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Hidden Attractions and Ill- Disguised Tricks by Brigadeiro16
Chapter 1 : Letters and Schemes
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Lily Evans was fed up. She couldn’t- no she wouldn’t put up with stinking Potter any longer. And the worst part was that she knew he wasn’t always an egotistical toerag. She saw him with others, and he would laugh and be charming and even sometimes sweet. It didn’t hurt that he was completely toned, either. She could almost imagine even falling for him. But then he had to talk to her. He looked her over as a challenge, someone who just wouldn’t accept him, so had to make a big deal about getting her.

In the beginning, he had just asked her out because he hadn’t snogged her yet and she was pretty (well, she thought she was. At least she wasn’t ugly...). But she said no, since he always picked on Sev. Just thinking about him brought a strong twinge to her chest, but she brushed it aside. Sev- Snape had chosen his own path. But anyways, back to Potter. Since she had first said no, he had looked at her like a prize, like a piece of meat to catch.

He always said he cared about her, but he didn’t even know enough to care. Once she had actually considered it, but after a few days’ careful examination, she knew he didn’t even come close to figuring her out. He seemed like an awesome guy, but one that was just blinded by his pride. She sighed, shaking her head.

Lily sat on her bed and looked at the letter on her pillow. Then her rage again returned, with even more strength than before. She began thinking in all caps.


Her anger turned to sadness. What was with all the emotions today? This was too much. She lay heavily on her mattress and removed her letter from the pillow. She began to re- read.

Dearest Lily,
How has your summer been? It has been much too long. I can’t wait to see you again. In all these lonely hours I have come to a conclusion. I love you, my Lily. I suppose I always have. What can I say, with your hot body and love of rules... Lily, Lily, Lily. When can I see you? A week is much too long to wait.
Your James.
P.S. Remus is demanding to let you know that he had no part in this and is saying it’s terrible and he’s sorry. I don’t know what he’s talking about, love.

She growled. This letter was simply dripping of sappiness. She could almost see the sickly sweetness in the words. She knew James really didn’t care about her. She would be but a prize on his profile. Not that he was incapable of loving anyone, but he honestly hadn’t thought about her feelings at all in this. James would even be easy to handle if she had a boyfriend. But she had never had one. Seventeen and still a lip- virgin, not mention a complete virgin. James would always threaten any boys (and she smiled at the knowledge that there had been many)  who even looked her way. It was as if she had JAMES’ PROPERTY stamped on her forehead. All of the guys, of course, had run away with their tails between their legs. None of them knew James enough to know that he would only harm a potentially dark wizard, and Severus Snape. Lily frowned as she figured that the two were basically synonyms now.

Then a thought hit her. None of the guys knew James enough to pursue her. The idea was like a ton of bricks. If she got with a guy who knew James, then they wouldn’t run away, which meant that other guys would see that they wouldn’t be hurt either.  After that, she might get a proper boyfriend, and James would be knocked off his high horse and maybe taught to think of her feelings. She was the only person James didn’t think of as having feelings. He was surprisingly selfless.

The plan unfolded perfectly in her mind and a smirk curled her lips. She picked up a quill and began her reply.

Pot- James,
Whatever. It’s not like I can really reply to that in a letter. I’ll meet you, Remus, and Sirius at the Leaky Cauldron tomorrow at ten in the morning. I need to get my school shopping done.
- Lily Evans

  She strapped it to his tawny owl, which had refused to leave her side (typical), and it flew off.  Lily put her hair in a bun and trudged downstairs. She had just come up to get a book (which was safely clutched in her left hand), when the large tawny flew through the open window.

As Lily  lounged comfortably on the couch, She heard a sniff coming from the armchair. Petunia had literally been living here, planning her wedding non- stop except to go on dates with that horrible Vernon. He was fat, pink, and had no neck. Something Petunia easily made up for, the giraffe. Lily didn’t even look up at her as she turned her book open. Pride and Prejudice. The red head found it terribly romantic how two people who basically disliked each other on principle fell so deeply in love. It had taught her how important letters were, too. Ever since first reading the book, Lily had kept every single letter she had received, even if they were from Potter or Hogwarts.

  Both girls read peacefully for about an hour when Petunia shrieked. Lily slammed her head up, and upon seeing the large tawny and her older sister’s obvious fear,  laughed. Then she remembered that this must be James’ reply and sighed. Petunia glared at her younger sister as the girl undid the letter from the owl’s leg and read it through.

Charming Lily,

Your reply comes to me with great joy. I can’t wait for us to meet. Both Remus and Sirius will come, but Peter wants to go too. Would that be alright with my dear love?

All my love.


  Lily sighed, wrote

Fine, see you tomorrow

on a piece of parchment, and watched the owl leave. She supposed 'my love' would have to join the short list of things James had called her- hot, sexy, rule- lover, and Red- head. They were all very imaginative and all proved James’ obvious affinity for her. Lily appreciated the compliments, but they made her feel dirty, like a slut. Any girl would much rather be called beautiful. And Lily actually didn’t like the rules and had often broken them, she just needed something to yell at James about, since the old ‘you don’t even know me!’ got old really, really, fast. And everyone really admired his great eyesight. Not many people noticed the long, bright red hair that grew out of Lily's head.

Nice one, James.

  Lily tore her thoughts away from James and focused on his friends. The plan was to strike up a relationship with either Sirius or Remus, James’ best mates. Well, Peter was too but he wasn’t really attractive, and the other other three simply drool- worthy. Sirius struck you immediately as bad- boy. He had that sexy, dark look about him. Not mention great hair, mysterious eyes, and hard muscles. Remus was lean, but also very fit, and his sandy, usually carelessly mussed hair and sweet expression screamed ‘romantic’. James was another thing entirely. He was hot alright, but not bad- boy. Nor was he a romantic. He looked like a nice guy who could give a killer snog. Anyways, Lily hoped to flirt with Remus and Sirius tomorrow, and then would decide who was the better of the two. The plan evolved further in the girl's mind, and with an evil smile, she schemed.

A/N- Hey guys! I got the idea for this story, and I’m going to be writing a lot more of it, as opposed to Changing, but don’t worry, I’ll get to that as soon as inspiration strikes again! I hope you liked it. Don’t worry, there will be lots more dialogue in the next chapters. I just needed to get down how it all started.

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