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The high priestess by Ron 4 Hermione
Chapter 1 : The high priestess card
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Luna smiled as she lounged on her bedroom floor, the sun was streaming through the window, and she was remembering what had happened last year at school. She had joined Dumbledore's army where she had made some terrific friends. The main people who had made a real impact on her life had been Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Neville, and she couldn't thank them enough. They had made school that little bit more enjoyable, and she wanted to do something so she could remember them all. Furrowing her brow in concentration nothing sprung to mind, she needed something amazing. Her mind wandered back to her mother as it normally did when she needed advice, and she could quite clearly hear her mother in her mind.

“Luna, my love what did we use to do when we needed guidance? What did I use when friends would come knocking, unsure of what to do next?”

Then it hit her, tarot cards. Reaching over into her bedside cabinet she reached inside and pulled out a pack of tarot cards her mother had left behind. Luna had fond memories of her mother sitting on the floor and reading the cards as she pulled them out. She had been even more excited when her mother had decided to teach her how to read the cards. It was amazing Luna thought as she sat up on the bed and started to shuffle the cards, how you could tell what was going to happen to someone just by learning the art of Divination. Remembering what her mother had taught her all those years ago, well seven years really.

Deciding the cards were well shuffled Luna crossed her legs before cutting the deck. Placing the bottom half on the top she then proceeded to fan out the cards in a horseshoe shape. She let her hand hover over the cards, allowing herself to get a feel for them. When she felt a particular card calling out to her she plucked it out from the pack.

It was the high priestess card.

Luna smiled to herself, it never ceased to amaze how accurate the cards could be. It was up-right meaning that she needed to trust her instinct more instead of focusing on what is logical. She remembered her mother had picked this one out for a friend once, Luna had been sitting under the table listening to her mother talk about how the woman needed to exercise her mind by either divination, meditation or some other form of creative exercise.

“Hmm, how could this help? Maybe I picked the wrong card?” Luna thought out loud, shaking her head as she did. “No, the cards are never wrong all I need to do is think.” Looking at the card, she thought about everything the high priestess card represented. “Creative exercise, well I paint so maybe...” She smiled to herself as she got to her feet, she had the perfect idea. “Thanks mum,” she said as she placed the cards back in the bedside cabinet, and as she shut the draw she heard her mum laughing.

She waited until the next day to get to work, making sure that she had everything she needed before she got started. When she was painting, she easily forgot about everything else around her, and she didn't want to have to stop just because she'd forgotten something. Humming to herself as she worked, the painting began to take shape, and every night Luna went to sleep knowing that soon she would have something special finished in her room.

It didn't take her too long to finish the painting, and when she did she placed the paintbrush down on the floor and gazed up at her handiwork. She had always loved drawing and with the help of the tarot cards she had decided to do a portrait of Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Neville. It wasn't just any portrait though, Luna had wanted something special so she had painted their faces on the ceiling. After she had done that, she still thought it didn't quite look right. All the faces looked apart so she had decided to use the word 'friend' to link them all. She had written the word in gold paint, and the effect had been almost magical. She didn't want to use magic to paint their pictures on, it would have felt almost impersonal, and they were here first real friends so everything had to be perfect.

Smiling up at the painting, she decided that she would show her dad another day, when he was less busy, and for now she just lay down on her bed and watched the five faces all smiling back at her.

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The high priestess: The high priestess card


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