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Upside Down by aelover867
Chapter 10 : TEN
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I focus on reading through the cold cases that Carolyn and I are still assigned on. I try to push away the memory of Mum and Dad freaking out on me last night when they finally read the Daily Prophet from Monday and saw that I didn’t really tell them everything about what happened Saturday night. Mum almost had a panic attack and Dad almost forced me to quit being an Auror, even though the attack happened when I wasn’t even on assignment. Somehow, I talked them out of forcing me out of something that I love. But I know the next time something happens-and I know there’s gonna be a next time-Mum and Dad will make me quit.

“Can I borrow some of your ink, Scorpius?” Carolyn asks from across the desk. “I’m all out right now.”

“Go ahead,” I reply as I move the ink well right between our two desks without looking up from the report I’m reading.

I hear a smack on my desk and I look up to the right side, seeing Potter’s glaring eyes digging into mine.

“Office. Now.”

I gulp and try to think of anything I did that was bad as I stand out of my chair and head over to his office. I ignore the looks from my fellow Aurors as I follow Potter back towards his office in the rear of the headquarters. Griffin narrows his eyes at me as he settles back into his chair from his recent lunch break, where he most likely went to the Leaky Cauldron. He hasn’t spoken to me since he learned that Rose Weasley saved my life and that I don’t have a problem with it. It irritates me since he’s one of my oldest friends, even if he’s a year older than me. We met and connected my first year in Slytherin when he helped me around Hogwarts. I just wish he’d get over the whole ‘blood-traitor’ thing. It’s stupid that he still believes all that crap.

Once I walk through the glass door to Potter’s office, I see Teddy Lupin, the head of the Hate Crime unit of Aurors (since apparently, that’s still a big deal) standing by the desk with his arms crossed and his hair a bright turquoise. I furrow my eyebrows when I first see Lupin since I never see him unless we have to work with his unit on catching somebody.

“What’s going on?” I ask Potter as he moves over towards his desk, still looking at Teddy.

Potter sighs. “Tell him, Teddy.”

Teddy sighs and takes a couple of steps towards me. “Philip Bulstrode was shot an hour ago. He died at St. Mungo’s.”

My jaw drops. “What? Philip…is dead?”

Teddy nods. “That’s why I’m here. Potter believes that this shooter is going after Death Eater families from this generation.”

I furrow my eyebrows. “But why? The whole Death Eater thing is dead. It has been for almost thirty years.”

“Not for everybody,” Potter says and looks over at me. “I know my entire family still gets threats from time to time. People still believe in the values that Voldemort believed in, as much as we tried to squash them out.”

“Was anybody with Philip when he was shot?” I ask Lupin, crossing my arms over my chest.

“Sienna Tillman was.”

My eyes widen. “Where is she?”

“She’s supposed to be heading over to my office in a minute or so,” Potter tells me and I look over at him. “She had to…clean up.”

I close my eyes and push away the tears I know are coming. Even though I couldn’t stand her for the last couple months of our relationship, I still love her. We were best friends before we started dating and I still have a spot in my heart for her. And I always will.

“Does she have protection yet?” I ask Potter with my eyes still shut.

“Does she really need it, Malfoy?” Teddy asks me and my eyes fling open.

“She’s my ex-girlfriend and I still love her. If this person is going after Death Eater families and didn’t kill me when they tried, then I’m pretty sure this person could go after her to get to me,” I explain to Lupin. “I want her to be watched.”

Potter nods. “I’ll assign Griffin to look after her. Is that alright?”

I nod and pinch the bridge of my nose. “That’s fine.”

I hear the door open and I see Sienna walk in with her eyes lined with red and tears that haven’t yet fallen. But once she sees me, she breaks down and runs into my arms, wrapping herself tightly around me. I hold her close to me and stroke her long blonde hair, wanting to protect her from whoever this killer is. I don’t care that this guy has already tried to kill me. Things just got a whole lot more personal by killing Philip, Sienna’s other closest friend, and especially while Sienna was with him.

This guy is gonna pay.

And I would be honored to be the cashier.


“I can’t believe he’s gone,” Sienna says numbly as she sips on her tea, staring into space. “Philip is really gone.”

“It’ll take some time to get used to, Sienna,” I tell her as I hold my warm cup of tea in my hands. I glance over to Carolyn, who looks sort of out of place sitting on my sofa in my flat. “What’s the plan?”

Carolyn sips some of her tea and clears her throat. “I’m assuming Potter’s going to want to keep you under surveillance. Well, both of you. And other Death Eater descendants that Potter thinks this guy would be going after. It’ll take a lot of men away from the office, but it’s needed.”

“Do you have any leads on it, at least?” I ask Carolyn, even though I already know the answer.

Carolyn shakes her head. “Not that I know of. And I couldn’t tell you anyway, Scorpius. You can’t be involved in this investigation at all.”

I nod my head in understanding. “I know. I just want the son of a bitch to pay for killing Philip and Anthony and almost killing Sienna.”

“I wasn’t hit, Scorpius,” Sienna reminds me, glancing over at me.

I look up at her shining blue eyes. “But you could’ve been. I know that we broke up and we were basically at each other’s’ throats  at the end of our relationship, but I still care about you immensely.”

“Scorpius, Philip was going to propose to Diane this coming weekend, at the Holyhead Harpies game against the Chudley Cannons,” Sienna reveals to me and I stare wide-eyed at her. “That’s why we were out together. He was asking me for permission to propose to her.”

Diane is Sienna’s younger sister who has just graduated Hogwarts this past year. Their parents died when they were younger in some unfortunate accident at the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes, where they both worked, and they have lived with their grandfather until he died just after Diane’s graduation. Diane’s been living with Sienna since her graduation and is working at Gringotts at a desk job.

I drop my head into my empty hand, propped up on my knee. “Oh Merlin’s beard.”

“I know,” Sienna replies, rubbing her fingers along the tea cup’s rim. “She ran over to the Bulstrode’s as soon as she found out.”

“You should be with her, Sienna,” I tell her as I look up from the floor. She meets her eyes with mine. “You should be with the Bulstrode’s and Diane.”

“What about you, Scorpius?” Sienna asks me quietly.

I shrug. “I’m fine. Be with Diane. You’re the only thing she’s got left in this world, Sienna. Don’t leave her side unless you’re with Griffin.”

Sienna nods in understanding. “I’ll owl you once I get to the Bulstrode’s.”

I squeeze Sienna’s hand. “Apparate from here to the Bulstrode’s. That way, I’ll know you’re safe. But still owl me once you get there.”

Sienna nods, then kisses my forehead gently. She whispers against my forehead, “Love you. Be safe.”

Sienna stands away from the chair she was sitting in and she Disapparates from my living room of my flat. I let out a long sigh and rub my forehead with my empty hand. Ugh, my life is such a damn mess right now. With two of my former suitemates dead and Sienna almost getting shot, I’ve got too much to worry about.

Oh and me almost dying too. Can’t forget about that.

“You know, she tried her hardest to save him,” Carolyn speaks up after a long silence.

I look up at her. “Who did?”

“Rose,” Carolyn tells me as she traces her finger along the rim of the tea cup. “I tried to talk to her when I got home, but she wouldn’t. She’s really disappointed in herself, Scorpius.”

“It was out of her hands,” I reply and chug down the rest of my tea, which I spiked with a tad of Firewhiskey.

Carolyn shakes her head. “She was right by his side, like she was with you. When Philip’s heart stopped, she tried the same spell she used on you but it didn’t work. She tried over and over again, Scorpius.”

“That’s shocking since Philip teased her worse than I did at Hogwarts,” I mention and slide the teacup onto my coffee table between Carolyn and me.

“She’s gotten over all of that, Scorpius,” Carolyn tells me as she finishes her tea. “It’s been three years since she had seen either of you. She doesn’t care about what you two did to her in the past. You both were in front of her and she had to save your lives. She just couldn’t save Philip’s. He was shot through the chest, which is a much worse spot than where you were shot.”

I nibble on my fingernails, a nervous habit that I thought had died away. “Are you just saying this to me so I feel sorry for her?”

Carolyn leans towards me and looks me dead in the eyes, her dark brown eyes boring into my ice blue. “I’m telling you this so you know that she doesn’t care about what you both said to her during her Hogwarts days. With both of you, she tried to save your asses and she did end up saving yours. She is beyond broken up about not being able to save Philip, since she knew that him and Diane had started dating seriously. Rose feels terrible and it doesn’t help that she was the person the head Healer was relying on to save Philip’s life. She’s over the stupid teasing and even tried to save the guy who made her life worse hell than you did. I think you just aren’t over what you did to her and can’t understand why she saved your life.”

I sigh again and think about what Carolyn’s been telling me. I know she’s completely right about how I can’t forgive myself for teasing Rose all those years at Hogwarts. Especially after I finally realized my feelings for her in sixth year. But there’s no way she could’ve forgiven Philip for what he put her through. Philip did worse things to her than I could’ve ever even imagined. He made it his mission to make her life hell, like a true Slytherin.

“But how is she over it?”

“You clearly don’t give her enough credit, Malfoy,” Carolyn tells him. “She’s much stronger than she seems. That’s why she never gave you guys the satisfaction.”

And maybe that’s why I fell in love with Rose Weasley.

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