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Malfoy by Ron 4 Hermione
Chapter 1 : The discovery
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Dong. Dong. Dong. Dong. Dong. Dong. Dong. Dong. Dong. Dong. Dong. Dong.

The clock tower anounced a new day agaisnt the darkness that was Denmark. In the darkness all of the Danish royal castle was asleep except the watchmen. The watchmen were making there way around the castle making sure no intruders could get in. It had been a normal night until Dobby, one of there more experinced watchmen spotted something that didn't seem so normal. He made his way closer and was sure he saw the outline of a figure, but it was white. That couldn't be right, could it? It also appeared that it was illuminated, but Dobby couldn't work out what it was. He crept closer, more alert and considered calling for back up but decided against it. It couldn't have been dangerous otherwise it would have attacked him by now and he didn't want to cause a fuss. Pulling his wand out of his pocket he held it ahead of him, pointing it at the figure.

“Help, help me.”

Dobby stopped to listen, had the figure-like object really just spoken? Apparently it had, and it had also asked for help. Turning a corner he stopped and stared. There it was and Dobby could definitely see it was a human or shaped like a human because apart from the shape it didn't really look human. It was a white shape that shone against the darkness of the night and it almost didn't look real. Dobby walked towards it, slower this time though because the figure was stationary now. As he walked closer Dobby could see it was a human figure, in fact it was a man and he looked familer but Dobby couldn't quite remember who he looked like. The strange man, Dobby could see as he got closer, had short hair and wore clothes that looked like they would fit in here at the Danish royal castle.

“Help me, help me.” The voice sounded low and hollow and Dobby even thought he could detect a hint of desperation in the voice. This time Dobby definetly saw the figures mouth move but he still couldn't work out who it was. Moving ever closer he came to an abrupt stop when he finally worked out who it was.

“Oh my, it can't be though.” He couldn't believe it. It couldn't really be him, could it? It did look like him though and it would explain the whitness of him. Taking a step backwards he shook his head, this whole thing was weird. He knew ghosts existed, he had even seen them before but this was just odd. He had followed the ghost around the castle only to discover he looked like the late Malfoy. L. Sr. Dobby just stood there staring at the creature, lowering his wand until it was pointed at the floor. He wasn't about to attack his old master.


Unknown to the watchmen they weren't the only people up at midnight. Blaise was taking a stroll under the stars to try and see if he could see any constelations. He was walking around with his little red notebook and quill floating next to him, ready to record anything new that he learnt, and he learnt a lot. Blaise was a smart person with a keen interest in learning, which is why he loved staying at the Danish royal palace. He was one of Malfoy. D. Jr's close friends, the others being Crabbe and Goyle but Blaise didn't think too much of them. They weren't the smartest of people and they slightly infuriated Blaise so he tried to stay out of there way most of the time. He could never quite understand why anyone, never mind a prince, would want to be friends with them. Taking a sharp left Blaise looked up at the sky and continued walking. There was a full moon tonight and it lit up the castle eliminating the need for a light.

“Ow. Oh, sorry.” Blaise exclaimed, he had walked into someone. Stepping backwards he noticed it was Dobby and he hadn't seemed to realise that Blaise had walked straight into him. He was staring up ahead at-

“Wohh, what is that?” Blaise was astonished at what he was seeing. It appeared to be a ghost of some sort.

“Can you see it then? The ghost I mean” asked Dobby turing around to face Blaise. Even in the moonlight Blaise could see he looked spooked by what he had saw.

“Yeah I can see it, you sure it's a ghost though?” Blaise questioned him, he was more of a skeptical person then most others and he didn't really believe in things unless they could be proved. He had heard rumors of ghost exsisiting but had never saw one before.

“I've never been more sure of anything, I've been stood here for about five minutes and it hasn't moved. It's just been saying 'help me' but does it not remind you of someone because I think it does,” explained Dobby as he turned around and faced the creature again.

“Well, it looks vaugly like Malfoy. L. Sr but he died, didn't he?” His voice had taken on a curious tone and he scratched his head in bewilderment.

“Ah, but this ain't a normal human, I'm sure it's a ghost and the ghost of Malfoy. L. Sr at that.” Blaise had to admit it did look like Dobby was right.

“Help me. Help me.” This time Blaise saw the ghost speak for himself and it sounded to him like a badly tuned radio but a badly tuned radio to which the old King was talking through.

“What, well what should we do?” Blaise asked, he wasn't used to such things happening and he didn't know what they could do.

“We need to notify Malfoy. D. Jr. He will know what to do, after all he is set to become King when he becomes of age.” Responded Dobby, Blaise just nodded, it was a better idea then he had at any rate.

“I'll go fetch him. I'll be as quick as possiable.” He told Dobby before hurrying off to Malfoy. D. Jr's room, praying the Prince would believe him.

Somewhere up above an owl hooted.

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