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The Wife He Never Wanted by Broken Butterfly
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3
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 Chapter 3


Draco didn’t know about this place. It was a safe haven. Hermione had inherited her home and a two million dollar trust fund and life insurance that was left after her parents died, a year before she and Draco got married. She never told him, knowing she would just keep it in case of a rainy day, and today it was pouring.

She entered the four-digit passcode into the two car garage attached to the large manor. Nowhere near as large as Malfoy manor of course but, still comfy and cozy. She returned to the driver seat and pulled in, closing the garage door as soon as she exited the car again. She knew that Draco had the resources and ability to find her at some point, whether it be magical or good old muggle sleuthing.  She knew it was only a matter of time, but damned if she would make it easy on him.

She wouldn’t go so far as to Glamour herself, but everything else would be changed. The house would remain Glamour to any wizard eye, as a rundown old abandoned shack, which is what it currently looked like. But magic fixed that in a moment and it became instantly better. Of course it would gradually develop to look like that to the Muggles.  To her though it was what it looked like before she left for her sixth year in school.

The SUV must remain in the garage at all times. She would walk to the local market. The house would be locked at all times. She would call a cable man and internet guy to hook up the necessary things she needed.

She wouldn’t use a credit card. Ever.

Reaching into the back seat of the car, she pulled a sleeping Cassie out of the car seat and carried her into the house.

Flicking her wand, the house was clean, and everything was set up and unpacked in a few minutes. She put Cassie down in the crib in her master bedroom, and smiled.

Hermione was a strong Woman and she would stay that way. She would protect her family at all costs.


She had left him, just packed and was gone. Left him alone to be haunted by his past in this manner.  Draco was furious. He slammed a vase to the floor shattering it to thousands of tiny pieces.

He couldn’t believe that she was gone, that he had allowed it to happen. She filed for divorce, but he wouldn’t sign those papers. Refused to sign them. He would find her. He would beg her to come home.

He couldn’t live without her.

That was what he told himself, even as he signed the papers and mailed them in.

Oh he would still find her, and bring her home, and remarry her, he told himself, but he knew she wouldn’t come back to this dark broken manor with so much violence in it’s history. She wanted a life that he couldn’t give her, living here either.

It took her leaving for him to realize it too.

He didn’t know how he would live without her.

3 Months later

“Why Hermione, doesn’t little Cassie look so cute in that outfit.” An elderly woman, Mrs. Johnson, who had lived next door all of Hermione’s own life, and probably longer, exclaimed the next morning when Hermione was out for a walk.

“Thank You Mrs. Johnson. I saw it at the Mall last week, while shopping for my new wardrobe, and thought that she should get a new outfit too.”

“And your house, all the work you have put into it, it looks just like it did, before, well before your parent’s mountain climbing accident. It fell into such disarray after that, since you never sold it, and nobody took care of it.” Ah, Hermione thought, there was good old Doreen Johnson. The snide in her simple comment on the house, added her true thoughts on Hermione. She felt that Hermione didn’t take care of the house and should have sold it 13 years ago. Well, she didn’t. And she was glad she didn’t.

“Yes, well, I had always planned on moving back in, and I’m glad I did, since my ex-husband proved too violent for Cassie to be around, and since I was busy raising my kids and being a mom I couldn’t very well take care of this home as well. Have a lovely afternoon Mrs. Johnson. It is time for Cassie to take her nap.”

Hermione crossed the driveway and went into her home and closed and locked the door.

It had been three Blissful Months and Draco had signed the papers the same night she had sent them, and she was happily divorced.

No, in fact she was Miserable without him, but she couldn’t let that affect her decision. She needed to protect her Children. Malfoy Manor was not safe for them now, and it only promised bad things for their future. She signed as she laid Cassiopeia in her crib. Then she quietly walked downstairs to her office, and resumed her writing of the second book in her series. The first one had just been published, and was going to be released next week.

The first book was about a Young girl crossing from England to the Massachusetts colony in the late 1600’s. It ended in Salem in 1690, so the second book was about the Salem Witch Trials and how it came all too real to the main character of her books.


“Draco. Draco Open up man, its important.” Blaise said pounding on my office door.


“I’ve found her!”

I flew open the door and faced my best friend. “You found her?”

“Hermione is living in a London suburb called Holten Village. Her address is 1723 Daisy Ln. Though the house looks like a run down shack, I don’t know how it is even habitable.”

“How did you find her?”

“I saw her. I was driving past, picking up some Muggle ingredients that Bree needed from that store in that exact village and I saw her walking into that home and locking the door.”

“She had better Bloody be there Blaise.”

“Or you will kill me, yeah I know. But Go Man, go bring your wife home.”


“Right.” Blaise Drawled out, purposefully exaggerating each simple. I growled at him and he stopped.

I apparated out of my office and straight to Hermione’s old family home. I silenced the popping sound so she wouldn’t hear it. I heard typing coming from down the hall and slowly crept down the hall, careful to not disturb any loose floorboards and make a sound.

When I got to the door I just stared in for a few minutes watching her typing on the computer. Ten minutes probably went by, so I thought it was time for me to announce myself.

“You know, dear, if I were as smart as you, I would have known this is where you would be, three months ago, before I signed those damned papers you had owled to me.”

He chair spun around so fast around to face me, but Hermione herself sat rigid in her chair, her face frozen in terror.

“But then, if you were as smart as they say you are, you would have thought to put an anti-apparation charm on this place.”

“I don’t know that charm.”

“I know.”

“Why are you here, Draco, I’m not your wife anymore, and you willingly signed the papers.”

“Yes, well, I’m here to bring you back.”

“I’m not going back to that place.”

“Never said you were.”

“You just did.”

“Nope. I didn’t.”

“I am not married to you any more Draco, please go away.”

“I’m not leaving until you take me back.”

“I can’t do that Draco, you are too haunted by your ancestors’ to ever have a mudblood as a wife and half-bloods as children.”

“How many Times must I tell you that Blood does not Matter to me!?”  I shouted.

“At least a thousand more.”

“I’m sorry Hermione, I’m really sorry. I can’t live without you, I can’t breathe without you, I am nothing without you. I have been a bad husband, a worse father, and I just expected you to deal with it. I’ll do whatever it takes for you to trust me again.”

“The last time you gained my trust Draco was 13 years ago, one night in a bar, claiming you had changed, and then 5 years into our so called marriage, you showed that it was all just an act. There was no change in your soul. Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me. Do not come in here and preach to me about trust and change, because I’m not biting this time. I’m too strong to fall back into the arms of an abusive husband, who promises that he will change for the thousandth time. Get out of my house!” Hermione said her voice icy. “Get out and don’t you dare come back.”

“Oh, I will be back, Hermione, I will prove to you that I’m not the man you married and that I’m better because of this lesson you have taught me.”

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