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Time-Travel Mishaps! by AccioSachio
Chapter 3 : One awkward dinner time...
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Once the odd grouping had all sat around the large dining table, that Mrs Weasley had transfigured to make bigger, there was an awkward pause as they started digging into their chicken pot pie. Harry had no idea what to say to his future family let alone how to start up a conversation to begin with. Instead it was Lily who spoke first.

"I hope mummy and daddy can find us a way back soon," she said softly, unconciously looking towards the teenage version of her parents. "I really don't want to miss christmas."

"Me neither," grumbled James. "I'm pretty sure they got me the latest Firebolt broom aswell." he grinned towards his youthful father. Harry returned it with a small smile.

"James it was all your fault in the first place," scolded Rose.

"Now, now," Interrupted Mrs Weasley before James could respond. "Lets not put blame on anyone, i am sure young James feels bad enough." James hung his head in mock embarassment. Teddy kicked him under the table. "So dears, how about you all tell us a little about the future? Not too much though."

The future children all looked around at eachother uneasily. Teddy's eyes locked first with his mothers and then with his fathers. Even though he hoped, and was certain, his godfather would get them back soon, he wanted to enjoy the time he has with his parents.

Remus's eyes met his stranger son and Teddy got that abashed look on his face once more. He was sure that these children were trying very hard to not give away certain bits of future information but he understood how difficult that must be for them. On another pressing matter, along with wondering how to get them back to their own time, Remus wondered why they all looked so uncomfortable. And then a thought hit him...

"We don't all make it do we?" blurted out Remus without thinking. When everyones heads swivelled around to him in an almost comical way he hastily began to stuff down more pie.

"What ever are you suggesting Remus?" asked Hermione quietly.

He swallowed loudly. "What i mean to say is, do some people in this room not exist in your time?"

Another long pause followed as the children weighed up their responses. Finally Teddy spoke up.

"You are correct," he murmered, taking Victoires hand under the table. "There are four people in here that we have never met."

Another pause followed. Mrs Weasley grabbed her husbands arm for support and was breathing heavily as she took in this information. Most of the people at the dinner table were her own kin so that did not make the odds good.

Meanwhile to Mrs Weasley hysterics, Fred and George were trying to figure out who could not be alive.

"Well," began Fred loudly. "Harry and Ginny obviously make it because we just spoke to them. And by the sounds of it mum and dad too. Is that right?" Teddy just nodded at the uncle he has never met.

George continued for his twin. "And unless Hugo and Rose here are orphans i assume Ron and Hermione are alive and well too. Right?" Hugo and Rose just nodded.

Teddy could feel it getting close. He did not want this type of confontation right now. Luckily his father was apparently thinking the same thing.

"Let us not talk about this right now," interrupted Remus. "Let's just enjoy eachothers company." he forced a smile round at everyone. His eyes rested breifly on his future 'wife' and then his eyes locked with Teddy.

Teddy looked down at his hands in what seemed like sadness. Remus felt his own heart sink as a sudden morbid thought struck him.

Once dinner was finished and the kitchen was clear, the group of people dispersed around the grimy house. James and Albus followed George and Fred up to their room. They had heard the stories and of course had been to their shop. Even though Albus was not a fan of pranks, he'd rather be in on them then be pranked.

Lily and Rose went with their teenage mothers up to their shared room which was decided as where they would be sleeping also. Hermione and Ginny left the table both with awkward and embarassed glances towards their friends and future husbands. Ron and Harry awkwardly took Hugo on a tour of the house, forgetting that he has been there in the future.

Mr and Mrs Weasley had gone into the main living area with Sirius in an attempt to try and get rid of the tapestry in there once more. With no such luck. In the kitchen all who were left was Remus, Tonks, Teddy and Victoire. Tonks, sensing that Teddy and Remus wanted to be alone, tactfully got herself and Victoire out of the room.

"Victoire, why don't we go for a walk around the garden and get to know eachother, even though we know eachother in the future and the garden is only small, the evening is nice and mild." said Tonks standing up gesturing to the doors leading out to the handkercheif sized patch of grass. Victoire stood with a smile and followed her out after sharing a small nod with her fiancee.

There was a small silence between Teddy and his father before he decided to say something.

"Dinner was great huh?" he asked forcing cheerfulness through his unnecessary small talk.

Remus said nothing for a few seconds and then looked up into his sons eyes. "Have we met before?" he said it without hesitation or emotion. He watched as Teddy's eyes turned from lemon yellow to solid black. With them, his hair went from the bright blue to a mournful grey colour. Not dissimilar to Remus' own hair.

Teddy didn't know what to say to him. "I was brought up by my Grandmother Andromeda until i was seven and she died. Harry and GInny have looked after me ever since."

The breath went out of Remus but he nodded looking down. "I thought just as much, i'm so-" he stopped as a thought hit him, just as Teddy realised his mistake.

No! mouthed Remus sadly. "Well that's two of the people you have never met then." he muttered quietly. "When did we die? Was it together?" he asked his orphaned son.

Teddy nodded. "You died together in the battle of Hogwarts." he winced again at his faux par, but decided to carry on nevertheless. "I was only a few weeks old."

"Battle of..." started Remus but then shook away the thought. He could ask about that another time. "I'm so sorry you were left alone, are you planning on telling her?" he asked gesturing out the window to Tonks.

"Probably," replied Teddy following his gaze. "It's okay though, Grandma was great until she got sick, i saw Harry and Ginny nearly everyday when i was young and was more then happy to live with them. I had never known you so it wasn't like i had any greif of my own. Sure i wished i had met you when i was old enough to remember, but i have loads of pictures of you and mum and Uncle Harry even gave me the map during my time at Hogwarts. He gave it to James when i left. I am just really grateful, despite this whole mess, that i can finally meet you."

Remus was touched. And without a second thought placed a comforting hand on his sons shoulder. They were basically the same height, Teddy being just a mere inch taller.

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