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Invisibly Me by TheOnlyLota
Chapter 1 : Platform 9 and 3/4
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Disclamer: I unfortunatly am blessed to have the first name of Joanne and otherwise i would be writing an official Maurader prequel

There she was. Standing there on the platform, nervously searching the crowds for someone, anyone to be a friend. I, of course, being the polite 11 year old that I was, saw this and approached her. I didn't bother asking her name- we could find that about later- so I went up to her and said

" first train journey to hogwarts too?" she shyly nodded.

I shrugged. " I can be a bit overwhelming at first, well that's what my parents say at least. They're over there, the couple with the man with messy black hair like mine and the woman with hazel eyes"

Red hair quickly whipped round and slapped me in the face as she turned to find my parents. She turned back to me as she found them, and looking back towards me and my father, her eyes widening at the resemblance and her hair whipping me as she did so.

" Wow..." she uttered

I looked at her in confusion. Why would she be amazed at seeing my father and i's resemblance ? I mean, sure my dad's a world class aurour but he's not that famous is he?

" Is it really possible for hair to be that messy yet still look neat?"

Oh wait HEY!

" Oi! I take offence to that"
The girl giggled and I saw a flash of green in her eyes, gone so quickly, I'm wasnt sure whether it was really there or not. Looking back and the curtain of hair now covered her eyes, darkening them to a brown.

" Sorry, but I can't deny it" she said still lightly giggling.

I grinned and She smiled back. The crowds were getting thinner as more children boarded the train. I looked at the clock to see that we still had 15 minutes before 11 so we had a lot time.

" so, where are your parents?"

"oh, there both muggles so they couldn't get through the barrier- trust me, they tried" I saw her face light up as she remembered the recent funny memory. I inwardly sighed- is this what dad meant when he gave me the talk ( also known as the most emotionally scarring thing a parent can tell a kid without it being sick). I mean he probably meant it for later in life but who cares about being a couple years early?

" so you're a muggle born" she nodded and my eyes widened as I realised something

" So you've NEVER heard of quidditch?" it was her turn for her eyes to widen

" What? Am I supposed to? Is it part of the curriculum cause when I read through my books I never saw quidditch! Well, I might of seen it Hogwarts: A History but I didn't know tha-"

I cut her off, laughing. " Aww, I never been friends with a bookworm before!" she glared at me " come'on, I'll tell you rules as we get on the train"

So the girl and i started to walk and talk carrying our non-existent and existent luggage respectively.
I had just gotten to the bit about the beaters when she suddenly exclaimed

" Damn it! I'm such an idiot! Boy that I don't know the name of,"

" James Potter" I ( helpfully) anwsered.
She lightly glared at me before continuing

" okay, boy that I now know is called James" this cause me to chuckle, making her glare at me again, though ignoring this she continued,

" I might have forgotten my trunk in the middle of the platform" she finished, losing her glare and now looking slightly sheepish. I laughed and told her to get her trunk, and that I would find her on the train. She ran off, her red hair weaving in the crowds of parents as I put my trunk with the others to be put in the last compartment and boarded the train

As I entered the train I found most compartments full already but there was one near the front of the train that I guess people didn't want as it was next to the prefects' compartment.

I sat there for about 20 minutes as after the train left waiting for the redhead to come, reading a very intellectual quidditch magazine until I decided to go look for her.
I saw a couple of redheads as I walked along the train, but all of them were too old to be mine.

Eventually I found her, sitting in a compartment with a pure blood girl I knew to be Alice Stuart and one other boy with aristocratic looks about him. Her loose red hair was now kept up in a perfect bun, whilst she was talking to Alice next to her, and ignoring the aristocrat.

" Hey, I've been looking for you! Did you find your trunk" all eyes in the compartment turned to me but only one pair recognised me.

" James! Hey how've you been! But what do you mean did I find my trunk?" Alice shouted, getting up and hugging me

"Nice to see you too Alice, but I wasn't directing that at you. " I turned to look at the redhead, was now looking directly at me. Yup, definately brown eyes, that were yet again fixated on me in a shy way.

"Who, me?" she looked confused, almost as if she didn't know me,which was strange seeing as it was only a couple of minutes since we had last seen each other, and since she's a nerd, she can't have a short term memory
" Yes you! Do you want me to continue with me telling you the rules of quidditch or do you want to see my magazine. I guess you never seen a wizarding magazine before though, have you?"

"Why wouldn't I?" she now seemed slightly angry, her eyes becoming smaller as she bore into me.

" cause your parents are muggles and you said that you didn't now about magic until 30th of January, your birthday( yeah, on to the train we didn't just talk about quidditch ) ."

This seemed to blow her up completely

"Okay Pureblood , here's the deal- just causeand aren't as rich as you obviously are doesn't mean that you can be oh so kind and take me under your wing . My birthday isn't even 30th of January. It's the 4th of October! "

Damn, she's still older than me, though I wonder if she has that split personality disorder. "I bet you don't even know my name. " she said scathingly

Well, she got me there.

" Urm, well, I don't. You know mine but you never told me yours. " insert glare from the girl there

" I don't know your name and I don't want you to know mine!"

With that she stormed out of the compartment, leaving me confused. What the hell just happened?!

"Potter! Why did you upset Talitha!"

" I didn't mean too.Well, I did, but she seemed so responsive to-"

"Potter? As in Blood Traitor Potter?"
The boy with the aristocratic looks said.
I gritted me teeth " yes, and with that view on life I'm guessing that you're either a Black, Lestrange or a Malfoy."

"I'm a Black, Sirius Black, but I don't have that same outlook on life"

" I'll take your word on it" and put out a hand for him to shake. Alice rolled her eyes.
"Just don't aim to many pranks on her- she's a new pureblood, and is extremely proud of it- call her anything but-" wait, a pureblood? Even a new one would know what Hogwarts is. And she said her parents couldn't get through cause they were muggles! What is wrong with Talitha anyway!

"Yeah, yeah yeah. Speaking if pranks, if you help me pull a prank tomorrow at breakfast. My dad wants me to carry on his legacy. "

" sure, anything to piss off my mother and father" he shook my hand- the start of a brotherhood.

After the train journey to Hogwarts, the first year were in the boats, getting ready for their first glimpse of the magnificent Hogwarts Castle.

Among the first years was Lily Evans, craning her head in the crowd looking for the friend she had met in the train station, or at least the people she had sat with on the train.

It was an awkward start to her Hogwarts career: she had gone to the train without her trunk, spent half an hour of the train journey looking for her raven haired friend before giving up and sitting in an empty compartment near the Prefects' one.

Lily had sat alone, contentedly reading a muggle classic for a couple of minutes before an angry girl opened the compartment door and stormed through.

The girl's eyes widened as she looked at Lily and Lily's did the same. They looked practically identical! There were only a couple of differences; Lily had emerald green almond shaped eyes and had a slightly smaller nose, whereas the other girl had brown eyes and a less freckled complexion with extremely tanned skin. Lily, noted that the girl had a constant look of smugness on her face, and was almost model like in the way she held herself, and in her being taller and thinner than Lily .Ignoring the differences, the two girls could ( without close inspection or knowing the two girls very well) pass as sisters .

" Hi! I'm Talitha Elfinbere! I'm guessing your a first year, otherwise you probably wouldn't be sitting here alone. " Talitha smiled in an almost sympathetic way, immediately losing her sullen expression whilst confusing lily, but still she ignored it

"Yeah, it is, are you one too??"

"Elfinbere- I'm Talitha
Elfinbere . You know, new pureblood Elfinbere. " Talitha was now sitting down, flicking a loose strand of her otherwise perfectly kept hair out of her face. Lily had to resist the urge to look down at her own loose, frizzy hair.

" no, sorry, I'm Lily Evans, and I'm not really familiar with being pure or muggle blooded."

Talitha now arched a clumsily shaped eyebrow( but still a shaped one). "Your of muggle heritage?" Lily nodded. "Oh. "

The next 10 minutes were spent in an increasingly awkward silence, until a chestnut haired girl looked through the compartment door, and smiled in recognition of someone in side. Lily correctly guessed that it was the other redhead and not her.


"I've been- umm who are you? Do you know that you look exactly like Talitha?"

Lily mentally rolled her eyes. But before she could answer Talitha spoke
" don't waste you breath Alice. She's not very sociable so it seems. "Lily's eyebrows furrowed deeply and Talitha continued. " She did seem
so nice at first. Oh well, come on Alice" Talitha now proceeded to drag Alice out of the compartment. "Bye Lily Evans!"

Lily stared at the empty space left by the girls wondering what her problem was- it was never easy for her to open up to someone and talk to them randomly. She was still surprised that she had been able to talk to James so easily. Then again, her being quite didn't mean that they shouldn't allow her to try and make a good first impression. Sighing, Lily curled herself onto the seat, and reopened her book, and prepared for the inevitably long journey ahead.

Lily was abruptly pulled out of her thoughts as she gave up on finding James and found herself being pushed by Hagrid, the friendly looking half giant, (also known for being the groundskeeper) into a boat with one other boy with untidy dark blond hair, though nothing that couldn't be sorted out by a combing, unlike James' black mop of hair.

Lily once again was pulled out of her thoughts as the boy stuck out his hand with a slight smile on his face as he introduced himself.

"Hi, I'm Bond, Liam Bond." he suddenly turned away and muttered to himself "probably would have worked better if my name was Bond but oh well. "

Lily heard this and giggled while shaking his hand replied " Hi,I'm Lily Evans, the next Bond Girl" Liam laughed and said" are you a muggleborn or a half-blood, I don't recognise the surname Evans"

Immediately, lily was put at ease by this strange, self-monologging boy who seemed to love James Bond just as much as she. "Muggleborn, ever since I was seven I've been causing trouble for the ministry of magic and that meant that Professor McGonagol came herself to give me my letter. "

"What sort of trouble"

"I might have given slightly more than a couple of people electric shocks and, if I was really angry, people might grow extra arms, legs, or tails depending on who and what mood I was in"

This caused both first years to laugh loudly an shake the boat,before being told to quiet down by Hagrid, who had a smile on his face as he bustled two more first years into their boat. These one of the two seemed to already know Liam, as leaned over to him and handed him a card.
"Alex you twat! If you get a founders chocolate card, you don't just leave it on the Hogwarts express. "

"Well, I would've remembered but Rachel came and told me that mum had packed my robes in her..." Lily tuned out of the two boys' and focused on discretely looking at the other girl in the boat. She wasn't, being only 11, any great beauty, but not did she have any facial characteristics that threatened to turn her into a beauty in the near future, unlike Talitha, but she was still pretty enough. Her short black hair was just long enough to cover one bright blue eye, that stood out among her brown skin. She, like every other first year, was docked in black, unmarked Hogwarts robes and tie, but none seemed to be quite as tatty and as hers, not to mention that the size of them showed that they were meant to last for a while.

not that I really have space to talk Lily thought. After her mothers obvious displeasure with her new found talent she, and her older sister Petunia, had shunned her, so in taking her to Diagonal Alley earlier that week, she had gone about trying to spend as little to last for as long a time as possible.

Still, the girl looked friendly enough, and that was all Lily wanted really, someone to share this experience with.

"I hate boats, more than anything thing else in the world" the girl scowled gently, but the expression didn't seem to suit her face, and left Lily wanting to giggle more then anything else. "I mean, if this school is magic, why can't we just fly over to the school. "

"Gives it atmosphere I suppose- then again, the boats are being rowed by themselves. The Indian suddenly leaned over the small edge to look back, and saw the shore several metres away. "Atmosphere my arse" the Indian mumble, and Lily couldn't help laughing at the surprisingly pessimistic girl.

"pessimism isn't always the answer you no"

"I prefer to call it being realistic" the girl shot back, with both her and Lily's grins as wide as each other's.

"Merlin's Bollocks"

Lily and the girl, who Lily made a mental note to find out what her name was, turned towards the final member of their boat, Alex, who was staring unashamedly at something in front of him.

"Merlin?" The girl wasn't going to be very good at history of magic

"bollocks is that really the best-

A gasp from the Indian turned Lily around, so she was now facing the direction they were sailing in. Hogwarts had finally appeared into the view of the first years, it's grand turrets and towers covered in windows in the same way as the stars cover the night sky; it was completely random, some big some small, other bright and a couple upside down, but Lily could only describe it as being beautiful.

It was the moment that all they first years were waiting for- the sorting. Lily was standing in the entrance hall with everyone else and her eyes fluttered between Proffessor McGonagall, the Indian girl, who seemed to be her only, though nameless, friend at Hogwarts and the huge entrance hall, that she swore not only could have fit here house in it, but the whole street.

"Do you know how we get sorted here?" Lily whispered to the girl, for the atmospheric tension in the room lay too thick to speak in unhushed tones.

"I know as much about the sorting as I do your name" The girl smiled gently, displaying her nervousness at the impending sorting.

"Lily, Lily Evans"

"Zahra Brett"

Soon enough, McGonagall opened up the doors of the entrance hall and lead the first years, Lily blushing hard as she felt the stares of all the students in the school following her up. Zahra didn't seem to fair well, as she tripped on her oversized robes several times on her way up, earning her several titters and 'awws' while she scowled quite noticeably. Lily, watching her new friend, didn't notice when the boy in front of her stopped, and she walked into him.

" Sorry- umm Talitha!" Lily looked up at the raven haired boy. James! But then she realised what he had called her. Talitha! How the hell would someone already be getting confused, just because of the slight similarities that they have. Just because they have red hair of some sort, though hers was a darker colour, whilst talitha's seemed more orange. " I'm not Talitha, I'm- " she started but cut off when she heard the professor call out

" Brett, Zahra!"

She was about to continue, until she felt the Indian push behind her, trying to get through. Letting her pass, she turned away, for the second time not telling James her name, to watch her new found friend get sorted.

No longer scowling, her eyes searched the crowd of first years until her gaze rested upon Lily. She grinned at her as she smirked back, reminding her of all the older students watching her as she fell.
The sorting hat was put on her head and after quite a bit of deliberation, she was put in Ravenclaw.

Lily clapped politely with the other houses, now knowing that she want to be in Ravenclaw also. As she waited for her tern, she noted other people who were sorted- Liam before Zahra was also put in Ravenclaw, whilst Alex Chambers, who was also on their boat, was put into Hufflepuff, much to the displeasure of Liam, and a Slytherin girl, who she assumed to be Rachel. Greta Catchlove, a rather plump and short blond girl, was sorted into Huffelpuff. A pair of girl-boy 'Days' twins were sorted into Slytherin, and Gryffindor respectively, which, much to the members of the two houses' displeasure, showed how closely linked the houses are. However a looking haughty boy called Sirius Black stole the show with his sorting. After a minute or so the sorting hat shouted "GRYFFINDOR" and there occurred the loudest silence that Lily had ever heard. As Sirius made his way slowly towards the Gryffindor table whispers spread throughout the hall, and, like most people, Sirius was not completely unperturbed by this, but still made his was down to the table with a small grin on his face, and being the first Gryffindor to be sorted, as the sorting was in alphabetical order, sat on his own at an near empty part of the table.

It was now Lily's turn to be sorted, and , just like Liam had done before her, she searched the crowd for his friendly face, and gave him a small, nervous smile. Liam returned it with another of his increasingly common grins.

As Lily put on the hat she almost jumped as the hat said silently

" Don't be nervous, your a very interesting person Ms. Evans"

Lily had read about the sorting in her books but she had never imagined that it would be this; she had heard boys on the train whispering as she went past, "how many people do you reckon are gonna be eaten by the dragon?"

"Ah, come of it, I bet they'll only come away with burns, like last year"

"Except from Billy- that was nasty"

"Yes, yes I get that a lot . It seems to be the highlight of the older students years, to do to you what was done to them. No? You wouldn't? That's a trait that would do you well in Huffelpuff, but that alone isn't enough; you have a cunningness to you that would not do you well in Huffelpuff. Yet, saying that, you would not do well in Slytherin either, you are ambitious, however-"
"They don't like people like me, do they?" Lily whispered, though she soon realised there was no need as he could hear her thoughts anyway.
"Yes, you are correct, but there was no point in that, people of your heritage have been put in Slytherin before. But it is true, for you Slytherin would not give you the best of years. That leaves Ravenclaw or Gryffindor. Yes I can hear you; you want to be in Ravenclaw. (Anyone watching Lily at that moment (aka Zahra) would have noticed a sheepish look on Lily's face) But what you don't know is that you would do very well in Gryffindor. What to do, Gryffindor, wait no Ravenclaw, no, yes, GRIFFINCLAW!"

Ravenclaw and Griffindor burst into cheers and applause, quickly firing down as they realised what had been said. The Great Hall was deafeningly silent as Lily scuttled of the stool and in an empty seat next to Zahra on the Ravenclaw table. Her tie and robes were yet to change into her chosen house's colours- Blue and bronze- but she supposed they would change later.

"well, you do know how to make people not notice you don't you?" Liam said to Lily.

"What?! Not notice me! I just ran across the hall and you think people won't " Lily's voice trailed off as she followed many people, except for the Ravenclaws,( observant house Ravenclaw is) were staring at Talitha, who was sitting at the Gryffindor table having been sorted just before Lily, blushing at all the stares she was getting.

"Oh" Lily said, slightly grateful that no one was staring at her, but slightly put out that no one had an inkling of who Lily Evans really was, except the Ravenclaws. Then again, Lily thought, she could probably live with that. 4 more first years were sorted into Ravenclaw before James was called up. The hat wasn't even fully on his head before it called out "GRYFFINDOR!" And he made his way to the Gryffindor table, as did the 7 other first years before him.

The sorting ended with to male twins, Benji and Simon Zanity, being sorted into Ravenclaw, and after the eagles' cheering had died down, Albus Dumbledore welcomed the school and the two school heads, Andromeda Black and Jamnan Chorstar.

"And now, after all has been said, I have 3 words for you to ponder, Bibbity, bobbity and antidisestablishmentarialism. "

With those confusing words, food appeared onto the table, and Lily was too astounded to eat, whilst Zahra looked nervously around, wondering whether she would be allowed to take it. Looking up at her new found friend, Lily couldn't help grinning.

Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all

The happiness Lily found with Zahra in Ravenclaw was soon taken away from her, as the next morning, she found that her robes were not the blue and bronze that she had expected, nor were they black.

They were Red and Gold.

Lily Evans was a Gryffindor.

Please Read and review! If you at one of the few people who read this story before, I'm editing it and I mean COMPLETELY REVAMPING BABY! It's probably cause I'm trying to improve for my English Lit gcse , so this chapter and the chapter that was posted previously have been merged into one and edited. This vamp-ation does mean that other chapters won't make sense so, be warned . I love writing stories but I still have no beta, so I have no idea whether the chapters are too long or too short, or even whether it's a good story. Plus I'd love to reply back to you! :D


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