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Gringott's Bank by Maxton
Chapter 1 : Harry and Ginny
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Ginny had never been through the doors of the Wizard bank. Holding his hand, they walked past the two wizard guards on the stone steps of the front entrance. The guards returned Harry’s nod and gave Ginny a smile after they thought Harry had passed by their view.


Ginny smiled back saying. ‘ Good Morning.’ She and Harry had been married for 5 years now.


Harry paused to allow her to walk through on her own, releasing her hand, he stood back and watched her take in the enormity of the room. She took no more than a half a dozen steps when the sight of the huge room took her breadth away. She thought to herself it was as big as the great hall at Hogwarts. Looking at the ceiling she could just make out the intricate design in gold and silver. She let her gaze fall to the walls, each with mosaic pictures of country sides, beautiful grand homes and the skyline of London.


As her gaze fell towards the floor she saw the tables surrounding the perimeter of the room. Behind each table sat a goblin. Behind the goblin was a door that led into the cavernous depths beneath London where all the vaults of Gringott’s were hidden.


Harry stepped beside her and grasped her hand in his again. She wanted to stay where she was for a few minutes longer to take in the scene, but feeling the tug from her husband, she followed him through the center isle towards the back of the room. More than half of the tables had witches or wizards sitting talking to goblins. A few empty tables were scattered about the room. Ginny suspected that the goblins that usually were at these tables were in the catacombs with customers. She turned back and saw a sign above two smaller tables. 




It read. Sitting at the tables were a couple of board looking wizards. Each were reading the Daily Profit. Clearly the muggle traffic within the bank was much slower than that of magical folks.


Ginny looked back and noticed Harry was looking around the room also. Was he looking for a particular goblin to help them. He sqeezed her hand and headed towards a goblin sitting writing in a ledger. A large pile of gold coins were on the table in front of him.


Harry stopped a few feet short of that table and stood and waited. The Goblin finished writing his notes and set his quill down. With a wave the gold raised off the table and set itself down into a small box loaded onto a small cart behind the goblin. The lid closed and the latch clicked as if locking itself.


‘May I help you.’ The goblin said to the couple in front of him. Harry stepped forward and held onto the back of a chair for Ginny to sit in. He then sat next to her.


‘Yes, I am Harry Potter and I would like to make a change to my Vault security please. I need you to allow my wife access.’ Harry said.


The goblin turned his head towards Ginny and seemed to look her up and down. ‘Are you sure?’ the goblin said after a few moments.


Ginny stared back at the goblin, taken back by his question. She turned to see Harry smiling. ‘Yes, quite certain.’


The goblin nodded and said, ‘very well. Could I see you wand for identification please. Both your wands will be required for the transfer.’


Harry pulled his wand out of the hidded pocket of his robe and laid it on the table between them. Ginny placed hers next to his keeping her eyes from looking around the room. The goblin took a piece of parchment from a pile next to him and laid it on top of the two wands. The parchment dissappeared along with the wands. Ginny sqeezed Harry’s hand and shifted in her chair.


She had known that the wands would dissappear, Hermione had told her about Ron leaping up out of his chair, when she had gone with him to Gringott’s to start a vault of their own.


But nothing could have prepared her for the feeling that engulfed her. Without a wand she felt naked, threatened and hurt.


Harry moved his hand beneath hers and she released her grip a bit. She looked at her husband and he smiled. But she thought she could see the panic in his eyes also. How long had it been. She thought to herself. She had never been without her wand since she got her letter from Hogwarts. It had been 15 years almost. She remembered that Harry had broken his wand while out running with Ron and Hermione. He never told her how it had happened, only that he had tried a few other and finally had his fixed.


She looked back at the table, the goblin sat with his eyes closed, breathing steadily. Ginny studied his face for a few seconds. His hair was thicker along the center of his head, his ears stuck straight up almost an inch above where they connected to his head. He had just a wisp of hair beneath his lower lip, but it hung down to below his chin. His nose looked as though it had been broken a couple times. It had several bends, this way and that. His curly eyebrows she noticed... and with a jolt his eyes opened. Ginny jumped with a start. Almost knocking the chair over. The goblin stared back at her and said, ‘would you both like to see your vaults now.’ Ginny looked down and the parchment and both their wands had returned to the same position on his desk. The goblin took another parchment that had appeared on his desk into his hand a stood up.


Harry stood up and picked up the parchment and their wands. Handing Ginny’s to her he said, ‘Yes.’ Taking her free hand he walked her around the table. They followed the goblin to a door a few tables down from his own, closer to the far end of the room. 


The goblin looked up to the very end of the room and said to the Goblin sitting on the dias. ‘Mr. and Mrs Potter.’


A few of the witches and wizards who were sitting at the tables around them looked up. 


The head goblin nodded and the door they were standing in front of swung open.


Harry and Ginny did not look back as they walked through the door. They stood next to the rail car Harry reached into his pocket and pulled out his vault key and started to hand it to the goblin.


‘No that won’t be necessary sir.’ The goblin said. ‘We have given you a new vault. Keys will no longer work.’ The goblin took the key and pocketed it.


Harry wanted to ask why they had moved his vault. In fact he wondered when they had moved it. He had only been to his vault a few times in his life. Ruebius Hagrid had taken him to Gringott’s on his eleveth birthday. He had looked inside and discovered that his parents had left him mounds of gold, silver and bronze coins. Bill Weasley had filled his money pouch for him one year, so Harry wouldn’t have to travel into London. Otherwise Harry had sent Bell, his new owl, with a message to the bank for money. Usually the next day, she would have returned and the money would be in a pouch on the kitchen table. He found since he had left school he didn’t seem to need money as often.


The goblin climbed into the front of the cart and sat waiting for Harry and Ginny to climb in behind him, so Harry decided to let the question drop. Once they sat down the cart started rolling forward. Harry remembered that his vault had been fairly close. But after quite a while, Harry started to wonder where they might be heading. He remembered that the older, larger vaults were further down in the catacombs


The cart took one last turn towards the lower levels and then turned into a large cave opening. As the cart came to a halt, Harry noticed only four doors on either side of the track. The goblin climbed out and stepped towards an alcove in the wall. Above the first door in the alcove was the letters HJP, carved in the wall, next to that was another door with GMP carved also, though this carving looked freshly cut.


‘When you come here alone you may enter you own vault,’ the goblin said.


‘When you are together you may enter either door to enter your combined vault.’


‘I don’t understand, I don’t have anything to put into a vault,’ Ginny said with a sadly confused expression.


The goblin pulled the parchment out of his breast pocket and read it up and down. He refolded it and replaced it. ‘No Ma’am, I see you have quite a sustantial amount with in your vault.’


‘There must be some kind of mistake.’ Ginny said. her voice echoing off the walls outside the alcove. 


Harry grabbed her hand and spoke to the goblin. ‘Why don’t we look at my vault first.’ He stepped toward his door, pulling Ginny with him.


‘As you wish.’ The goblin stepped towards the door, waved both his hands and placed his left hand onto the door.


Harry noticed that the door melted away much like the Lestranges did when he and his friend had entered with Griphook. Harry had never really looked around his old vault. He just reached in and grabbed enough coins to fill his money pouch. He always had enough for the school year. When he finally emptied his foot locker out he had quite a bit left over through the years. 


But stepping in with Ginny next to him, Harry took a staggering look around. He didn’t just have the stacks of coins covering a table in the center of the room. He also had boxes stacked against the walls. He followed the boxes up the walls with his eyes and saw that the ceiling was much taller than he thought. Harry felt Ginny release his hand as she walked towards a cupboard around the front wall. ‘What’s in here?’ ginny asked,


Harry stepped towards it and stopped before opening it. ‘What is all this stuff.’ He was asking the goblin.


The golblin looked around and said, ‘all Harry Potters belongings.’


Where did it all come from? Harry said.


The goblin stared at Harry with a confused look. ‘I am sure I do not understand. Is there some problem with the contents?’


‘Did all these things belong to Harry’s parents before they died?’ Ginny directed her question to the goblin. 


The goblin looked at Ginny and then back to Harry. ‘ I am sure I cannot tell you whence Mr. Potter received his treasures. If you would like I will contact someone to bring you the inventory list.’ Her turned back to Ginny, ‘ I can have tem bring your list also if you like.’


Ginny head shook up and down. ‘Yeah’ she said.


They followed the goblin out of the vault, Harry turned his head to see the contents before stepping throgh the threshold. Harry felt a rush of air behind him and he smelled the fainted mixture of stale air and what he thought was dragons breathe around him. he turned his and the door to his vault had resealed itself. 


‘It will only be a minute, would you like to sit down,‘ the golblin spoke to Ginny as if she were ill. He pointed to a pair of chairs that had appeared from nowhere along the rocky wall of the alcove.


‘No, could you let me into my vault while we are waiting,’ she said.


‘Of course’.


He stepped towards the second door, waved his hands andplaced one on the door. The door melted as Harry’s had. Ginny turned to take Harry’s hand. But he said, ‘No, its yours. You look at it first, we’ll be right here’, and he nodded to the goblin. 


‘Of course. Miss?’

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