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Last Friday Night by Amoc910
Chapter 2 : As The Party Starts....
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 Thudding music rocked the Room of Requirement. It hadn't taken long for the party mood to set in. Everyone was loosening up after having their successful, minor defeat of Umbridge. The air was filled with laughter, gossip and compliments. Girls talking about their clothes, and guys talking about the girls. 


 Harry, realised he'd been staring at Cho for maybe a good minute now. 'Come on, man, you can do it!' he thought to himself. 'Heck, you've taken on Voldemort on countless occasions, why let just one girl scare you?' That's when Harry began walking. Marching directly to Cho, at the other side of the room, who didn't seem to be looking at Harry. 'Hey Cho! No, that's not it… Hey, Cho…. Bloody hell, no. That's way too creepy'. Harry tried several voices and lines in his head, none of which seemed to suit the moment right. Then there was a sudden grasp on Harry's shoulder that made him stop.


 "You okay, Harry?" Ron's faced beamed down at Harry, with a slight curiosity in his eye. "You look like you'd just seen a Dementor, the colour you're going!" 

 "Hey, Ron," said Harry rather reluctantly. He turned around to see two other Ravenclaw girls taking up Cho's attention. Harry sighed. 

 "I tell you, Harry, this party was a bloody brilliant idea! How'd we not come up with it before?" Harry raised his eyebrow at Ron. We were about two minutes into the party and so far, it was barely any different from the Yule Ball, which both he and Ron had completely detested. What was changing it for him? 

 "What's got you so happy, Ron?" Harry asked.

 "Harry, have you seen what the girls here are wearing?" Ron swallowed an olive whole. Harry laughed at Ron's statement. Ron, granted he was 15, had never said things quite like that. He just imagined how Hermione would react had she been in the conversation. 

 "Are you expecting to pull anyone today?" Harry laughed. 

 "Well, you never know" said Ron, looking around him. Suddenly his smile vanished.  "Hey, why's Hermione talking to that Goldstein git?" 

  Harry turned to see Anthony obviously flirting with Hermione. Hermione though, didn't look too comfortable.

 "She doesn't seem to like it," Harry said.

 "Really? You think? I bet she loves it." Ron looked at Hermione darkly. 

 "Yeah, maybe" said Harry. He wasn't really listening anymore. He's noticed Cho was once again alone. 

 "I'm going to go get a drink," said Ron, and with that he stalked off over to the drinks table. 

 Harry barely noticed Ron leaving, as Cho turned and looked at him. Harry smiled and walked over. 

 "Uh, hi! Cho!" Oh Merlin, that came out so wrong, thought Harry. 

 "Hey Harry," said Cho, smiling. 

 "So, um, how…how are you?" Harry tried to crack a smile. 

 "Uh… good" Cho cringed a little. She still hadn't made up her mind as to what to say to Harry. She'd hoped he'd have something good to say.

 "Are you… enjoying yourself?" said Harry, scratching his head. 

 "Well, we only just got here, but so far it's… alright."

 "I ah, heard you did an awesome jinx?"

 "Oh, yeah. Well uh, it was one that I learned from you," Cho said, and smiled. 

 "Oh I remember! You were, you were really good at it! Best in class!" 

 Cho laughed, "Thanks Harry. You are a really good teacher."

 It was Harry's turn to laugh, "Oh, thanks. So, um, Cho, I really wanted to talk to you about that, uh, kiss, we, we had earlier…."

 "Yes, Harry I, really wanted to talk to you about it, too."

 "Great! So, I eh- " 

 "Wait, Harry, I just, wanted to apologise for crying the other day. It's, I just, felt, guilty a little because we were talking about C-Ced- Cedric and I, uh," all Cho's words seemed to disintegrate.

 Fearful that she may start crying again, Harry tried to say something, "Oh don't mention it. It was okay, I just wanted to ask you, Cho, if there was maybe any chance that-"

 Cho began making odd noises, Harry quickly took his wand out of his pocket and conjured up a tissue and handed it to her. 

 "Thanks," she sniffed, taking the tissue. "Sorry what were you, sa-aying?"

 "Well, Cho, I was… wo-wondering if you maybe, if you were free, if you wanted t-"

  Suddenly Marietta had appeared at Cho's side.

 "Oh Cho! What happened? Are you alright?" she asked, gripping both of Cho's shoulder's.

 "No, I'm fine, I'm just talking t-to Harry at the momen-"

 Marietta wasn't listening and began pulling Cho away, "Cho, we need to get you to the bathroom, we can talk, besides your makeup is getting ruined."

 "Oh-okay. Harry, can we talk later?" Cho asked, turning to Harry.

 "Sure, yes," said Harry, frankly bewildered both at how Cho's mood had changed so quickly and how fast Marietta had come to her aid. Something told him that she had been watching the pair like a hawk since they began speaking. Before leaving, Marietta was sure to shoot Harry the darkest look she could muster, and with that she pulled her friend off to the bathrooms. Harry was left on his own for a while, trying to understand what had just happened. 


*                  *                    *


 Meanwhile across the room, Hermione was being annoyed by Anthony. 

 "Yeah, I did work for a couple hours on my hair. And my outfit did take a while to figure out. It's just so many things look good on me, you know?" he said.

 Hermione didn't answer, she simply wondered why he'd answered with that to a question about his NEWTs. He didn't seem to notice her muteness. 

 "So, I noticed you're wearing peach perfume. I like it," he smiled at her.

 Rather than be flattered she was rather freaked out about how he'd been smelling her. Especially when there were so many other people and many other pungent smells going on in the room around anyway. And then, she had it. Her escape. 

 "Um, yes, it is! Thanks for noticing" she attempted the nicest smile she could make, "And that reminds me! I need to um, bring out the food!" 

 "Oh, excellent! I'm starved, I was thinking to myself 'who's even organising this? There's fuck all to eat!'" he laughed.

 "Um, I've done all the organising, Anthony," said Hermione, raising her eyebrows and giving him a fake grin that she hoped said what she'd meant it to say, 'Thanks for insulting me!'. 

 "Ah, well then, you could tell me, have you got any treacle tart?" he raised an eyebrow, smiled and leaned against the wall. He was unfazed at the fact that he'd insulted Hermione. 

 "Hm, I'm not sure, let me get back to you," said Hermione, walking off, irritated he hadn't even looked embarrassed, let alone apologised. 

 "Bring me back a big slice!" shouted Anthony to her. 

 Hermione had no intention of doing so. 


*                *                *


 Ron poured himself a big goblet of red currant rum and turned to Seamus and George, who was behind the drinks table serving. "So Seamus, why aren't you on the dance floor yet?"

 "You know Ron, the ladies can't handle me before they've got enough drink in 'em!" he said as he nudged Ron in the side.

 Ron laughed, "More like you can't handle them until you've got enough drink in you!"

 Seamus and George then laughed. "You, uh, not going to take a stab at Granger tonight are you?" Seamus smiled, and George too whipped around his head, eager to see what he would say. 

 Ron was confused, wondering where that question had come from. "I don't know. Why do you ask?"

 "Now come on Ron, everyone saw you when she came down the stairs. We weren't sure what would fall off first, your dick or your eyes!" said Seamus. George cracked up. 

 Ron shook his head, and smiled. He took a swig of his drink and listened to the music for a moment before answering. "Well, I guess tha-"

 Suddenly Hermione was there, walking right up to the drinks table. 

 "George Two, could you get me a Shirley Temple?" she asked. 

 "A Shirby what?"

 "The cherry stuff mixed with that lemon drink. I explained this earlier," said Hermione, exasperated. 

 "Sure thing, coming right up," he said, lifting a glass. 


 Hermione sighed, and leaned against the table, next to Ron and Seamus, bopping her head to the music. 

 "What did you mean by 'George too'" asked Ron.

 "It's his name," said Hermione. 

 "I've never heard my brother's name with a 'T-O-O' stuck on the end."

 "That's because that's not your brother," she said, gesturing towards George.

 Ron and Seamus turned to at the guy they'd assumed to be George the whole night, confused.

 "Hermione? Is there something wrong with your head today?" laughed Ron. 

 "Oh, wise up, would you? He's just a clone of George! Fred and him were so demanding of getting to be the bartender and DJ yet still get a chance to party that they ended up having to simply clone themselves. Well, I say simply. I had to come up with a whole new spell just so that we didn't need to kill the things when we were done with them", said Hermione. 

 Ron looked at George Two, and looked up at the DJ he'd thought was his brother, but was in actual fact 'Fred Two'. He then looked to see his real twin brothers standing amongst the crowd, making jokes and with the ton of people surrounding them. 'Why didn't I even notice a second set of twins?' he thought to himself.  

 "Couldn't they just get some other people to be the bartender and DJ?" asked Seamus.

 "Course not!" said George Two, smiling and handing a cup over to Hermione, who thanked him. "We wouldn't want any other gits handling the music and drinks! The music's the most important part! And who doesn't love being a bartender? Casually wiping the table while talking to drunks and chatting about the good old days." 

 "What do you do rather than kill them?" asked Ron to Hermione, uncomfortable speaking to the George doppelgänger. 

 "Basically his essence just goes back into George. So anything he's said or done will just turn into memories for George. Memories that are George Two's," explained Hermione. 


 Ron nodded. Then, he remembered his anger towards Hermione. "Finished talking to that Goldstein prick, then?" he said, looking down at the floor.

 "Well, yes, Ronald. Why do you ask?" said Hermione, picking up the bitterness in his voice. 

 "Oh, no reason," huffed Ron, "I figured you'd come to pick him up a drink, or something. You looked awfully cosy in that corner."

 "No Ronald. I came to set out the food, actually. You see, I thought Anthony was actually something of a prick."

 Ron looked up from the floor to Hermione. "Oh, what?"

 "I stopped to talk to you guys, because I thought maybe you'd be a bit of a laugh. But instead, I'm left with your usual, jealous dribble, Ronald!"

 "Jealous? I'm not jealous! I was trying to……"

 Seamus peered over toward George Two. They shared a wide eyed, knowing look. George slid down the table to talk to a girl he saw leaning next to the bar, while Seamus tried to nonchalantly disappear, not that he needed to be nonchalant, Hermione and Ron wouldn't have noticed. Their argument just blazed on. 


*           *                *


 Harry hung about, at the far end of the dance floor. There was a couple of tables there, and he'd sat down on his own for a while. He'd stopped thinking about Cho now, he'd been preoccupying himself with watching his fellow D.A. members get slowly more drunk and reckless. He'd laughed watching Fred and George make some kind of mosh pit during one of the last songs, and cheered on witches and wizards kissing in the crowd. Then, a certain pair caught his eye. Sitting on one of the sofas at the other end of the room, was Ginny, laughing away with Dean Thomas. He'd never seen them be so friendly together, and he wondered what on earth they were laughing about. 


 Suddenly, Harry's Irish friend sat next to him. "I don't know how you put up with them, Harry!" he laughed, as he swigged down more from his massive goblet.

"What do you mean?" asked Harry, puzzled. 

"Ron, and Hermione. Arguing over nothing. You could cut the sexual tension with a knife!" he said.

"Ah, I see." Harry smiled. He had some friends, eh? 

 Then, a girl in Ginny's year walked over to the table. She had long, light brown hair going down to her waist, she was wearing a short white dress and Harry was sure, she was a Hufflepuff.

 "Er, hey, Seamus," she smiled. It then occurred to her she should probably take notice of Harry. "Oh, and Harry!" she smiled again, but not the same as she did to Seamus. 

 "Hey Fiona!" said Seamus. "What's up?"

 "Oh, nothing, I was just wondering if you wanted to dance?" She looked at him hopefully.

 "Me? Of course!" said Seamus. He gulped down the rest of his drink, stood up, and turned to Harry. "See you later, okay?"

 Harry nodded. Seamus winked at him, took the girls hand and pulled her into the crowd. He could hear her giggling even in the crowd. 

 Soon his pair of friends walked over. 

 "This is exactly what you did with Viktor!" shouted Ron. 

 "I cannot BELIEVE you would throw that in my face, Ronald!"  yelled Hermione. "That was you being a envious prick! Who didn't have the guts to ask me out before he did, and then you went mental! We did NOTHING TOGETHER! Just like I said! And I'm saying it now too! I don't see why you always think so ill of every other guy I meet!"

 "Oh… WHATEVER!" said Ron, and stormed away. 

 Hermione sighed. She closed her eyes, put her fingertips on her temples and slumped down besides Harry. "I can't even THINK with all this music on!" she said loudly. "Why does he do that?" She looked at Harry.

 Harry shrugged. "Maybe it's the drink," he said.

 "No, it's exactly like last year!" Hermione sighed again. "I can't even be bothered." She looked up, at everyone having a great time. Cheers, laughter, and people dancing. She stood up, and then she turned to Harry. She held out her hand to him, "Want to dance?" Harry looked at her, and then at her hand. "Uh, okay," he said, a bit puzzled. He stood up, taking her hand. Before he had stood fully Hermione gave him a hard pull and began running into the crowd on the dance floor. When they were in the centre, Hermione smiled and began dancing. Unsure of really where to start, Harry simply bounced about a bit. Hermione laughed again, held his hand, and made herself spin. 


 After a while, they heard Fred's voice over the noise, "Okay, wizards and witches we've got a request to slow things down now."  The loud music died down and then slow dance music rose in it's place. The bright lights vanished and where replaced with a crystal ball hanging above them, and small lights began dancing around them in the darkened room. 

 Harry thought to himself, 'AKWARD'! He looked at Hermione, and she simply shrugged. Harry smiled. Hermione rested her hand on his shoulder, and took his other hand in hers. Harry lay his hand on her waist, and they began to dance. For the first few minutes, Harry tried with everything he had not to step on her shoes, whilst not hitting anyone else around him. He realised he could do it, and it wasn't that hard. So he looked up and decided to steal a glance at Hermione. Hermione was looking back at him with one eyebrow raised, wondering why he looked so worried. As Harry looked into her eyes, he suddenly realised. He needn't fear the two things he was worried about. The first, it wasn't awkward. Their dance was just a bit of fun and both of them thought so. The second thing, was much stranger, and Harry wondered how it had got into his head at all really. He was very glad that when he saw the look in Hermione's eye, he knew neither of them had any romantic feelings at all toward each other. They could dance all night and horrible relationship drama needn't come from it. 


 The very relief made Harry laugh a little. Hermione laughed to, and they kept on dancing. As songs past, they began to pick up the pace a bit, and dances could include everyone singing along and doing stupid dances of all sorts. 


 As another song ended the crowd cheered. "Oh, Lord!" gasped Hermione, spying the clock. "We've been dancing for over half an hour! I need to get the food out!" 

 Harry felt his stomach quiver. "Actually, yeah. I was wondering where that was myself," he said. As they went to get to the food, they looked around. They hadn't seemed to notice that a lot of party guests had been watching them closely, possibly for the whole time they'd been dancing. Embarrassed, the students all looked other directions, trying to hide the fact they'd been watching. Hermione and Harry, rushed over to the drinks table, their faces heating up. 


 "I can't believe it! The entire D.A. watching us dance. They probably think somethings going on!" said Hermione. 

 Harry grimaced a little. He'd had enough crap from his school, to be frank. 

 "Do you know what, Hermione? It doesn't matter. They can think what they can think. We'll tell them the truth if they ask it, there's nothing going on. Meanwhile, we'll just enjoy ourselves," said Harry. 

 Hermione smiled. "Yeah, you're right! I'll go get the food." 

 Hermione turned and walked around the drinks table. She then took her wand out from a small purse she had with her and lifted it. From nowhere, appeared trays and trays of beautiful food Hermione had gotten made by the more rebellious elves of the kitchen (all of them loathed Professor Umbridge). They landed on a cleared table next to the drinks table. 

 Harry quickly picked up a couple chicken drumsticks and stuff and jumped away, as he could see a crowd of hungry magical students emerging. Harry and Hermione went back to their table and ate the food they'd grabbed. They'd barely finished when a blonde Ravenclaw girl from the year above them stood up in the corner of the room, next to all the soft sofas and chairs. She was dressed a little 'sluttishly' in Hermione's opinion in a tight, black dress. She held her wand to her throat so her high, slightly annoying voice carried over the loud music. 


 "Hey everyone! We're going to play spin the bottle!" 




 Hey guys, hoped you enjoyed this chapter! I'm really going to try and get the next one out soon! I hope to have a fun surprises in the next chapter so be prepared! Oh, and sorry about all the spelling mistakes in the last chapter. I hope this one doesn't have the same issue.  Bye for now, Amoc910!

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Last Friday Night: As The Party Starts....


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