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Brightest Star for the Brightest Smile by sophie_elle_malfoy
Chapter 34 : Jily Plan: Lina and James
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 We planned our little act for the whole day. James and Lily were still shouting, even until the Potter couple came home around 8 o’clock. It turned out that they wanted to buy some things for Sirius. They could probably telling the truth. But, I could see that Dorea was a bit relieved when I told her that James and Lily had been fighting since morning. Probably, they really were trying to get away from the noises of James and Lily.


I woke up really early in the morning. Sirius and Remus were already waiting in the living room. I tried the best as I could to stay quiet so that both James and Lily wouldn’t be awake. My heart was pounding, realising that this would be a really good prank. I really gave no rat’s shit if they were mad at us for setting them up. First, this was for their own good. Second, they had done the same thing to me and Sirius. Sort of a payback, actually.


“So, you managed to steal the key from James?” I whispered once I was already seated next to the boys. Sirius nodded.


“Of course. Stealing things for James is the easiest thing to do after farting,” Sirius answered.


“And the Potion?”


“Right here,” Remus said, shoving a glass of a sickening colour of liquid. I cringed at the smell of the Potion. Sirius grinned at my reaction.


“The Potion will not last very long; so make sure you say the right thing, okay? We don’t want to waste it,” Remus added.


“Yes, yes. We get it,” Sirius said impatiently. He took two vials from his hair. One consisted of black hairs, and one consisted of red hairs.


James’ and Lily’s.


“How could you get their hairs?” I asked. Both boys just shrugged.


“Simple. I picked the remaining hairs from their comb,” Remus explained. We began to hear noises from James’ room. “Now, come on. Add the hairs to your Potion and drink it right away. Lina, you go first to James as Lily. Make sure you take him out of the house. And Sirius, you have to wait for them until they’re out of the house to come to Lily. You both understand?”


“Crystal, Moony,” Sirius said. He looked at the glass in his hand, which had turned into a turquoise colour. Mine had turned into purple. He smiled at me. “Cheers!” he said happily.


I drank my Potion. For a few seconds, I didn’t feel anything. But, just out of the blue, I could feel myself changing. My blonde hair began to change into red like Lily’s and my body felt like being stretched as I grew taller into Lily’s tall build. My face also changed a little bit so that it would look like Lily’s. The changing made me sick and I barely realised my surroundings. When it stopped, my eyes looked into my reflection on the glass-table in front of me. It wasn’t my eyes that looked back into mine. It was Lily’s green eyes. My jaw literally dropped.


“Bloody-“I gasped and closed my mouth with my hands. I even sounded like Lily!


“Are you done yet? Because, James is coming down at any moment,” Sirius said. But, it wasn’t Sirius’ voice. I turned around and found James sitting next to me. I would have thought he really was James if it wasn’t for the annoyed look on his face. It looked a lot with the ones I had saw on Sirius’ face.


“Damn, I thought you were James,” I said, hitting his shoulder gently. James, I mean Sirius, just grinned. I glanced at Remus, whose face looked a bit funny.


“Wait, I have hard time believing that you weren’t James and Lily,” Remus mumbled. He closed his eyes and tookd a deep breath. “Okay, I’m good. So, you have to do everything you can to make them believe. You know how stubborn they are. They won’t-“


“Remus? Remus! Where’s Padfoot?” the real James’ voice boomed as he made his way to the living room. Sirius grabbed his wand and Apparated away right on time.


“Remus, where’s Sirius?” James asked again. His eyes flickered once at me but he quickly ignored me. It felt weird to have James looked at me that way.


“Sirius is with Lina,” Remus lied easilly. “You know... They’re having you-know-what.” James rolled his eyes.


“Fuck him,” he muttered. I felt Remus pinched my hand softly and I knew this was it.


“Potter,” I said, trying my best to sound like Lily’s tone. “Can I talk to you about something?”


James’ jaw clenched, probably thinking about his answer. But I knew better. James would say yes, though he grumbled furiously that he’d rather pitch himself from the Astronamy Tower to be honest, or anything. I knew him well enough to do this.


“Okay,” he growled. “But you’ve to know this Evans; I’d rather have Snape shit on my face rather than to talk you, actually.”


I told you he’d say something like that.


I shrugged casually. “Whatever, Potter,” I said coolly and walked out of the house.


“Where are you going, Evans?” he said immediately, following my steps.


“Well, I told you I want to talk to you. But not here. I don’t want Remus to here what I say. Let’s go to that park.”


We walked in silence. I knew Lily would prefer that. I sensed James was struggling himself to act on his best, thought still trying to act ignorant like his normal bastard-self. I forced a grin from appearing on my face. It took us only a few minutes until we reached the park. I sat on a bench and motioned James to sit next to me.


“So, what is it you want to-“


“I’m sorry,” I blurted out. James frowned.


“Excuse me?”


“I said, I’m sorry,” I repeated, more slowly this time. “I wanted to say how guilty I felt for this past few days. I know I’ve been a right foul bitch, and that you didn’t- you don’t deserve it.” I had used the right words to say. James stared blankly into my eyes and I shifted a bit, acting like how Lily would do when she was feeling uncomfortably.


“Please say something,” I whispered in melancholy. I bet Sirius would grin at my act.


“Lina talked you to do this, didn’t she?” James mumbled.


“What? She didn’t-“


“Oh, quit it, Lily! I know you’re lying,” James snapped. I fought the urge to shrink in fear. When James was angry, he was pretty much as scary as Sirius was.


“Why would I lie about such thing?” I said, my tone getting higher in a way Lily would. “This is not something I would lie around! You think I wanted to stoop so low and lie about something like this?”


“Yes, I think you would,” James said briskly. “You are a lot of things, Lily Evans, and a liar is one of them. Trust me, I know you that much.”


“Then, you know that I love you!” I screamed at his back when he started to walk away. James whipped around, glaring at me. I prayed to God that both Lily and James wouldn’t shread my head into pieces when they found out about this.


You do not love me!” James hissed. “This is just some sick joke you pull on me. Stop it, Evans. It isn’t funny at all.”


He began to walk again, hands in his pockets. I looked around desperately. I just couldn’t waste the Polyjouce Potion and fail. This was so not happening. I had to make Sirius to believe me this was right. To believe Lily.


“James!” I said. He stopped walking but didn’t turn around. I took a deep breath, bracing myself for whatever I was about to face.


“What?” he said.


“Kiss me,” I said. He turned slowly to face me, his eyes looked at mine for a few seconds before his lips crashed mine.


Sirius would seriously kill me.


James’ lips went all over mine. I tried to imagine that this was Sirius I was kissing, not James. It felt awkward, kissing my boyfriend’s best friend. But, it helped a bit with my imagination. James kissed me desperately, as if his life was depended on it. I was glad that James didn’t kiss me more than on my lips. If it was Sirius, I bet his lips would run down to my neck and to other parts of my anatomy.


“Do you trust me now?” I said, breaking off the kiss. James grinned playfully. I hoped Sirius would do the exact thing like James was doing right now.


“I’ll trust if only you give me one more kiss,” James said. I rolled my eyes. Both him and Sirius were so much alike that it sometimes scared me.


“Alright, just one-“


Oh shit. I could already feel myself changing. The tips of my hair was turning light.


I had to go now.


“Meet me in the living room in five minutes,” I said. “You’ve to make up your mind about us when you’re finally there.”


“What? Why?” James babbled.


But, I was already running away from him. When I entered the house, I was fully myself again.


That was really close.

A/N: Hi! Did you miss me? I sure do miss you. Like, A LOT.

First of all, I want to apologise that it took three weeks till this chapter is posted (and another week until it's validated). I have exams coming on April (the most important exams ever), and also tons of projects and homeworks to do. So yeah, school has been keeping me from posting. Therefore, I want to remind you that I probably won't be able to post as soon as I used to do. I'm terribly sorry.

Second... What do you think about this chapter? I don't really like this chapter, because I was hoping for something more EPIC. I didn't have time to re-read it again. I'm sorry (again) if there are mistakes or if the story is really really boring.

Well, thanks for reading. Next chapter will be in Sirius' chapter. Please review!


Here's the sneak peak for the next chapter:

I had my mind back out of the clouds when Remus got up so quickly that he flinched. Probably from the sudden movement he did. He swung his hands around, accidentally hit my dick. I clenched my jaw to prevent myself from screaming. Seriously, after I had my talk with Remus,  I’d give a little gift from nearly crushing my future.




“Well, I best be going now,” Remus said.




“Yes, Moony,” I gritted, fighting hard the urge to scream. “You best be going and never come back again.” Remus merely grinned and walked out of the house. Had my dick wasn’t throbbing like hell, I’d jump on him and literally wiped that grin off his face.




I hope you like it and till next chapter!





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