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Captured Obsession by AbbeyAndEleanor
Chapter 1 : 1 - The Professor
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September 1983

He hadn't even looked at the professor before the headmaster introduced her to the rest of the school, although he had been acutely aware of her presence in the seat beside him. It had been three years in a row now that Dumbledore had turned him down the position of the DADA post, each time giving it to someone less worthy.

Well, he had no idea that this professor was less worthy than him yet, but already she'd tried to talk to him and Snape was not fond of anybody who was particularly extroverted. To tell the truth, he wasn't patricularly fond of anybody, period. Of course, just because he didn't like her didn't mean she was going to be a terrible teacher, but usually his first impressions were pretty accurate, and he had a good feeling that this professor was going to be just as bad as the last one.

She rose from her seat as Dumbledore made her introduction, and Snape let his eyes dart upwards to catch her face. What he saw shocked him, almost to the point of jumping out of his seat.


He turned his gaze back on the students before him and fought to keep his face calm. The professor had long red hair which was slightly waved and hung around her shoulders. Lily had worn her hair like that all the way through her Hogwarts years, and the similarities were painfully close.

It wasn't her. It couldn't be her.

Her voice wasn't the same as Lily's. From her inane chatter directed towards him earlier he knew that.

He looked across at her again as she sat back down, a small flicker of hope still alight deep in the pit of his stomach.

It wasn't her. The hope diminished. The professor turned and caught Snape looking her, then smiled widely. He was momentarily shocked by her forwardness but then composed himself and scowled, turning away.

The professor had blue-grey eyes, not green. And her mouth was bigger, her lips fuller than Lily's had ever been, but the angles of her face was the same, heart-shaped and welcoming.

Dumbledore finished his speech, and then food magically appeared on the empty platters on the tables. Snape prodded some roast potatoes and spooned up some vegetables moodily, his eyes on the gammon which was on the right side of the woman, just out of his reach.

As much as he disliked the woman, she must have been very observant because she caught the direction of his gaze almost immediately.

"Do you want the gammon?" she asked.

Snape nodded.

"I'm Carla Hemmingway," she said, passing it to him. "But you probably already heard that when Professor Dumbledore introduced me."

He nodded again, even though he hadn't heard her name mentioned in Dumbledore's introduction. (He noted sourly that this was probably because he had been too transfixed on her hair.)

She watched him expectantly as he carved out some meat and put it onto his plate. He handed it hurriedly back to her so that she would stop looking at him, which he found quite unnerving. But she placed the meat back and continued to watch him.

"What?" he snapped, after another ten seconds of her steady gaze on his face.

"I introduced myself," she said. "It's now only polite that you introduce yourself."

He scowled. She was talking to him like he was a twelve-year old.

"Snape," he said.

"Oh," she said, blinking. "And what is your first name?"

"I'll let you know it when you become well enough acquainted with me to need to know it." He paused, enjoying the shock of his rejection to pass across her face. "And, Miss Hemmingway," he continued, "I must make myself clear in telling you that I will never allow you to reach that point of acquaintance with me."

He felt the sting in his words, enjoyed the way they rolled so easily off his tongue. Being mean was his forte and he relished in it.

She narrowed her eyes and turned around stiffly so that she had her back to him.

Something about the way that she did it made Snape's stomach flip over. Something about the way that she did it said this wasn't the end.


A/N: So, I realise this is a bit short, but it's more of a prologue than a first chapter, so you can expect more next time. Please review, I live off of it and it would really help me for working on the next chapters.

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Captured Obsession: 1 - The Professor


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