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Insula de Absentis Spiritus by SunSation Gal 07
Chapter 6 : Psycho Scarecrows…
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Lily Potter -- Georgie Henley
James Potter II -- Skandar Keynes
Albus Potter -- Logan Lerman

Rose Weasley -- Emma Stone
Hugo Weasley -- Will Poulter

Fred Weasley -- Roshon Fegan
Roxanne Weasley -- Katerina Graham

Molly Weasley -- Karen Gillan
Lucy Weasley -- Ellen Page

Victoire Weasley -- Amanda Seyfried
Dominique Weasley -- Saoirse Ronan
Louis Weasley -- William Moseley

Disclaimer – I do not own Harry Potter.

Chapter 5 – Psycho Scarecrows…

Lily had to wait an hour before the suite went quiet. I had taken Lucy the longest to fall back to sleep and she had heard someone in the bathroom. But after ten minutes of hearing nothing but deep breathing, she slipped quiet from her bed and quietly as she could, pulled on her jeans, a simple blue t-shirt, and shoes before stowing her wand in her pocket. She froze when Lucy rolled over in her sleep before she left the room. She slowly pulled open the door and slipped out into the hall, closing it behind her as quietly as she could. She glanced down the hall to see that the door to the bedroom that Molly and Victoire were sharing was cracked open. Lily crept down the hall and peaked in. From the moonlight shining in through the window, she could see two figures in the bed, both breathing deep. Good, both asleep.

Lily slowly moved out to the living area. She looked toward the boy’s door and was surprised to find it open. Two figures stood silhouetted by the moonlight shinning through the window of the room behind them. They were gesturing toward something. Lily frowned and glanced in the direction they were pointing. She froze in her tracks. Bullocks. She had forgotten that Molly was sleeping on the couch. When she had told the boys to meet her here, she must have been in the loo.

She took a deep breath, letting it out slowly. The older girl was breathing deeply, her face turned into the couch. She looked toward the boys in the doorway. They were gesturing for her to come. She could make it. It was not that far. And from the times she had remembered all the cousins sleeping over before, Molly had not been a light sleeper. She could make it to the boys room no problem.

Lily moved forward, her feet not making any noise as she walked. Her ears strained to her for any change in Molly’s breathing. She bit her lip the entire way across the room, glancing between the door to the boy’s suite and Molly on the couch. She froze when the girl shifted, mumbling something Lily could not understand. But after a moment she settled down again and Lily finished crossing the room. She only allowed herself a sigh of relief once the door connecting the two suites was closed. She let out a soft laugh, smiling toward James and Aron. “Let’s go.”

“How are we going to get there?” Aron asked as they quickly walked toward the front door of the suite the boys shared. Lily glanced toward James, and though he did not look toward her she could see his trademark smirk, the one he usually wore when he was planning a massive prank.

He did not say anything until they were out in the hallway with the door to the suite closed behind them. He reached into his pocket and pulled out two small objects. Lily grinned at her eldest brother. “We fly, of course. We can take off at the docks.”

Aron frowned slightly, leaning forward to study the small objects in James’s hand. “Are those brooms?”

Lily and James nodded as Aron straightened. “I expected them to be bigger.”

James chuckled as he put them back in his pocket and they started making their way down the hall to leave the hotel. “They’re shrunk down. Otherwise I would not have been able to sneak them in my suitcase.”

Lily snorted as they made their way down the staircase to the lobby. “Yeah, that would be interesting to explain to airport security.”

“I know what security is, but what’s an airport?” Aron asked as they walked through the lobby. Lily noticed the night desk worker look toward them, but saw that upon recognizing them he looked back down at the computer.

James and Lily glanced at each other. How were they supposed to understand modern Muggle technology to him? “Um,” Lily began as they walked out of the hotel and headed for the street. “Muggles have advanced a lot since you died.”

Aron opened his mouth to say something, but James cut him off. “A Muggle is someone that is not magical in our world.”

Aron nodded. “Right.”

“Anyway, a plane can fly like our brooms can. Except that they don’t use magic to fly, none at all,” Lily explained. “And an airport is, well like a dock for ships, except for planes. They land and take off from them.”

Aron watched her as she spoke, an expression of awe one his face. “Incredible. If they don’t use magic, how do they fly?”

Lily shrugged as they walked down the streets of Elsegårde Strand. “We know a bit about a lot of Muggle things, but exactly how an airplane works is something I don’t know.”

“Same,” James added.

Aron looked slightly disappointed, though his expression of disappointment was so different from the one that Albus sometimes wore. It once again reminded her that the person walking with them was not her brother, the prefect and student that gave Rose a run for her money in classes. The chaser that had won Gryffindor the Quidditch Cup the year prior and the brother that had joined James for a prank on Bryan James, her first boyfriend that had dumped her for some Ravenclaw after two weeks of dating.

The rest of the way to the docks was in silence, their second time taking this route that night. The answers to all their questions were on the island. Who was bringing the dead back and why? Why had Aron been brought back? How could they get him out of Albus? As they approached the docks, Lily’s eyes landed on Monk Island. Everything that was going on was centered on that island.

When they arrived at the docks, there was one boat that was preparing for an early start. But the few men on the ship were busy preparing it for the day. Lily, Aron, and James walked to the end of the row a few over from where the boat was and James pulled the brooms out from his pocket. He pulled out his wand and within seconds, the two tiny brooms had become full sized. Lily glanced at Aron as she took her broom from James, seeing an awed expression on his face. She mounted her broom and gestured with her head for him to get on. “Well, come on.”

He climbed on behind her as James mounted his own broom, putting his hands around Lily’s waist. “Hold on,” she told him, glancing over her shoulder at him before kicking off. His arms tightened around her waist as they shot up into the air. She looked over to see James beside her before she angled her broom and shot off toward the island.

The cold air quickly numbed the skin of her face and she could hardly feel her fingers clenched around the broom beneath her. Her hair blew about in the wind and she could hear Aron trying to keep it out of his face behind her. Beneath them, the water appeared almost black and the setting moon reflected off the waves, turning the crests silver. Monk Island loomed before them, a dark mass rising above the water. Towering trees and rocky shores.

When they got closer to the island, Lily spotted James heading down and followed his lead. They came down in a small cove that faced the mainland, where an old dock still remained. By the time they landed on the dock, which creaked and groaned under their weight, the Eastern horizon was tinged with pink. She waited for Aron to dismount behind her before getting off the broom herself.

“Here,” said James, taking her broom from her and shrinking it back down. He then handed the shrunken broom back to her. “Just in case.”

Just in case she had to use magic, which would set off the underage magic alarms. Hopefully she would not have to. That would bring their parents right to them and the vacation would be ruined, though after this was all over and Aron was out of Albus, would they even continue their vacation? Lily shook herself mentally. They would deal with that later. First they had to get Aron out of Albus, and to do that they needed to find out what was going on.

She stowed her wand in her pocket and looked toward the forest that surrounded the small cove. Tall pines towered above them and the water lapped against the rocky shore. She could hear birds chirping in the trees as they woke up. She glanced over at James. He was tense, like he often was before a Quidditch game. “Let’s go see who’s doing what.”

He started down the dock, heading toward the forest with Lily and Aron a few steps behind him.



Victoire jolted awake at the sound of Molly’s voice. Early morning sunlight shown through the bedroom window. She sat up and glanced over at her sister, who had also been startled awake by their cousin’s yell. The door was pushed open and Molly stood in the doorway, her hair still a mess from sleep. Her eyes were wide with panic. Beyond Molly, she could see the rest of her family waking up, all looking confused.

“What’s going on?” Victoire asked as she pushed the covers off and got out of bed. She heard Dominique do the same.

“They’re gone,” Molly replied. “All three of them are gone.”

Victoire felt her stomach drop. Molly did not even have to say their names for her to know who she was talking about. She moved out of the room, moving around Molly as she headed for the main living area. The door to the boy’s room was already open and Fred was stepping through.

“Well, we know where they’ve gone,” Victoire said as she walked down the hall. Lucy peeked out of the girls’ room, looking confused. “But how did they get there? We all left our brooms at home…”

Fred looked sheepish as he stood beside the door that attached the two suits. “That’s not entirely true…”

Victoire stared at him and felt Molly and Dominique come up on either side of her. “You brought our brooms?”

Fred grinned sheepishly. “James and I shrunk them and put them in our luggage.”

Victoire closed her eyes, taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly. A no magic vacation and they had brought everyone’s brooms. Of course. That was James and Fred. She just had to not kill the latter of the two standing before her.

She opened her eyes, glaring at the cousin before her. He had just graduated from Hogwarts and still acted like a first year. She would deal with him later. First she had to go and get James, Lily, and Albus, Aron, whoever it was, off that island.

“Molly, you stay here. Keep an eye on everyone,” she said, never taking her eyes off of Fred’s downcast face. “Fred, go get my broom as well as Dom’s and Louis’s. And tell him to get dressed. We’re going after them.”


The trio hiked through the forest, leaves and twigs crunching beneath their feet. Lily sighed as they walked, wiping sweat from her brow. It was still early morning and the shadows of trees kept them cool. Around them they could hear birds flying through the trees and the occasional frog croaking. Lily had no idea how long they had been walking, for when she looked up, the sky was overcast. The smell of rain was in the air. Perhaps she would have to get a watch. She knew that her father had one; maybe it was about time she got one as well.

The trees began to thin and the three of them emerged onto the edge of a large field covered in green grass that looked like it needed to be watered and plenty of weeds. On the other side, she could see an old barn with rusted farm equipment alongside it.

“This field has to take up most of the island,” Aron said.

“Maybe whoever brought you back is in that barn,” Lily said, glancing over at James on her left and then at Aron on her right.

Aron nodded and started forward, Lily and James a few steps behind him. They walked, watching their step so that they would not trip over any hidden rocks, which there were plenty of. About halfway across the field, they came across a shallow rut in the dirt. Nearby was a scarecrow with a crow picking at its head. Aron stopped and crouched down, taking a bit of dirt between his fingers. Lily and James stopped just behind him. She glanced right and left and saw that the rut seemed to run the length of the field.

“It’s dead,” Aron said, looking at the dirt. Lily crouched down beside him as the crow began squawking. “All the nutrients are gone from the soil.”

“I’ve never heard of a spell doing that,” Lily said as she glanced up at James, whose brow was furrowed.

James shook his head. “Neither have I.”

Lily looked back towards Aron. “Have you ever heard of something doing this?”

Aron wiped the dirt of his fingers and looked at her. “Never.”


Lily frowned. Something about the crows cry did not sound right.

“Uh, guys…”

Lily looked toward her brother, who was staring toward the scarecrow. She looked toward it to see that the crow was gone and a few black feathers were drifting toward the ground. She glanced around the sky for some sign of the crow, but there was none. No birds flew in the sky above the field. Thunder sounded in the distance as a chill went down her spine. She stood, pulling her wand from her pocket. Sure, it would set off the underage alarms, but something here was not right.

And then the scarecrow lifted its head and looked right at her.

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