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Dursley or Potter? by LilyEvansJamesPotter4ever
Chapter 1 : Change in Life
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Chapter 1





''Mum! Mum! There's a letter for you! It just arrived the Muggle way! Who do we know who uses the Muggle Post! I mean why would anybody write on a piece of parchment and leave it in a box? Why don't they use owls their soooo much better and quicker!'' shouted Harry who was a very curious boy. As a result his curiosity usually got him into trouble.










''Bring it here darling! If you really want to know so much about Muggles go ask Mr Weasley! He does work the misuse of Muggle artifacts office.'' shouted Lily as Harry came bounding down the stairs were Lily was making pancakes.










''Here you go what does it say?''










Dear Lily,
It's me your sister petunia. I know we haven't seen each other in a while and frankly I don't' want to see you and your freak family but a problem has come up and I'm afraid you are the only one who can help me. Our two eldest children Dudley and Primrose have shown signs of freakishness and Vernon and I don't want them anymore! I will have nothing to do with your freakish world so I'm giving you the choice of coming and taking them away to raise them as your own but if you are not here by tomorrow afternoon I shall be throwing them out on the street! If you do decide to come and pick them up I would like you to send a reply the normal way. They will be waiting on the front steps of our house as Vernon, our children and I shall be out enjoying a day out that will not consist of any freakishness what so ever!
Your sincerely Petunia Dursley










''Should I go get Shadow the owl then? She said she wanted a reply the normal way.'' asked Harry who was very confused.










'' No... Don't worry we'll send a reply...'' replied Lily who obviously wasn’t listening to one word her son was saying.










''Honey! What was all that yelling you guys woke up Megan!'' said James as he walked down the stairs with a little 5 year old girl with Red Hair like her mum and Hazel eyes that were exactly the same as her fathers. Her little eyes were barley open and she was snuggled up to her father’s chest.










''Oh sorry Honey! It's just that I've got a letter from my sister Petunia.... She doesn’t want her two eldest children because they've shown signs of magic! Or what she calls Freakishness in her household. Oh James! Can we go and get them the poor darlings! Imagine what their feeling! I would hate that to happen to me or any of our children!'' pleaded Lily.










''Ok, I can't believe how horrible your sister and her husband are! If any of my children were squibs I would still love them just as much as I would if they were wizards or witches. Of Course we can go and get them tomorrow! Let's send a reply the normal way then I'll go and find Shadow do you think he's back from hunting?''










''Honestly James petunia means the Muggle way not our way!'' said Lily laughing. '' Quick we need to go and start on their rooms. What colors do you think their favorite colors are?''. So the Potters started getting ready for their new arrivals.










‘’Are we there yet?’’ asked Harry. He was sitting in the backseat of the Potters car while Megan was playing with her dolls while babbling nonsense to her dolls.










‘’Nearly! Just around this corner!’’ said James, boy did he hate Muggle machines they were so slow.










As the Potter family arrived they spotted two small children who looked around the same age as Harry and Megan sitting on the steps with gloomy expressions on their face.










‘’Oh look at them! They look so sad lets go and get them quickly.’’ exclaimed Lily.










‘’Hello! I’m your Aunt Lily, this is your Uncle James and these are your cousins Harry and Megan, we’ve come to take you to live with us!’’










The little girl looked up and said miserably ‘’ you Wally w-want us, M-mummy says that we’re f-freaks!’’ and she burst into tears.










‘’Of course we want you! Don’t listen to a thing you mummy and daddy told you about being freaks. You are just gifted and able to do Magic!’’ said Lily.










‘‘Magic! Mummy says Magic is for freaks! That means I’m a freak I didn’t mean to make her hair to turn pink! I was just thinking about what she would look like with pink hair and it turned Pink!’’










‘’ Well your parents don’t understand the Gift of Magic. Come on let’s take you home!’’ said Lily giving the little girl a hug ‘’and they all got in the car and drove home.










When they arrived home Lily gave Dudley and Primrose a tour of the house.










‘’ Welcome to Potter Manor!’’ Lily said as they walked in the door. ‘’ This is the Entrance Hall!’’ she said as they walked into a huge room complete with chandelier, a fire place and some deep red couches. ‘’ This door’’ said Lily as she pointed to a door next to the fireplace ‘’ is the Kitchen and this one is the Lounge Room. Now there is also a bathroom and a Dining Room where we have our meals. Upstairs we have Uncle James and my room, Harry’s Room and Megan’s Room as well as your rooms. Now follow me and I’ll show you them.’’ Lily led them up the stairs and showed them Primrose’s Room which was pink with a big pink bed against the wall and a walk in cupboard. ‘’ You also have a bathroom complete with bath, shower, toilet and sink. Now there are plenty of fluffy towels under the sink so Primrose I will let you settle in while I take Dudley up to his room. Enjoy!’’ said Lily.










‘’I will and thanks Aunt Lily’’ said Primrose disappearing into the bathroom to take a shower.










‘’ Now it’s your turn Dudley.’’ Said Lily as she grabbed Dudley hand and lead him into his Bedroom. Dudley was acting very stubborn. Poor kid thought Lily. How could her sister do this to her poor kids? It was going to take a lot of work to gain Dudley’s trust.










‘’Here you go! Welcome to Dudley’s room!’’ exclaimed Lily as she opened the door.





Dudley’s room was much the same as Primroses but it was blue instead.





‘’Right, I’ll leave you to unpack your things. Dinner will start at 6.00 so I would like you to have a shower and then come down to the dining room.’’ Said Lily and she turned and left leaving Dudley to unpack.










Dudley had not packed very much as his mother had told him that he was only able to take anything of his that had been able to fit inside his suitcase so being Dudley he had bought all his comics, computer games which was strange seeing that he didn’t own a computer at the moment, His favorite toys but absolutely no cloths, toothbrush or hairbrush. After unpacking Dudley went into the bathroom and started the bath. Even Dudley couldn’t find anything to complain about. The bath had 10 different buttons, each one a different colored liquid came out. There was also a temperature knob so you could adjust how warm or cold you wanted it. There was also another tap and another lot of buttons you could press to make different types of bubbles to come out. After a bit of fiddling Dudley finally chose green colored water that smelt like mint and star shaped bubbles that were blue and spelt like blueberries. Then he hopped it and enjoyed his bath.





Meanwhile in Primroses room she had had her shower and was now wondering what on earth she was going to wear as she too didn’t bring any cloths with her being only allowed to bring one small suitcase with her.





‘’Primrose dear! Dinner will be ready at 6.00 so come down to the Dining Ro- didn’t you bring any extra cloths dear? You can’t very well wear that dress for the rest of your life can you now? Come on I’ll get you a dress from Meg’s closet and we’ll go get you some more cloths tomorrow. Ok?’’ said Lily.





‘’Oh Aunt Lily you don’t need to do that for me! I don’t want you to spend money on me! You’re already letting me stay here, that’s all I need.’’ said Primrose embarrassed.





‘’No, no don’t be silly! You’re as good as my daughter now! You deserve exactly what I get for Harry and Meg! Now here you go’’ said Lily zapping one of Meg pretty pink and white dresses out of thin air and handing it to Primrose. ‘’There you go now remember diners at 6.00’’ said Lily and then disappeared out the door.










It was 6.00 and Primroses was making her way downstairs with Megan who with she had become very good friends with talking about Magic.










‘’ And when you turn 11 you get a special letter to go to a school called Hogwarts! You do classes like potions and charms and have big feasts. I know quite a few people who are teachers theirs Dumbledore who’s the headmaster and Hagird who’s the Care of Magical Creatures teacher! Wait till you meat Uncle Sirius and Uncle Remus they’re awesome! I think their coming over to dinner tonight to meet you and Dudley.’’ She said










As the girls made their way to the dining room followed by Dudley and Harry who finally had started to talk to each other the doorbell rang.










‘’That must be Sirius and Remus, Could you get the door James?’’ shouted Lily from the kitchen.










‘’Sure Honey!’’ said James as he opened the door. Two tall men walked in the 1st one had long Dark brown hair, grey eyes and a handsome face, while the other had light brown hair, blue eyes and 2 long scar running from his ear to chin.










‘’ Prongs! How are you? Lily how are you and little Harry my seeker look how much you’ve grown and Megan my little fairy princess and who’s this?’’ asked the Dark brown haired man eyeing Dudley and Primrose kindly.





‘’There lily’s sisters children you know I told you what happened’’ said James.





‘’ Well we’re very happy to meet you! ‘’ said the light brown haired man in a hoarse voice.





‘’ You too sir!’’ Replied Primrose while Dudley nodded.

‘’ There’s no need to call me sir! I’m no teacher. Call me Uncle Remus and this is Uncle Sirius’’ said Remus kindly.





‘’ Welcome to the family!’’ and both men gave the children a hug.





‘’Dinners ready!’’ called Lily and they all went into the dining. room to eat the lovely dinner prepared by Aunt Lily and a couple of creatures apparently called House Elves who had very high-pitched voices and round eyes. Each of the House Elves wore pillowcases with a big P sewn on the front. Dudley and Primrose enjoyed their dinner thinking how lucky they were.

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Dursley or Potter?: Change in Life


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