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Lost in Time by KatDaniels
Chapter 2 : The Marauders
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I strut around the castle for quite some time, before I manage to find some Gryffindors heading to the common room. That way I also learn the password. Great, now I only need to get my hands on a Gryffindor robe…

And where am I going to sleep? I haven't been assigned to a room. It's clear I haven't thought this through at all…

Well that's what I get for going back in time to save to future. It was a spur of the moment thing, all right?


I turn, and only a few feet away stands Lily. "Oh, hi."

"You look a bit lost, are you all right?"

"Uh," I fiddle my fingers together, "yea- no… I don't know where to get a robe, where to sleep…"

"Oh, I forgot! That's my responsibility! Oh, Merlin, I'm so sorry," Lily pulls at her hair, but I wave my arms to get her attention. "No need to worry! We can fix it now, right?"


Lily grabs my hand and pulls me out of the common room, which makes me feel a bit frustrated. I just got in!

I know the path she's taking extremely well – she's going to the Head common room. Lily's head girl then… Who is Head boy? For once I haven't done my reading. And I hate not knowing.

"Uhm, you can't tell anyone where this is, all right?"

"Yeah, no, sure," I shake my head. As we step inside, I hear male voices.

"Who's Head Boy?" I ask out of curiosity, and Lily groans.

"James Potter."

My lips form a perfect "O" and I nod slightly. Lily takes me up the stairs to the Head Girl's room, and I automatically avoid the creaking spot. Luckily, Lily doesn't notice.

"Let's see, I have some spare robes here somewhere…"

Lily bends down and rummages through a pile of clothes, and orders me to undress. It's weird how everything look exactly the same, except for the colours that I'm used to being the colours of Ravenclaw are now the colours of Gryffindor.

"Well this is way better than I hoped for!"

I turn around and look towards a guy with hair that almost reaches his shoulders, and it has natural curls in it. His eyes are the perfect colour of grey, leaving me stunned as they remind me too much of those belonging to Draco.

"Black, get out!" shrieks Lily, thankfully covering me with a blanket. I know Draco's mother and Sirius are first cousins, but I never knew Sirius and Draco's eyes were so similar.

"I don't think you've introduced me to your new friend, Lily," says Sirius and walks confidently into the room, offering me his hand. "Sirius Black," he smirks, and holding up the blanket with one hand I accept his with the other. "Kaya," I answer, nodding slightly to somewhat confirm it.

"Well it sure is a pleasure to meet you, Kaya," Sirius winks, and he starts to look me up and down, clearly checking me out.

"You, too…"

"Sirius, come back! Remus is dru-" James stops midsentence, as he sees Lily desperately looking for a robe and me standing pretty much naked with nothing else covering me than a blanket that is just a tad too short. You know, just a tad…

"Well that sure looks better on you," grins James and I can't help but roll my eyes. These Marauders sure lives up to their rumours.

"Charming," I snicker, receiving an impressed look from both lads.

"SERIOUSLY!" cries Lily, smacking Sirius in the back of the head.

"Ow!" Sirius gives her a black look, while James is trying not to fall over, laughing. "Get out! Get out, both of you!" Lily shoves Sirius into the bathroom, smacking him into James and sending them both tumbling into his room before she throws the door shut and locks it with a spell.

"I am SO sorry about that!" Lily apologises, but I wave it away. "I do think I found a robe for you, though!"

She hands me a robe, and laying the blanket on the bed I try it on. Thankfully, it fits perfectly.

"Also, since you're in your last year you can sleep in my bed. I'm sure the others will love you," smiles Lily, and I just nod approvingly. It's not as if I'm in a situation to turn down anything at the moment, now am I?


It's not until I reach my new bedroom that I realise I don't have any clothes. Expect the shirt I came in and a pair of shorts. People will probably notice if I wear that everyday. Won't they? They probably will.

I chew on my bottom lip, trying to figure out this little problem. Problems seem to be popping up all the time now! Bloody problems. They own a horrible timing as well…

I realise I'm thinking all to much, because when I wake up, the whole dorm is empty, along with the common room.

I try to find some clothes Lily might've left behind, and find a long sleeved, black jumper and pull on the shorts I have from before, and walk down for breakfast. At least that's where I think everyone's gone.

When I enter, I have to remind myself I'm a Gryffindor now and not a Ravenclaw. I really hope that will get easier after a while.

I walk over to where James is sitting with his friends, as I can't spot Lily anywhere.

"Good morning," grins James and offers me some pumpkin juice. I gladly accept.

"Kaya, was it?"

I look up, the golden goblet covering my mouth. Once again grey eyes meet me, and I have to blink and look down.

"Yes," I mumble, sipping from my goblet.

I'm too scared to look at him. His eyes are too similar to Draco's, and I can make the mistake of calling Sirius by the wrong name. Imagine the embarrassment. Oh goodness.

"We're all going to Hogsmeade in a few hours, you fancy coming?" ask James and I look up at him. "I'd love to," I smile, now holding my goblet with both hands to keep them from shaking. Sirius' stare is unsettling.

"I'm sure you can be Sirius' date if he doesn't have one already."

"I'm sure Daria can find someone else," grins Sirius, and I force out a smile. I quickly turn back to James. "Whom are you going with?"

"Isn't it obvious?" snorts Sirius as he crosses his arms on the table. "He's going to spend the next hour chasing down Evans. There is a reason she's not present, you know."

"Wish me good luck," chuckles James as he drowns the rest of his pumpkin juice and stands up.

"Good luck," I giggle up at him, and he gives me a grateful look before walking out of the Great Hall.

I look over at Sirius, and he stands up, too.  "Just give me a second," Sirius says and looks me straight into the eyes. I nod slowly. "I'll be right back."

I follow Sirius with my eyes, just now realising he is wearing a pair of dark jeans, black converse and a grey t-shirt. His body is made of defined muscle, something I can see from a 10-meter distance. He leans over the shoulder of a beautiful blonde, and it is obvious they're flirting.

I roll my eyes and look into the contents of my goblet. I escape into my own little world of memories, and close my eyes.


Groaning, I braised myself before crawling on top on him, straddling him from behind. Taking a deep breath, I raised my hand before smacking him in the back of the head, finally drawing his attention.


“About time you woke up,” I snapped and he turned his head to look at me. His face was tired and his eyes lids barely parting. “Penelope?” he groaned, clearly not expecting my presence. “I thought you were Pansy.”

“Well I’m not. Now get up, you’ve got Prefect duties.”

“You’re on top of me, Penelope. I’m not complaining, but you need to get off if I’m supposed to get up,” he said matter-of-factly, before slowly turning his body around. “Right,” I muttered and started to get off, but he grabbed my wrist and pinned me down. I gave him a nervous glance, receiving a wicked grin in return. He’d clearly woken up fast. Just needed a girl’s crotch – what a bloke.

“Or you could stay and keep me company,” he winked and a pleasurable chill ran down my spine.


Back then I had no idea how hard I would fall for him.


Believe me when I say that I noticed how his face was getting closer to mine. Don’t believe me when I say I didn’t want it.

Just as his lips were a mere centimetre away from my own, I turned my head, causing his lips to brush from the corner of my mouth, to the soft skin of my blushing cheek. He kissed it never the less, causing my heart to skip a beat and my knees to buckle. I could feel his lips form into a smile, as they were still pressed against my burning cheek.

I moved away from him and opened the portrait. Just before I closed it I turned to look at him, only to find him staring straight back at me.

“Good night, Penelope,” he winked, forcing my to grip the frame of the portrait even harder to steady myself.

“Good night, Malfoy,” I replied before I shut the portrait and he vanished out of my sight.


That night I realised I just might've been smitten by Draco's charm. He was a flirt, and charming as hell.


He took a hold of my chin and, looking deep into my eyes, he brushed his lips over mine, along my jawline and up my chin. I could feel my heartbeat go absolutely insane by his touch, and I grabbed the clothing covering his torso for support.


I miss him so much. It hurts physically knowing I won't be able to see him for years. I am only 17 now, and Lily and James won't die until they're 21. 4 whole years… All of which I will have to spend in this time. Meaning I will be away from Draco for at least 4 years.

I take a shaky breath, forcing back the tears. I can't afford spilling them now, drawing attention to myself.

"All right, you are now officially my date."

I open my eyes and look at Sirius, whom is flashing me a grin. "I feel honoured," I joke, and Sirius raises an eyebrow. "Do I sense sarcasm?" he asks, putting on an extremely offended tone and pressing his hand to his chest.

I break into a fit of giggles, and Sirius' grin return.

"You're cute when you smile like that," he points out, and it certainly doesn't make my smile falter. "Thank you."

"Listen, I'm sorry for this but I have some business down at the Quidditch pitch. I-"

"Can I come with?" I interrupt, looking up at him with hopeful eyes. I might be a bit scared of his grey eyes, but I would rather spend time with him than sit here alone.

Sirius gives me an amused glance before he smiles, and nods approvingly. "It would be my pleasure."

I beam at him and we exit the Great Hall together. When we get outside, a smirk evolves on my lips.

"Race you there," I challenge, and look over at Sirius, whom I obviously have caught by surprise.

I sprint off, but I can hear Sirius right at my heel.

Just half way down, he's caught up with me. "You're fast," he comments and I speed up, hoping to beat him. He might be a Quidditch player, but that doesn't mean he's a good runner. However, he clearly does some running in his spare time, because he seems to have no problem keeping up with me. It's not until we're nearly there that he easily outruns me. I meet up with him on the pitch, where he's waiting with that same grin on his face. He doesn't even look tired, while as I am heaving for air like some crazy person.

"Do I get a prize?" flirts Sirius as he gives me a bottle of water he just conjured with his wand.

"Yeah," I breathe, before taking a sip of water, dragging out time to rise Sirius' hopes.

"The honour of having had beaten a girl."

"Mmm, no."

I raise my eyebrows. "No?"

"I want something else."

"Too bad," I giggled.

"Sirius!" cries a panting voice, and I turn to see a little chubby guy making his way toward us. I frown, and from the corner of my eye I see Sirius roll his eyes.

"What do you want, Wormtail?"


"What are you two doing?" asks Wormtail, stopping in front of us, his breathing heavy.

This is the guy that's responsible for James and Lily's death, and framing Sirius for his murder? I'm completely baffled. Then I remember talking to Harry when he found out about Sirius being his godfather. He said something about Wormtail following Sirius everywhere. That he looked up to him.

Judging from Sirius attitude, he didn't- doesn't treat Wormtail very well. And being rejected like that can make a person do terrible things.

"Sirius is just showing me around," I say, offering Wormtail my hand. He looks stunned at me, clearly not used to this.

He accepts my hand and we shake. "Surely Wormtail isn't your birth name, is it?" I ask, sounding genuinely interested.

"P-pe-peter," he stutters, and I give him a warm smile. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Peter. I'm Kaya." Peter looks shocked that I've taken any interest in him. I probably am the first girl hanging with Sirius that have ever acknowledged him.

I can feel Sirius' stare, but I ignore it.

"Kaya," he nods, confirming my name and I smile.

"Did you want anything, Wormtail?" Sirius asks, his tone more gentle now. Probably just another technic of his. He doesn't want to be rude to Peter now that I've been so nice to him.

"When are you leaving for Hogsmeade?" ask Peter, and Sirius shrugs. "In a couple of hours or so."

"Oh, okay," mutters Peter, and I can hear disappointment in his voice.

"Kaya, come on," whispers Sirius in my ear, placing his hand gently on my upper arm.

"Peter, why don't you join us?" I ask and I hear Sirius sigh. He clearly wants me alone.

"I think Peter is going with Remus," says Sirius, clearly giving Peter a hard stare.

"Oh, yeah. I am," he hurries to answer, and I take a mental note to question Sirius after Peter's left.

"Oh, all right then," I smile and pull the lad into a hug, clearly startling both him and Sirius. When I step back, Peter is staring at me in confusion and awe. "It was nice meeting you, Peter. Have a nice day in Hogsmeade, yeah?"

He nods and I give him a smile.

"Bye," I say as I walk back up to Sirius and we leave for him to do whatever business he needs to attend.

"Wormtail is an extremely uncommon nickname," I state, and I see a ghost of a smile play along Sirius' lips. "We all have nicknames, Kaya."

"Then what's yours?" I purse my lips, glancing up at Sirius.


"Padfoot," he answers, looking down at me as he takes a hold of my elbows and guides me into a locker room.

I immediately cover my mouth with my hand, my eyes widening.


"It's not that bad," scoffs Sirius, and I glare at him. "It's horrid."

"You'll get used to it," he grins and pulls his shirt over his head.

My jaw opens, the lower part nearly smashing the floor. "Wha-what are you doing?" I stutter, staring at him in horror.

"Changing," he answers nonchalantly, unbuttoning and zipping open his jeans before pulling them off as well. "Well you clearly don't have any issues getting naked with a girl in the room," I mutter, more to my self than anything.

"I'm used to it," he answered, starling me. I look up at him, my eyes wide. "Besides," he continues, pulling on a pair of training shorts, "I don't believe I have anything to be ashamed off?"

His eyes pierce mine, clearly awaiting an answer. My mouth is suddenly dry, and I open it continuously, but no sound comes out.

Sirius raises an eyebrow at me, holding his shirt in hand.

"Guess not," I answered after a while, receiving a very wicked grin. I narrow my eyes at him. "Stop being so smug."

He pulls his shirt of his head and sits down. "Nah, much more fun this way."

He pulls off his converse and puts on another pair of shoes, however I'm not sure what kind.

He stands up again, and nodding towards the door I exit the locker room ahead of him.

"You going for a run?" I ask, as he walks up beside me.

"No, more like a flight."

"What?" I frown.

He whispers something from under his breath, and it annoys me that I can't catch what he's saying.

As we get out onto the field, Sirius lays down on the grass and motions me to do the same.

I lay down next to him, looking over into his grey gaze.

We just lay there, I don't know how long, but I do know that I enjoy being in his company. That is, when he's silent.

"Why were you so negative when Peter came after you?" I ask, rolling over to my side to look at him.

"Because he's constantly following me, and it's getting rather annoying." He shrugs. "No biggie. He knows I don't mean anything bad with it."

"You sure?" I push, and he folds an arm under his head.

"When someone, you," I say and point at him, "keeps snapping or brushing of someone else, Peter, he will eventually think you don't like him anymore."

Sirius raises an eyebrow, taking in my facial expression. "You really believe so?"

"I know so, Sirius. Be nicer to Peter. Yes, he might be annoying at times, but the only reason he follows you is because he looks up to you."

Sirius sits up, supporting himself by his elbows. "You think he looks up to me?" Sirius asks, genuinely interested.

I give him a dazzling smile. "Trust me, I know so."

Sirius sits up properly, and as I watch him he extends his arm, and then he's gone. I look around, flustered, and spot him in the sky several meters above me.

So he called his broom when he whispered. I cross my arms as I stand up, watching him from below. He comes closer and closer, and soon he's hovering just above my head. "Care for a ride?"

I just stare at him. Is he really expecting me to get on that with no security?

I give him an are-you-insane look, but Sirius only chuckles.

"Come on, don't you trust me?"

I snort, "no! I just met you yesterday, for heaven's sake!"

Sirius rolls his eyes, grabs my arm and hoists me onto his broom.

"Are you insane!?" I shriek, immediately grabbing a hold of him by folding my arms around his waist and holding him extremely tight.

He shakes slightly, and I want to give him a glare. "Don't laugh!" I snap.

"Give me a reason not to," he chuckles, and I give his back a black look. "Maybe I'll just hop off!"

"Not unless you want to die, love."

I frown, and look below us. I gasp, holding on to Sirius even tighter, if possible.

"Sirius, put me down this instant!" I cry, pressing myself so close to him, knowing that if I fall, at least I take him with me.

"No can do, Kaya. You'll just have to hold tight," I sense the broom taking up speed, and I press my face into the base of Sirius' shoulder blades, "and enjoy the ride."

A/N: I really do hope people like this and won't hate on me or anything for making a twist like sending her back in time to the Marauders. As always I do appreciate your thoughts!

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