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Scattered Moonlight by Mihali1432
Chapter 1 : Scattered Moonlight
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I felt the moon rise, come closer to the top of the sky. Long ago I had embraced my other side, embraced it because I had to, and not because I wanted to. I felt a tear fall from my eye. I felt it roll down my face until I rubbed it off. When my hand dropped, the transformation began.

I grunted as pain coursed throughout my body, a very familiar, very hated pain. My bones cracked and my body began to shift. I screamed as a pain worse than even crucio filled my entire being. Years upon years of feeling this pain and I would never get used to it. I screamed again and I felt my voice become hoarse. My throat tightened before my next scream became a howl. A howl filled with agony.

The pain went on for a few minutes before it finally ended but when it did my misery wasn’t over then. The wolf took over and I fell into a pool of memories. Every transformation I’d fall into a memory. Some actually happened, some were glorified. The glorified ones were usually the worst. They left me longing for something, or left me in the most broken of states.

This time, my memory was a glorified version of when I finally accepted my fate as a werewolf.

“Greyback!” I swallowed before I looked up at the man towering over me. His face had anger written all over it, and it was red. He noticed the fear on my face and he coughed, crossing his arms, looking away as he did so. “You need to realize, there’s no going back.” His voice took on a tone I’d never heard before and I was taken aback. The anger had quickly been diminished and was replaced with what looked like embarrassment.

“B…But-“ I started but he cut me off with a cough. I stopped talking and looked at the ground. He kneeled down and looked at me.

“No buts. I know it’s hard but you need to realize that,” his voice dripped with sorrow and him embarrassment had left just as quickly as his anger did.

I ran under the moon, ripping at everything in my path. I felt the dirt under my paws; I felt the drool drip down my muzzle. I felt and saw, but I wasn’t in control.

“I know that!”  I yelled, stomping my foot on the ground. “I know I know I know!” I yelled in agony before I took off in the opposite direction, wiping at my face furiously as tears began to fall down my face. I coughed and sputtered as I ran through the forest I’d become accustomed to. I passed a tree and stopped when I found something I recognized.

It was a park; I found the park I would always play at. The swings looked rusty and the slide was in pieces. I walked around, my face flushed and my eyes red from crying. I took everything in with a small amount of wonder before I sat down on a swing, the joints creaking when I did so. I sat there for a good ten minutes before he walked down and sat on the swing next to me.

My jaws snapped over the neck of an unsuspecting deer. I devoured the creature and ran off, blood everywhere. My tongue lolled out of my mouth and I stopped for a second to sniff at the air. I howled at the moon.

“Hey, cheer up,” he looked down at me with a smile; his usual anger was gone, replaced with something I didn’t understand. It was replaced with a strange mix of sorrow and understanding. His eyes twinkled with something before I saw a tear fall. Soon, he was crying just as much as I was.

“No! No don’t cry!” I exclaimed before I jumped off the swing to sit on his lap. I sat there for a minute before I felt his grip on my shoulder. The vision twisted at this point and his eyes shined at he growled at me. He turned into a wolf and I screamed. I wasn’t in a park anymore. I was in an open field, the moon was shining up above, casting a blood red light on everything while it, itself was red. I heard a howl and my heart skipped a beat before it began to pump faster and faster and faster.

I saw a wolf run towards me and jump.

I ran forwards and jumped towards a child.

I felt the most painful fear run through me. I was paralyzed.

I felt adrenaline run through me, I rushed forward.

I was knocked to the ground, hitting it with a thud.

I knocked this child down to the ground and he hit it with a thud.

I stared up, fear clearly showing in my eyes. Drool dripped from the wolf’s mouth.

I looked down, hunger shown in my eyes, a thirst for blood evident in my actions. I drooled and bits of it covered the child.

I screamed.

I bit down on his shoulder.

The sun began to rise, and the wolf faded away. It was dust, just dust.

The sun rose and I began to change back into a human. I saw what I had done and I ran away, my mark was left.

The mark of Fenrir Greyback, the most feared werewolf was left on a child that would never know what it’s like to grow up normally.

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