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Anchor by AlAndAl
Chapter 1 : Lies
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I’m happy for James. I truly am.  My only brother is getting married to the love of his life and I, Albus Potter, am going to be the best man. Why wouldn’t I be absolutely overcome with the most ecstatic of emotions? I love James and I wish the absolute best for him. The only problem I have with the entire situation is her, the fiancée. It’s not that she’s rude or some freaky tart or anything bizarre like that. Izzy is one of the most amazing people that I have ever met. She’s smart, beautiful, sarcastically hilarious, but she’s also my best friend. Or at least she used to be.

                We were joined at the hip when we were eleven. We met on the train ride first year when we ended up in the same compartment by fluke. I remember we would stuff our face with licorice wands and sugar quills and talk about the adventured of our summer. No one in the world could compare to Izzy in my eyes, she’s perfect. We’ve been through everything together. That’s why I don’t understand why she chose James. James doesn’t know her like I do. He doesn’t know what she went through in fourth year when her grandfather died. He didn’t sit at the Black Lake with her crying well into the night. He didn’t carry her from the Quidditch Pitch when Josh Callum broke her leg. He didn’t help her with her homework or teach her how to fly. He did nothing. She was my friend. She was the only thing I had and he took her from me. I spent my entire seven years at Hogwarts trying to show her how perfect we were together. She nearly saw it, too.

                In sixth year, she came to my dorm bawling her eyes out about some daft bloke she had been dating. I comforted her and she began to rant. She talked on and on about how no guy was worth anything in this school, except for me of course. We kissed that night. It was my first kiss. I felt like I was flying, soaring through the air. My first love was finally seeing me in the same light in which I sat her, but then the kiss ended. Our friendship changed. It was no longer ‘Al and Izzy’. There was no ‘Al and Izzy’ anymore. We’d chat occasionally, small talk usually about Quidditch or school or the crap weather in Scotland, but nothing that really matter. Secrets stayed secrets. Feelings were left unread. It felt like my only anchor had abandoned me. The chain between us had snapped and now I was floating away and becoming lost in my own world, while she sat there unmoved.

                James tried to fix it. He really did. He’d spend hours trying to coax our friendship back together. He’d come up to my dorm every night with stories about what she had said and a few ‘I think I’m getting through!’ rants. I really appreciated it. My brother and I were tight, like twins almost, sharing the same mindset and same goals, but one night, it changed. He came up to my dorm with a look on his face. The expression was almost guilty. The pity in his eyes was taunting me and I knew that he had done something.

                “I’m dating Izzy.”

                I didn’t blame him, I couldn’t. I wasn’t going to lose my brother like I had lost her. I stayed cordial with James, but our relationship was different. There was always a tense air between us that left a cloud of betrayal hanging over us in a dense fog. The only thing that kept me going was the possibility of a breakup, a fight, anything that would get me back in with my best friend, but it never happened.

                The years passed and so did the milestones. They bought a flat together in London, bought a dog that they charmingly named “Bludger” for his reckless behaviour, James bought her a car and then the bomb dropped.

                It didn’t so drop as much as be delivered in the mail. It wasn’t like a sudden ‘all at once’ moment. It was a slow explosive that sat idly in my mailbox until the perfect moment of detonation. I saw the address and I fell apart. Before I even opened it I knew what it was.

James Sirius Potter


Isabelle Megan Davies

Invite you to their joining in a celebration of marriage on August 31st.

                It broke my heart. I knew in my mind that they were in it for the long run, but a little piece of me still longed for the dramatic fight and the powerful breakup. What made it worse is that James had scrawled messily along the bottom of the invitation, “You’re the best man, mate!”

                The best man. The one who had to give the speech about how wonderful a couple they were. I’d get on stage and hold back any sour emotion while I fooled the crowd with my false sense of happiness. They’d all clap me off stage and drink to the newlyweds. I’d drink too, but not to celebrate, more to drown my sorrows. James would hug me and tell me how amazing I was. Izzy would embrace me and give me a kiss on the cheek and ramble on about how I was going to babysit their future children. Dad would congratulate me on a grand speech and my mom would give me a look of understanding, but she’d never really understand. The reception would be a blast. Everyone would have a good time, because who wouldn’t have fun when James Potter is the host? I’d pretend everything is okay, but I’d be fooling everyone. I’d lie to James and tell him that I’m okay. I’d lie to Izzy and tell her that I’m happy for her. I’d lie to the plethora of guests telling them that it’s the best night of my life. And I’d lie to myself, when I’ll say that I can live with this forever.                

                But, nonetheless I’ll do it. I’ll build up a wall around myself and no one will be able to tell that my brother married the love of my life.


A/N: Hello! Here is a new one-shot :) I hope you like it and please review! It would brighten my world! Anything is welcome, love it, hate it, want to throw a dirty sock at it, anything! Also, if you have any questions please go to my Meet the Author page on the forum! The link is on my Author Page. Thank you for reading!

Allie xx

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Anchor: Lies


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