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My Summer Of Love by potterfan310
Chapter 2 : The Meeting
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Chapter image by vic.toire @ TDA

For MoonyxLuna because your review gave me inspiration/motivation to write the rest of this chapter.

Dear Diary,

I think I'm in love. I may have said this before about Malfoy but this, this is different. Connor is charming, lovely and good with kids; not too mention, man he is hot. Ok so I haven't officially met him but I can tell all that from our little spying session. When I informed Dom and Pheeb of this they both grinned and said "This summer is your summer, and you are going to get over the ferret that you supposedly loved." Those were Pheeb's word's and then Dom interrupted about 'the ferret'.

I really think I might get over 'the ferret' as Dom put it. I believe she and Pheeb will probably drag me off shopping some time this week and as for my spare time, I shall be planning on actually meeting Connor. Hmm this could be hard.

This is my summer, My summer of Love.

Love, Moi (Rose)

I shut my diary and looked around my room that I share with Dom. My side is all neat and tidy, while her's, well, let's just say it looks like a bomb has gone off. There are clothes and makeup everywhere. I don't get why Dom wears makeup. I mean she is part veela and really beautiful, meaning that all the boys at Hogwarts trail around after her trying to get her attention. In fact, anywhere we go boys trail around after her, she literally looks like some Greek goddess. Lucky child, she inherited the good genes

I, on the other hand, am stuck with my father's trademark Weasley red hair, mixed in with the typical bushy Granger hair. In other words? My hair is a mess. Ok so it's not really bright red, it's more of an auburn colour, a lot like my Auntie Ginny or cousin Lily's hair. Since it was still early (I doubt that Dom will be up any time before eleven) I went to the bathroom across the hall and took a nice long shower.

After getting dressed, I went downstairs and found Nana and Granddad in the kitchen. As usual Nana was cooking - she has this thing where she likes to cook a lot and then we all end up having three or four portions each. Every time we come over after school is out she insists that we all need fattening up.

"Morning Rosie," Granddad Arthur said looking up from his newspaper. "Up early aren't you?"

"Morning Granddad. Yeah I couldn't sleep." I replied. I was tempted to say that Dom's snoring had woken me, but I settled for a more diplomatic reply as Nana put a plate filled with bacon, eggs, sausage, beans and hash browns in front of me. "Thanks." I added and she smiled.

Louis was the next person to arrive in the kitchen. I bet the smell of food woke him up. Louis is Dom's younger brother. He has the same blonde hair as his mother and elder sisters.

Only seconds after Louis walked in, Dom graced us with her presence just as Granddad left. I have to say that even with her blonde hair that looked like she had been electrified and no makeup, she still managed to look pretty. Have I already said that Dom is my best friend as well as cousin. After Al, Dom is the second person that I'm closest to in my family. Like her brother and sister, she has blue eyes, the Weasley ones not Delacour. Hair-wise, Dom has the same colour blonde as her brother Louis and sister Victoire.

"Morning." She yawned as she sat down at the table opposite me.

"What are you girls doing today then?" Nana asked as she placed a plate of food in front of Louis and Dom and some more bacon on my own plate.

"Shopping." Dom announced before stuffing her face.

I heard the crackle of flames and Nana say, "Good morning dear, would you like some breakfast?"

I didn't pay any attention. In this house, it's pretty normal for my uncles and aunties to floo over. And for cousins to pop up out of nowhere (especially in the summer). For instance it wouldn't surprise me if Lily, Hugo, Roxy, Molly or the rest of them trailed down the stairs right now.

However, I did look up when the person sat next to me with a plate of bacon and hash browns. "Morning Rosie, nice hair Dom." She said with a smirk.

Of course, only my insane best friend would Floo over at this time in the morning completely dressed in what I would call strange – and what she calls unique – attire. Then again Phoebe is unique herself, and I honestly never have met another human being like her. Thank Merlin for that, might I add.

She had on a white summer dress, which you may think is normal. But she had neon pink cropped leggings on underneath, white daps with neon pink laces and a huge bow which she had glued on herself. Over her arm, she hand slung her sleeveless denim jacket (she had cut them off as she thought that the summer weather was 'too' warm) and a black stretchy belt with a pink flower (that had been white, but she'd dyed it).

Nana came over and placed a jug of fresh orange juice in front of us as well as glasses, even adding an egg to Pheeb's already overflowing plate. How on earth did that girl manage to wolf down a plate with Merlin knew how many pieces of bacon, ten hash browns and an egg for breakfast in such a short amount of time? You see, she isn't allowed to cook at her house, or anyone else's for that matter. And since both her parents tend to work early mornings, she can only ever eat cereal, so coming over here for breakfast is heaven to her.

"Thanks Mrs Weasley." Phoebe said as she added brown sauce and tomato ketchup on her plate.

Nana smiled, "Oh, call me Nana Phoebe, everyone else does."

Secretly, I think Nana just likes being called Nana. Twelve of us call her Nana because that's who she is for us; Teddy calls her Nana because she is pretty much his Nana as much as ours; and everyone else calls her Nana because she asks them too. She think being called Mrs Weasley makes her sound old, especially since there are four other Mrs Weasley's now (Auntie Audrey, Auntie Angelina, Auntie Fleur and Mum), and it does get a tad confusing.

"So what's brought you here this early?" I asked as I started eating.

"'Opping," She said through a mouthful of hash brown. I raised my eyebrows at her and she swallowed before saying, "Shopping"

Of course. The only thing (apart from food) that would make her get up early was shopping. She has two wardrobes at home and last time I was there, they were were pretty full. Phoebe loves to shop in both wizarding and muggle shops. She especially likes charity shops and is always trailing round London looking in them.

"I'm off to get dressed." Dom mumbled as she got up from the table, pushing her hair from her face.

"Rosie, eat faster." Phoebe whined.

I noticed her plate was nearly empty and stared at her in disbelief, my mouth hanging open. Unfortunately, she took this moment to stick her fork in my remaining hash brown and stuffed it in my mouth, causing me to gag. Once I recovered, I whacked her across the head.

"Ow!" She moaned.

"Serves you bloody right, were you trying to kill me!" I yelled at her.

Pheeb looked about five years old as she looked up at me and batted her eyelashes. "But Rosie, you must get dressed. We have to go shopping."

I rolled my eyes and looked at my plate. I picked up the sausage and swiftly left the room, leaving Phoebe and a confused Louis behind. I made my up stairs to mine and Dom's room. Since us lot came along, seven extra bedrooms, two bathroom's and a toilet were added. On the way I jumped as a door opened and out walked James in nothing but his boxers, his black hair even messier than normal. Lovely, just what I always want to see first thing in the morning.

"James, my eyes have been scared." I said as he walked passed and straight into the bathroom ignoring me.

"What did you say, James?" Came a voice from his room, a female voice to be exact.

I was too stunned to move, there was a girl in James and Fred's room and James was in nothing but boxers. Images swirled through my mind, images I did not particular want to see. It was only when I heard a hesitant "Hello?" that I realised I was still standing there.

"Um, hi, I'm Rose," I said to the blonde standing in the doorway. I noticed she was wearing a shirt that was clearly to big for her, one of James' I guess.

She smiled, "James' cousin?" I nodded and she carried on. "I'm Nikola"

At that moment I heard thundering footsteps coming up behind me.

"Come on Rosie." Phoebe called as she zoomed past me going up another floor.

I can defiantly say that this person called Nikola was not expecting that. "I, um, better go. You see my best friend is sort of insane." I explained before hurrying after Pheeb.

I froze at the top of the stairs and looked back down. She was the girl with the baby. The girl I had seen yesterday, talking to the boy, Con. If they were together, then what on earth was she doing here, in a shirt, in my cousin's bedroom, said cousin having just walked out exclusively in boxers?

I put my thoughts aside and entered my room. Dom was just standing there looking pissed, and clutching a blanket over her. I giggled. Serves her right for not getting dressed faster. Phoebe is the type of friend who will walk in on you if you're in the shower when she has to pee. That girl has no shame, honestly. Last summer she walked in when Fred was taking a shower. Too bad he didn't have the shower curtain pulled across (or thought to lock the door), Pheeb caught an eyeful as she rushed in.

I think it took Fred a good five seconds to realise that the person wasn't family or some stranger, and hastily pulled the curtain across, whilst babbling a load of gobbledy gook at her. Being her, she just carried on and used the loo, making a point of ignoring him. She didn't stop teasing him for weeks and still to this day, I don't think he can look her in the eye.

Ahh well, what are friends for? I went and searched through my chest of drawer looking for simple clothes.

"Phoebe, you could have knocked," Dom hissed at her, "Pass me that top please Rose."

I chucked her the pale pink cami that was on my bed. I grabbed my hairbrush and a bobble, before quickly escaping to the bathroom. Ahh peace. When I left and made to enter my room I found Phoebe sat outside the bedroom door, looks like Dom chucked her out then.

I knocked, "Can we come in now Dom?" I asked through the wood. She muttered a reply and I entered, closely followed by Pheeb. Dom seemed to be finally ready, her hair was now up in a messy bun and her bag was over her shoulder.

"Right, let's go." She announced.

When we entered the kitchen, the seat Louis had been sitting in was now occupied by James. Who was still in his boxers. What a sight for sore eyes. Note the irony there.

"We're going shopping and don't know when we'll be home." Dom told Nana. Her and Phoebe left the kitchen but I stopped and looked at James.

"Rose stop looking at me like that. Nothing happened." He mumbled as Nana left the room. I raised my eyebrows. "Honestly Ro, she slept in my bed since it was clean and I slept in Fred's. Look she met up with a friend last night at the same pub I went to. She got way too drunk and said 'Her grandmother couldn't see her like it'. So I brought her here. Problem."

Ok, so nothing happened I guess. Then again it's James: single, famous and soon to be quidditch star. Girls are practically queuing up to date him. I left him staring after me as I joined my girls outside, they both sent me looks that said 'hurry up' so I did. We set off into Ottery St Catchpole, the three of us had our arms linked together. And of course Phoebe was in the middle humming 'We're off to see the wizard' as if her life depended on it.

We caught a bus into town as Phoebe wanted to go in the charity shops like normal. I was paraded around like a show dog. In pretty much every shop we went in, Dom and Phoebe handed me stuff to try on and then give them a little fashion show. What with them have totally different tastes, I was worried I might start looking like mix between a hippie and a member of a girl band. And if your wondering that would so not be a good look.

After two hours of non stop shopping, we stopped for food in a burger bar. Just as we left we bumped into the boy Con, who had moved into ghost house. I noticed he had no sign of being with anyone else, or a baby with him.

"Hi." I said with a small smile to the teenager as he headed towards us.

"Hey," He replied "I've seen you in the garden in that wonky house opposite, we've just moved in. I'm Connor."

Just as I was about to speak, Dom butted in "I'm Dom this is my cousin Rose and that's her best mate Phoebe."

Phoebe just grinned at him. I must say she looked a little weird whilst doing so, since she had tilted her head a little to the side. "Was the baby your's?" She blurted out.

He looked at her with a confused expression and said, "Baby?"

"Yes baby, the one you were holding yesterday." Pheeb insisted.

Oh great now she's spilling that we were spying on him and his family yesterday.

I hit her, "Sorry 'bout her, she's a little crazy."

"Hey not true." She protested.

"Hate to say it but you are crazy." Dom said nodding in agreement.

Connor laughed as Dom looked at me and I looked at her, together we looked at Phoebe who had opened her mouth once more before he could answer about 'the baby'.

"Is that Blonde your..." Dom cut her off by putting her hand over her mouth and then marching her out.

"I'm sorry Connor, we've got to go otherwise we'll be late. See you around." I said to him as I gathered up our bags. I hurried after Dom and Phoebe, leaving him stood there wondering what on earth had just happened.

Since our run in with Connor, I haven't spoken to Phoebe. Every now and again she would stop and drop down on her knees, begging for forgiveness. of course this attracted even more looks from our fellow shoppers, not only had she cut the arms off her jacket, she had customised the back. On there was huge fake flowers in white and pink sewn on, as well as sequins and some ribbon "brightening up", in Pheeb's words, the collar.

No wonder people were staring.

We didn't bothered going to Diagon Alley, there aren't many clothes shops there and at least in the muggle ones you have more choice. I mean who wants robes for daytime, robes for night time and robes for special occasions. They all look the same to me, does one person really need that many pairs of robes.

As we entered a charity shop the bell above the door rang and the young woman behind the counter looked up. She smiled at us as Phoebe zoomed off to look through rail after rail of clothes.

I sat down on an old looking chair that was covered in fabric that looked like it was from the fifties. Dom was over looking at the dresses and Phoebe was in the changing rooms.

"Tadah!" Phoebe cried as came out wearing a black pencil skirt, a black shirt that was far too big. A pair of black lace up boots that had a six inch heel and a black witches hat that had neon pink hair flowing from it.

I burst out laughing as did Dom who had come over to see what Pheeb was up to. "What the hell do you look like." Dom managed to say between giggles.

"I'm Mcgonagall of course." Phoebe replied as she gave us a stern look.

I laughed until I had tears in my eyes. "Oh my god Pheeb, what are you like."

"I'm like totally awesome." She replied as she strutted from out the changing rooms and down through the shop and back. "Does this mean you forgive me." She asked once she stopped infront of me.

I shook my head and Pheeb got down on the floor, the lady behind the counter glared at her.

Dom rolled her eyes as she said, "Pheeb get up unless you want to get kicked out."

Phoebe did as Dom said and then grabbed my right hand. I tried to pull away but that girl has a seriously strong grip.

"Oh Rosie, I'm so very sorry for embarrassing my bestest friend in the world. I promise that next time we go to Diagon Alley that I'll buy you a hot fudge marshmallow ice-cream sundae."

I though about it for a minute and then said, "Okay then."

Phoebe gave me a huge grin that makes her look like a complete idiot and whizzed off back into the changing rooms. I looked at Dom and she looked at me and somehow without saying anything we both agreed that she is utterly insane.

Once Phoebe had payed for the denim jacket, Indian sari and other arrangement of clothes she had wanted to buy, we finally managed to drag her out of the shop. Walking down the pavement carrying our bags Phoebe linked our arms again and starting humming 'Is the Way To Amarillo' under her breath.

The bus ride home was awful and myself and Dom pretended not to know Phoebe as she was making such a show. It was pretty packed when we got on and there was only two seats available at the back.

Phoebe told us to sit down as she was like a flamingo and could stand up for ages. Once we sat down she then preceded to stand on one leg at the front of the bus. I was inwardly cringing and trying not to laugh when an old man with a long white beard got on just before out stop and Phoebe skipped the short distance and hugged him yelling, "OH MY GOD DUMBLEDORE! YOU'RE NOT DEAD!"

Needless to say she got chucked off the bus by the driver for harassing the old man and causing disruption. She then started running after the bus yelling, "WAIT!". The old man then stuck up for her and the bus driver stopped allowing her back on.

To be honest I don't think her little show had disrupted anyone, they were all to busy laughing at her. Actually they were probably wondering if she had escaped from a mental institute, even I'm starting to wonder.

Once we got off, myself and Dom said bye to her at the bus stop as Mr Finnigan was there, waiting to pick her up as they were going to visit family. We walked across the green in silence apart from the rustling of our bags.

Surprisingly The Burrow had been quiet when we entered. No one was around unless you count granddad asleep in the chair. I put my new things away whilst Dom disappeared and when I looked, I couldn't find her.

"Nana have you seen Dom, she vanished." I asked entering the kitchen to a wonderful smell.

As she took a tray of what looked liked cookies from the oven she said "She told me she was going to meet Courtney. Would you be a dear and take these over to the O'Brien's as a welcome gift." She asked changing the subject.

So Dom had gone to see Courtney. Courtney Mclaggen is the spawn of well know play-wizard Cormac Mclaggen and Lavender Brown who writes the advice column in the daily prophet. I get on with Courtney and we're friends but she has a major disliking to Phoebe, they are polar opposites. Court is like your dream person whether you're male or female. Guys want her and girls want to be her. She's got naturally straight long blonde hair, blue eyes, a figure to die for, big boobs and a rich father who is willing to do anything for his precious daughter.

Where as Phoebe is probably someone you'd rather be mates with or someone you'd avoid (no offence to her). Phoebe has blonde hair, blue eyes, nice figure and a decent pair of boobs but I don't think any girl would want to be her. She's insane and I mean that it the nicest possible way. She's loud, outgoing and energetic. She likes clothes, shoes and makeup but she'd rather drool over a boy from afar than ask him out. Boys are friends to her, you don't snog them whilst dating their best friend (Courtney). Oh and throw in the habit of occasionally blowing things up, boys love being her friend.

"Sure." I said. I needed something to do now Dom had ditched me.

"I'll package them up now, if you wait there."

I picked one up off the tray and nearly burnt my fingers, still hot. When it finally cooled down I took a big bite and my mouth was filled with oozing chocolate. Brilliant these were Nana's oozy cookie's. They are one of the most tastiest things in the world. Hard cookie outside, slightly soft inside and then the centre...pure melty chocolate goodness. Yum!

I was so lost within my thought I hadn't noticed that the rest of the cookies had been wrapped in cellophane with a large bow around them with a note that read:

Welcome to the neighbour hood. If you ever need anything just yell, we live in the rickety house opposite the green.

Love The Weasley's.

Nice touch Nana.

"Off you go then Rose." She said as she shooed me out the kitchen, "I have to start making dinner."

There was a cool breeze in the air, it was only five ish, I think. I walked across the green, that all the houses surround. The garden had been mowed and there were two tree's shaped like a ball in pots either side of the door. Up close the house didn't look that bad, the window panes that had been broken earlier were fixed and the door had been replaced.

I lifted the large knocker and let it drop against the door. I was about the give up and go home, when it opened and I was face to face with the boy Phoebe had half interrogated earlier.

"Um Hi," I said nervously, "My Nana made cookies and she asked me to bring them round as a welcome gift." I mumbled suddenly wishing the ground would open up and eat me.

He smiled and opened the door further, "You better come in then."

I entered the bright white hallway and stayed there as he shut the door.

"Follow me," He said as he took me through the house into a large kitchen with an island in the centre as well as a diner area, the whole room smelt like paint. "Would you like a drink, cola, pop, squash, milk." He offered as he searched through a box labelled 'glasses and cups'.

"Milk please." I replied as I set the cookies down on the island and sat on one of the stools that was near it.

I looked around whilst he went in the fridge looking for milk. There were patio doors, leading out into the garden which was pretty big. A large tree much like my oak tree stood at the bottom. The kitchen was painted yellow and the door's and window's were wide open.

"Sorry about the smell." He said.


"The paint, we only finished it after I came home." He told me.

"I'm Rose." I told him, feeling a little stupid.

"I know we met earlier and I saw you in the garden with the two blonde's."

I smiled as he unwrapped the cookies offering me one. I took one, I mean who could refuse they taste great. After drinking our milk and talking about the amazing cookies (sad I know), Connor told me that he had come from Ireland.

"I kind of gathered that from your accent."

"Oh really, Well top of 'da morning to ya lassie" He said with a smile.

I laughed and the elderly woman I had seen yesterday came in carrying the baby. "Oh hello, I'm Ivy O'Brien, now who's this then Connor?" She asked as she handed him the baby.

"This is Rose, um Rose..." He trailed off.

"Weasley." I said.

"Rose Weasley, she lives in the house opposite. Her Nan baked us these amazing cookies as welcome gift." Connor explained as I watching him give half an oozy cookie to the baby.

"Well thank your grandmother for us Rose, tell her to pop round one day. Excuse the mess." Ivy said as she started going through boxes.

"I'm home," A voice called, "Oh Hi Rose." She said brightly as she saw me at the table.

"Hi." I heard myself mumble as she took the baby from Connor. I wonder does he know she's cheating on him, with a guy she's know for all of a day.

I could see him looking from me to her, but he was soon distracted by a cookie piece that had been thrown at him. He took the baby who squealed "Mumma." as he made her fly around the room.

I jumped up suddenly and looked at my wrist, "I have to go, my dinner will be ready and they'll be wondering where I am." I left the kitchen and went the way he had brought me. As soon as I was out the door I ran.

I slowed down once I was in The Burrow's garden. Looking down at my wrist I realised I didn't even have a watch on, oh the shame. "You were meant to be cool Rose, not act like someone had poked you up the arse when you saw her with Connor. I mean for all you know she and James might not have spent the night together in that way. Maybe he was telling the truth..." I scoffed, "Fat chance, this is James I'm on about." I mumbled as I walked towards my tree.

We shall see what tomorrow brings.

A/N - In total there will be fourteen chapters if everything goes the way I want it to. Happy reading :)

Is This The Way To Amarillo belongs to Neil Sedaka and Howard Greenfield

Beta'ed by the lovely Valwitch21

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot and my OC's everything else belongs to the magical word created by JK Rowling :D


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