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Escaping the Friend Zone by jess94
Chapter 3 : I Should Have Kissed You
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 Chapter Three

“Well thanks for that one Benson” said Lily as I helped her climb onto our rock by the lake later that night “The two things I hate most in the world; plants and extended periods of communication with bloody Melissa and you managed to combined them both into one hellish afternoon for me”

“To be fair, it was Melissa’s idea and not mine” I defended myself; Lily looked absolutely stunning as per usual

“Yes well you didn’t have to go along with it” snapped Lily “Just because Alice Longbottom waltzed in with her fake smile and silly blonde hair”

I laughed and put my arms around Lily allowing her to rest her head on my shoulders once again as we watched the sun set. A few thoughts occurred to me as we sat there just watching; the first one was that I could kill for some meat pie and chips; the second was trying to rhyme as many things with my first name as I could (there’s more than you think); the third was thinking about Alice Longbottom in a bikini but it was the fourth one that got me

I was looking down at Lily at the time; she was clearly in a rare moment of deep thought about something or other. She looked stunning and peaceful and I looked at her resting her head on my shoulders and me with my arm around the rest of her pulling her close to me. We were sitting how a boyfriend and girlfriend would sit; we were sitting just watching the world go by like a couple and most of all we bickered like an old married couple.

Except we weren’t a couple, we were two friends one of whom happened to be in love with the other one. This made me sad; I wanted to be with Lily Potter. I wanted her to love me back; I wanted to be her boyfriend, I wanted to wake up next to her every morning for the rest of my life, I wanted beautiful red headed and slightly hyperactive children with her and most of all I just wanted to kiss her there and then.

It was the perfect moment, the sun set, the beautiful girl, the slightly dorky English guy – it was like a stupid romantic comedy movie

“I heard Gabrielle Bolton has a crush on you” Lily piped up as we made our way back into the Castle about forty five minutes later “Rose and her friends were talking about it in the bathroom earlier, you could do worse Ollie a pretty seventh year Hufflepuff”

“I don’t want Gabrielle Bolton” I said seriously. No, I really want meat pie and chips “I don’t fancy her”

“But she’s gorgeous” exclaimed Lily “Really gorgeous and she has a crush on you Ollie, a really, really, really massive crush. She says your eyes are beautiful, she loves your personality and she’s fancied you for ages”

“Look I’m flattered” I said, a bit in disbelief. I didn’t even know that Gabrielle Bolton knew who I was until now, though I guess if she had a massive crush on me she’d stay away to avoid embarrassment

I know I don’t stay away from Lily, but she’s different. She keeps me going; knowing I’ll see her makes my day brighter. I sound like such a loser

“I’m just not going to go out with someone I don’t fancy” I said simply as we reached the castle wall, Lily gave me a smile and a stroke on the arm

“I’d just like to see my best friend happy with someone” said Lily “Though thinking about it Gabrielle is not good enough for you”

“Oh and why is that?” I asked in amusement

“She supports the Finches” said Lily “That makes her stupid”

I laughed as we walked back up to the common room

“And what are you three finding so amusing” I asked as I entered my dorm to find Hugo, Ryan and Ben in fits of laugher. I sat down next to Hugo on his bed and he pulled out a picture of Scorpious Malfoy, 7th year Slytherin git and biggest douche on the planet, tied up in his underwear on one of the Quidditch goal posts looking terrified

I gave Hugo a confused look

“I can’t believe you weren’t there” said Ryan “Basically, Astoria Lestrange found out good old Scorpy has been cheating on her with some girl for the past few weeks”

“So she hoisted him into the air and tied him up on one of the goal posts and got everyone to throw paint at him” said Hugo wiping some tears away from his eyes “I got him right on the face, I’m pretty sure he’s going to come after me but who cares?”

How did I miss this?

Oh yeah I was in plant world with Nev. Damn it Nev

“Mate you should’ve seen it” said Ben “I haven’t seen as many people laughing at the same time in all my life. I still hate Astoria because she’s a bitch but I’ve definitely gained a lot more respect for her”

“I can’t believe that I missed this” I said taking the photo from Hugo who was still wiping tears of laughter away from his face “I bet Albus wasn’t amused very much though”. Albus was head boy and boy did he make sure everyone knew it. Like being the son of the guy that saved the Wizarding world wasn’t enough, crazy one my future brother in law

I didn’t just say that

Moving on

“Actually he was pretty cool with it” said Hugo “He didn’t join in or anything but he wasn’t exactly in a rush to stop anything. I think it’s when people started throwing Quaffle’s that he thought it went too far”

“I don’t think that was fair enough” said Ryan “We should of used bludgers; everyone who isn’t in Slytherin hates Scorpious Malfoy”

“Lily’s gonna be so gutted that she missed this” I said “Can’t wait to show her, I bet she’ll already know come to think of it”

“Is anyone else really hungry” asked Ryan. YES. Still haven’t had my meat pie and chips

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