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Hidden Attractions and Ill- Disguised Tricks by Brigadeiro16
Chapter 2 : Shopping, Snogging, and Slapping
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  Lily gave herself another once over, trying to look at herself as if she were a judgemental guy. She planned on looking good, to ease the flirting process a bit. She wore faded light blue short- shorts and a tight, deep red tank top. This would (hopefully) make her bust a bit bigger, as the shirt was kind of low cut and tight, as well as show as much of her long legs as possible.She planned on wearing heels, but ended up just going with the converse. They were going to buy school supplies, not dancing at a party. Her hair was in loose curls at her waist, as it normally was, but she took it a step further with makeup, making her eyes bigger and her lips more appetizing. the last she would definitely need due to the second part of the plan.

“Lily! We have to go!” Her mother called. She would be driving Lily to The Leaky Cauldron, and then picking her up when Lily called.
“Coming, Mum!” She gave herself one last satisfied look and bounded down the stairs.

She had spotted the guys, but they hadn’t spotted her. She strode over to their table at the Leaky Cauldron and cleared her throat. All four boys turned to look at her. She almost laughed out loud. It was as if they had choreographed it. All four boys gave her the once over and put on emotionless masks, secretly evaluating her looks. She felt a bit like an object and less like a human at being categorized like this, but no matter. James was the first to speak.

“Lily, love!” He made to hug her, but she stepped aside. He stumbled a bit stupidly and she joined in with the other boy’s  laughter. He turned at her, confused. “But, you said yes!”

Lily put her hands on her hips. “There wasn’t a question Potter. Besides, I only agreed to this because I couldn’t put my reply in a letter, it’s a bit more than words, I’m afraid. Involves some actions.” She put on a seductive edge to her voice. James smiled, missing the revengeful glint in her eyes, and moved towards her. Lily stepped back. “No Potter. I haven’t even acknowledged anyone else yet.” She turned towards the boys. “Hey Remus, Peter. Hi Sirius.” She looked at Sirius and winked. He seemed thoroughly taken aback, but took it in stride.

“How are you, hot stuff?” He replied, his voice husky and seductive. Lily cringed inwardly. Not Sirius, way too cocky. Remus it was then. They all left the pub and made their way into Diagon Alley. The others seemed thoroughly shocked at the exchange between Sirius and Lily, and it wasn’t until all the shops but Flourish and Blotts that James finally got back his bearings and began, once again, to make a move.

“So Lily, I never really caught your answer...?” Lily, turned towards him, smiling. She stepped really close to his face. He closed his eyes and puckered up- Lily’s hand reached his face like a whip, though stinging substantially less.

“That, Potter, was for telling me you love me when you don’t even know me.” She seethed. She turned towards Sirius, grabbed him and, before everyone’s shocked eyes, kissed him. He was a surprisingly good kisser. His tongue asked for entrance and she pulled back. Everyone was still staring, frozen in their spots. “And that was just to see your face honestly. And right now, you don’t look hurt, or angry, or betrayed. If you even cared about me half as much as you claim you do I would see something besides shock in your eyes. The girl you are supposedly in love with just snogged your best friend. Potter, you seem like a good friend, but thinking you could get to me through charm alone was stupid and egotistical. You know nothing about me Potter, besides that I like to read. You even think I like rules!” She turned to Remus, giving him a soft and alluring (she hoped) smile. “Bye Remus.” And with that, she walked swiftly into Flourish and Blotts.

James quickly snapped out of it. Sirius looked a bit dazed. Remus was looking at the shop curiously. Peter was apparently lost in some daydream. James spoke first.

“What just happened?” His voice was strained. Sirius was the one who replied.

“She snogged me mate, to prove that you don’t really think she’s anything special. And blimey is she a good snog. Too bad she doesn’t go for one night stands...” He sighed.
James ignored his best friend. He, along with everyone else, knew that James never really cared about Lily as anything more than another girl, just a stubborn one. He didn’t know that she realised it, too.

“Couldn’t she just play along? I just needed to show everyone that no girl can resist me.” James was cross.

“Honestly, Prongs!” Remus huffed, exasperated. “Don’t you think that a girl like that has more substance? She obviously doesn’t just want a good snog.”

“Except for with me, of course.” Sirius seemed smug, but qualmed under the glares from his best mates.

James thought about it, and realised that he really hadn’t thought at all about Lily, or her feelings. This was a strange revelation, because he usually cared about everyone that was close to him. Then it hit him.

“Ah! So now I just to find out more about her, and let her find out a bit more about me, and actually lead her into a real relationship. And according to Pads, I’ll even get a good snog in!” He saw Remus’ face. “What? I promise it’ll be as if I actually like her, and she’ll be happy. She deserves a good relationship, I guess. Any girl who can slap that hard must have some standards.”

“Of course she does mate, she turned you down countless times, didn’t she?” James glared at Sirius again, and almost missed Lily coming out of the book shop. The bags in her hands looked like they held much more than just the assigned books. At least he had something right about her, she loved to read. James studied Lily carefully. She had full lips, large green eyes, and tanned skin that was sprinkled with freckles. Not to mention the shiny red hair. Finally, James understood at least some of what the other guys who liked Lily felt. She was beautiful. Then he realised he had never called that to her face and frowned. He really had mistreated this girl...

Lily returned from the shop with way more books than Hogwarts had asked for. The boys were still in the same position. She began walking towards them and saw James frown. She knew he wouldn’t give up, she had been much meaner in turning him down before, but without all that logic. Oh, and without the kiss. She felt slightly indifferent towards her first kiss. It didn’t mean anything. Sirius was smiling at her, she let herself think that she was an okay snog. Peter seemed to be thinking. Then she turned her gaze to Remus. She flashed him a smile.

“Hey guys. Well, I’m finished. Don’t you want to buy your books?” She directed her question to Remus, he smiled slightly, and it emphasized a small scar on his jaw. She knew Remus’ secret. It had taken a while, but she eventually took a bit too much curiosity in his strange disappearances, and finally understood about his lycanthropy. Remus didn’t know she knew, though. It had taken a bit more watching the Marauders and sneaking around after dark (hey, James was the only one who said she liked rules), to see that he was always led by Madam Pomfrey to the Whomping Willow, which would mysteriously stop moving when the nurse waved her wand. She wasn’t a fool, she knew there was something else going on with the werewolf thing, that involved all the boys. They were never there during the full moon, and sometimes they would be hurt after the moon, too. But she at least knew they weren’t also wolves, Madam Pomfrey would have led them all down at the same time. They also couldn't be staying with Remus during his transformation, or they would have been dead as soon as the moonlight hit them. She still didn't know that secret with them, and also the one where they always seemed to know the secret passages of the school or where everyone was at all times. The Marauders also seemed to sneak around a bit too easily without getting seen.

At least Lily prided herself in knowing at least one secrets she was almost positive the Marauder’s didn’t know- The Unknowable Room. She had also figured out where the kitchens were, but by the amount of food the boys brought to parties, this was normal for them.

“I think we’ll be going to get the books now... You gave us quite a shock.” Remus’ voice gently faded her out of her thoughts. She turned once more to flirting.

“Well, I needed to get my point across.” Lily turned to James. “I am a woman, not a tool you can command and charm to do your bidding.” she turned to Remus, slightly repulsed at was going to do. Really, it was a bit too sweet and sickly. “Not that you’d ever do that to any girl Remus.” She put her hand on his toned arm and- and- batted her eyelashes. She tried not to puke at herself, but it seemed to work. Remus was smiling into her eyes. She looked at the whole group then, her arm still on Remus’ shoulder. “I have to go, I promised my mom I would call when I was finished.” She smiled at Remus and was gone.

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