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{insert evil laugh} by TheMarauderChick
Chapter 1 : a beginning of sorts
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A/N: For those of you wondering where my other chapters are, please read the note at the end of the chapter :)

Disclaimer: I own nothing except my original characters. Everything else belongs to J.K.Rowling.

Amazing ci by Verloren @ TDA ^_______^


Let’s get one thing straight here: there’s nothing wrong with me. 


 You’ll hear things about me, stories and rumours, I know you will. But, I can assure you that I am perfectly normal.

The reason they think I’m abnormal? It’s because I’m a Malfoy.

We were doomed from the beginning, Scorpius and I. Being born to a former Death Eater and born into a family with a history of nothing but evil, people were bound to talk about how we would turn out.

I think Scorpius was better off than I was. For one thing, he was sorted into Slytherin like a typical Malfoy. Through the years, he slowly became a star student to teachers, became a prefect, was a pretty good Quidditch player, and a charmer among girls. It was all too normal. The rumour mills, as well as a bit of the press, had nothing to grab onto.

Then there was me, Laila Malfoy. Just my looks alone made me stand out. My hair was black, a complete opposite of Scorpius’s blonde, and my skin was lightly tanned, again, different from the paleness of my brother’s. But my eyes, those were Malfoy. Unlike Scorpius’s, whose eyes are a bright blue, mine were like my father’s, grey.

See, people always thought the hair and skin was just the Greengrass in me. Thing is, they were never able to uncover a significant secret about me.

My mother was not Astoria Greengrass.

Now, close that mouth, I think I just saw a bird fly into it.

Anyways, most of the stories about me didn’t start till I got to Hogwarts. I would be sorted into Slytherin. Heck, what else could I be sorted into? Instead, I was sorted into . . .


It was a shock to myself more than anyone else. Me, a Malfoy, in a house that, most likely, abhors our family. They would never accept me (and they didn’t).

School was, to be quite frank, absolute hell. I was never outright bullied. No, those Gryffindors had too much pride for that. Rather they simply ignored me, pretended I wasn’t there and never acknowledged that I was also a part of their house.

It hurt. I had been waiting to go to Hogwarts for ages and now I felt myself wanting to get out as quick as possible. If I didn’t have my brother, I wasn’t sure what I’d do. He was in the same year as me and through him, I met my best friend, Albus Potter, another Slytherin.

I ate breakfast and lunch at the Slytherin table and spent more time in their common room than the Gryffindor one. I was a snake in red and gold robes.

Now, I’m entering my sixth year. Maybe it’s time I show that I’m not the Malfoy everyone thinks I am.

{insert evil laugh}


A/N: So, I know I had three more chapters to this, but I'm rewriting the whole thing (sort of. ok not really, only parts of it). It's for the better, I swear! I've got more a plan going now and hopefully will be able to update more consistantly than I did before.Thank you if you're still going to stick with it! And to any new comers, hello!

- Sankavi


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{insert evil laugh}: a beginning of sorts


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