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Chasing Him by gryffindorlion15
Chapter 3 : Complications
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 A/N:  Hi Guys! So sorry for the wait on this chapter! You must be hating me right now, even though this story has possibly the crappiest start ever. I promise promise promise that the next chapters get better! This chapter is actually in her sixth year and where main parts start! 

Again I am so sorry about how slow and terrible the start is! I know it sucks that it goes over two chapters, but otherwise it would have been a massive chapter/ introduction. 

Ps. I had to up this story to a novella and to mature! So sorry! After writing up to chapter seventeen!


Breaking into a brisk walk as I grew closer and closer towards the barrier separating platforms 9 and 10 at Kings Cross station on the 1st of September, a small grin broke onto my face. This year was the year, the year that James Potter would finally notice me and the cruel people of Hogwarts would finally pay for all the shit they had given me over the years. 


Step two was almost complete, hopefully it will be finished by the end of the month and I could finally move onto tackling James. Through out the summer I had devised a plan to befriend Alessandria that would start the minute I saw her on the platform.


As I broke through the barrier, the first thing I was able to see was the scarlet steam engine waiting gloriously for students to board, to finally make their way back home to Hogwarts. 


Students were all over the platform doing things such as pushing their trunks into compartments followed by their pets, giggling with their friends and then there were the excited first years who stood with their parents, scanning through the crowd in the hope of finding another lost kid. 


Ignoring them all, I strode through the crowd pushing my trolley with ease, knowing the people were watching. In a red sleeved sundress, knee high tan heeled boots, red handbag and massive Chanel sunglasses in front of my eyes, I wasn’t something you missed. I also had cut my hair over the holidays, so it just ran to just under my shoulder blades. 


Near the end of the platform, I spotted Dom, Robyn, Carolyn and Alessandria whom were standing in a pack, giggling and smiling at each other. 


“Hey Guys,” I greeted, stopping my trolley as I joined the group. 




“Hey Mae,” Dom squealed, giving me a hug before taking my arm in her hand and pushing back my elbowed lengthed sleeve to reveal more of my very tanned skin, “Holy crap, your skin!” 


“Is that real?” Carolyn asked gazing closer before shoving Dom out the way and giving me a hug. 


“Yeah,” I replied, “The plus of spending two months in France over the summer!” 


“That is so cool!” Robyn grinned, also giving me a hug while Alessandria awkwardly stood off to the side, looking at her ivory skin in comparison. 



“Hey Alessandria,” I greeted, giving her a hug as well.




“Oh, hello Mae,” she smiled, obviously very surprised by my actions, “Want to find a carriage?”




“Of course,” Robyn agreed grabbing her trunk. 




As we walked towards the trains entrance, I spotted my parents gazing at me and my friends with judgment, they obviously wanted to be anywhere but here. In order to piss them off, I blew them each a kiss and mouthed “I love you” before stepping onto the train behind my friends. My parents and I had a rocky relationship, I had been a unplanned child to them after my older brother Mitch whom was the star of the family, so they pretty much ignored me, only really noticing me if it made them look good. 


After heaving our trunks down the corridor, we finally found a free compartment in the second last carriage where we all shoved our trunks in the rack before sitting down as the train lurched forward. Dom, Robyn and Carolyn were already in a conversation, leaving Alessandria and I to somehow connect, so I sent her a friendly smile which surprisingly she broke into a smile too.




“How was your summer?” Alessandria asked kindly.


“Yeah pretty good, yours?” I replied.


“Better than usual, lots of parties!” she grinned. 


Hmm, she seems a little different compared to the last time I saw her, a little nicer than usual.



  “Mae,” she began, nervously, pulling at the hem of her singlet.






“I’m sorry if I came across rude last year, it’s just I was having a hard time getting over James,” she whispered, looking at her nails, “I know that it’s a terrible excuse but I really did like him and he just dumped me out of the blue.”


Of course due to high school demand, as James was the 'King' of Hogwarts and Alessandria was Queen Bee, the two had unsurprisingly dated for a few months during last year until James had dumped her like he had to all the other girls he had 'connected with' over the years. 


“That’s totally fine, you weren’t even bad!” I exclaimed, smiling widely at her. 


“That’s good, because I’d really like us to get to know each other better,” Alessandria replied. 




"Of course! I would love to as well," I grinned at her before turning to Carolyn, “Carolyn, when are you leaving to the prefect carriage?” 



“Shit!” Carolyn exclaimed, jumping up, “Oh my Merlin, I completely forgot!”


“Come on, let’s go,” I laughed at her, scooping up my handbag and opening the compartment door, “See you guys later.” 




“Bye!” they replied as we left.




I walked through the carriages, with Carolyn leading in front of me with her hair swinging with every step she took. The prefect carriage was at the very front of the train, and when we got there, we got introduced to the new Head Boy and Head Girl of the year, then received the passwords for our dormitories and were then told if we had to lead the first year’s up to the dormitory for the first time in their life at Hogwarts. 




Carolyn was easy to make conversation with. We talked about her mum’s fashion label, and she quickly told me that she had a small package of samples for me supplied by her mother who wanted reviews.




“I missed you this summer Mae,” she said as we walked through the last carriage before the prefect carriage. 




“Me too Carolyn,” I admitted. 


Even though France had been fabulous for many reasons that made me adore every summer holiday there, I had missed friends. 


“Carolyn! Wait!” I spluttered as she opened the door towards the prefect carriage. 


“Yeah?” she replied, closing the door with a curious expression. 




Quickly opening my bag, I shoved aside makeup, books and putting my arm right inside and continued to rummage until I felt my fingers brush the cool bottle of what I was looking for. It was a bottle of Lily and Daisy  perfume from a small shop in France that I had a strange addiction to and as I wore so often, Carolyn had started to become obsessed too.




“I completely forgot to give you this,” I grinned, shoving it into her hand.




“What’s this for?” she asked, taking the bottle and studying it. 


“It’s the perfume you liked, remember?” I explained, taking the bottle and spraying a little in the air for her to smell, "It's only sold in this tiny boutique in Milan, so when I was stocking up, I bought one for you."




As she sniffed, she opened her eyes in wonder and joy.


“Oh, thank you so much Mae! You’re the best!” she shrieked, squeezing me in a hug. 


I hugged her back smiling before we broke apart and she looked at the bottle more before putting it in her bag. I reached for the door,


“Come on, let’s go,” I said pulling the door open. 


Inside the prefect carriage was a royal looking lounge that was arranged with couches, coffee tables and a beautiful fire. I’d been in here before, nothing had changed had since last year. Everyone was in a little pack at the end of the carriage, sipping warm butterbeers and chatting about their summers. 




“Oh, look! That skank Penny Toll got prefect for Hufflepuff!” shrieked Carolyn as we joined the edge of the group where people greeted us with smiles. 




“Yuck! Plus Trash as prefect for Slytherin!” I giggled, pointing towards Tomas Kendell who was also known as Trash Kendell for the horrid smell that followed him around. 


“McGonagall’s made some bad choices this year,” Carolyn said, observing the crowd.


“Definitely,” I agreed, “I wonder who’s Head boy and Head girl.” 


“Same, I hope it’s not that cow Julia Dustin,” Carolyn rolled her eyes. 


I hoped that too, Julia was the biggest slut that Hogwarts had possibly ever seen. But even though she was a slut, she got such good grades and was such a perfect student - somehow she had only got caught once in her millions of broom closest/ classroom escapades - it wouldn’t be a shock if she got Head girl.


“It’s about to start anyway, come on, let’s sit,” I said dragging her away to the closest couch. 




“Hey, could everyone please sit down?” a small female voice shouted, trying to gain some authority over the crowd. 




No one replied, the weak voice having no control. 


“What a fail,” Carolyn snorted. 


“OI! EVERYONE SIT DOWN OR YOUR NOT GOING TO BE ALLOWED TO LEAVE!” an all too familiar boys voice ordered, this time the persons voice automatically possessing the authority the other voice hadn’t. 


“Oh no,” I mumbled as the crowd thinned. 




Sure enough, to my worst wishes, Julia Dustin had received Head Girl. Any bets her first week on the job she uses her patrol to shag with a fourth year in a broom cupboard. Her dirty hair was pulled into a bun and her makeup was a slutty as ever while her massive breasts pushed against her tight shirt, putting way too much pressure on her buttons. The tiniest skirt that you could ever imagine graced her hips allowing her butt cheeks to almost been seen from the back.






Although, the new Head Boy was someone very familiar to me. He had artistically messy black hair, dazzling gold and green eyes, the best body I’d ever seen and the angular cheek bones. 


He was James Potter.


James. Fucking. Potter.


Really? I had to go to meetings and report to James, when the last time I had been within 10 feet of him, I’d split red ink all over myself.


“You ok?” Carolyn whispered to me, noticing my change of emotions.


“Never better,” I muttered sipping a glass of ice water. 


“Hey everyone!” Julia began. 


“So as most of you already know, I’m James Potter and this is Julia Dustin,” James said pointing to Julia, “and we are the Head Boy and Girl for this year.”


“Today we just need to tell you some short things, so could Ravenclaw’s on the far couches and Hufflepuff’s on the closest couches to join me,” Julia said pointing to the right side couches.


“And Gryffindor’s meet over on the far left and Slytherin’s on the closest left,” he said pointing to the couch I was on. 


Everyone scrambled to the chairs and I said goodbye to Carolyn as she made her way over to the other side, allowing another person to slide in next to me. The messy black hair made my heart skip a beat until my eyes settled on the emerald green orbs next to me - Albus Potter, my close friend and fellow sixth year Gryffindor prefect. Ever since I became more confident, Albus and I had been good friends due to how I could finally talk to people without blushing madly - he'd always been lovely towards me though.




“Hey Mae, how was your holiday?” Albus asked smiling at me. 


“Yeah, it was really good! I spent most of it tanning in France!” I smiled back, showing him my successfully brown arms, “How was yours?” 


“Ok, spent with the family, went to a few parties,” he replied casually, leaning back into the chair comfortably.


“James’ parties?” I asked suspiciously. 




James’ parties were notorious amongst the wizarding world, filled with alcohol and loud music that hummed throughout the venue and corrupted it's inhabitants. However, I was yet to attend one of James' parties and had not experienced the events first hand. 


“Yeah, he threw one when mum and dad went to a Ministry function,” Albus answered, “Didn’t turn out good when they came home and there was crap everywhere,” 


I laughed. 


“He had a massive hangover the whole time mum and dad yelled at him, but I still got in trouble because I didn’t stop it,” he looked angrily at James when he said this. 



“Well I bet you and Robyn had a lot of fun,” I giggled, winking at him. 


At this though, he looked a bit nervous. 




“Uh, Mae… don’t you know?” he stumbled.




“What?” I asked leaning forward, eager to hear my much loved gossip.




“Robyn and I broke up at the party,” he mumbled. 




“Oh!” I shrieked. What? Robyn had loved Albus! After he had asked her out last year she had been in a dream state of infatuation with Albus, “Did you break it with her or…?” 


“She dumped me,” he admitted looking at his hands. I put my hand over his and looked him in the eyes,


“It’s ok Albus, you’ve got me! We’ll find you a new girl!” 


 "I doubt it,” he replied, “Anyway…” 



“Albus Severus Potter, be quiet and listen to me!” a voice said, causing me to frown and look straight up into the same eyes that had me in a spell - James.


“Sorry James,” he muttered. 




“For that, you and the other sixth year prefect have to lead the first years to the Gryffindor common room after the feast, where’s the other prefect?” James ordered. 




“Here!” I squeaked putting my hand up, causing James to allow his eyes to focus on me perched on the couch with a confused look.




“And your name is?” He asked, causing my mouth to part slightly in shock.




I couldn’t believe it - James had actually forgotten my name and didn;t even know who I was. Great.






Smirking to myself, I pulled myself higher on the couch and took a deep breath - he won’t forget me after I’m done with him today. 


“Mae, Mae Flick,” I said proudly, looking deep into his eyes.


“Mae Flick? I’ve never heard of you,” he muttered, “Anyway, you and Al are on first years.”




“That’s meant to be the fifth years job!” shouted Albus.




“Well, you yelled at me so now it’s yours,” James grinned smiling sneakily.




“Great,” Albus whispered quietly so only I could hear, causing me to giggle. 




“The rest of you are to tell the rest of the house the password ‘Devil’s Snare’ got it?” he asked. Everyone mumbled in agreement. “Good.” 




James stalked off to talk to the Slytherin’s while we began to talk again. 




“Stupid James, I’m going to hex him, I don’t care what mum says,” Albus muttered.




“I don’t believe he didn’t know my name!” I exclaimed.




Albus looked at me in surprise. 


“Well, he only knows girls who are on his ‘to shag’ list, and I’m pretty sure you’re not on that list,” Albus said.




“Everyone’s attention please!” Julia shrieked at the front of the carriage, “Your all good to go, but please patrol the corridor every now and again, if there’s any troublemakers, just bring them to James or I, we’re free all ride so just drop in any time,” while Julia said this, she was eyeing a poor Hufflepuff fifth year, who looked so excited that he was going to wet himself. 


“Bye guys!” James said as we all stood up. 




I began to move towards Carolyn but was quickly pulled backwards by a hand grabbing me around my wrist, Freddie Weasley, a cute Gryffindor seventh year - one of James’ mates and many cousins - who also happened to have a huge crush on me. He had dark auburn hair, big hazel eyes and shiny white teeth. Honestly he could have been hotter than James, but my eyes found one man the most gorgeous of them all, and that man was James. 


Finding Carolyn’s waiting eyes in the crowd, I rolled my eyes as a pointed at Freddie and my conjoined arms, allowing her to laugh and wave goodbye as she left the lounge understanding of my situation. Usually when Freddie got ahold of me, he won’t let go for a long while.




“Hey Mae,” he greeted, still holding onto my wrist.


“Hey Freddie, how was your holidays?” I asked sweetly, trying to reclaim my hand. 


“Fantastic, but I think that you should have been at some of those parties,” he answered, his left eyelid dropping lazily into the wink I was so used to. 


“Well, I would have loved to come but France was calling!” I giggled, finally getting my wrist free. 




“We’ll have to make up for that lost time then,” Freddie whispered, taking a step closer. 




“Maybe,” I said, backing off as James popped up next to Freddie.


“Freddie,” he greeted, slapping him on the back, “I’m going to see Alessandria.” 


Freddie smirked, “Use protection!” 




Excuse me? This was breaking news due to the fact I still believed that they had broke up last year, obviously I’ve missed a lot over the summer break.




“James, I thought you and Alessandria broke up?” I asked nervously. 




“Yeah we did, but we got back together at a party over the summer,” he admitted, grinning.






Great, that’s definitely going to make it harder for me to get with James.




“That’s wonderful! She's in the second last carriage,” I said helpfully, hiding the tone of annoyance in my voice.



“Thanks, were you sitting with her?” he asked.




“Yeah, can you tell them that I might not make it in till later? Freddie and I have to catch up on something,” I winked sneakily, grinning up at Freddie who's eyes were shinging with excitement.


“Okay cool, bye Freddie, bye Mae,” he waved at us, walking off.




“Bye!” Freddie and I said after him. 




After he left I grinned up at Freddie. 


“We’ve got tons to catch up on,” Freddie smiled, taking a step closer, this time I didn’t object.




“We definitely do,” I replied.




So when Freddie lowered his head down to kiss me in the now empty prefect carriage, I didn’t stop him, because two can play this game better than one. 


A/N: Please please dont hate me!! She isn't using Freddie! I promise you! Well I cant lie, but she does have those feelings in the next chapter but it does change! DONT HATE ME!

But I do hope you enjoyed this chapter! Next chapter will be up ASAP (as soon as this one has been posted)

Please read and review! Even if its bad comments I would really like to hear it! Thank you!!

**EDITED 22/10/14**

**EDITED 15/12/15**

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