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I'm a What? He's My What? Well Hell by clumsydolphin
Chapter 5 : Chapter 5
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Disclaimer: Sadly I still don’t own the Harry Potter universe although I do play around in it! When I do escape to that world I am decidedly a proud Slytherin! I enjoy breaking to many rules to be a great Gryffindor! Also, I did get sorted into Slytherin so I may as well embrace it! Clumsy!

I proudly dedicate this chapter to my constant supportive readers Skyla-Lilly (Congrats on you know what!), Kayjordan who has become a great friend, ldymare who is my best friend,  Demarzi, Divess, SerpentofDarkness who have all been there for every story from chapter 1 of Purebloods. Many others have been there as well and I thank you all so much. Now I hate long author’s notes because they bump up word count and make you think it’s longer than it is, but I promise a wonderful chapter for you all to make up for it ;) Clumsy!


“Hermione, Mrs. Weasley, Draco all of you stop! Miss Granger I understand what you’re feeling, but Draco doesn’t. Draco it seems that Hermione has found her Veela mate and it is you.” Lucius Malfoy announced freezing everyone in their tracks.

“YOU?!” Hermione shrieked.

“What the Hell?” From Draco, and a smile from Fleur.

Once she had calmed down and the other Weasley’s had caught up, including the secret group who’d heard the confrontation and come running Hermione looked around her and did the only logical thing she could in reaction. She fainted letting the blackness have her.


“Everyone step back!” Lucius exclaimed. “Fleur I wish for you to help me with her because she’ll need us both for control. Draco, son you’re going to need to be here as well. Once we have her awake I think it prudent to be somewhere private and comfortable for her. Can we all return to the Burrow and talk?” He asked Arthur Weasley.

“That is fine. I will go talk to that lot,” He said pointing over his shoulder to the group of Weasley’s and Harry, “I will make sure they stay away until we’re done.” He then walked back to his family and started talking to them and they didn’t take it well. Much arguing and scuffling later they all turned and headed to Weasley Wizarding Wheeze’s to wait for word.

Then Molly grabbed Narcissa’s hand, Fleur grabbed onto Lucius’ arm while he carried Hermione, and Arthur grabbed Draco’s arm and they apparated to the Burrow. Once there they all walked through the house to the kitchen where they woke Hermione with a quick “Enervate” and all sat down. Hermione started to get up but Narcissa stopped her with a hand on her arm.

“Draco, I believe this would be easier if you sat by Miss Granger so she is comforted by your closeness if she need protect you.” His mother instructed and Hermione let out a grateful sigh and smiled at the woman she had hated.

Arthur then called everyone to attention. “What shall we discuss first, the reason for the meeting in the first place or the situation that happened at the café?”

“I think we should start at the beginning to keep it less confusing which means let’s clear up the reason for the meeting and then move forward. Agreed?” Lucius suggested.

Once everyone agreed Draco Malfoy cleared his throat and all eyes turned to him. “I wrote to you Hermione because I wanted to thank you. Thank you for saving me not once but thrice that night. I tried to thank you then but I wasn’t quite ready to mean it whole heartedly and you weren’t ready to hear it open mindedly.”

“Well, you’re welcome but why now because I would think in 3 ½ years you would have found time sooner?” Hermione asked calmly on the surface but inside she was a jittery mess. Draco was her mate? What kind of perverse universe was this that she lived in? Her bitter enemy held her fate in his hands, shit!

“It took this time to change is why. Before I handed you another lame thank you I wanted to be worthy of it. I have changed and worked hard on myself for these last years. I’m not perfect and I still slip sometimes but Mother, Father, and I have all tried very hard to grow out of our ignorance to change our thinking. I owe you more than a mere thank you though, I owe you a very sincere, heartfelt apology for the way I have treated you all these years. I am immensely sorry for my behavior and I hope to one day earn your forgiveness.” He said to Hermione.

She took his hand and was a little bit surprised when he didn’t jerk away from her in disgust. “You are forgiven and I accept your apology.”

He sighed in relief and smiled at her. Molly got up and hugged him and then asked if anyone wanted drinks. She retrieved butterbeer for everyone and returned to her seat.

“I also felt that my husband and I owed you Molly, and you Arthur apologies of our own. We’ve behaved wretchedly towards you for years and we both apologize.” Narcissa spoke quietly.

The tension in the room had dropped considerably by the time everyone had apologized or accepted apologies. Then all eyes were on the three Veela sitting closely together, the two more mature Veela close to the third just in case she needed help with control because after all she was new and young and had just discovered her mate. The time for the Veela mate discussion was upon them.


Lucius Malfoy spoke first. “You should all know that I am half Veela passed down from my full blooded Veela mother. Male Veela are extraordinarily rare and pure Male Veela is even rarer. Draco is my son and obviously may have been born with the gene as well but we won’t know that until the end of May but it is highly doubtful and would be more likely if he was female so I don’t think we will have to worry about him becoming a Veela.” Fleur quite audibly sighed in relief because that made the way forward much easier.

He continued, “Miss Granger, I notice that you have a mature Veela to mentor you as you begin this new life but I must ask you for patience because Draco has not had that yet. I wouldn’t have begun to think he needed it as I’ve explained but I will sit him down when we go home and explain some of the finer points in more detail. For now Draco what has happened is that Hermione has been drawn to you as her mate and that means that you have to make a decision. She will either mark you as her mate and you’ll be bonded for life or she will die.”

All was quiet until Arthur did some throat clearing of his own. “I am afraid it isn’t really all that simple, there is a situation that is slightly problematic. There is a wizard life debt in play here as well.”

“A what?” ‘Mione asked

“Huh?” Malfoy said stupidly

Fleur gasped and Lucius sighed and grabbed Narcissa’s hand. Apparently the two had already figured this out during Draco’s apology to Hermione.

“Draco, when one wizard or witch saves another a life debt is owed. Now, with the war situation being what it was there were too many life debts tallied up for them all to be met and under normal circumstances yours would be lumped in with the others and I doubt seriously that Hermione would have called upon it. But neither of you has the choice when the one who owes the debt can choose to either save or not save the other’s life. Meaning without your acceptance of being ‘Mione’s mate she will die, so it would appear that her life is in your hands. That being the case since you owe her a life debt and I don’t think you have the option to refuse. You could always try I guess but to my knowledge that would forfeit your own life as well, you will die when she does because you ignored the debt.” Arthur said earnestly.

The people around the table all spoke at once after Mr. Weasley’s announcement. Some good, some bad but all present hated to have either young person’s choice in the matter robbed them.

Then Hermione was on her feet. “I will NOT call in a life debt. There is a way around it because if I refuse my mate my mark then he has no choice in the matter thereby bypassing the life debt rules. I will not force my mate to unwillingly be with me. He has a choice!” She stormed out of the house and then ran. She ran past the boundaries where the wards were set, she ran through the orchard where Quidditch was played on free spirited days, she ran until she reached the creek she always escaped to for peace. It’s where she read her mother’s letter and accepted her fate and it’s exactly what she needed right now. A place to hide and think and decide so she sank to her knees and began to cry.


She jumped when she heard him clear his throat. Her senses should have alerted her to his presence but she was so lost in grief over the turn her life had taken that she was too absorbed to notice.

“Hermione can we please talk?” Draco asked her quietly.

“I suppose. What do you need?” Hermione answered with a question of her own.

“I’ve just gotten done talking with my Mother and Father. We floo’ed home after you left and then I returned to talk with you but they said you hadn’t returned. Mrs. Weasley said I would probably find you here.” He told her.

“How long have I been gone?” She asked confused because it felt like only minutes she’d been gone and how could they have talked everything out that quickly?

“Well, you’ve been out here roughly two hours but that’s not really important. We need to talk about this Granger because I know you didn’t choose it any more than I did.”

“I’m not sure there is anything to talk about Draco. I said what I had to say earlier, I won’t make you be my mate and husband. It would be such a horrible life to live with a partner who didn’t choose you!” Hermione cried.

“Well, we have roughly 10 months until you have to either mark me or die so I suggest we spend that time dating and getting to know each other. Then we will make the decision about marking together. Will you be willing to do that?” He was a bit nervous but firm in his decision nonetheless.

Hermione sniffed and smiled at him. It was a start.

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