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Harry Potter: Hallowed Existence by HarryGinny05
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The man once known as Tom Marvolo Riddle stood in front of the fireplace, watching contemplatively the cracking flames, his back ramrod and his fists clenched tightly by his side, Bellatrix Lestrange, one of his most loyal followers standing nervously a few feet from him.

He had come at the dead of the night without warning, appearing in front of the fireplace in a puff of dark clouds, activating the screaming alarm charm placed on the house that once belong to the Potters.

And he had not spoken except to tell Bellatrix to stop the incessant screaming charm, making her more nervous as the time ticks by.

She knows without question her Dark Lord is in a foul mood as of late.

The muggle suppression was going well with the government firmly in his hand. Various town mayors have been replaced with death eaters, ruling and enslaving the muggles like lords. Few muggles tried to leave the country but the death eater lead aurors viciously killed them in balls of exploding ships or planes. It is now a normal occurrence to see a giant or two walking through a city, picking muggles never to be seen again. Liverpool was given over to the dementors and none had yet heard from its inhabitants since the foul mist settled over them.

Yet as he succeeds in conquering the muggles, his effort to enforce his rule in the magical community has hit a snag. For unknown reason, he had destroyed Gringgot’s bank, Kingsley has escape, the Forbidden Forest is still not under her rule and earlier today, Governor Mitchell brought tidings of Slughorn’s rebellion.

“Bellatrix, how goes Draco’s tutelage?” Lord Voldemort asked suddenly.

“Exemplary, My Lord.” Bellatrix wrung her hands in nervousness. “Lately, I had to send more muggles to the mansion for him to torture and experiment upon. It seems that they can’t survive a day under his wand.”

“And the young witches…”

“They do his every whim, of course.” Bellatrix bowed. “He would be ready my lord…”

“And Potter’s cousin?” Voldemort interrupted her.

“He is with Draco’s side all the time.”

“He has many potential that muggle…especially with his lineage…I wonder…”Lord Voldemort mused without taking his eyes off the flame. “It doesn’t matter….” He finally turned to look at Bellatrix. “What is important is that Draco is ready. I might need the service of a vessel soon enough.”

“My Lord, I don’t think the Hogwarts incident would merit such drastic…” Bellatrix stammered.

“Kingsley and Slughorn’s rebellion is of no concern to me.” Voldemort hissed, his eyes blazing red. “Do you think that Lord Voldemort is threatened by mere mortals? They are nothing to me. Even now, my forces gather to crush them without mercy. When they are done with Hogwarts, none will ever dare raise a wand against my regime.”

“My Lord, I did not imply that…”

“Enough, Bellatrix.” The Dark Lord turned back to the fire. “Tomorrow, you will transfer yourself to the Malfoy’s mansion and see to your nephew’s training personally. He must be prepared. His body must be primed for my use. The time may come when I will have to dispose of this body and transfer my consciousness into his.”

“As you wish, My Lord.”

The Dark lord waved a hand, dismissing Bellatrix, his mind full of thoughts of murdered snake, a witch dying for her child, a wizard that haunts him even after his death and a lightning bolt-scarred boy whose blood runs through his vein.

“Was his blood tainted?” He murmured to himself even as on the other side of the door, Vernon and Petunia, now a member of the Dark Lord’s housing staff, slowly walked away, their eyes wide with terror.


Malfoy Manor.

Ever since the death of Harry Potter, witches and wizards alike had learned to keep away from the dark mansion. Lots of rebels and suspected Potter sympathizers were carted off into the mansion and none has ever been seen again. Some unlucky passersby were also accosted and dragged to who knows what unimaginable torture.

Rumors abound what was going on inside the mansion. In a particularly silent night, they would say that screamings could be heard from the mansion.

Some say that it is there that most of Potter’s loyal followers are incarcerated and tortured. Others would say that the Dark Lord performs unthinkable dark arts experiment on to the unfortunate prisoners. One thing is certain though. All women carted into the place are given to Draco Malfoy’s deprave pleasure.

Some brave soul or two would mount an attack to rescue their families and friends but they are always repelled by the dementors and death eaters that prowl the ground.

To the outside world, the mansion is nothing but a symbol…a reminder of the darkness and evil that has fallen them all. To the prisoners and the household staffs inside, the mansion has become Hell on earth.

And they are reminded of it today.

“Stay with us…” Parvati murmured as she cradled a naked, battered Lavender Brown while her sister Padma tries to administer a healing charm on the unfortunate Gryffindor alumnus.

Lavender Brown was captured during the Battle of Hogwarts. Mangled by Greyback, she was nursed to health by St. Mungos healers. Though they had save her life, they weren’t able to do anything about the scar that runs from her left ears straight to the middle of her right cheek. The healers also watched helplessly as she was carted off by Bellatrix into the Malfoy Mansion.

For a year, she, alongside other witches, suffered all the torture and humiliation that Draco Malfoy could think off. She had survive the cruciatus curse for hours, had endured the ignominy of being under the imperius curse and silently swallowed the bile in her mouth every time she is forced to share a bed with Malfoy.

From time to time boldness would get the better of her and she would lash out verbally at Draco, hoping that somehow she would miraculously learn none-verbal spells. He would respond by beating her.

Tonight was one of those times.

She was dragged unceremoniously from her bed into Malfoy’s room. He had then proceeded to abuse her body, making her do vile acts for his pleasure. In a fit of rebellion, she had tried to bit off his price part when he forced her to take him in her mouth. His anguished scream and blood in her mouth gave her a few second of satisfaction before he brought on the pain.

It took almost an hour before his anger has abated and his personal healer has taken him away to heal his wounded manhood. By that time, she was already reduced into a bloody pulp.

The Patil twins had helplessly sat beside Draco’s closed door, crying bitter tears as they listened to the beating.

“Don’t you give up on us…” Padma murmured between her non-verbal healing charms. Lucky for them, she belonged to Ravenclaw House and she had easily mastered simple non-verbal charms. “Don’t you give him the satisfaction of killing you…don’t you dare…”

“I don’t know if this will help…” Dudley said tentatively, standing by the door, holding a small jar. “I’d seen the healer use this on some of the er…guest we have down below…”

“What are you doing here?” Padma asked though she rushed to him and grabbed the jar of dittany from his hand. Sliding back beside Lavender, she immediately started applying the salve all over her battered body.

“I woke up with all the screaming and the dawn is already breaking so I decided that I might as well get up.” Dudley shrugged, scratching his head in discomfort as she watch the twin apply the salve. “Is she…?”

“She will be.” Parvati sighed as Lavender’s breathing stabilized. “Thanks for the Dittany. You should go back to your room before Malfoy returns.”

“I heard the healers that they couldn’t heal him immediately. They would need to apply potion all over his…you know… and wait until it heals naturally for a couple hours. I don’t think he would be leaving the in-house infirmary anytime soon.” Dudley smirked. “Now how about you cover your friend there and I help you carry her back to her bed?”


“She needs to heal fast because the moment Draco gets out of the infirmary; he will be gunning for her.” Dudley muttered as they stood over Lavender’s bed. In his almost a year stay in the mansion, Lavender’s little rebellion is by far the worse that he had witnessed. Draco will not take this sitting and the beating he gave her is just a tip of the iceberg.

“I’ll deal with him.” The China Doll Cho Chang said in a monotonous tone. She had joined them after he had carried Lavender to her bed. His brows puckered as he glanced at her. They say she had once dated his cousin, Harry and he couldn’t help but give Harry’s spirit an imaginary high five. The woman is wow! He was at a lost for word to describe the physical beauty of his cousin’s ex. And he is a little torn between wishing Draco would lend her to him and half praying that he don’t in fear of offending Harry’s memory.

Draco, however, seemed has no intention of sharing his prized possession. Cho Chang, based on the other girls’ story was among the first to be captured. She had once fought stubbornly against Draco’s rape. She had always made sure that Draco pays for his advances. As a result, she had visited the infirmary numerous of time.

All that changed a few months ago.

It all started when she unceremoniously poured a cup of tea over Pansy Parkinson’s head. Draco, who couldn’t stomach Pansy’s domineering attitude, bawled over laughing while a fuming Parkinson’s responded with a cruciatus curse that sent Cho Chang to the infirmary for three days. Laughingly, Draco had disarmed Pansy and asked the death eaters to escort her out of the mansion. For three days, while she recuperates, Draco did not touch any of the other women. From time to time, he would laugh to himself, recounting to anyone who would listen what Cho did.

After she was release from the infirmary, Draco has been more ‘gentle’ with her and she in turn had willingly gone to Draco’s room anytime he calls. She could even be found talking sweetly to him and joining him for a meal or two. Slowly, she became the only captive that could talk back to Draco without receiving a beating in return. Soon enough, Draco trusted her with a wand. She had then assumed leadership of the women captives and she protected and leads them in tormenting Pansy Parkinson every time she visits Draco.

All seems to be okay. She has seemed to have settled with her fate yet Dudley feels that something is amiss. The woman seemed to have lost her spark. It is like she is in auto-control.

“I’ll visit him in a while.” Cho muttered.

“You better be in your a-game.” Dudley warned. “He’ll be sure to grouchier than usual in light of what happened to his ah…you know…and especially this close to the plan.”

“What plan?” Padma asked.

“His plan is to retake the Malfoy’s fortune from his aunt.” Dudley shrugged, looking guiltily at the closed door.

“I don’t think Bellatrix would calmly give the fortune back to him.” Parvati raised an eyebrow.

“I don’t think Draco plans on asking nicely.” Dudley muttered, not looking at them. “Especially as he has all of you by his side.”

“He must be dreaming.” Padma smirked. “We don’t have any wands and if he is stupid enough to give us one, he will be on its receiving end before you could to three.”

“I said so to him but he said that there are more than one way to make you witches obey his wishes. He…” Dudley stopped when a loud bell chimes above them all.

“That must be Parkinson with his usual visit, hoping Draco would invite her to stay longer here…longer as in forever.” Cho said in a monotonous voice. “You better all be prepared for our usual trap for her. Angelina and Katie is already in the ballroom by know, reading for their part. Without Lavender, you two shall cover her area, make sure nothing goes wrong. I want Parkinson to go home with hair all over her body. I think gorilla hair will do just fine.”

“You play a dangerous game, doll.” Dudley smirked. “And Draco…”

“I’ll explain later why I couldn’t be immediately by his side.” Cho headed out of the room. “He will appreciate it once I regale him of the story of gorilla Parkinson screaming her lungs out as she leaves the mansion.”

“It’s your call.” Dudley shrugged, unable to suppress his smile as he imagine what will happen to Parkinson by the time the Doll is finished with her. At the back of his mind, the doubt that something is wrong with Cho lingers.


Pansy Parkinson huffed as she impatiently waited for the Mansion’s door to open. In her hand, she clutched her wand tightly, mentally preparing herself for the challenge that Cho Chang was surely to bring on her.

Her anger rose as she remembers the indignity of it all.

Mistress Bellatrix Lestrange has appointed Pansy in-charge of the happenings in Malfoy Mansion and she had accepted with glee. Back in the school days, it was Draco who would order her around. At the start Pansy had accepted it meekly, enjoying the attention and favor that the Draco bestows upon her but soon she had grown to resent it. Her family is as strong as any death eaters and even in better standing with the Dark Lord than the Malfoys. How dare he order her around?

And so every visit, Pansy made it a point to order Draco around, making his life miserable for what she endured during their school days and for the betrayal he does to her every night he spends with his ‘harem.’

Everything changed when Cho Chang poured the steaming cup of tea over her head. Every visit then became unbearable. It became a power struggle between Pansy and Cho, sometimes the china doll would run away, trying to hide in every conceivable room in the mansion while Pansy run after her screaming.

There was a time when Pansy managed to catch up with Cho on a secluded room used by the family house elf. The memory brought smile to her face. She had mercilessly used the cruciatus curse on her, leaving her bloodied and beaten on the floor.

“Welcome to Malfoy Mansion.” Katie Bell smirked as she opened the door for Pansy.

“Where is she?” Pansy scowled.

“And here I thought you are here to see Draco.” Katie smirked as she walked away. Pansy, after a brief darkening of her face, decided to let the woman’s attitude pass and followed her.

“Where are the other death eaters?” Pansy asked as she caught up with the former Gryffindor belle.

“They are down in the dungeon with Draco and Dudley playing their favorite game: torture muggles.” Katie shrugged as she leads the Slytherin toward the kitchen.

“Dudley is a muggle.” Pansy harrumphed.

“According to Draco, he is different because he is Harry’s cousin.” Katie stopped and glanced at Pansy before she opens the door to the kitchen. “Cho is waiting for you. She is with Angelina. Please don’t make a scene. The Dark Lord is visiting and as defacto head of the household, she plans to prepare something lavish for him and she needs your help.”

“Oh, I’ll give her help.” Pansy murmured mischievously as she pushed the door open to the kitchen and got her eyes nearly poke by a glowing wand.

“What is the meaning of this?” Pansy said through gritted teeth as she stared at the glowing wand point at her face. Behind her, Katie calmly locked the door and took her position at the left side of Cho Chang.

“Revolution, Parkinson.” Cho said monotonously as sparks flew from her wand.

“The other girls are in position.” Angelina who was standing at Cho’s right couldn’t help but smile at the prospect of them earning their freedom.

“Good, everything is working according to plan.” Cho replied, cocking her dainty head at the woman in front of her. “It is time we end this.”

“You can end it by surrendering that wand to Katie.’ Pansy smirked. “Obliviate Repellio!”

“What…?” Cho’s eyes glazed at she turned to Katie.

“The joke’s on you.” Katie slowly pulled the wand from Cho’s hand.

“Gotcha.” Angelina smirked.

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