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Crossed Paths by Viikidaviking
Chapter 1 : Crossed Dreams
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8th March, Camelot 5th Century AD

He had been put in the stocks…again.

Uther seemed to thoroughly enjoy every time he sent Merlin to the stocks and by now it was becoming a recurring thing. Prince Arthur liked to ignore his father’s words and sneak off to do his own thing and being his man servant, Merlin was the one to try and sort things out with the king. Being an awful liar these trips always seemed to end with a long time spent in the stocks.

Walking back through the castle of Camelot, Merlin pulled a piece of tomato from his hair before flicking it away. Once again his clothes would need cleaning as now his shoulders and sleeves were covered in rotten vegetables. You would think that throwing rotten vegetables at the same person would become boring, but this event seemed to please everyone. Rolling his eyes at the thought Merlin finaly arrived back at the Court Physicians.

Within seconds of walking through the door he was meted with a sideways glance from Gaius as he spotted him. “I see you’ve been in the stocks again,” the old man mentioned as Merlin walked into the room. “Do you really have nothing better to do? Perhaps I should start giving you more chores so you might manage to keep yourself out of trouble.”

Not bothering to say anything in reply, Merlin closed to door behind him before grabbing a jug of water and pouring the contents into a bowl on the desk. Slowly he began to clean the bits of vegetable out of his hair as he thought about what to say. This was the fifth time he had been in the stocks in the past month and Uther was starting to become a little angry with him. No matter what Merlin said the king would call him stupid and send him instantly to the stocks to be pelted with vegetables. People had become so board of the usual tomatoes they had started to throw potatoes and anything else they could get their hands on at him.

Closing his eyes for a moment the young warlock sighed before looking over towards his guardian, “I blame Arthur for this,” he replied as he prised another bit of vegetable from his hair. “He won’t listen to me. Every time I tell him something’s a bad idea he completely ignores me and goes out on his adventures anyway. Every time he asks me to sort things out with Uther and every time the king’s only idea of sorting things out is to throw me in the stocks. Sometimes I’m lead to believe that Arthur is just a royal prat.”

There was a moment of silence as both men looked at each other before Gaius sighed and put whatever he was working on back on the workbench. “Arthur will be Arthur,” the Physician replied in his usual kindly tones. “As for now I don’t think you can do anything about it. I would just put up with being thrown in the stocks for now, something will arise soon I’m sure.” The old man paused before looking back down at the table. “Now how about you go and change your shirt and eat something.”

Nodding his head at his Gaius’ words, Merlin tipped the rest of the water from the jug over his hair for good measure before walking off into the room in the back where he slept. Quickly pulling off his dirty shirt and finding a clean one the young man paused and looked at his reflection in the window. There were bag under his usually bright gray-blue eyes and there were still traces of rotten vegetables in his short black hair. With an irritated sigh Merlin pulled the clean shirt over his head before walking in search of food.

By the time he had left his chambers Gaius had already set out a bowl of food. Hungrily Merlin sat in the empty chair before dragging bowl towards him. It was nothing much, some cheap meat stew Gaius had obviously made earlier and thankfully there were no vegetables in it. With a thankful smile in the old physicians direction Merlin began to taking mouthfuls of the stew and allow it to run down his throat. Closing his eyes slightly to keep the taste on his tongue Merlin made sure to saviour every mouthful of his meal.

Once finished the young warlock stood, picked up his bowl before bringing it over to the rest of the dirty dishes. Reaching for the old cloth to clean up after himself, Gaius shook his head at him before pointing towards his bed. “You need sleep Merlin,” the old man noted with a kind smile. “No doubt Arthur will want help tomorrow.”

“Thanks,” Merlin replied before dragging his feet off towards his bed. Somehow he managed to make it all the way over to his bed before flopping down on it. Merlin’s eyelids began to droop as he stared at his window at the reflection of himself. Sighing once again he rolled over in his bed so he was staring at the wall before finaly closing his eyes and allowing sleep to overcome him.



8th March, London 2033

London was cloaked in darkness as the final drunken cries of Happy Birthday died down into fits and bawls of laughter. Light streamed from the open window of the London flat as both woman and men danced around with glasses of alcohol in their hands. Stuck up on the walls were banners and balloons all reading the same thing: ‘Happy 26th Birthday Albus Potter’

Albus was stuck in the middle of the crowd of dancing and drunken fools trying ever so desperately to escape his older brother’s grasp. James Potter gripped his brother’s arm tightly as he spun him around in circles slurring out the words to the 80’s power ballad ‘You’re the Voice.’ Around him other people joined in with the singing whilst throwing their arms around madly, many types of alcohol sloshing over the side of their cups and falling to the floor.

The 26 year old looked disgustedly at the many puddles on the floor as he continued to try and prise his 27 year old brother’s hand off him. He was the one of the only sane and completely not drunk person in the small London flat and all he wanted to do was get away from all the noise and drink and find his comfortable bed. Green eyes darting madly around the room he soon saw hope in the form of his red haired cousin, Rose, as she leaned against the far wall with her arms folded across her chest, eyes watching everything in front of her.

In the last attempt to get his brother off him, Albus managed to pull his wand from his back pocket and paralyze him, not that the idiot minded. With a slurred smile James fell backwards into the crowds of people only for them to gawk at him then laugh louder. Albus rolled his eyes at his drunken friends and family as he pushed through the crowds towards Rose only for her to tare her eyes away from the crowds and glare at him angrily.

“Why on earth did you think this was a good idea?” She asked hotly as she narrowed her eyes. “With everyone screaming like idiots you would think someone would hear.”

Albus shrugged his shoulders heavily before leaning back against the wall beside his cousin and watching the party. “I just thought this was going to be a friendly get together, of course my brother and Hugo had other ideas about that.”

Rose snorted before looking towards the table where the food was laid out, but most of that was covered by many bottles and glasses of alcohol. Albus followed her gaze before hiding a yawn behind his hand. James and Hugo may have been the life of the party, but they were becoming annoying and trying to break and push over everything and everyone in sight. Albus had been the one running around like an idiot fixing everything and prising the two of them apart, alone he could handle, both of them together was a completely different story.

“I just want this party to be over so I can go to bed,” Albus admitted tiredly. “Would you mind handling things whilst I go and hit the sack?”

Rose turned her hot gaze towards her cousin and she narrowed her eyes even further like she was some kind of cat. “This is your party,” she replied angrily, but even though her eyes were narrowed a small smile was appearing on her face. “But I suppose I can kick everyone out for you as it is your birthday.”Albus grinned as he leaned forwards to kiss his cousin on the cheek, but Rose slapped his face away with a glare. “You better piss off before I change my mind.”

“Thanks Rosie,” Albus replied with a smile. “And when you find Scorp, remind him he’s clearing up.” With those last words Albus turned and rushed back through the crowds before anyone could hold him back before opening his bedroom door, stepping in and slamming it closed behind him. Pulling his wand out quickly, Albus cast a silencing spell on the door before locking it so no one could come and disturb his well earned rest. Without a second thought Albus flopped down on his bed and without even getting dressed he was instantly asleep.


He was dreaming. There was no question about it as he opened his eyes to find himself standing in the middle of a field. In the distance there was the silhouette of a great castle and Albus had a hard time believing he was in a dream, everything just looked at felt so real. Hearing a twig snap in the distance Albus snapped his head towards the source of the sound, fingers reaching into his pocket to withdraw his wand. “Who’s there?” He called shakily into the gloom.

The only reply Albus got was the hoot of an owl as it rested on a branch deep inside the forest flanking all sides of the field. Just as Albus was about to relax there was another twig snap and this time another male appeared around his age. The two stared in confusion at each other as Albus felt his grip on his wand tighten. The man standing in front of him had gray-blue eyes and short black hair, but the strangest thing about him was what he was wearing. It was like no clothes Albus had ever seen before.

He wore a simple blue shirt which looked like it was made out of some kind of old cloth. His trousers were simple brown in color and his shoes were ankle high, but they still looked like they were made years ago. Compared to Albus in his pair of denim jeans, white smart shirt and a black blazer the man standing in front of him looked like he was from centuries in the past.

“Who are you?” Albus demanded, knuckles turning white because of the grip on his wand.

Surprisingly the stranger replied calmly. “Merlin. What about you?”

Merlin. That name sounded strangely familiar to Albus but he just couldn’t put his finger on it. Slightly releasing his tight grip on his wand he relaxed his muscles slightly as he looked at the peculiar man. “I’m Albus, Albus Potter.”

The two of them looked at each other without saying another word before the stranger called Merlin took a pace forwards. “You’re wearing odd clothes,” he commented with a slightly frown.

“I could say the same,” Albus retorted.

Strangely Merlin chuckled slightly as he continued to observed Albus with cool gray eyes. For a moment his eyes lingered on Albus’s wand, but it was too quick to register before his eyes had moved on. No words were spoken as the two of them continued to observe each other, neither noticing the thick fog forming around them. After what seemed like hours of silence Merlin finaly spoke up again. “Are you a sorcerer?” Albus stared blankly at Merlin as he gestured to the wand still clutched firmly in his hand. “That looks like something magical to me, that’s all.”

Still not saying a word Albus looked at the other male sceptically as Merlin held out his hand. Suddenly Albus felt a tingle go down his spine and all the hairs at the back of his neck turn up like something was going to happen. Then without warning Merlin muttered a word Albus did not catch and suddenly the other males eyes flashed bright orange like there was fire burning in them. Within a second the fire in Merlin’s eyes was gone and suddenly his hand burst alight.

Albus took a jump back with fright, but he could not tare his eyes away from the fire burning in Merlin’s hand. “H-how did you do that?” Albus stuttered out as he stared at Merlin.

“Magic,” Merlin replied calmly as he stared at the fire in his own hand.

Gulping loudly, Albus held out his own wand like he could suddenly trust the other man. “Incendio.”

Suddenly the grass separating the two of them burst into flames and a small smile crept onto Merlin’s face. “That was no language I have ever heard of,” he commented as the fire in his hand died out. “May I ask where you’re from Albus Potter?”

Quickly quenching the fire before it burnt down everything Albus looked up at the other man before slowly replacing his wand in his pocket. This was all so crazy. This was all just a silly dream, he had obviously had too much to drink at his party. There was no way he was having this conversation with someone he had never seen before. Green eyes never leaving the other man he decided to answer the question. If this was all a dream it would do no harm. “London, 2033.”

Merlin’s eyes widened slightly as he looked over at Albus, but still the younger man said nothing. Just as it looked like the other wizard was about to say something, another ghostly voice cut him off. The two off them widely looked around to find a thick ring of fog had surrounded them and the area where they both stood was the only place not cloaked in fog. The two men took a step away from each other and their eyes darted around looking for the source of the ghostly voice.

The voice was saying something, but it’s words were getting lost in the fog and Albus couldn’t make out what the voice was saying. However as the voice got louder, words still unknown, the fog started to turn black like dyed with ink. Albus looked over towards Merlin to find him looked unnaturally clam as he stared into the black fog looking for the source of the voice. The words defiantly belonged to a woman, but her words made no sense to the 26 year old, but in Merlin’s expression it seemed he knew what they meant.

Suddenly the fog began to close in on the two of them and instantly the adult wizard grabbed for his wand. Holding it out at the fog like he knew a spell which would stop it advancing, Albus felt a shiver run down his spine. The voice was getting louder and louder as the fog was moving in faster and faster. Spinning around madly in search of something to help the two of them out, but no help came. Within an instant the fog was upon them and all Albus could see was darkness and the last thing he was aware of was the woman’s voice screaming in his ears.


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