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To The Future. by harrypotterluverxXx
Chapter 1 : We are going to the future.
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A/N- Why hello! This is my first story on, but I already have this posted on Wattpad. I just thought I'd put it up here as well :) Since I already have 19 chapters written, you won't have to wait ages between uploads on here if you're enjoying it, which I hope you do! ALL COMMENTS WELCOME, especially constructive criticism. This is the first chapter I ever wrote (about a year ago), so it's not very good, but I think I got better the further into the story I got :)

Chapter 1

Sirius Black ran into the Gryffindor Common Room, looking for his friends. He found them sitting in a corner, doing who knows what, Sirius didn't care.

"Guys!" he said when he reached them. They just ignored him, as the were doing homework... that doesn't really happen a lot when Sirius is around, but he was out about the castle doing something they didn't know about for the last few hours.

"Guys, I was just in the library-" he started to say, but Remus cut him off with a shocked expression and asked

"You, Sirius Black, were in a library.. of your own free will, by your self?" he nodded.

"Who are you, and what have you done with my best friend?" asked James in disbelief. He then jumped up and started poking him.

"Would you stop that Prongs, I was in the library looking up something totally, completely awesome , but I wont tell you what it is IF YOU DON'T STOP BLOODY POKING ME!" he shouted because through all this time, James was still poking him. He was a bit hyper from the chocolate he and Remus had had after lunch.

"Okay, Okay I'll stop... just tell us what this totally, completely awesome thing is that you found" he sat back down beside Peter, and Sirius sat down on the other side of the table, beside Remus.

"Okay, Marauders, hold onto your hats because we are going to the future!" he said, grinning from ear to ear.

"How are we going to do that?" asked Peter.

"Well, you see Wormtail, I have found a spell in a really old book, and when you say it, you and all the people in the room will go exactly 18 years into the future!" he exclaimed.

"And how exactly does it work?" asked Remus, who thought it sounded rather cool, but was bound to have some flaw. "Well, you have to say it at exactly midnight, and when you say it, in the future you will be in the same room you were in the past."he explained.

"So if we said it when we were in the common room, we would turn up in the same common room, just in 18 years time? What if we landed on someone?" Remus was still trying to imagine what book Sirius had managed to find this spell in, he had never read it before, and he'd been through most books in the library."There most likely won't be anyone in the common room at midnight if its a school night, so we should do it after this weekend, like maybe Tuesday?" asked James "Why not do it on Monday?" wondered Remus.

"Because me and Sirius have detention...Again. Hagrid's bringing us and Snivelus into the forbidden forest for fighting"he answered "Oh yeah, I had forgotten about that... so is everyone in?" Sirius asked. He hoped everyone was, because he was going to do it anyway, but figured it would be a great Marauder adventure.

"yeah, sure"

"HELL YEAH!"(James)

"I suppose, but what about here, like will we just be missing here for however long we're gone, or what?" Remus always was the one to think things like this... it's good that he did, or the others would probably be expelled by now.. or worse.

"The book said that when we say the spell, time here starts going way slower, like practically stops, so if we were gone for a year,we would really only be gone for an hour or something"he told him.

"Right, so we do it on Tuesday then?"James couldn't wait for this, it would be so cool, and they would find out alot about the future. I hope I'm married to Evans...  he thought, as he, Remus and Peter started packing their books, quills and parchment into their school bags. There was no point in trying to finish their homework now that Sirius was back, and they were all too excited to sit still for too long, knowing that they'd hopefully be in a different time in just a few days. 

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