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Unexpected by MalfoyRocks
Chapter 2 : The First Meeting
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Hermione ran up the stairs and into her bedroom before her mother could smell the weed on her clothes that she smoked while she was at Antoine's house. She closed her door and locked it when she got into her room before she stripped from her clothes and threw them in the hamper. She turned on her ipod and plugged it into her stereo as she turned the volume up, way to loud for her mother's taste, but she didn't care most times. Then she danced her way into her closet and pulled out her favorite black dress that clung to her curves just right before it flared out at the waist and fell to her knees softly. She put the dress on before finding her black ballet flats and slipped them on, making sure that the silk ribbon attached to them were tied perfectly even up to her knees. After she was dressed, she went into her bathroom to put her mascara and eyeliner back on before she put smoky eyeshadow on. She found her favorite ring that Antoine had gotten for her  for her 15th birthday and slid it on her silver chain necklace around her neck. The ring was a silver band with a dark red garnet in between two smaller saphires. (the garnet was to represent him as an aquarius while the saphires represented Hermione as a Taurus.) It was was simple, but beautiful. However, most people thought that they were a couple because of the ring, so Hermione wore it around her neck instead of on her hand. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tounge at herself. She had a black tounge stud in, but she didn't want that in. So she took it out and put in a saphire and silver rosebud stud in its place. 

She stood from her seat and twirled in front of her full body mirror happily. Then as one final thought, she sprayed her warm vanilla scented perfume over herself to get rid of any lingering smell of weed. After she was done getting ready, she smiled brightly before unlocking her door and joining her mother in the living room. 


"You look beautiful, Hermione," Hermione's mother complimented.


"Thanks," she smiled as she sat down. 


"Are you sure you're ready to meet your dad?"


"I'm nervous. But yeah."


"Wh-," Hermione's mother began, but was cut off by the door bell ringing. "Well, take a deep breathe while I get the door," she said before getting up to answer the door. "Hello, do come in."


"Thank you," Hermione heard a vaguely familiar voice say before he stepped inside the house.


Hermione took a couple deep breathes while she faced away from the door. She was becoming more nervous by the second and it only got worse as she heard not two sets of steps, but three. Hermione's mother asked if anyone wanted something to drink as they all sat down.


"No, thank you," was heard from two maculine voices. 


Hermione kept her head down because she felt like a nervous wreck. Finally, she took a deep breathe and looked up to her biological father and a younger version of her father sitting to her father's left. But as she locked eyes with her father, she gasped and ran from the room and up to her bedroom. She slammed the door on accident (honestly, she was just in shock) and found her purse laying on her bed. She started pulling things out of it until she grasped her cell phone at the bottom. She quickly dialed a number and waited for the person to answer. As soon as she heard it being answered she started rambling, not giving the other person a chance to say a thing. "It's Snape. He's my dad. I can't believe it. He's been so mean.. Mum's said that he's known for a couple years that I'm his daughter, and he's still been so horrible.. Why? Why? Why? Why? Why," Hermione cried as she fell down to her knees. "Can you come over, please? Help me, please?" The person on the other end of the phone answered her quickly before hanging up. Hermione just sat on the floor until she heard the door open and someone come up behind her. They sat down beside her and took her in their arms. 


"Mia, I'm here, let's go down and be our kick ass selves," Antoine said as he pulled her up to a standing position. He flicked his wrist and her make-up was fixed and her eyes weren't red and puffy anymore. 


"Thanks," Hermione sniffled and took a deep breathe to calm herself again. "I can't believe I'm such a pussy," she laughed to herself. 


Antoine and Hermione walked down the stairs to the living room where everyone was rigid from Hermione running from the room. 


"Hi, Miss G, look who I found in her room," Antoine tried to lighten the mood in the room.


"Antoine, how many times do I have to tell you to call me Jane," Hermione's mother, Jane, smiled in appreciation to him.


"At least a couple more, Miss G.," Antoine laughed again. He turned towards the two guests in the room and stuck out his hand for Hermione's father. "Hello, I'm Antoine Hawkwood, Hermione's best friend. You must be her father," he paused as Severus slightly nodded before shaking Antoine's hand. "Oh, and sir, she's told me everything through out the years. I know that you were her potions professor. But I do believe she needs a chance to know you. So, please, don't mess her up any farther than those jackasses she called friends at Hogwart's did to her. I think I'd lose it if I lost her again." Severus opened his mouth to repsond, but quickly shut it again and nodded. Antoine nodded and stuck out his hand to the younger version of Hermione's father. "And you are?"


"I'm Ryuu Snape. I'm Hermione's twin brother," he said softly before shaking Antoine's hand. Hermione watched the exchange with curiosity which only peaked more when he said twin.


"Twin," Hermione asked.


"Yeah, I'm your twin. I'm five and a half minutes older than you. Dad sent me to Salem's in America to keep me away from the war in second year, so you probably don't remember me," Ryuu shrugged nonchalantly.


"Honestly, I think I remember glimpses of you. But not much else. You were in Ravenclaw, right?"


"Yeah, I was. I think they might resort me this year because I've been gone for five years."


"You're coming back?"

 "Yeah, so I can get to know you better."

Hermione smiled at that and turned to Snape. "Professor," she nodded to him.


"Hermione, you can at least call me Severus. since I know calling me dad will be a little uncomfortable for you," Severus sighed before continuing. "And I wanted to apologize for how I've treated you even after I found out your identity. But please, don't think that I don't love you. I just couldn't let any one know that I knew where and who you were, are, that would've went against all efforts to keep you safe from the beginning. And I also wanted to tell you that I'm so proud of who you've become. Your mother would've been proud had she survived the first war," he smiled sadly.


"Who was she?"


"Her maiden name was Amelia Black. She was Sirius' cousin and was exactly like him. I met her at a Pureblood function when we were kids and well, we didn't get along. As the years went on I became infatuated with her, but I never let it show. She moved to France right before we started Hogwart's. Her parents, unlike Sirius' parents, were not high on blood status. They had muggle, muggleborn, and halfblooded friends, so when there was even whispers of the first war they departed for safer areas. I kept in contact with them through out the years and after my fifth year, Amelia came to visit me. We had already grown to be close as friends, but nothing more than that. Over my vaction though, your mother and I started dating. It was after a huge fight between the two of us when she came to visit. I think it was over a book that she wanted to read, but I wouldn't give it to her. You'd think it would've been about something much more significant, but alas, it wasn't. Anyway, our relationship wasn't easy in the beginning, we were so unalike, but we loved each other with a passion. And after I graduated from Hogwart's your mother and I married in France with her family, Lilly Potter, and Narcissa Malfoy the only people in attendance. She gave birth to you and Ryuu a little over nine months later in France. But times were rough, so she went back to France with you and Ryuu for your safety. Unfortunately, Voldemort somehow found out about you and showed interest in you, to much interest for Amelia and me. So Amelia got ahold of a muggle adoption agency to see if we could have an open adoption. We wanted to meet the people or person that would be raising you to know who and what you are. The only thing we didn't want to know is names, that way if someone came snooping, they wouldn't be able to find you. That is when we met your mom and when we explained everything she was a bit sceptical at first," Snape paused in his explanation because of Jane almost choking on her drink.


"I think a bit is an understatement," she laughed as Severus lips twitched upwards in a slight smile.


"Well, we proved it with a little wandwork, nothing serious, I think I gave her a calla lilly that I created to live forever as long as you were still alive, do you still have it," he asked Jane curiously.


"It's on my nightstand," Jane smiled.


"I always thought that it was fake," Hermione mused out loud. 


"No, it's no-" Jane was cut off by a ringing from the kitchen. "That would be the chicken, dinner will be served as soon as I get everything ready," Jane said as she quicly excused herself to the kitchen. Hermione fidgeted in her seat because of everyone's eyes being on her.


"So, I'm three-quarters magic, right," Hermione asked curiously.


"Yeah, you would be," Severus said hestantly. Antoine excused himself as well to help in the kitchen, but Hermione knew better, he was forcing her to talk. She glared as his back as he quickly made his way to the kitchen.


"Stupid, son-of-a-"


"What's that, sis," Ryuu smirked.


"Oh, nothing," Hermione said in a sing-song voice. 


"Right," Ryuu laughed, then he became serious. "He likes you," he observed.


"Yeah, he does. But he knows where him and I stand for now," Hermione fidgetted.


"He doesn't like Potter and Weasley," Severus asked curiously.


"No, he doesn't," Hermione stiffened at the mention of her friends' names.


"I'm surprised," Severus remarked.


"You shouldn't be. He's protective of me and they are jack asses," Hermione glared at the thought of them.


"They did something to you," Ryuu pointed out.


"Yes, they did," she gritted through her teeth. "Now, can we talk about something other than my ex-friends," she snapped out. "What kind of music do you listen to," Hermione asked randomly after a couple minutes of tense silence.


"Everything," Ryuu laughed at Hermione's question.


"What's everything? Everything magical, everything muggle, or everything both?"




"Interesting, favorite muggle genre?"


"Rock. Yours?"


"Techno, rock, hip hop.. oh wait, you were asking favorite, techno," Hermione laughed.


"Have you ever been to broadway? Since you go to Salem's, that is."


"Yeah, my ex took me there once."


"What have you seen? I've seen 'the Phantom of the Opera', 'RENT', and 'Wicked'."


"My ex dragged me to 'the Phantom of the Opera'," Ryuu made a 'sour' face, but then laughed. "I was surprised to say I liked it."


Five minutes later, Antoine came back and announced 'food's ready'. So they all went out into conservatory (sorry, had to. for all of the american's, a conservatory is a sun room) which functioned as the dining area. Jane was pulling out two pitchers from the fridge as everybody sat down at the table. "I hope eveyone is alright with lemonade as a drink, we don't usually keep soda in the house and I forgot to get some at the grocery when I went out," Jane said as she put the pitchers on the table.


"That's alright, we don't normally drink soda anyway," Severus said as he sat down across from Hermione. Ryuu sat beside him, Antoine sat beside Hermione and across from Ryuu, while Jane sat at the head of the table in between Severus and Hermione.




"Good, then I don't have to feel bad," Jane smiled at everyone's hesitance to start dishing their food out. "It's not going to bite, you can eat." She laughed as everyone then started to pile food on their plates. Antoine passed a small packet slyly under the table after she poured herself a glass of lemonade. Which she proceded to empty the packet into her lemonade when she stired some more sugar in her lemonade.




Everyone ate with relative silence, except the occasional 'please pass the-' for most of the dinner until the end when Ryuu looked across to Hermione. "So, are you ready to come live with us for the summer?"


"Surprisingly, I am," Hermione laughed as Severus actually smiled at her answer. "But I have a question."


"What is it," Severus asked.


"Can Antoine come visit? You see, like he said earlier, him and I have been best friends for as long as I can remember and I don't like only being able to see him for a week of my summer," Hermione asked, then hurriedly explained.


"I don't see why not," Severus answered seriously.


"Oh cool," Hermione smiled. "Oh, will he be able to apparate there when he learns of where it is?"


"He's a wizard," Both Ryuu and Severus asked surprised by that large fact.


"Yeah," Hermione answered slowly.


"What school do you go to? I've never seen you at Hogwart's," Severus asked.


"None, I've been home schooled my whole life," Antoine answered with ease. "I tried to talk Mia and Miss G into letting my mum homeschool her with me and my sister. But, Mia wanted to go to boarding school," Antoine rolled his eyes, but smiled all the same.


"Then, you're not muggleborn," Severus asked again.


"No, I'm a halfblood. My dad's a muggle, his name is Victor. But, my mum's name is Elizabeth, but if you would know her at all it would be by Elizabeth Burke."


"Burke," Severus repeated questionably.


"Yes, the family you are think of. And yes, she was disowned for marrying a muggle," Hermione quickly said to close the topic before it got uncomfortable for Antoine, not that he would admit it, ever. After that converstion, everyone finished their meals while they got to know each other better. Especially, Hermione, Severus, and Ryuu, who were the center of most of the converstions. Severus told Hermione that Antoine could come with them tomorrow when they picked her up to see her second home, that way they could add him to the house's 'list' of approved people for apparation. (He refused to not include Jane in Hermione's life. He had no right not to. But his home was also her home.) Hermione was so ecstatic that she jumped out of her chair and ran to give him a hug without thinking about it. When she did realize what she was doing, she akwardly pulled away from Severus and returned to her seat with a faint blush on her cheeks. Antoine just laughed at her and pinched her cheeks after she sat back down, making them more red. 


After everyone was finished eating, they gathered in the living room again for good byes. "We'll be by tomorrow around noon. I thought we could all celebrate your birthday here with your mom first, then again at the manor tomorrow night. How does that sound," Severus asked.


"Sounds perfect to me, will Antoine be able to stay the night as a birthday present," Hermione asked with puppy-dog eyes.


"I suppose we could set up the guest room across from your bedroom for him. As I'm sure he'll be over more than not, am I correct?" Hermione smiled and hugged Severus again, who wasn't taken by so much surprise this time and hugged her back. "Alright, well, Ryuu and I better be going then. Since we have to set his room up for him tomorrow."


Hermione stepped away from Severus and took a step towards Ryuu shyly. "Sis, you've given dad two hugs, and none to me. I'm offended," Ryuu pouted dramatically, making Hermione laugh and giving him a hug as well. "G'night, sis," he hugged her back.


"Good night, bro," Hermione smiled as she left Ryuu's arms. "Good night, Dad," she smiled to Severus making him smile whole-heartedly back.


"Good night, Mia," Severus continued to smile.


"Oh, you can apparate out of here," Jane said out of no where. "So you don't attract unwanted attention from the neighbors," she laughed.


"Thank you," Severus was still smiling from Hermione calling him dad, so he nodded his head in appreciation to Jane. Ryuu took Severus' arm before they disappeared with a *pop*.


"Well, that was eventfull," Antoine laughed.


"It was," Jane agreed. "Alright, you two, you need your rest, so get," she pointed to Hermione's room with one hand and out the door with the other. They both just laughed, kissed each other on the cheek, and went their seperate ways.


Hermione closed her door silently and stripped from her clothes, not really caring where they dropped as she just realized that she was exhuasted. So she crawled into her bed, pulled her blanket up to her chin and snuggled in to fall into a deep sleep. Just as she was about to fall into her dreamland, she felt her cellphone go off. "Ugh, what," she asked groggily into the phone.


"You have to be up by 6 tomorrow, love," she heard across the phone and realized it was on speaker phone. But didn't have they energy to turn it off.




"Because, we are leaving for your dad's house at noon. And we have an appointment for your present at 7. I will be in your room at 6:30 to wake you up if you don't get up before that," Antoine smirked.


"What's my present?"


"You'll see tomorrow, love, now get some sleep," he said before he hung up his phone.


"G'night," Hermione mumbled before she dropped her phone beside her and fell into a fretfull sleep.

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