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Unexpected by MalfoyRocks
Chapter 1 : The Beginning of the End
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 Hello everyone,

            It's been a while since I've put any chapters up. So, I may be a little rusty with my writing. This specific story takes place AFTER the war. Severus didn't die in the battle, he cast 'protego' right before the killing curse hit him. But he was knocked unconscious for the remainder of the final battle. Everything else is the same as the books except for the pairings. But you'll find them out at a later time. Thank you. I hope you enjoy.


Hermione Granger let out a strangled scream as she woke suddenly from her nightmare covered in cold sweat. She looked around her childhood bedroom to make sure that she was alone before she broke down crying. It took her a few minutes to calm down, as she did she wiped her tears from her eyes and got up from her bed. 


After she calmed down enough to think coherently, she made her way into her ensuite bathroom to get a shower. She turned the water on scolding hot before she stripped from her night clothes. Once she was undressed, she tested the water with her hand and turned it down a little bit before stepping in the still scolding water. She let the water run over her body as she let her sorrows run down the drain with the it. She tilted her head under the water, grabbed her body sponge and poured some vanilla scented body wash on it. She washed her body slowly, making sure to get every where before she felt clean enough to rinse off. She then poured her favorite coconut scented shampoo and conditioner in her palm and massaged it into her hair carefully. Letting her hair soak in the shampoo and conditioner, she shaved her legs of the small stubble that had grown. Once she was happy with shaving she rinsed her hair out and watched the soap run down the drain. She stood under the water for another minute or so under the water before she turned the water off and stepped out into the now steaming bathroom. She dried herself off with her black fluffy towel before wrapping it around her hair. 


She walked back through her room and went into her huge walk-in closet to find her clothes for the day. She pulled out matching black lace under-garments from the set of drawers closest to the door and pulled them on quickly before she turned to the opposite set of drawers to pull out a pair of black shorts and put them on. She grabbed a low-cut, hot pink t-shirt from a hangers and pulled it over her head. Then she put a pair of black flip-flops on before leaving her closet to go back into her bathroom to finish getting ready for the day.


She grabbed black mascara and eyeliner from one of the drawers in her vanity and put them on expertly. Then she pulled off the towel from her hair and blow dried her hair as she put an anti-friz lotion in her hair that was seemingly darker than usual. When her hair was dry, she grabbed a black headband and put it in her hair to keep in from falling in her face. 


As soon as she was ready for the day she heard a knock on her bedroom door. "Come in," she said as she walked into her bedroom and sat on her window seat with a sketchpad and some charcoal. A woman with curly brown hair and chocolate colored eyes walked in and sat on Hermione's bed. "Yes, mum?"


"I needed to talk to you before you go to Antoine's house today," Hermione's mother began and Hermione nodded in understandment. "If you didn't remember, today we will be having a guest coming over for lunch at two. So, please be back by one to get ready."


"I remembered," Hermione smiled. "What do you think he looks like?"


"I'm not sure. But he did tell me that the Glamour Charm that he put on you as a baby before I adopted you will be faded completely by your birthday tomorrow," Hermione's mother laughed at her excitement so far.


"Oh, is that why my hair has been getting darker?"


"I believe so. Are you still sure that you want to stay with him this summer," Hermione's mother asked worriedly.


"Yes, I'm sure. Don't worry mum, I'll come home if I get uncomfortable, alright?"


"Okay," her mother sighed. "Okay, you better go if you want to see Antoine today."


Hermione smiled and put away her sketchpad before getting up from her window seat. She grabbed her purse from beside her door and walked down into the kitchen to get an apple to eat on the way. Then she walked out of the house and down to the end of the street to the farthest house away. She walked into the house without knocking on the door and headed to the stairway down to the basement. 


"Hermione, is that you," a female voice called from the kitchen.


"Yeah, just going down to wake Antoine up," Hermione called back.


"Okay, are you staying for the day." the same female voice asked again.


"No, I'm meeting my dad today remember?"


"Oh, that's right. Well, good luck," she finished as Hermione made her way down the stairs finally. The basement was an open area that was full of a gaming area, except the right side which consisted of a couple rooms. She walked into the farthest door away from the stairs, in it was a dark bedroom with black walls covered in posters, dark hardwood floors, and furniture matched the floors. The bed in the center of the farthest wall had black silk pillows, sheets, and blankets. But in said bed was a gorgeous, tone, black haired, bright blue eyed boy that was currently wrapped up in his blankets.Hermione smirked to herself and crawled into the bed with him, nibbling right under his ear to wake him up. He groaned as he turned and captured her lips in his.


"G'morning, Mia," he sighed.


"Morning, love," she laughed as she sat up and got into his night stand to pull out a bag and a tiny plastic tube. Se turned around and had him lay down on his back before she used his tone abs for a straight line as she poured a bit of the white powder on him. She then took her tube and snorted the powder up and off him, wiping her nose as she finished. "Sorry it's going to be a rough day and I needed that horribly."


"Mhmm," he mumbled as he flipped her over to do the same to her. But when he was done he put the baggie away and kissed her neck making her moan. "Why is it going to be stressful, love?"


"My father is coming for lunch today, my biological father that is, and then tomorrow I'm going to go stay with him for the summer," she sighed as he nibbled on her sensitive spot in the curve of her neck. "I only have three hours, love."


"Only three hours," he complained sarcastically, then smirked as he claimed her mouth with his. "I guess we shouldn't waste any time then," he said as he undid her shorts and let them fall to the floor. She pulled her shirt off as she flicked her shorts off her ankle backwards. Antoine took a step back to appreciate her black lace bra and panties before he readily helped take them both off. Hermione pulled down his boxers easily and pulled him backwards towards the bed. Once the back of her knees hit the bed, he gently pushed her backwards then climbed on top of her. However, he didn't give her what she wanted completely. Instead, he took each of her breasts into his mouth and sucked and nibbled on them each in turn, making her moan in ectasy. Then he made his way down her flat stomach, kissing the whole way down very antagonizingly slow. When he got to her belly button, he kissed one time before he made his way back up to her neck, then to her mouth. 


But, as she is never one to be shown up she smirked at him as she flipped him and did the same thing to him. Except when she got down to his belly button she went down farther, kissing him once on his very full erection and took it in her hands and massaged it expertly. Then she slowly made her way back to his lips and smirked again. "No, we shouldn't," she whispered in his ear seductively.


He groaned as he flipped her back over and kissed her passionately. He pulled her close as he entered her slowly just to antagonize her even more. But instead of waiting to be teased further, Hermione pushed her hips up to make it short and sweet. He groaned as she smirked yet again and he brought their bodies even closer together. They moved together in perfect sync for quite a while before they both ended in their joined euphorias. Antoine rolled off of Hermione and then again off the bed. He caught himself before he fell on his face and headed for his bathroom. "I'm getting a shower. What about you?"


"I'll be in, in a minute," Hermione laughed as she found her clothes around the room. She got into his nightstand again and pulled out a small silver case. She opened the case to pull out a blunt before she closed the case and stuck it back in the drawer. She lit the blunt and took a huge hit. She exhaled and sighed in content before taking another hit.


"Mia, hurry. The water's getting cold," Antoine called from in the shower. Hermione rolled her eyes and took another hit before making sure she put it out and putting in back in the silver case.


"Yeah right, Love. You just want me in there," Hermione laughed as she joined him in the shower.


They didn't take long in the shower, just enough to wash off completely and made sure they didn't smell like sex. Hermione got redressed and went back out into his bedroom and relit her blunt. She layed on his bed and took another hit as he got ready in the bathroom. Five minutes or so later, he walked out into his room with his short black hair spiked up slightly and black eyeliner on. He was wearing a tight black shirt, a pair of black pants, and a pair of checkered Chuck Taylor's. He walked over to Hermione, took the blunt out of her hands, and took a hit of his own before handing it back. They layed on the bed for a while just relaxing and sharing hits. 


"Will you be coming back at all this summer? Or for holidays this year," Antoine asked as casually as he could, but failed miserably, making Hermione sigh in annoyance.


"Antoine, I told you not to get attached to me. I told you I can't handle the emotional baggage of an actual relationship right now," Hermione sighed.


"Why not now, Mia? The war is over thanks to you and your beloved Hogwart's 'friends'," he snapped angrilly as he got up from the bed and started to pace back and forth.


"I just can't. Please don't make this any more difficult then it already is for me," Hermione cried.


"Mia, we've been best friends for over half our lives. AND we've been sleeping together for the last three years. How do you expect me NOT to fall for you," he asked angrilly.


"I guess you're right. But please, please, don't make me walk right now. I need you to be there, just not that way," Hermione said as she stood and grabbed her purse.


"So, we've become fuck buddies," Antoine spat angrilly. 


Hermione went rigid with anger for a moment before snapping out of it and going to the door. But as her hand made contact with the door handle she turned around suddenly. "Do you want to know why I haven't been able to talk much about my time with my bloody Hogwart's friends this year? It's because on New Year's Eve they got trashed and decided I was nothing more than a bloody sex object as they raped me, repeatedly. I have spent the last few months stuck in the company of my rapist who were supposed to be my best friends. Yes, I helped bloody defeat Voldemort. But at the price of my own bloody fucking sanity! That's bloody well why I can't be in a reletionship now. So, I'm sorry if my emotional needs don't coincide with yours right now. So, bye, Antoine, I'm going home," Hermione hissed as she left his house in a hurry. 


Antoine stayed rooted to the spot from shock as Hermione left the house. In fact, it took him a few minutes to process what Hermione had even told him. But as soon as it all registered he was out of his house faster than you could say 'quiditch'. He ran to catch up to Hermione before she made it into her house. As she stepped onto her front porch, he reached her and grabbed her hand to pull her around and into a hug her tears streamed down her face. "Mia, don't talk, just listen, okay." he asked trying to sound strong for her. Hermione just nodded for him to continue. "What they did to you was uncalled for, and if they had to degrade themselves to do that to any woman, let alone you, they don't deserve your friendship or any other woman's. I don't have any clue how you dealt with actually talking to them for five months after they did that to you. But, then again, you have always been strong. But you have to understand, Mia, what they did was NOT your fault, alright," he asked as he tilted her head so he could see her eyes clearly. She shrugged in answer. "Mia, they had no RIGHT to do that to you. In fact, they don't have any rights as your friends any longer. You said they were drunk? Do you want to hear what I have to say to that? That just makes it worse for them in my books. Mia, have I ever made you uncomfortable in any undesired way sexually," he asked fearfull of the answer.


"No," Hermione's voice cracked as she answered. 


"That's good. But, Mia, that means it's even worse yet for them. Mia, we have been drunk, high and sober when we've been intimate. So how could they not control themselves around their best friend," Antoine paused for a moment before continuing. "In fact, I'm going to beat them to a bloody pulp the next time I see them. They have no right to take away your trust from people who actually deserve it," Antoine finished highly pissed. 


"I'm sorry I got so emotional in your room," Hermione whispered.


"Mia, don't apologise for that. I'm actually glad you did. You've been out of sorts lately and it's been bugging me to no end," Antoine hugged Hermione tight to his chest. "Just do me a favor and write me, ALOT, okay?"


"Yeah, yeah, mother," Hermione laughed as she wiggled out of Antoine's hug and quickly ran into her house before he could stop her. Antoine was shocked into silence for a moment before he shook his head and laughed to himself as Hermione ran inside. After she was inside, he turned and walked back home. 


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Unexpected: The Beginning of the End


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