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Pranksters world by TheOneWhoRightsTheWrong
Chapter 8 : 20 questions and a kiss
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There it was. Silence hanging in the air as they stared at the dreaded bed. They knew they would both have to get into it sooner or latr, it was just really awkward. Especially after the incident in the bathroom. Fred stole a glance at Hermione and saw the light shyness across her cheeks. His eyes ducked down to her lips and the scene that had occurred only moments ago played on his mind and he quickly looked away.

"Here you sleep on the bed and I'll sleep on the couch." Hermione looked up at Fred then the couch.

"you and I both know there is no way in Hell you are ging to be able to fit on that tiny couch."  she smirked. she ws right of course and Fred knew that but he thought it might make her more comortable.

"yea but.." he began

"Its fine Fred the beds big enough for two we can both sleep here." Hermione said

"I just didnt want it to be too uncomfortable for you, you know me being a guy and you...female." Fred said scratching the back of his head.

"Female? nonsense, besides During the war I had to share a bed with Harry and Ron when he was there." she muttered the last part.

"And no offense but from a different perspective I'd say your the one more effected by this.... you wouldnt be scared would you?" Hermione laughed. truth be told she was a little embarrassed but she wasnt uncomfortable she trusted Fred. Fred looked utterly appalled by her accusations.

"M..Me! the Great Fred Weasley King of pranks afraid!? what a ridiculous claim!" Fred said recieveing a laugh from her and a smile himself. Hermione raised and eyebrow at him.

"then get into bed your highness." Hermione said bowing. Fred puffed out his bottom lip and held out his chin stomping over to the bed as Hermione laughed. slipping in he yanked the blankets down over his head moving slightly so there was just enough room for Hermione to climb in. Hermione rolled her eyes and got in next to the pouty prince laughing.

"you know." Fred began as Hermione turned on her side away from him.

"yes?" she questioned trying to get comfortable only to realize at their current position itd be impossible to sleep comfortbly.

"ah! the chain" Hermione said as her arm suddenly got a dull pain from being pulled. Fred immediatly understood and shifted so they were faceing each other.

"I guess we'll have to sleep like this...your not a kicker are you?" Fred asked and was rewarded with a laugh.

"No I dont suppose you are?" Fred smirked and shook his head. after several minutes Hermione spoke again.

"the lights..." she could only think to say

"they'll turn off in a minute I put a spell on them after several minutes on the bed they turn off."

"ah...what were you going to say?" she asked staring into his neck.

"hm?" was all he said

"earlier you were going to say something...what was it?" she question

"oh uh nothing." he replied lamely. after another few minutes Hermione spoke again.

"you know." she began


"I....dont really know much about you." she said in realization.

"i mean we've seen each other aroung and all but I dont think we've ever really talked or gotten to know each other." she continued.

"yea I guess your right....Wanna play 30 warts!?"

30 what?" Hermione startled.

"30 warts. oh come one dont tell me the smartest witch of our generation doesnt know how to play!" Fred joked. Hermion just stared up at his eyes.

"really? you dont?" he asked a little shocked

"afraid not I never stopped to study games." she said a little embarrassed at his shocked expression.

"but games are an important part of society!" Fred exclaimed.

"i know i guess i just didnt really bother with it much." she said looking down at his neck again. Fred could feel her warm breath on his neck and it caused undescribible feelings.

"well 30 warts is really basic after casting a spell on each player you ask questions 30 each and if the player answering tells the truth nothing happens but if they lie."

"they get a wart."

"yea basically"he chuckled.

"sounds like 20 questions."  Hermione said

"20..questions?" Fred looked down at her confused.

"Yea its a muggle game kinda like 30 warts only with out the warts." Hermione said laughing at Freds confused face.

"AH! i think my dad told me about that! w can play that instead. you go first!" Fred said quickly.

"ah um ok." Hermione said thinking.

"uh whats your favorite color?" she asked

"aw you couldnt come up with something harder?" Fred feigned displeasure.

"just answer it." Hermione smiled rolling her eyes.

"orange." he said simply


"yea, does that count as your second question?" he said smirking

"NO! its just thats mine too" she laughed

"uh...whats your favorite food?"


"um what was your favorite subject at Hogwarts."

"potion and charms are you going to keep asking lame questions? I mean your wasting good questions!"

"no! fine..uh who was your first love?"

"my teddy bear."

"really!?" she laughed


"it understood me." he said dramatically.

"uh huh ok whose your biggest crush?"

"what are you a girl?" Fred looked down at her raising an eye brow

"oh yea um I gotta say Fluer was."

"who was your first kiss?" Hermione asked noticing Fred pale slightly.






"dont be a baby!!! I'll call George im sure he'll tell me. Hermione said smirking.

"no! was..." He began looking for a way out. he couldnt tell her who it was really!

"yes?" she said pushing him further

'be strong freddie cause she's gonna laugh there is no doubt!' Freds inner voice rang out

'shut up!' he thought back to himself

"it was...Berry" silence over took the room,



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