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One Generation to the Next by FabionPrewett22
Chapter 21 : Violence
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(Lily’s [2] point of view)

After James explained to us about Remus’s dad we helped him clean up the dorm. Somehow Lily managed to persuade James to let us clean the entire dorm. I think Sirius is a hoarder because most of his things were trash and the underneath of his bed looked like a war zone. When we finished the room was hardly recognizable. Frank thanked us and James just kind of mumbled. I think he misses the mess. Lily, Alice, their friend Mary, and I went back down stairs so James and Frank could have some privacy to get ready. When we got back to the common room Brandon was waiting for me.

“Hermione, will you please accompany me to the library?”

I heard laughter from up the boy’s staircase.

“Okay. Is that okay with you Lily? Or should I wait for Sirius and Ron?”

“No it’s fine. You can see them later.”

“Cool. Well, Brandon lets go.”

“After you.” He gestured toward the portrait hole and even did a little bow. This time there was laughter directly behind me and I turned to see that James had come down from the dorm. Lily whacked him on the head and I heard him mumble something about domestic violence. I rolled my eyes at their squabble and made my way out of the common room. Brandon came out a few seconds after I did and walked politely beside me on the way to the library. Honestly his behavior is really starting to freak me out. Both times I talked to him he didn’t seem to even posses manners and know he’s walking around like the Duke of Wellington or something. When we got to the library he escorted me, yeah escorted, to a table in the back of the library. He held out the chair for me then scooted it in when I sat down. He excused himself to go find a book he needs and I told him to take his time. I leaned back in my chair and looked around the library. There was a couple people there, most of them in the front, and I saw Severus was sitting by himself at a table isolated from everyone else. He was working intently on something and I was reminded of the last time I talked to him and how he acted coldly toward me. Maybe it had something to do with the last time we were here or when I blew him off to sit with James at dinner. I should probably go over and talk to him. I was about to get out of my seat when Brandon came back with the book he wanted. He saw I was about to get up and put the book down on the table.

“Where are you going Hermione?”

“I need to talk to Severus. I’ll come back.”

“You want to talk to a bloody Slytherin? Why? They’re no good slime balls who only want to hex everything that breathes.”

“Well I can see your manners are gone, and don’t you talk that way about Severus. He’s different from all the other Slytherins.”

“For your information I was only being mannerly so I could ask you out to Hogsmeade and ensure that you would say yes.”

By now or voices were raised and we were drawing the attention of the people around us including Severus.

“You were trying to manipulate me into a date with you? Wow, you are pathetic Brandon.”

“Well at least I’m better then that good for nothing bastard of a Slytherin you hang out with.”

I didn’t even bother with my wand, I just punched that smug prat right in the face. He fell backwards into the aisle and looked up at me with surprise evident on his face. I turned to look at Severus to see if he had heard and I saw him standing a few feet away with his wand almost out of his pocket. He looked with disbelief at me and I smiled and shrugged my shoulders at him. Brandon was still on the floor and I walked away without helping him up. I grabbed Severus’s arm and marched us out of the Library before Madam Pince could kick me out. I kept walking till we were far enough away from the library that I could breathe again without huffing in frustration. I let go of Severus and leaned against a post protruding from the corridor wall.

“I’m sorry you had to hear that Severus.”

“I hear stuff like that all the time. I still just can’t believe you punched him in the face. Don’t girls usually slap?”

“Yeah well I’m not your typical girl.”

We laughed for awhile at the overall audacity of the situation. I grew tired of leaning and slumped down to sit on the floor. Severus joined me. We sat there for awhile in silence and finally I asked him why he acted coldly to me yesterday.

“I’m sorry I came off as cold it’s just that when I’m in a hurry or busy I tend not to take into account other people.”

“That’s it? Good. I thought you were mad at me or something and I needed to fix it.”

“No I could never be mad at you. You punched a boy in the face because he insulted me. That shows true kindness.”

We laughed again for awhile then my stomach growled reminding me that I had not eaten breakfast. I noticed Severus was wearing a watch and I picked up his arm to look at the time. It was two minutes till lunch so I suggested we head down to the Great Hall so I can silence the beast in my tummy. Severus agreed and we walked down talking about the expression on Brandon’s face when I punched him. We reached the hall and headed over to the Slytherin table. For some reason there was tacos for lunch. Severus and I were both surprised and ate them skeptically. A couple minutes later I heard a bench scraping against the floor from the Gryffindor table. I looked up to see my James trying to wrestle his way out of the grasp of Lily. Guess he saw Brandon. After we ate the rest of our lunch Severus said he needed to finish his work in the library. I volunteered to join him, but he said he needed to be alone. Once I was alone on the entry way I turned back into the Great Hall to see if James and them were still there. They were, but James had somehow escaped Lily and was now making his way towards Brandon. Deciding he had been punched enough for one day I ran after James and pulled him back towards the others.

“Lil-Hermione! Let me go!”

“Ron leave it alone.”

“No! I want to know what he did to Lil-”

He stopped talking and stared at me. Then his eyes got all wide and he pointed his finger at me.

“I didn’t realize I was talking to you.”

“Yeah I kind of figured.”

“Let’s go sit back down.”

I followed him back to their spot at the table and sat next to him and Lily. I looked across to Remus and he looked a lot better then this morning. He caught me staring at him and his face reddened and he smiled nervously. I smiled back encouragingly. It looked like they were all about done with their lunch except for Sirius and James. They each had about ten tacos on their plates and were looking at each other determinedly. I was about to ask what was going on when Sirius shouted ’Go!’ and they began to devour their tacos with gusto. Sirius finished his five seconds before James who upon losing began to pout and refused to talk to Sirius. Thankfully it didn’t last long because about a minute later James forgot and asked Sirius about whether or not there was quidditch practice now.

“Bloody hell I forgot all about that! And I’m the captain! James we better get going if we’re going to get there before the rest of the team.”

“Right. Remus will you be okay?”

“Yes I’ll be fine. I have Lily, Ron, and Hermione to keep me company and make sure I don’t go out rampaging or committing murders.”

“Very funny Remus. Alright lets go Sirius.”

“Bye James,” Lily said. James turned around and leaned over the table to kiss her goodbye. My James and Sirius made kissy noises and kissed the air. When James was done he turned around and punched Sirius in the arm while Lily whacked my James on the head. Finally Sirius and James walked out to the pitch while Sirius grumbled on about finding new friends. Since we were now all done with lunch Lily suggested we go watch them at practice. We had nothing better to do so we agreed with her and headed out after them. It was relatively windy outside and leaves of different colors were blowing around. The air was chilly and there were clouds scattered throughout the sky. I buttoned up my coat and used the rubber band around my wrist to put my hair up. We arrived at the pitch and climbed up into the first row. On the other side of the stands was a couple of Slytherins. I assumed they were the Slytherin quidditch team here to see if they could catch some tips about how to beat Gryffindor. Well as long as they were quiet I could ignore them.

“Hermione can you tell me why Brandon had a black eye so I can stop freaking out and devising ways to kill him?”

“Oh yeah I forgot about that. Well he was being all mannerly and asked me to go to the library with him so I went. When we got there he left to go get a book and I noticed Severus was sitting a couple of tables away so I was getting up to talk to him when Brandon came back and started yelling at me for wanting to talk to a Slytherin. He also told me that he was only being mannerly to get me to go to Hogsmeade with him.”

“And that’s why you punched him?”

“No, I punched him because he went on to insult Severus.”

“You punched him because he insulted Severus?”


“Good. I thought he hurt you or something and you had to defend yourself against him using your brute strength and cunning wit!”

“Your weird Ron. Why are you so weird?”

“I blame my ancestors.”


Lily thwacked him on the head, again, and demanded an apology from him. He gave her one, but only after she twisted his arm. Why is everyone so violent? After that we watched the practice in silence except for the occasional comment from James about their form or their passing skills. The sun was beginning to set causing the sky turn a mixture of orange, yellow, red, lavender, and a little bit of blue. They finished their practice and headed back into the locker rooms. We got up off the stands and headed down to the outside of the locker rooms. We waited for about ten minutes before they came out. James and Sirius were the last to leave the locker room. Remus made a joke about them taking more time to get ready then girls which earned him a slap from Lily and punch in the arm from both Sirius and James. These people have violence issues. It was almost dinner so we headed out of the cold, back inside to the always toasty castle. Someone, Sirius, kept tripping my James into mud puddles and by the time we came into the entrance hall he was in need of a shower. We all laughed at his appearance and then he stormed up the stairs to the dorm to change.

“And we call Sirius a drama queen,” James teased.

James came back down ten minutes later wearing the same clothes except they were now sopping wet and no longer covered in mud.

“What did you do?” Remus asked.

“Well decided I didn’t want to get more clothes dirty today so I just got in the shower wearing these and wiped off all the mud.”

“You are not normal. Did Mom and Dad drop you on your head as a baby?”

“Possibly, but I know for a fact Teddy did. There’s a picture in my room of him caught in the act.”

“My son?”

“Yeah. He’s awesome, well when he’s not around Victoire.”

“Your cousin you tried to feed to the squid?”

“Yeah. She’s his fiancée now so he has to listen to her.”

“He’s getting married?”

“Yeah and he just got the job he wanted at the auror office.”

“Wow, sounds like he has a good life.”

“Yep. Anyways enough talk about the future it’s dinner time and I’m about to cave in from hunger.”

We all went into the Great Hall and sat down in the usual spots. The dinner tonight looked normal enough for Hogwarts. We talked about random things and when we were finished we headed up to the dorm. The spots by the fireplace were empty so we headed over there and got situated. Sirius took out exploding snap and we played for about an hour until Sirius got tired of losing and suggested we play chess instead. Lily and James opted out and went to go stroll the castle alone before they had to make their rounds. Remus agreed to play him and my James and I watched them.

The match took another hour, I guess Sirius is really good at chess, and Remus won. Sirius got all pouty and sat in his chair in silence. We all stared at him for awhile until he broke out laughing because the expression on our faces were apparently hilarious. It was going on nine o’clock and Remus had to leave to go do rounds with James and Lily. Sirius and James decided they wanted to go to their dorm and I didn’t feel like joining them so I went to mine. There was no one in there so I got out my potions book and continued to edit it. By the time everyone else was coming in it was almost eleven and I decided it was late enough for me to go to sleep. I got ready in the bathroom and then went back to my bed. That girl Mary K. was in a heated conversation with Morgan over her clothes or something. It took awhile for their conversation to die down and give me a chance to finally, go to sleep.

AN: Hope you liked the chapter and don’t forget to review!

P.S. Thank you to Theraven42 for catching the fact that I said Lily instead of Hermione in the beginning of the story. I'm a dum nut. : /

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One Generation to the Next: Violence


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