granger. I raised an eyebrow.

“What’s wrong, Malfoy?,” Weasley sneered, “Cat got your tongue?” I smirked.

“Well the first problem is that I don’t have a cat,” I replied, “So no, the cat did not get my tongue. But I think it’s got yours” I smiled, waved my fingers and sat down next to Lovegood.

She looked surprised then said, “Fire away Harry”. I sighed.

“Well, first of all I want to know if you’re still a Death Eater,” he said.
I rolled up the sleeve of my left arm. It was clean, and there was no mark.

“Ok,” Potter sighed. He nodded and said, “Luna take him back”
But Lovegood didn’t. “I told him to bring his trunk because I thought it would be nice for him here,” she said, her dreamy voice, flowing through me. I felt as if I was being played with in a breeze: her voice was beckoning, and made me feel light.

“Luna!,” Weasley cried, “Are you crazy?” Luna looked at him so intensely, that I started backing away. Weasley sank back in his seat, and we waited for Hogwarts castle to arrive.

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Dear Diary: Journey Back to Hogwarts: Draco's POV


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