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What Have You Done Now? by ilovekittens
Chapter 1 : Chapter one the first few signs
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My name is Ella Jones my friends calls me L. I’m half-blood; I was sorted into Slytherin when I started at Hogwarts. My best friends are Luna Lovegood and Ginny Weasley.


At this moment I am on the train that takes us to Hogwarts.

(I’m in my sixth year her at Hogwarts)



“So L how was your summer?” Ginny asks.


  “Oh it was good. How was yours?” I say.



  “It was ok.” She smiles.


“Hey I’m going to find the snack carts. Do you guys want anything?” I say. Ginny just shakes her head. Luna answers in her sing song voice “no thank you L.” I nod and walk out and down the hall I’m almost to the dining car when SMACK I run in to something hard and flat.  As I start to fall to the ground someone grabs my waist and keeps me from hitting the floor. I look up in to blue grey eyes. Wow those are the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. That’s when a ruff voice knocks me out of my thoughts.



“You should watch were your going.” Says Draco Malfoy. I look at him and see hoe much he has changed. His blonde hair no longer looks greasy but soft. He has to be at least 6’4” so he towers over me (since I’m only 5’3”) He is truly very handsome. Wait what am I thinking. Ok L time to come back to reality.



“Oh Hi Dra-Malfoy. Umm yea.” I say blushing as I look down.


“Yea Hi Ella. Your welcome by the way.” My eyes fly up at the sound of him using my first name.


“Um thanks. Did you just call me Ella?” I ask


“Well yea that is your name right?” Draco says


“Yes that is my name, its just you never called me by my first name before. I always thought it was because you hated me.” I say. His eyes look angry for a moment then soften.


“I don’t hate you.”  Then he lets go of my waist smirks then walks away. I lean against the wall and catch my breath. What the HELL!!!!! I scream in my head.


I walk back to were Ginny and Luna are. They look up as I sit down.


“There you are we were starting to worry. You ok you look a bit flushed?” says Ginny.


  “Oh I’m fine. I just run into Draco.” I answer.


“Oh ok .Wait when did you start calling him Draco?”


 “When he started calling me Ella.” I says.

That’s when I tell them what happened.


“So what do you guys think?” I ask.


“Well” says Luna “I think you should wait it out see how he acts over the net few days.”


“I agree with Luna.” Says Ginny.


I nod “Ok sounds good to me”



  Soon we have to change into our uniforms. My hair is a little longer than my shoulders, dark brown and straight. I pull it into a ponytail, put a little black eyeliner around my dark brown eyes, and some deep red lipstick on my usually soft pink lips. My uniform skirt hits about mid thigh, with a fitted white bottom up shirt, and then I slip on my high heeled Mary- Jane shoes.



“so who do you think will be the new Defense Against the Dark arts teacher?” Ginny says.


“I don’t know.” Says Luna. I just shake my head.


“Not sure be who ever it is lets hope its not Snape.” i says.


“True!” Ginny and Luna say at the same time. we all start laughing. I look up to see Draco walking past our cabin he stops and stares at me until Blaise pushes him to keep walking.


“That was weird.” I whisper.


“Yea it was.’ Says Ginny.



About an hour later we pull into the station. We are walking to the carriages when I see Draco getting into a carriage by him self. That’s very odd he’s almost never apart from Blaise.


“Ella come on.” Calls Luna from a near by carriage. I walk over to them and get in thinking about Draco and wondering if something is up.



  After the feast in the great hall everyone goes so their common rooms. I slowly walk to the dungeons cause that’s were the Slytherin common room is. I’m almost there when I see Draco looking very suspicious. Where is he going it’s almost curfew. I carefully follow him down a dark corridor. When someone grabs me and pins me up against the wall.


“Why were you following me?!” Draco says his voice a bit angry.


“I-I-I wasn’t.” I say my voice shaky.


“Don’t lie I know you were. Now tell me why!!!” he says tighten his grip on my arms and pushing me harder against the wall.


“Oww Draco you’re hurting me. I-I-I was just wondering were you were going so close to curfew. Please let me go it hurts.” I say with tears in my eyes.



  Draco’s P.O.V



Why me why did he have to give me this mission. Why did she have to follow me?  You’re hurting me Draco.  Her voice ran through his head. He dropped his grip she slid down the wall and sat on the floor rubbing her arms. Find a way to get the death eaters into Hogwarts Draco. If you fail you will die. He heard Voldamorts voice inside his head, from earlier that summer when he was given his mission. He looked down at the crying girl.


“Ella I’m sorry. Please don’t follow me again. It will not end well.” He said


“Why where were you going? Let me help you.” Ella said.


“No!  No. you should go, don’t want to out past curfew now do we?” he said. Draco watched as she got up and walked away toward common room. I wish I could tell her. I wish she could know how I feel about her. I wish I could tell hr about the dark lord. Draco pulled is left sleeve up to show the dark mark imprinted on his arm. “You’re a death eater now Draco Malfoy.” The dark lord said.







hey everyoone, this is my first fanfic so tell me what you think. I want to to go through post- deathly hallows. I should have the next chapter up by next week. oh and sorry about the spelling.





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What Have You Done Now?: Chapter one the first few signs


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