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Blame it on the Pregnancy Hormones by limwen
Chapter 3 : Izzy Bear
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After sending off the invitations and finishing my paper work, I made my way to the Leaky Cauldron, contemplating my encounter with James.

Why would James automatically assume that we we’re calling off the wedding? I know that he doesn’t really approve of my relationship with Albus, I just can’t seem to figure out why….

Could it be because of my past relationship with him? Could what everyone be saying all these years be true? Could James Sirius Potter have some sort of romantic feelings for me?



HAH! I crack myself up sometimes! Of course he doesn’t! That would be impossible!


So, since it’s not because he is harboring a secret love for me, then what could it be? Maybe he is a seer and has seen our child becoming the new age Voldemort…………………………..? Nah, James would never be able to keep that a secret, he’d start using it as a pick-up line “Hey babe, I can see the future, and you look good tonight,” Or something equally ridiculous……

“BELLA!!” I was literally knocked out of my train of thought by a red head tackling me to the ground. . .

“Rose, please get off me, this cannot be good for the baby,” I said as I lightly pushed her off of me, she smiles as comprehension dawns on her.

“I’m so sorry, I just saw you from over there and I completely forgot that you’re pregnant! How did Albus take the news? How did your parents take the news” she rushed through the last part, leading me inside the Tavern and into a booth in the corner.

“Albus took the news wonderfully; he cannot wait to be a father. And we will most likely have the wedding sometime this month, before I start showing. And my parents have yet to hear the joyous news, we plan to tell everyone on Saturday over dinner,” I inform her in a calm voice, because really, most of the news is good news.

“I told you Albus would be thrilled! And dinner on Saturday should be an interesting one, I would bring tissues if I were you, pregnant people tend to cry a lot,” She patted my shoulder with a sympathetic look on her face. I rolled my eyes.

“I haven’t had a meltdown yet, so maybe I’ll have an easy pregnancy,” I said taking a sip of the water that was sitting on the table.

“I wouldn’t drink that if I were you, I’m pretty sure no one has cleared this table yet,” she said placing some papers on the table. I quickly spit the water out. Gross….

“What are those papers for?” I asked as I used a napkin (I hoped was clean) to wipe the water off my chin.

“Wedding plans,” She said with a smile on her face.

“I thought you came to talk business?” I asked, raising my eyebrow in a quizzical manner.

“I did, wedding business,” She pointed out.

“Well, this should be a long night.” I said slumping down into my chair.


3 hours later: 8:00pm

God I wish I could drink alcohol………


Today is the day.

Todays the day I tell my parents I am not a virgin.

Today is the day I tell them and a whole bunch of other people who I will one day be related to through marriage that I am pregnant….

Today is the day that I could possibly be murdered by my parents own disappointed looks…

Today should be interesting…

“You ready to go?” Albus said as he wrapped his arms around my waist, tugging on my brown belt.

Today I decided to wear a coral color sun dress, with a brown belt around my waist, with brown sandals. And I decided to wear my blond curls down today, only because I don’t have the energy to put it up in a fancy twist bun thing.

“Yep” I said popping the “p”, Albus kissed my cheek (I could feel his smile on my cheek), and then took my hand and led me into my living room.

“I’ll floo over first,” He told me as he entered my fire place.

“Okie Dokie,” but my word were never heard, because by the time the words were out of my mouth he was gone, engulfed by green flames.

I counted to ten and I stepped inside the fire place.











“The Burrow,” And before I knew it I, like Albus, was engulfed by green flames.


The Burrow, in my eyes, always seemed like the perfect place to grow up.  Big fields in the front and back to play in, and a loving family: Two things I can only hope my child will have.

“You’re looking a little pale, are you alright?” Albus asked from across the room with a worried voice as I came out of the fireplace, and that was when I realized I felt like throwing up, or passing out….. Maybe both?

Are pregnant people allowed to floo?

“I don’t think I feel very well,” I said, Albus was by my side as soon as the words left my moth, James, who was taking Albus’ coat, dropped the coat and joined Albus by my side.

“What’s wrong?” Rose said as she entered the room along with a bunch of other people…

That was when I threw up all over James’ shoes…

Yeah, I got class…

“I think I might throw up,” I said, answering Roses question as Albus lead me over to the couch. I could hear her chuckle along with a few other people in the room.

“These were new shoes!” James said, I couldn’t help but smile a little at the distraught look on his face.

It was pretty funny.

“You okay, dear?” Ginny Weasley asked me as she handed me a glass of water. I smiled and nodded as I accepted the water.

“I’m sorry about your shoes, James,” I said after taking a sip of water.

 Albus snorted at my apology, I elbowed him.  

“It’s okay Izzy bear, you’ll just have to name the kid after me and we’ll call it even,” James said. Izzy bear is the “pet name” he gave me when we were dating; he still likes to call me it from time to time.

I was so caught up with scowling at James that I did not realize that A: he pretty much announced that I’m pregnant, and B: someone else entered the room.

“What kid?” was the stern voice of my father, and standing next to him was my charming mother who looked like she might die of shock.

I quickly took Albus’ hand and he gave it a squeeze and whispered in my ear “It’ll be okay,” and in that moment I felt like I could kill a troll!

“The reason why we asked you all to come here for dinner is to tell you all that we will be getting married sometime this month,” I paused, allowing that information to sink in before continuing, “Because I’m pregnant,”  there I said it! And the room just feel died quite, someone could drop a pin and you could hear it….

Albus squeezed my hand again.

Merlin I love him….

“How could you possibly be pregnant?” My mother’s eyes were filled with disappointment and anger, but her voice came out calm.

I was going to reply with a stupid sarcastic comment, but George Weasley beat me to it.

“I could draw you a diagram,” came George’s voice in the sea of silence.

James was the first one to laugh, followed by many other Weasley men. Albus tried his hardest not to smile at the immature joke, but he failed terribly!

My mother looked scandalized and my father looked ready to murder Albus, I think Albus saw this because the smile was swept off his face in one split second.

“Well, I think congratulations are in order,” Harry Potter said coming over and hugging myself and Albus.

After Harry hugged us everyone came over and said congratulations, by that time we were both standing in the middle of the room and had huge smiles on our faces.

But then I realized, my parents weren’t there anymore.

I think Albus realized it as well because he pulled me tighter into his arms, and then kissed my cheek before letting me go.

“I’m just going to go look for my parents,” I said as I started walking away.




After shutting the front door I saw someone off in the distance just sitting there, someone who could be one of my parents.

I started walking towards the person but as I approached he turned around and I saw that it was James.

He must have realized that I thought he was someone else, because he gave me an uncommonly small smile.

“You okay Izzy Bear?” He asked, moving over to make room for me on the ground, even though there was plenty of room.

“My parents left,” I said as I sat down next to him, “I went to look for them after everyone else congratulated us, but I couldn’t find them. . . I knew they would be disappointed and upset, but I didn’t think that they would just leave,” I confided in him, as I have done many times before.

 “I now, you just need to give them time to wrap there head around the fact that their daughter has been doing the dirty,” this was what happens when James try’s to comfort people…

“Doing the dirty? You could just say sex, or shagging! ‘Doing the dirty’ makes me sound like I’m from some bad 80’s movie!” I exclaimed, whacking him on the shoulder.

“It was the first thing that came to mind,” he shrugged off my whack, and wrapped his arm around me.

We were silent for a few moments, a comfortable silence filled with silent thoughts.

But of course after a few moments I ruined this nice silence by releasing an earth shattering sob.

Merlin I hate pregnancy hormones…

“What’s wrong?” James asked in a distraught voice, his face filled with worry.

“No-*sob*-thing, *sob* it’s *sob*ju-*sob*-st *sob* these *sob* d-*sob*-amn *sob* HORMONES!” I got so frustrated with the nonstop sobbing that I screamed the last part.

“You now I can’t deal with crying girls! And I didn’t understand a bloody thing you said!”  James said in a panicky voice, I would have laughed if I wasn’t still sobbing…..

 “Well-“I started to reply but he cut me off before I got the chance.

“Shh! I’m going to go find Albus, he is the one who nocked you up to begin with,” James told me as he started to get up. I through grass at his retreating form.

That should teach him not to leave a girl crying in the middle of a field!

What kind of person leaves a girl crying in the middle of a field!

A pregnant girl nonetheless!

Certainty not the kind of guy I would EVER want to be with!

Not that I would ever want to be with James anyway, been there, done that.


Now I don’t know what to do.

I mean I’m just sitting here sobbing…

How lame can you get?!?

Merlin I wish I could have a drink right now…



2 hours later


Where the bloody hell are they!?!?

I’ve been sitting here since FOREVER!!!

I think they forgot about me and decided to get wasted….


I got up, done with all the sobbing.

I think I might actually be dehydrated now!

I started to make my way inside the house and I could hear there drunken banter!

They are so dead!

I walked into the living room to find all the women drinking tea.

It was only a little bit creepy…

“Hello darling, we were wondering where you got off to! Do you want a cup of tea? We could talk wedding plans? Or baby names?” Mrs. Weasley (Albus’ grandma) asked. I smiled, she is just so freakin nice! Why can’t my mom be that nice………………………. Oh, she asked me a question……. Crap now they are staring……

“Um, no thank you, I’m just trying to find Albus. You wouldn’t happen to now where he is?” I replied, smiling.

“He and the other guys are in the kitchen, lord only now what they are doing in there, but that is where they are,” Georges wife, who’s name escapes me, confirmed what I already knew to be true.

They are getting drunk!

I thanked them and made my way into the kitchen, only to find the most disturbing thing I think I have EVER seen in my life. . . .



Albus Severus Potter was shirtless.

On a table

Dirty dancing

With a broom


This ladies and gentlemen is the result of the man I love when he is drunk.

The only problem is that the man I love does not drink, even if all his uncle and cousins are drinking (which they are because they are all scattered across the room).

So why in the name of Merlin’s pink bunny slippers is my man dirty dancing with a broom?!?!?

I’ll tell you why!







Authors Note:  I updated! Yay!!! Please review and tell me what you think! You now I love it when you do!!! Oh, and there will be a lot of Albus in the next chapter, I now that it seems like there has been a tone of James but the next chapter is a Albus chapter!!! And a lot of stuff happens in the next when!


Lots love,



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