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The story of Teddy and I. by welshwizard394
Chapter 4 : Happy families.
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           I lie on the couch and drape a blanket around myself. It’s kind of chilly in the cottage this morning; it can’t be later than ten. I find myself thinking of the night. How much questions he asked me to make sure I was OK, and how it felt to be close to him in that way. I know that I want him even more now. And it kicks in; I’m his girlfriend. I’ll have to tell Dad and Mum and he’ll have to tell Harry and Ginny and Jesus mother Mary someone’s knocking on the door. I sit up quickly and there’s no denying who it is. Through the pane of glass I can see his trademark messy black hair and round glasses. I say a string of swear words under my breath, and turn into super ninja. I roll of the couch, crawl to the bathroom door and open it all in three seconds flat.

      Thank god Teddy has a towel wrapped around his waist or the position we’re in right now, with his practical father at the door, would be even worse.

      ‘Harry’s here!’ I hiss.

      ‘WHAT?’ Teddy’s eyes open like saucers and he slaps his own face. ‘Shit. Err. COMING!’ He shouts in the general direction of the door which Harry is standing behind. ‘Err, Vic, you want to hide in my room or something?’ I nod and run into his room, and sit on the floor by the door. He follows me in, pulls on clean boxers and I try not to watch him dress. He puts on skinny jeans, and a baggy hoody over his bare chest.

         I hear the door open and Harry’s cheerful voice. ‘Hey, Ted, allright?’

       ‘Yeah, er, come in.’ Teddy says. He darts out into the hall. I hear footsteps again, and when they stop I suppose they’re sitting on the couch. Teddy’s voice is all off as he talks to Harry about the weather and other things. Harry notices.

       ‘Are you sure you’re okay, Teddy?’ He asks. ‘You seem a bit..put out.’

       ‘No, no, I’m fine. I’m great. Yeah, just fine.’ Teddy may be many things, but an actor he is not.

       ‘Ted. What’s up?’ Harry asks more seriously and I put my head in my hands. ‘Have I, er, disturbed you?

Do you have a girl over?’

        ‘NO! Merlin, no. Don’t be silly. No girls here, this is a girl free zone.’ Teddy sounds utterly terrified. I almost laugh at his terrible attempt at innocence.

        ‘Oh okay then.’ Harry doesn’t sound at all convinced. ‘So if I did a revealing spell…’

        ‘You’d find nothing.’ By the sound of Teddy’s voice, I can imagine him glaring daggers at Harry.

        ‘Ok, ok. Calm down.’ I can imagine Harry raising a thick black eyebrow. ‘I came to say the party is at four, anyway.’

         Shit, it’s Lily’s birthday. I hope that Teddy’s remembered his god-sisters eleventh birthday.

         ‘Oh, yeah. Okay, then.’ Teddy’s voice is back to its normal low, relaxed tone.

         ‘Cool. Well, I’m going to Ron’s and then to Bill’s. I’ll see you tonight?’ Harry asks and I freeze. He’s going to my house. If he sees I’m not there, he’ll put two and two together and oh Godric help me please.

         ‘Sure, sure.’ Teddy says. He doesn’t seem at all dazed, whilst I feel like hitting my head against the wall repeatedly. I hear them say goodbye and then the door shuts. Teddy walks to the room I’m hiding in and opens the door. ‘He’s gone.’

         ‘Yeah, I know.’ I say. ‘Teddy, we’re bloody screwed! As soon as Dad or Mum says I’m out Harry will realise that I was here and then he’ll tell them and then we’ll be screwed for life.’

         ‘Your dad is going to slaughter me,’ Is his reply. He sits on the bed, and runs a hand through his hair. ‘Unless you get home before Harry gets to yours.’

         I grin in agreement and by the time two minutes has passed, I’m back in my clothes from yesterday, which I magically cleaned, I have my backpack on, and I’m describing what Alesha looks like so that My parents will see me apparating with her, rather than with Teddy. After a minute or two, Teddy has breasts, hips, long curly brown hair and grey eyes. He doesn’t have his moustache anymore, and, quite frankly, he looks as close a match to Alesha as humanly possible. The only thing is, is that Alesha is five foot five. And Teddy can’t change his height. This is so amusing and quite strange, especially because of what happened the night before, that it takes another moment before I stop laughing for us to apparate.

       A few seconds later, we’re on the path leading to my home, shell cottage. My dad is in the garden and waves ‘Alesha’ goodbye before greeting me. He hugs me and kisses my cheek.

      ‘Vic, we missed you.’ He says and I roll my eyes. I was gone for all of 20 hours.

      ‘I missed you too, dad.’ I say. Total lie.

      As we walk, he asks me what I did. I answer in fluent lies. ‘Oh nothing, we watched some films, popped into town and nothing else really.’

      ‘I never knew Alesha was a punk, Victoire.’ He says and I try not to laugh. Of course, ‘Alesha’ was wearing skinny jeans and a men’s hoody.

      ‘Oh yeah, she is.’ I say nonchalantly. Alesha is actually the most girly girl you will ever meet.

      We get to the house.

      Mum is in the kitchen lecturing Dom, my sixteen year old sister about the length of her football shorts. Louis, my two year old brother runs and jumps into my arms at an alarming speed for his chubby little legs. I hug him and grin. He has the signature Weasley red hair, but he has my mum’s deep blue eyes. Dominique has long, curly red hair. Apparently, she looks a lot like our aunt Ginny when she was fifteen, apart from Ginny’s hair was always straight. Mum leaves Dom to it and rushes to give me a hug. Mum is quarter Veela, tall, slim and blonde. I guess I look like her, apart from I’m a lot more on the curvy side.

      ‘Victoire!’ She says. ‘Did you enjoy with your friend?’

       I nod and she releases me from the hug. I put Louis down and say hello to Dominique. Her shorts are gold and red striped, and barely cover her behind. I raise my eyebrow at her and she shrugs, smiling smugly.

       I rush upstairs to my room. It’s quite small, painted a light shade of lilac and has a window covering most of the outside wall. I love my room. Like Teddy’s, my room has a few posters and pictures. My favourite poster is a huge one I got from a Muggle rock magazine; it’s the foo fighters all standing with their instruments. My favourite photo is one of Teddy and I when we were young. I was about three, with shoulder length hair and tiny baby teeth, and Teddy was almost six, gap-toothed and turquoise haired. In the photo we’re riding bikes. I’m on a small plastic one, and Teddy’s on his first proper two-wheeler.

       My bed is fairly small, but comfortable and covered in blankets and cushions. Unlike Teddy’s, my bed is always made up and tidy. Although, if it wasn’t for my mum I’m sure it would be a different story. Literally everything in my room is painted either lilac or light grey. I admit, I like my girly colours. I have a small en suite opposite my bed, and I go in there to shower. I still smell like Teddy. I don’t want to wash the smell away but I know I have no choice. I lather, rinse and repeat whilst thinking of him. I already miss him to the point of almost wanting to go back to his flat right now. Then I remember I’ll be seeing him later, anyway.

       I get out of the shower and dry myself with a towel. I can’t be bothered to retrieve my wand to do it the magical way. After a while my hair is dried and I’ve put on a Led zeppelin t-shirt and tight purple chords. I find my white high-top converse and put them on, too. I realise whilst dressing that me and Teddy have similar tastes in clothing. It makes me smile.

      When I go downstairs, Harry is sitting on the sofa talking to Mum and Dad. He sees me and smiles, whilst Mum frowns because I’m probably not dressed girly enough for her.

      ‘Hey, Vic!’ He asks. ‘How are you?’

      ‘Oh, hi Harry’ I give my most genuine and surprised smile. ‘I’m great, a little tired, that’s all.’

      Then mum buts in. ‘Vic was out last night, up her friends. Alesha’s, did you say?’

      ‘Yeah, Alesha’s.’ I smile, trying not to look in the direction of Harry. He is not a thick man.

       ‘Oh, did you enjoy?’ Harry asks. I smile and nod, before going back to my room.

       Dominique is sitting on my bed, flicking through a magazine. She looks up when she sees me, smiling our trademark Weasley-Delacour mischievous grin.

       ‘So. Funny thing is, Vic, I was in the park yesterday and guess who was there? Ayrton Denning.’ She says.

      I freeze. Ayrton is Alesha’s brother. Ayrton is Dominique’s best friend.

       ‘Oh, really?’ I ask nonchalantly. I sit on my deep purple coloured bean bag.

       ‘Yeah. And you came up in conversation. I told him that you were staying over his and he got slightly confused, because Alesha isn’t even home this week. She’s up in Ireland with her Dad.’ Dominique says and I can’t think of an answer. My brain has gone dead. I can feel my palms sweating because, for my little sister and best friend, Dominique freaks me out sometimes. ‘Where were you?’

      ‘…well I was at…Um.’ I cannot form sentences; my eyes feel like they are never going to relax from their saucer-like state.

       ‘You were with a boy.’ She says matter of factly. I balance out the options. I can either lie terribly and end up never being able to look at my sister in the eye again, or I can tell her the truth about where I was. She knows I’ve got a thing for Teddy, and she’s mature for her age. I decide to tell her.

       ‘Yeah.’ I say, wiping my hands on my jeans.

       ‘Oh my Godric Gryffindor. Who?’ She says excitedly, straightening her back and raising her eyebrows. ‘Oh jesus don’t tell me.’

        I know she knows because her face breaks into a smile of disbelief. She smacks her hand to her mouth.

        ‘Teddy! You were at Teddy’s!’ She practically screams and I jump up and slam the door shut. I grab my wand and do the muffliato charm so nobody outside my room will overhear us.

        ‘Jesus Dom!’ I laugh. ‘Tell the world, why don’t you!’

        She Repeats ‘ohmygod’ about seventy three times. Then she stops and shakes her head. ‘How in the name of merlin’s left ball did you convince him?’ She asks. Dominique knows what I feel for Teddy, she’s kind of more… promiscuous than I am so she gave me loads of advice on what to wear and stuff. Despite being the younger sister, she acts like the older one a lot of the time.

       ‘Uhh, I don’t know. We just kissed and it went from there.’ I say, shrugging. I go on to tell her what happened, apart from the things I don’t feel comfortable telling her.

        ‘So, you’re going out now?’ She asks and I nod. She launches herself off the bed and pulls me up and we do a kind of victory dance. She begins to sing – ‘Go Vikki, it’s your birthday, you’re gonna do Teddy like it’s your birthday.’ I cringe but can’t help laugh at her. ‘And it’s a secret?’ She asks.

        ‘Oui.’ I say. ‘So keep your mouth shut.’ I go on to tell her about the incident with Harry in Teddy’s house. She bursts out laughing.

        We stay in my room watching old Muggle horror films on a television that we had one Christmas off our grandparents. Louis comes in at around half past three to say in his cute baby talk that we’re leaving for the party.

      Dominique convinces me to lend her one of my favourite pairs of jeans. I sigh but hand her them, they’re slightly too short for me now, anyway.

      We gather in the hall and apparate to the Potters.        We go around the side of the house to the garden, where all my family are gathered. It’s like a ginger convention. I scan my eyes for the blue hair of Teddy and I see him sitting on a bench with my uncle George, drinking a beer and laughing. He catches my eye and smiles subtly.

       I go to smile back when Lily and Rose come running up. Lily’s holding out a really cute purple pygmy puff, squealing words I do not understand. Oh, the life of a ten year old.

       ‘Vic!’ She cries, ‘Louis! Dom! Look at it, isn’t it cute?’ She thrusts the little creature in Louis’s face and he giggles and tries to snatch it. Whilst they play Rose talks to Dom. Rose is thirteen, and of course has the signature Weasley red hair. Other than that, she looks a mirror image of her mum, my aunt Hermione, who is sitting under a tree with my aunt Ginny and Grandma Weasley. My uncle Ron is at the barbecue with Grandpa Weasley. Uncle Percy is in Ireland with Molly; she’s got a charms competition. I don’t know where Charlie is. Rumour has it is that he’s found a girl, at last. Angelina is at home, she has a migraine. I spot Fred, my best friend and cousin and slowly make my way over to him whilst saying various greetings to all the members of my family. After hugging Lily, I finally get to Fred.

      ‘Vikky!’ He says, and pulls me into a bear hug. I laugh and push him away. We sit on the grass in the furthest corner in the garden, under a huge oak. ‘Teddy’s here, I’ll call him.’ Fred says, and bellows for Ted across the garden.

      Teddy looks up from the bench, says something to George and takes long strides between various family members. They seem to leave him to it, so I guess he’s been here for a while already.

    ‘Hey, Vic.’ He smiles, and pulls me upright to hug me. He always does this, anyway. As he embraces me he whispers ‘You look amazing,’ in my ear. I blush and sit back down.

     ‘What’s up, Freddie?’ Ted asks, doing a weird man clap thing. He sits down on the grass and I take in what he’s wearing.

      He has on skin tight jeans that are a bit long, so they gather by his ankles. He has on black converse and a t-shirt with sleeves rolled up. The t-shirt has the superman label on it. He looks, plain and simply, hot.

      Fred has on knee length shorts, flip flops and a Manchester united t-shirt. He’s the same age as I am, but he’s an inch taller than me. I notice Fred is doing that Grin. The one that means that he has another scheme for the three of us.

       ‘What, Fred?’ I ask. He grins even wider.

       ‘I have a wicked idea that you will love me forever for.’ He says. He scratches his short red hair. I laugh, and so does Teddy.

       ‘Go on..’ Ted says, leaning back on his elbows.

       ‘Well. There’s this Muggle club in-‘  I cut across him, frowning.

        ‘Fred. Those clubs have the worst music ever.’ I say, and Fred shakes his head.

         ‘Listen, woman.’ He says, Teddy laughs. ‘It’s rock night. Well, alternative music night, then. There won’t be wizard rock but I’m guessing there’ll be decent music.’ I go to cut across him again, but Teddy shakes his head, deep in thought. ‘We could go. If we say we’re all staying over Teddy’s for a sleepover or something, I’m sure we’ll get away with it.’

     I feel a grin spreading on my face. A club with Teddy, (And Fred, but he usually goes off with girls he meets.)

     ‘I’m all for that.’ Teddy says and I grin. Fred high fives Teddy then looks at me.

      ‘Me, too.’ I say, and Fred laughs.

      ‘You guys don’t mind if Aimee lovegood comes too, do you?’ Fred asks and I shrug; Aimee’s a nice girl. Her Mum, Luna, was in the same school year as Ginny.

      ‘No, it’s fine.’ Teddy grins. ‘Right, so if we meet at mine at..nine? Then we’ll be at the club by ten past.’

      ‘Cool.’ Fred says, and I smile.

      ‘And then you can all crash at mine. You can’t go home, and plus, muggle alcohol is absolutely wicked,’

 Teddy says and I grin. We’ve only tried it once; Fred, Dom, Teddy and I. Well, Teddy’s obviously tried it a lot more than we have. But that one night wasn’t brilliant. Mum and Dad were out, so I convinced Teddy to get us a few cans to try. He only let Dom have one, because she was the youngest. But Fred and I drank quite a lot. I ended up vomiting in the bath tub and Teddy had to perform a sober-up charm on us both.

      The party goes well; Lily loves her present off us. We bought her green witch’s robes and a matching emerald necklace.

      Lily is sitting with Hugo in the furthest corner of the garden, speaking in hushed voices probably about Nargles or something weird that Lily’s learnt about from her God-mother, Luna.

   Luna is probably one of the strangest, most unique people I have ever met. Just after the war, she got into a relationship with Neville Longbottom, and they had a daughter; Aimee. A while after that, as calmly and as nicely as anything, Neville and Luna decided to go their separate ways; Neville married Hannah Abbot, and Luna married Rolf Scamander. Luna had twins, Lorcan and Lysander, who are very close friends to Hugo and Lily. Neville and Luna are still the best of friends even now; there are no harsh feelings between them at all.

    James and Albus are at opposite ends of the garden; they don’t get along very well at all. There are times when they can have a civilised conversation, but most of the time; no. James is talking to Uncle George, and Albus is with Uncle Harry.

    Dom is sitting with Rose, and I think they’re probably talking about boys, because Rose is blushing and I swear I just saw her lips spell ‘Scorpius.’ Scorpius Malfoy is her best friend, but Godric, her Dad doesn’t know about that.

    Uncle Ron is with Harry and Albus, making jokes and eating most of the sausages and burgers. Both Grandparents are sitting under a tree, watching their family, most probably. Dad and aunty Ginny are laughing about something; I don’t know what. Ginny and dad look the most alike, I think. It’s either the long hair, or their dark eyes, but they could be twins.

    Uncle George had a twin. On the second of May every year, we gather in the day to celebrate my birthday. In the evening, at seven o’clock, we let off lanterns in the sky to show respect for the ones that died in the war; Fred, and Teddy’s parents, Remus and Nymphadora. It’s always very emotional, but afterwards we celebrate the victory of Harry killing the Dark Lord.

     I watch as Hermione scolds Ron for eating all the food, and I laugh as I see Harry conjure more. 

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The story of Teddy and I.: Happy families.


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