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The Jar of Marmalade by talltwin18
Chapter 5 : A pig and egg mountain
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Chapter 5

A week had passed since the haunting night when they had brought Harry home. J and Matt had worked on him continuously and kept him dosed up on dreamless sleep potion as he healed. The occupants of the room had varied greatly over the week but the constant was always Ginny. She sat, slept and ate in the window seat of Harry’s room, always keeping an eye on his chest to make sure it kept rising and falling.

It was Sunday morning and the residents and visitors of Potter Manor were tucking into their traditional brunch. Mrs Weasley, Lily and Tonks had done the cooking and they now sat around the table with James, Sirius, Remus, Matt, Kat, Hermione, Ron, Mr Weasley and the twins. The only people missing were Harry and Ginny, J, who was checking Harry over one last time, and Andy, who had been sent to convince Ginny to come and eat something.

It was at Hermione’s great intake of breath that the 2 families looked toward the doorway to the dining room to see Harry standing arm in arm with Ginny. J and Andy followed closely behind with huge grins plastered on their faces and took up seats next to their partners.

‘Harry!’ came the unanimous chorus from the room.

‘Harry. Are you sure you should be up?’ Lily said concernedly, giving her son a gentle hug.

Harry gave a small chuckle and replied, ‘Well, Doc gave me the all clear and I feel as good as new.’ He followed this with an almost convincing smile. It didn’t reach his eyes like normal though and this didn’t go unnoticed.

All eyes turned to J. ‘Well he is fine,’ J retorted with both hands raised.

This was met with small laughs from around the room and as Harry took a seat between his Mother and Ginny, normality began to resume to the traditional event. Everyone began helping themselves to food, with Mrs Weasley piling about a third of the table’s contents onto Harry’s plate.

‘Mrs Weasley, I’m fine. I can manage, don’t worry,’ said Harry with growing alarm as the small continent of food in front of him kept growing.

‘Hey no fair Harry,’ complained Sirius from the other end of the table, holding up an empty dish. ‘You’ve got all the eggs!’

Fred and George burst out laughing and tried to smother it behind there napkins at a glare from their mother. James and Remus were desperately trying to not spray food everywhere as they attempted to hide their laughs from Molly as well.

‘I haven’t got any eggs,’ Harry said with a confused look at his apparently eggless plate.

‘That’s because they’re hidden underneath that half a pig of bacon that vaguely resembles a small mountain which you are also selfishly hoarding,’ said Andy with a laugh as Kat whacked him around the back of the head with her napkin while trying to hide her own laughter at the ridiculousness of it all.

‘Ah, I see,’ said Harry and he carefully scraped the small geographical feature of bacon onto Ginny’s plate revealing at least 8 scrambled eggs.

‘Harry! I don’t want all of this,’ Ginny moaned with a small smile at the edge of her mouth.

‘No worries, 2 secs Gin,’ Harry said giving her a peck on the check and standing up. He took his plate and Ginny’s and upended his of eggs onto Sirius’ plate and Ginny’s of bacon on to Andy’s.

He then put 2 pieces of bacon and a small spoonful of eggs on to each of their plates and sat down. ‘There we go love,’ giving Ginny back her plate.

‘What would I do without you?’ Ginny giggled giving Harry a kiss on the mouth, to many groans from her brothers.

‘Probably get cholesterol poisoning,’ said J and the whole table erupted into laughter.


Later in the evening the Potters were sat in the lounge. All of the Weasleys had flooed home after a delicious dinner of lamb stew and treacle tart, except for Ginny who chose to stay at Potter Manor much to Harry’s delight. They were sat in pairs all facing the golden fire that burned away in the fireplace. James looked at his 3 children and unconsciously gave his wife a loving squeeze. Andy was sat stroking Kat’s feet as she laid across him on the sofa, J and Matt were sat in two chairs pushed together with hands clasped together and J’s head on Matt’s shoulder and Harry with Ginny in his lap sat gently tracing patterns up her back. They were all so happy that James couldn’t believe how lucky he was that they had all got here.

It was J that broke the comfortable silence that had settled over the 4 couples. ‘Harry, I think you should know that I can’t give you anymore dreamless sleep potion.’

A pained look crossed Harry’s face for less than a second as he regained control of his features. ‘Ok, no worries J.’

‘How come?’ said James worryingly. They were all beginning to realise the severity of what J had said although Harry was hiding any fear from showing on his face. He had been on that potion since he had returned home and they knew that the minute he was taken of it, he was probably going to suffer some traumatic dreams of his experiences.

J looked over at Harry who was staring into the flames, his hand now gripping Ginny’s hand rather than stroking her back. ‘We had to give him so much last week so that he would sleep whilst we healed him, which was a hell of a lot you stubborn squirt,’ he said bringing laughter from Andy, Kat and Matt. ‘That you’ve kind of developed immunity to it. It wouldn’t have any effect on you no matter how much I gave you now.’

‘Well in that case I think it’s a good idea to get an early night,’ said Lily looking at the time which already read 10.30. ‘Come on you lot, off to bed.’

‘Yes Mum,’ the three boys responded in unison pulling up their other halves.

‘Night Mum,’ said Andy as he took Kat by the hand and wandered up the stairs closely followed by J and Matt in a similar fashion.

‘Night Mum,’ said Harry. Lily responded by drawing him into a tight hug and James threw an arm around the 2 of them.

Pulling away Lily turned to Ginny, ‘I’ve made up yours and Hermione’s normal room.’

‘Thanks a lot Mrs Potter,’ Ginny said with a small smile.

‘How many times must I ask you to call me Lily?’ Lily asked grinning at the pair.

‘Sorry, Lily,’ Ginny answered turning a deep red.

The two made their way up the stairs and down the corridor. The door to their rooms stood opposite each other and it was here that they parted ways with a deep kiss that left them both with electricity shooting down their limbs at the passion.

‘Night Gin,’ Harry said softly.

‘Goodnight Harry,’ she replied with a grin and turned into her room, closing the door to him with a soft click.

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