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Finders Keepers Losers Seekers by Xanthe
Chapter 3 : Roger Davies and Rita Skeeter
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Hey yall. Good to see you’re sticking with me! This chapter is much more romance packed featuring a jealous and over protective Oliver. Yay!!! Oh yeah and some other stuff I guess. Thank you so much for reading it means so much! And if you haven’t figured it out all ready I do not own Harry Potter. Yes I know shocker. If I did own Harry Potter he would have died in the second book and Oliver and Neville would have just pulled out a mandrake and killed Voldemort. Oh and by the way I went very cliché here and added Roger Davies. Yes I know how original in an Oliver Wood/Other Character story, but anyways I proudly present to you… Chapter 3 Roger Davies and Rita Skeeter.

After 15 minutes of the girls whispering, Fred George, and Lees code glances, and Wood’s piercing stare I had enough.

“All right guys if you are going to freak out about Flint flippin winking at me I am leaving. If I can deal with it so can you.” I said getting up and walking out the door.

“Wait!” they all called

I turned around.

“You can’t go! It’s a mans world out there” Said George.

I rolled my eyes and walked away. But my wrist was pulled back by a strong grip.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” said a husky voice in my ear.

“Ya well I am so live with it- wait don’t live with it. Please die Wood.” I said yanking my wrist out of his death grip. I walked away faster only to see Katie and Lee trying to catch up with me with Wood giving me another odd look in the background. What’s his problem? I broke out into a dead sprint down the train. I must have gone through multiple cars because when I looked back there was no one there. I was so focused on looking for signs of my friends I didn’t even notice where I was going.

I ran smack dab into what felt like was a giant brick wall.

I felt my head go a little fuzzy then it all went black.

What felt like days were really more like three minutes. My eyelids fluttered open to be meet with stormy grey eyes, light brown hair, and a very serious expression.

“Are you all right?” Asked an incredibly deep and manly voice.

“Uhh.” I said rather stupidly. What it’s not my fault I’m concussed.

“I’ll take that as a no.” the stranger said with a worried voice.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“I’m Roger Davies.” Even without the concussion I’m pretty sure I had no idea who he was.

“But the real question is who are you? Can you tell me your name?”

I made a face. Why does he want to know my name?

“I’m sorry let me rephrase that. Can you remember your name?”

Oh ok. Name ya I can do that.

“Rita Skeeter” I said loudly.

“Okaay. Um this isn’t good. Are you sure that’s your name?”

“Of course. Why wouldn’t my name be Rita Skeeter?”

“Because your not Rita Skeeter.” He said delicately.

“Really. Oh ok. Then who am I?”

“You’re Callie Clark from Gryffindor.”

“Noope doesn’t ring a bell.”

“Crap. Ok how many fingers am I holding up.” He said holding one hand up.

“Defiantly sixteen.”

“Try again.”

I squinted my eyes.

“Oh four.”

“Good job! And your name…”

“Callie Clark.”

“What house?”

“Gryffindor house”

“What position on the quidditch team.”

“Keeper.” My head was starting to hurt from all these questions.

“Try again.”

“Uhh oh seeker right.”

“How do you know all this stuff about me? I don’t even know you.” I asked

“That might just be the concussion talking. And well I’ve heard stories about you.”
He said with a warm smile.

He held out his hand. “Like I said, I’m Roger Davies. I’m on the Ravenclaw quidditch team.”

I shook his hand, very wobbly I might add.

“Would you like me to escort you back to your compartment?”

“No. I can take it from here.” I said still holding onto his hand.

I got up with much help from him including him basically picking me up and setting me down on my feet again.

“Thaaannn.” I managed to get out before the stars clouded my vision. I didn’t realize it until it was too late but I was falling forward again, this time right into his very toned, broad, muscular chest.

“Whoa! There is no way I’m letting you walk back to your compartment on your own.”

“Why not?”

“Because you can’t even stand up.”

I looked down. He was right. If it wasn’t for his strong grip around my shoulders I would be back on the floor by now.

“But why would you want to help me?”

“Well… because you need it. And I’m partly the reason you’re in this mess in the first place.”

“Soo… That doesn’t mean you need to help me.”

“Yes it does. It’s my job to make sure you get back all right.”

“Why?” I asked trying to take a step with my feet and failing.

“Because,” He said catching me and pulling me back into his chest with one arm around my shoulders and the other holding my left arm. “I’m a gentleman.”

“A gentleman! How refreshing. You don’t see too many of those, especially not in my immediate group of friends.” I snorted.

“I thought you were a Gryffindor and had friends in the same house.”


“Well shouldn’t the boys be gentlemen too?”

I snorted again “Just because they’re ‘brave and loyal’ doesn’t mean their not immature and stupid.”

“Well I’m glad I could make up for the lack of manners in your house.” He said with a friendly wink.

“Well I guess some Gryffindors have manners just none in my grade.”

“I’ll bet there are a few that are decent.”

“Fred and George Weasley?”

“I said a few.”

We both laughed. I really like this Roger Davies guy; he’s got great taste in hair product as Alicia would say.

“Besides,” He said letting me sit down again because I was getting winded from laughing “I hear you have Wood in your gang. Not only is he immature and stupid but he’s arrogant and big headed. Oh sorry. I forgot you two were friends.”

I started choking on air.

“Wood and I will never be friend. We hate each others guts.”


“Really.” Well maybe that wasn’t true. He did save me from getting trampled by oblivious first years. Then he actually looked like he seriously cared if I left the compartment. But then again, what bad would happen if I left the compartment. Would the first years be out for blood? Well like I said earlier he is just worried about losing his seeker. Remember I do win the games.

“Good he’s not good enough for you.”

“Huh?” what is that suppose to mean?

“I mean- well he- and never mind.”

“No tell me, why am I too good for the famous hot headed Wood?”

“Well, because you’re beautiful.” my mouth fell open.

“You have the best attitude, the prettiest smile, you’re the best seeker at Hogwarts, all the girls want to be you, all the boys drool over you, you’re almost as smart as Angelina which is saying something, you’re the funniest person in our grade besides Fred and George, you’re super sweet except to the Slytherins and Wood, yet at the same time you, are feisty and strong and can kick the arse of almost any guy stupid enough to cross you, and you’re totally oblivious to how drop dead gorgeous you really are and that’s what makes you beautiful.” he said out of breathe and slightly blushing.

My eyes got wide. My mouth became really dry causing me to swallow dramatically. And my face was really hot. This must be blushing. I have never blushed before. I don’t think I like it.

“You must be thinking of my room mates. No guy has ever liked me.”

“That’s because of your brothers.”

“What! What do they have to do with all this?”

“Uhh lets walk you back to your compartment I’ll explain the rest on the way.” He said helping me up yet again. I started getting dizzy but luckily he all ready had his arms around me to keep me from falling down. I took a cautious first step, once I realized the floor wouldn’t suddenly disappear I started taking another step, big mistake. My head was throbbing, I don’t know if it was from just being called beautiful or if it was from the head injury.

“You ok?” he asked me in a caring voice.

“I’m fin- whoopsies” I said as I tripped over a flat surface. “Just fine, now explain yourself.”

He laughed. “Well all your Hogwarts years you have had older brothers to keep you from doing stupid things right?”

“Wrong. I still did stupid things. I once jumped off the Astronomy tower. Ok so I was pushed. Fred wanted to see if someone would die if they fell off. I volunteered and was only saved by Wood flying by on his broomstick. Now that I think about it Wood has saved me a lot… jerk.”

He laughed again. He has a great laugh. “Anyway they have protected you from any danger they knew about right?”

“Well yeah that’s why I never told them anything.”

“Well… ever since your first year any boy that had a crush on you was silenced by your brothers.”

“Wait what!?”

“You think that the reason you’ve never had a boyfriend is because you think that you aren’t pretty, which is a lie by the way. But the real reason is, your brothers have always been there to threaten to kill any boy who so much as looks at you.”

My head was starting to spin even faster. My brothers have been “protecting” me from boys my whole life. I could have had boyfriends years ago. I was stuck in my denial bubble thinking I wasn’t pretty and telling myself I wasn’t interested in boys because of them. I was in denial; I thought that if I keep telling my self that I don’t like boys because they will never like me back, I would be happy.

Well POP goes my denial bubble.

“They really do that?”

“Yup I’ve gotten threatened by them a few times before.” He said blushing again.

Wow, so it’s all my dumb brothers fault.

“Ya I’m kinda surprised they didn’t enlist Fred, George, and Lee to watch over you.” He said as we slowly made our way past the trolley with sweets. Is it just me or is it taking us forever to get back.

“Huh?” I said for like the fifth time today.

“Well since Joe graduated last year there’s no one here to make sure the boys are staying away from you. So I was wondering if they talked to Fred, George and Lee about keeping an eye on you.”

“An eye on me?”

“Well ya all the boys in the school now know that you are totally available so they are probably going to do anything to get you.


“There’s not a boy in this grade who hasn’t been dying for this year since they first laid eyes on you. Now that your brother is gone they all can make your move, doing exactly what your brothers have been avoiding for years. So I just thought that they would call in backup all though I must say your backup team isn’t really the best…” he said as we came to a stop from our five minute walk to the back of the train to the front. We had arrived at my compartment and my “rescue team” was pacing all around the cabin looking like dorks running into each other and thinking at the same time. The only person who wasn’t pacing around like a fish out of water was Wood who was sitting down smirking at them.

“Well I guess they can take it from here.” I said a bit sadly. I really like Roger and maybe just maybe I had a slight crush on him. I didn’t want to go back to my lying guy friends who try to keep me from having a social life.

“I was wondering if you uh I don’t know wanted to go for a walk around the castle tomorrow night?” I asked blushing a little bit. Darn these boys and their constant tactics to make me blush.

“I would love to, if that’s ok with your rescue team.” He said pointing to my bumbling friends.

We both laughed. Have I said that I like his laugh?

I opened the door and the flopping of the fish stopped. All eyes were going back and forth to me then Roger then his arms around my shoulders keeping me from falling. I’m sure that in my knights in shining armors eyes, the gesture was not cool with them who were scowling deeply.

Alicia took a long look at Roger and hiked her skirt up a little more revealing a lot of leg. Roger didn’t notice. Lee did, and his scowl deepened even more.

“Hey guys.” I said nervously “You would not believe what just happened. Most interesting train ride I’ve ever had.” I said with a sideways glance at Roger, which earned me a growl from Fred.

“More interesting than the time Angelina’s pet cat ‘jumped’ out the window and it died of shock?” said George.

“What do you mean jumped? You mean when you three threw it out the window and we had to stop the train to go get it but she was already dead?”

“Yup!” George said giving his brother a high five, and then quickly resuming his scowling at Roger with his Fred.

“Okaay… so second most interesting train ride I’ve ever had. Oh don’t give me that look Ang it was pretty funny. Hey put your wand away!” I scolded.

“I should probably explain.” Said Roger politely “Callie was running away from something” I shot my friends a glare “when she didn’t look where she was going and I didn’t jump out of the way fast enough, and she ran into me.”

The boys did not look convinced.

“Then after she hit me she went flying back several feet, hit her head on the door, then the door knob, fell on a few huge trunks, hit her head on the corner of one and passed out.”

We all stood with our mouths resting comfortably on the floor.

“Oh please we’ve all used that one!” said Fred while the boys chimed in with “Yas” and “oldest trick in the book”

“I’m not lying, look at her forehead if you don’t believe me.” He said while pointing to my temple.

Everyone gasped and Fred whipped out his wand and pointed it at Roger. “What did you do to her?”

“He didn’t do anything. Besides what are you talking about I am just fi- Holy Crap!” I yelled as Katie whipped out a little mirror from her bag and shined it up to my face. No wonder I had people staring at me the entire drunk looking walk here! My right side of my face was entirely covered in blood. Ok so not entirely it was just trickling down my temple which explains the headache. It was really bruised but not swollen thank goodness. How did I not notice this before?

“I didn’t tell you before because I didn’t want you to worry.” He said reassuringly.

“Well since she’s back here safely there’s no need for you to stick around, right Davies?” Said a voice from the back. I looked over to see Wood glaring darkly at Roger. I forgot he was here. Heck, I forgot he even existed; well it was nice while it lasted.

Rogers jaw tightened “No I guess there isn’t Wood.” His tone laced with ice.

“Good so you’ll be on your way then?”

“If you want me to leave, could you make it more obvious?” Roger said with sarcasm. Go Roger!

“Yes I can. No one here likes you Roger. Go away!”

“WOOD SHUT UP!!!! I yelled

“Well not necessarily no one.” said Katie trying to keep the peace.

“I get the memo, I’ll leave now” he said helping me back into my seat.

I looked over at Wood who was looking very smug with himself, and remembered he was also in on the plot to destroy my social life. He is kicking the guy I have a crush on out of the room and he is winning. I cannot let him win at anything.

I put on my sweetest eyes and my prettiest smile. “Bye Roger can’t wait till tomorrow night for our date!” I said as I got up and kissed him on the cheek.

He blushed smiled and walked out the door.

I looked at Wood. The smug expression had been slapped off his face. His jaw clenched in rage and his huge brown eyes were sending me mixed messages.

1. He was furious with Roger for even touching me.
2. I was getting more laps for this
3. And three he was not going to let it happen again.

“WHAT THE BLOODY HELL WAS THAT!!!!!!” Screamed the other three boys.

I started laughing as I sat back down, their faces were priceless.

This is a really big deal. I have never held hands with a boy. I have never had interaction with a boy outside of a friendly conversation. So for me to go and get my self concussed, then plan a date with dishy, as Katie would call it, Roger Davies, then kiss him on the cheek after publically flirting with him it totally unCallie like. And as the boys totally unacceptable.

“I know what you’re doing.” I said seriously.

“Know what?” Asked Angelina?

“That my brothers sent you three boys on a mission to make sure I don’t get my self a boyfriend while their gone.”

They’re mouths dropped to the floor… again; man what is up with all this jaw dropping news today.

Lee eyed me suspiciously “How did you figure it out?”

I really wanted to tell them I was just smart like that but they knew I would be lying.

“Roger told me.” I said loudly.

“Dodger told you? I’m gonna kill that creep.” Wood said with a menacing sneer.

I rolled my eyes “All right but if you’re gonna kill him make it some time after tomorrow night. I have a date then.” It felt weird saying date. I guess I would have get used to it I thought with a smile.

“Ya we heard.” Alicia said with a little bit of jealousy.

“When are we gonna get there. This is feeling like the longest train ride ever.” Angelina said obviously forgetting about her dead cat.

“You’re telling me.” I said clutching me head which was still bleeding. That’s the good thing about being tough; you could care less about things like that because it’s so meaningless when you’ve just figured out that all the boys at you’re school are crazy about you.

“Life sucks.” I thought sarcastically.

So here is the next chapter, much better right? Well the next chapter will be even better. I’m switching things up and adding Oliver’s point of view. Not enough storied have Oliver’s opinion so I’m adding one. Oh and I just found out that there is another Oliver Wood/ OC story with the heroine named Callie. Oops! Sadly it’s too late to change the name. But if the author ever reads it I’m sorry I didn’t know. Anyway please review. I’ve been only a reader for most of my fan fiction life and never realized how important and exiting it is to get review. So please dear readers will you please review. Thank you and Lots of Love. – Xanthe

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