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Witch Swap by RonWeasleyFans
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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 Hello, this is my first ever fan fiction so sorry if it's rubbish. I'm not very good with punctuation and grammar so please bear with me. Compliments are encouraged as well as constructive criticism. Any new ideas and suggestions are always welcome. Thank you and I hope you enjoy :)


  I do not own any of the charcters. All credit must go to the wonderful J.K for them. I do not own the plot to the program Wife Swap. All credit must go to the creators for that.



Pansy Malfoy was travelling along Diagon Ally, mindlessly dodging the bustling witches and wizards eager to complete their Christmas shopping. Her fingers clutched a set of potion supplies she had just gathered in Knockturn Alley.


Wrestling her way through the crowd she caught sight of a brightly coloured joke shop, and involuntarily she haulted her eyes skanning the window. Posters filled every inch of the glass and Pansy frowned at their ‘Wonder Witch’ products and ‘Skiving Snackboxes’.


Then her gaze fell upon a tiny poster at the bottom of the window. ‘Sign up for Witch Swap, for the chance to be on the first ever wizitele program. It’s sure to be a great hit. For information contact Arthur Weasley, Misuse of Muggle Artefacts office.’


Pansy frowned, although she felt disgusted at this hideous muggle-like invention, she felt an eagerness at the pit of her stomach that simply made her want to sign up. She longed for the publicity that the wizitele could offer. The Malfoy name had been tarnished (she was hesitant to marry into the name after the war), this was her chance to restore the respect the Malfoy name once held.


Before she knew it she had apparated back to Malfoy manor. Pansy was going to send an owl to Arthur Weasley.





Arthur Weasley had never been happier in his entire life. He would never tell this to Mrs Weasley though for she would misunderstand. His wedding and the birth of his seven children were also moments of pure joy, but nothing could surpass the astonishing Happiness that coursed through his veins.


For once in his life Mr Weasley could say that he had accomplished something. Who would have thought that the jolly old muggle lover would one day be on the front page of the Daily Proffet. Who would have thought that the shabby clothed, balding, ginger man with a house made out of old material he found and built himself could ever be swimming in gold?


It was true to say that the invention of the Wizitele had come as a blessing at a very low time in the Weasley family. The war had hit everyone, hard, and everyone was very depressed about the loss of Lupin, Tonks and Fred. But once Mr Weasley put his head to something, who would have thought that he would win the ‘Most exciting new invention of the 21st century’ award and given an Order of Merlin first class.


‘This is the life’ Arthur thought as he sat at the dinner table that night. His family surrounding him were chatting and laughing happily to each other as they shovelled down another one of Molly Weasleys delicious meals. Things really were looking up for the Weasley family.




“Don’t be ridiculous Ronald!”

“But Mioneeee” Ron pleaded.

“No buts Ronald, we are not going to be part of this ridiculous scheme” Hermione stated.

“But I promised dad that we would put our names in. You should have seen his face Mi, he really wants this to work” Ron said.


Hermione thought about it for a moment, her eyebrows knitted together, then her face slowly relaxed. She looked into her husband’s eyes and sighed. “Fine Ron”. Ron’s face broke into a huge, toothy grin. “But don’t think I’m happy about this. I don’t like the publicity as it is, never mind being part of the first Wizitele program. I mean imagine Rita Skeeter’s face if she caught wind of this” Hermione said, already looking worried and regretting the decision she had just made.


Ron wasn’t listening, he was deep in a day dream…. ‘Camera’s flashing, reporter’s scribbling, adoring fans screaming his name. “Ron, Ron, Ron!”’ … That’s all he had ever wanted, to be known for something, to be loved, to be adored, and his father’s new invention was the perfect way to attract some attention.


A loud crack brought Ron out of his daze and back into his living room, where Harry Potter had just apparated beside Hermione.


“Harry!” Hermione jumped into his arms.

“Hey Mione” Harry replied.


Holding her at arm’s length he said “You look great Mi”.


“Hey that’s my girlfriend” Ron Growled.

“Chill out Ron, you know it’s only your sister I have eyes for” Harry and Hermione both laughed at this, this then turned into hysterical laughter after seeing Ron’s face.


His face reddened, his knees bent as if ready to pounce.


“Ok, calm down mate” Harry said, holding his hands up in surrender and taking a few steps back.


“Tea!” Hermione screeched at once.

‘Urgg why does he always have to be so stupidly protective’ Hermione thought.


“Sounds great Mi” Harry replied a bit too enthusiastically.


They both disappeared out through the living room door.




“C’mon Drakie”


“Absolutely not”


“But think of the publicity” Pansy pleaded.


“I’ve had enough publicity to last me a lifetime thank you very much” Draco replied sternly.


“But this time it will be good publicity. It will help the Malfoy name out of shame.

Hey that rhymed.” Pansy giggled


“Urggg” Draco sighed


Why is she so annoying? Why did I marry her? Oh yeah, because I’m stupid. Draco thought to himself.




Later on in the very cosy home that was the burrow, the Weasleys and guests say sat down for a delicious homemade meal.


“This is delicious Mrs Weasley” Harry said between mouthfuls.

“Oh it was nothing dear, just feeding my boys” She replied with a warm smile.


Through the chatting and the laughter Hermione overheard Ginny talking to her father about the Wizitele.


“Yes dad I’ve done it” Ginny sighed


“Done what?” Hermione asked curiously.


“Entered mine and Harry’s name into the Witch Swap program” Ginny replied.


“Oh that’s great Gin, so have we” George added whilst taking his wife Angelina’s hand and giving it a reassuring squeeze.


“So have we” Hermione motioned to her and Ron.


“Won’t that be weird though?” Ron asked cautiously.


Everyone turned to look at Arthur. All had the same look on their face, confusion.


Mr Weasley took one look at their faces and giggled.


“Oh no, don’t worry, they don’t allow two couples that are family participate. So only one of the couples here tonight will have a chance to be chosen” Mr Weasley explained.


“Well thought out dad” Ginny praised.


Everyone nodded their heads in agreement. Mr Weasley merely blushed, his ears turning the same red as Ronald’s did when he was embarrassed and looked down at his Shepard’s pie in embarrassment.



“What do you mean you’ve put our names in?”

Draco’s face hardened.


“I put our names in. we did discuss it yesterday Drakie”


He winced at the sound of that vile pet name.


“Ok, listen here woman” He growled. “One, yes we discussed it yesterday, but we did not come up with a decision. In fact, I seem to remember the decision was leaning towards a big fat no! And two, stop using that insufferable pet name. My name is Draco!”


This did not seem to have had any effect on Pansy forever. She merely smiled and said “Well if you had told me that yesterday then I wouldn’t have put our names in, Oh well simple mistake. It’s too late now anyway.”


What do you mean it’s too late? Draco mumbled in a slow, steady voice.


“It’s a binding magical contract Drakie, you have to do it”. She giggled.


Draco lost it at this point and grabbed Pansy on either side of her arms and shook her.


“What have you done!? I have a reputation to uphold. Do you not understand that?”


“Of course I understand Drakie baby” She eased herself out of his hold and used her best flirtatious look. “This will help your reputation. The Malfoy name has been tarnished after the war…”


A sharp intake of breath came from Draco at the mention of the War. No matter how long it had been, Draco would never be able to forgive himself for what he had done.


…” and this is the perfect opportunity to redeem the Malfoy name”.


“I can’t believe you would bring up the war Pansy. You know I don’t like to talk about it. God, do you not care for anything but the Malfoy name? Don’t you see that I don’t want publicity. I hate the Malfoy name! Why would I want to redeem it? You really don’t understand. “


 Draco made sure to stop talking before he got to emotional. His voice was beginning to crack just from that little speech.


He ended the conversation by saying in a very flat and lifeless tone “I’m going to my study, Do not disturb me.”


And with that Draco Malfoy Swept out of the room fast enough so that Pansy could not continue the conversation.



What do you think? I know there is no Dramione in there yet but I promise it's coming soon. Any ideas and suggestions are welcome so please Review, even if it is to tell me how rubbish that was.


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