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The Last Ones Dying by shadowycorner
Chapter 1 : The Last Ones Dying
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The moment you popped that first cigarette into your mouth and started drinking coffee in liters, I knew it would be the death of you. Heart stroke, honestly! So in the competition of Most Unexpected and Thrilling Death, I win by a mile.


I watched you from my Wizarding Heaven every day. I loved seeing you grow and do all the things we had in plan. Took you long enough to overcome the grief, but I understand. ‘Life’ without you here was just as sad, maybe easier. You know, what with being at peace and all that rubbish.


And what a lovely family you have there! I have to say I’m especially fond of the pranskter, my goofy nephew called Fred, which is oh-so-original, by the way. Where’s the deal we made, to break away from conventions and name our children after goblin rebels? Though, in all my endearing honesty, I have to say I feel honored.


I know death for you is different because of all that you’re leaving behind. I can feel your thoughts and heartbreak, the slight hint of thinking you’ve disappointed. Let me tell you, you haven’t disappointed at all. I admire you for your strength of living without my amazing presence, and of course the fact that our joke-shop is now the best-selling joke-shop in Britain and overseas. But most of all I admire you for being a good husband and the best and funniest father (seriously, from Harry to Bill, they are all a sad competition). It’s something I haven’t exactly had a chance to achieve, but seeing you so brave, mature, happy, and oh my dear even responsible, made me feel warm at my un-beating heart when I watched. You see, you sort of gave me a life that has been ripped away from me. By simply looking, I always felt that bit of real, human verve crawl up my spine.


Now with every second of your passing, it gives me the familiar feeling I had when I was still alive and with you – the feeling of knowing your thoughts and the ability to predict your actions. I can feel that sadness upon leaving the ever-so-wonderful Angelina and your corking children behind. That’s life and death; I can really say I understand. But I can also feel that little flicker of hope and happiness in you. That, which can only be found in well-organized minds such as ours, mate. You know someone will be there to wait and greet you when you arrive, taking you to see so many others as well. The last ones dying actually have nothing to worry about, as they come to a happy little heavenly gathering such as the boisterous reunion awaiting you.

Don’t go thinking I’m happy you died, for I am sorry. But in all my humble selfishness, I can hardly contain myself until I see you and say, “Welcome, brother.” And then I will embrace you and finally it won’t be like grasping thin air.

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