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Firefly by DeathCabForCutie
Chapter 3 : Take That
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Weasley!" Malfoy shouted throwing a pillow at her face. "Wake up!"

She groaned and let out a string of swears. "What?"

"It's morning, wake up."

Squinting into the blaring sunlight she gave Malfoy a not so polite gesture.

"Very mature."

"MALFOY! IT'S SEVEN IN MORNING!" She roared as she saw his watch.

He didn't seem to understand. "That's when breakfast starts."

"Class doesn't start till nine! I get up at 8."

"Well today you wake up at 7." He told her.

She scowled, "Like hell I am. I'm sleeping for another hour and you are going to leave me alone."


"If you're wondering where your wand is," Rose began with a small amount of smugness. "I hid it, in undisclosed location, for exactly this kind of event." She told him as she turned away from the sunshine.

Scorpius took a step back to eye her. She couldn't have stashed his wand far, if she moved farther than three feet he would have known. But still, the fact that she'd been crafty enough to know he would pull something bothered him. He was always an early riser, since when was that a crime?

Trying to hide her smile, Rose did a silent victory cackle. Once he had fallen asleep it had all to easy to crawl over him to get his wand. She just wanted to get the full nights sleep she deserved. It wasn't programmed into her to wake up early and she wasn't going to suddenly start doing whatever he wanted. He was the one that got them into this mess and she thought there wasn't a single reason in the world why she should have to suffer anymore than she already was.

"Weasley, you wouldn't have happened to stash my wand in your sleeping bag, would you?" Scorpius's voice cut through the silence.

Rose gulped as she tried to keep her face still.

"Weasley, I have no problem opening up that sleeping bag with you in and shaking you down like a common criminal."

She scoffed. "Sure you do Malfoy. Now if you'll excuse me-"

Scorpius stooped down and scooped her up. Panicking, she threw her arms around him, clinging to him for dear life. "Scorpius Malfoy!"

"Hand me my wand and I'll put you down."

"Fine! Fine! Just put me down."

"Why are you so scared?" He eyed her, as she squeezed her eyes shut.

"I'm afraid of heights."

Scorpius said, "Weasley, you're up about five feet."

"It's not the actual height! I'm terrified of falling! Put me down!"

Frowning, he lowered her to the ground more carefully then he would have a few moments earlier. Her arms didn't loosen on his neck until he was all the way on the floor. She was petrified and he didn't expect it at all, but it made sense why she was the only Weasley that had never played Quidditch.

Rose let out slow breaths to calm herself down as she concentration on calming down. She was going to be okay. Everything was going to be alright. Her body was on the floor, perfectly in her control. Opening her eyes she glared at Malfoy and chucked his wand at him. If he wanted it so badly then he could have it. Rolling out of her sleeping bag in a huff, she pulled out her tooth brush and tooth paste.

"What are you doing?"

Glowering at him with a mouthful of toothpaste she said, "Are you fucking serious? You just made this big deal about going to breakfast and now that I'm doing what you want you're going to give me shit? Really?"

Raising his hands defensively, he sat down. "Sorry."

"Yeah, you should be."

Scorpius laughed at her as she finished brushing her teeth. Her hair, which was perfectly straightened the day before had frizzed out during the night. In the back of his mind he always knew that she had her mothers hair though he never had gotten the opportunity to see the evidence for it. Now he thought she looked remarkably like a lion with her mane of wild red hair contrasting against her fair skin. Now that he thought about it she acted much like a lion would at being awoken.

Grabbing her bag, Rose took out her clothes and gave Scorpius a look. "Well? Turn around."

"This again."

"Well I'm sorry," She said in a voice that wasn't sorry at all. "But you certainly haven't earned the right to see me in anything less than a full school uniform."

"What merit's that?" Scorpius said, "Solving world hunger? Swimming the Atlantic?"

Rose smacked the back of his head before continuing to pull on her jumper. "Nothing you could ever accomplish."

She had always thought Scorpius was a pain in the ass, but she had no idea how much worse he was in the morning. Though she knew the headmaster was trying to make a point with this, she wished he would have made it a week instead of three. Once she finished changing she tapped him on the shoulder.

"I'm done."

"Fine," He stood up, took of his night shirt and began pulling on his own uniform.

For a moment, she forgot herself. It was only a small few minutes. Her eyes traced the well toned muscles in his back in awe. She knew he was built, but it was always linked to a feeling of disgust. In the haze of the morning she was unable to put that natural connotation on it. Instead she starred at his broad shoulders and gulped down any unfamiliar feelings that came as a side effect to that.

"What classes do you have today?" Malfoy asked interrupting her thoughts and bringing her back to sanity.

"Me?" She croaked, shaking her head. "I have Potions, Charms and Arithmancy."

Scorpius nodded as he tossed on his shirt carelessly and looped on his tie. "That should be fine."

Rose nodded as she slipped her bag over her shoulder, and got her senses back. They both left their common room looking more disorganized than usual, but for the moment they were working together. Being HeadBoy and HeadGirl all year was the only occasions they forced themselves to be civil. Maybe that was Figgins message to them, but either way they were starting to feel the strain and it hadn't even been a day yet.

It was a good thing they had almost all of the same classes. The only classes they didn't share were Arithmancy and Muggle Studies. But fortunately Rose had Arithmancy in his free period and he had Muggle Studies in hers so they decided they would just tag along and do their homework in the opposite persons class. It wasn't at all ideal, but the longer the day went on the more manageable the idea seemed in Scorpius's head. Rose still maintained this was the highest level of hell, but even her annoyance was fading slightly as she began to adapt to their situation.

At breakfast, they sat at the Slytherin table as promised and it wasn't as bad as Rose imagined it was going to be. Sure it helped that half the house didn't wake up that early. Sleeping on the ground wasn't the most comfortable thing to do despite how practical it had been. A small headache was forming in the back of Rose's neck. Hydrating heavily, Rose was relieved that it soon went away.

"I see this hasn't been lifted yet." Lucy acknowledged hovering cautiously over the Slytherin table like it was poisoned.

"Of course you wake up this early Luce." Rose scoffed into her tea.

Lucy looked unbothered. "It's important to be prepared and punctual for classes. How am i supposed to do that if i just roll out of bed."

Scorpius looked absolutely vindicated at the statement. Rose pointed a threatening finger at him, "Don't even."

"I still think you should complain Rosie." Lucy voiced.

"I heard you yesterday, and I'm not going to." Her worn brown eyes met her cousin's eyes. "I chose to fight Malfoy, I could have walked away. I could have ignored him. I didn't. I chose to let this idiot get to me and that's my fault. As Headgirl I should have been smarter."

Scorpius's light eyebrows furrowed together in astonishment, but he said nothing. He thought Rose would have gone off the handle. He thought she would complain to everyone she came into contact with that this wasn't far and that it was entirely his fault. What he never thought he'd hear was her take responsibility for her actions. Lucy wasn't so easily swayed, she could smell a miscarriage of justice and she wasn't going to rest until she convinced Rose otherwise.

"Yes but three feet? It's practically instructing you to ..." Lucy lowered her voice, "fornicate."

Rose busted out laughing so hard she had to hold onto the table. Finally after calming down she said, "I don't think that was the point Higgin's was after."


"Luce, I love you and I appreciate it. I know you're hearts in the right place, but I'm fine. I can handle my own problems. Why don't you go finish your breakfast?"

Lucy sighed. "Fine."

Rose heard Scorpius snickering next to her, she elbowed him unable to keep a smile off her own face.

Before class they both decided to take a detour to use the restroom. Of course neither of them could use the regular bathroom's so they were forced to walk halfway across the castle to get to Moaning Myrtle's bathroom.

"Okay, you go first. I'll sit out here and...wait." Rose offered lamely as she sat down against the stall wall.

"Muffalio," Was the last thing she heard, before buzzing filled her ears and the stall door was shut. The second it did she started shaking with laughter. At first she thought it was because she was tired, but after awhile she couldn't lie anymore. Rose Weasley was laughing because of the situation.

The sound lifted and Scorpius stood looking at her oddly. "What are you laughing at?"

"We have to sit and wait for each other to pee." Rose laughed, her eyes squeezing shut as her shoulder shook. "It's so...ridiculous."

"Well you next." He told her.

Rose stood up and a few minutes later they both stood at the sink. Moaning Myrtle flew in next to them as they were wiping their hands.

"What are you two doing in here? Nobody ever comes in here..."

Rose looked at the girl sympathetically. "Sorry Myrtle, we will be coming here a lot for the next month."

"Really?" Her eyes zeroed in on Scorpius. "You look so much like your father."

Scorpius twitched. "Ugh...Thanks."

Scorpius then grabbed Rose and forced her to leave. He hated Moaning Myrtle, ever since he started at Hogwarts she always went out of her way to say something to him and it made him incredibly uneasy. In his opinion, no ghost should spend so much time on someone they didn't know when they were alive. Of course Rose found in incredibly hilarious and she teased the hell out of him as they walked down the staircase, but her laugh died in her throat as she saw a tall, but extremely thin boy a corridor down. His eyes searched the hall as if he'd been looking for someone, mainly Rose.

"Oh holy Merlin..." Rose grimaced as she grabbed Scorpius and hid behind a tapestry.

"Weasley, what the hell, are we doing?"

Rose groaned as she stood flat against the dusty wall. "It's Zach Wood. He follows me everywhere, giving me flowers, paying me compliments..."

"And you're problem is...?"

"Unlike some," Rose snapped, "I don't like to be blindly stalked."

Scorpius snickered, "Come on Weasley, he just has a little crush-"

"No he's creepy is what he is. He blindly supports the hell out of me, and it's creepy!" She whispered furiously.

"Didn't you just tell me to embrace Myrtle? Why don't you do the same with Zach?"

Rose glared daggers at Malfoy. "If you move-"


Rose jumped over and clamped a hand over Scorpius's mouth as she held him down on the wall.

"He's gone now.." Scorpius told her as he smugly pried her off of him. "I'm sure I could still catch him."

Punching him in the shoulder she glowered, "Shut it Malfoy."

"You are abusive." He whinnied holding his arm like it was delicate.

"You're a pansy." She scoffed as they pushed out from behind the tapestry, "I thought men were supposed to be able to handle pain."

Before he could shoot back a snide retort they entered the dungeons, and walked into their first class of the day, Potions. As soon as their potion's master saw them together he did a double take. Professor Rickman even adjusted his glasses, he never expected his star student, Scorpius, to be seen with the student that scraped by, Rose.

"Well, take a seat you two."

They moved into two open seats in the back and got out their supplies. As soon as Rickman began to write down the potion on the board Scorpius's grey eyes locked onto the words, memorizing them. Rose was never naturally skilled at Potion's, she'd inherited her father's trouble with comprehension. She got by, by studying and getting tutored, but it still was odd for her to see Scorpius be so naturally gifted at it. He went to the supply cabinet, got the supplies and went to work without a moments hesitation. Rose started working on their paper as she assumed would be her role, but every now and then she looked over and was startled to see how excited he was to see his success.

"All done." He declared, with a wide grin.

Rose nodded, "I'm almost finished with the report."

Scorpius leaned back in his chair and glanced around the room. On his scan of the room, his eyes landed on Laura Phelps. A very loose Hufflepuff, who he had been snogging once a week for the past few months. Suddenly it occurred to him that he was supposed to meet her that night in the Astronomy tower. His eyes shifted back to Rose, just as her long hair fell into her eyes. Impatiently, she swatted it away as she worked away. Though he knew it was stupid, there was flicker of hope in him that believed his plan could work. So, he pursued it.

"I'll make you a deal Weasley," He began leaning over, "I'll keep you away from Wood, if you do me a favor."

Sensing a trap, Rose narrowed her eyes. "What's the favor Malfoy? Because I'm not doing your laundry for a week."

"Why would I make you do that?" He scoffed.

"You're sick Malfoy. I don't know what you're capable of."

Scorpius rolled his eyes. "Now you're just fishing."

"What do you want Malfoy?"

"Agree to the deal and I'll tell you."

Putting down her quill, she looked at him. "Why would I agree to a deal like that?"

"Because you know that you can trust me enough to not injure or hurt you." He answered with perfect confidence.

"Oh and why do you think I think that?" She snorted.

He leaned a little closer, and Rose instantly tensed at the proximity, but she didn't move, she wanted to see what his next move was. Scorpius's original intention was to just be close enough to whisper, but he didn't realize until he moved that it wasn't necessary. Still he held his confident posture, and talked on like he wasn't in the perfect position to kiss his best mates cousin.

"Because when you changed last night, you told me to turn around."

"What does that prove?"

He smirked, "Why didn't you use magic? How did you know I wouldn't turn, or sneak a peek?"

Rose paused, as his question snuck up on her and rubbed her the wrong way. "Fine."



Scorpius shrugged in acknowledgement and moved back in his chair. "I have a standing appointment that I need to go to. Is there anyway, you can read or something?"

"Sure...What is it?"

Hours later, Rose was sitting exactly three feet away from the snogging couple on the Astronomy tower steps, as she held a book in her hands. Rose couldn't help it. At first she did read, but after awhile she couldn't even fake it. She was trying to be fair. She really was, but honestly she couldn't take the sound of the girls voice crooning that awful nickname to him. Any girl swooning over Malfoy made Rose laugh, but this was taking the cake. It was too far. So silently she shook with laughter, but when she heard the noises stop she knew Malfoy had realized she was laughing and was furious. He had offered to use the muffalio spell, but Rose turned him down. This was hysterical to her and she had no reason to want to block it out. Scorpius on the other hand felt the complete opposite.

"I'm sorry love," He told her, infuriated. "I can't do this."

"It's never been a problem before." She cooed, her high pitched voice making Rose's skin crawl.

"Well it is now." Scorpius said in a cold voice that made Rose almost feel pity for Laura. "I'll see you around."

Laura pouted, her hearshaped face twisting to look like a lost puppy. "Scorpy!"

"Come on Weasley," Scorpius spat, grabbing her arm and lifting her up easily.

"Going so soon?" Rose asked with a face of unmistakable amusement.

Scorpius didn't even respond, he was so livid. All he wanted was a quick snog. He snogged that mindless twit twice a week, and that was it. And now Rose had taken that from him. He vowed in that moment that as soon as the moment presented itself to him he'd get her back. This was ridiculous. Though this plan was destined to fail, he still was furious that it didn't work out. Rose was perfectly delighted, stuffing her book into her bag, she fought the urge to tease Malfoy, and lost.

"So what are you going to do now? Scorpy?"

Flinching, he stop dead in his tracks and turned, his eyes practically glowing with rage. "Don't-call-me-that."

She knew she should have been scared or at the very least intimidated, but she couldn't bring herself to feel that way. "Is that you're scary Malfoy face?"


Rose openly laughed, completely unable to hold back. "Good, because that was weak."

"Are you done?"


Checking his watch, he sighed. "Want to get a snack?"

"In the kitchen's? Sure...Scorpy."

As anger took him over Scorpius thought of the perfect way to get her back. She thought she had won, but he knew she went to great lengths to keep her hair looking the way it did. So she probably wouldn't think too kindly if he poured food on it.

Rose tickled the pear on the portrait and greet the hoards of house elves warmly. One brought them each a small bowl of pudding as she knew it was Rose's favorite. Scorpius smirked as she moved to sit next to him. Distracting her by pointing to a house elf down the way, Scorpius seized his opportunity.

Subtly, he scooped up his bowl and held it above her head until it poured all over her head. Originally she was furious. Her whole face lit with a fiery rage as her eyes widened. She knocked the bowl away causing it shatter against the wall. But somewhere in between smacking his laughing figure and pudding dripping in her mouth Rose started to laugh. And as she straddled him she put her hands on her hips, her face full of pudding.

"You think you've won?"

He nodded, with a smile.

"Oh?" She lowered her face down on his pressed uniform, knowing what a clean freak he was and rubbed it all over it. "Take that!"

Instead of being angry, Scorpius just laughed at her until she joined in.


Authors Note:

I want to thank the nine people who have reviewed already. You guys are AWESOME! Thank you for reading! I hope you liked it! PLEASE REVIEW!

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