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Switched. by HarlowKittie
Chapter 1 : I Wish...
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Chapter One: I wish...


Ginny's POV


“Gin, listen...” Harry said in an almost begging matter.


I wasn't having any of it. He always thought he knew best, he always thought he was right. Pompous prick. “No, I will not listen. If you think for a second I am going to sit here and listen to you break up with me you are wrong.” He had been trying to end things for about a month now.


“Gin,” He voice cracked as he said my name. “We-” He took in a deep breath. “It's for the best.”


“For the best my arse!” I was fuming mad at him.


“I need to do this, I need to do this on my own.” He grabbed a hold of my hands. “Voldemort has already tried to use you to get to me once, and the was simply because you were my best friends sister.” I could hear tears in his voice. “I can't let him get to you again. Think of how much worst it will be if we are together, when he finds out. And he will find out.”


“But-” I knew he was right. HE would find out. Tears pricked my eyes. “But what if I don't care?”


“I care.” He pulled me closer, I could smell his minty breath on my face. “I can't have anything happen to you. You need to keep yourself safe, I don't want you anywhere near when this all goes down.”


“Harry, I am not a little girl. I can handle my own.” I told him more serious than I had ever been with him.


“Ginny, it is too dangerous. I am sure your family would agree. We just don't want our little Ginny getting hurt. We car-”


Little?” I cut him off. “Little, Ginny?”


“I mean to-” He started off again


“Don't, just don't Harry. I am not little Ginny. I am Ginny Weasley, a women who can take care of herself. I women that does not need an arrogant boyfriend, with a hero complex! I can handle my own, I will handle my own. When the time comes I will show my worth.”


“Ginny you don't need to fight to show me your worth. I just want you safe.” His eyes were pleading.


“Damnit, Harry. I am not the type of girl that sits home and waits. I am not the same girl with diary all those years back. He took something from me too.” Harry went ridged at me bringing up the diary again. “If you really want this over fine, it's over.” I dropped his hands. “But don't you think for a second that I am going to be waiting on the sidelines while everyone I love is out their fighting.” I poked him in the chest hard before turning out of the empty class room we were in. He never called me back.


I sighed in frustration as I walked back up to my dorm.. My mind reeling on all that had come out that conversation still. I could not believe the nerve of my boyfriend- well, I guess ex-boyfriend now. Merlin, he was just so aggravating. He never thought of me as my own person, just Ron's baby sister that needed protecting. I guess ending it was the smart thing, a relationship could never last if the two don't consider themselves equal.


I made it two my dorm, thankful everyone was asleep, I did not want to be bother. I undressed my self to just my shirt and underwear not bothering to even change into pjs. My mind was exhausted. Life really wasn't fair, I wasn't born in the nicest of homes, I was never given the nicest things, and everyone was so damn over protective of me that I never got to go out and try to find me. I was supposed to wait in the background until it was safe. But sitting and waiting didn't suit me. I was doer, I wanted to get shit done. Sometimes I just wish I wasn’t me.


Pansy's POV


“That was amazing, Draco.” I sighed. He didn't answer as usual. I ran my fingers down his sweaty chest feeling his muscles under my fingertips. “You know,”


“Pans, I don't want to hear it. I am tired. Now please, you got yours, now let me sleep.” He rolled over to the other side of bed.


This is how it always was. I got mine, huh? If me getting mine is you forcing me into your bedroom, shagging me until you finish then yes I got mine. I would so love to tell him off but that was not advisable, He was my betrothed and in our society that meant something.


I laid in his bed staring up at the ceiling, not the least bit tired. Really, all I had to do was play dead fish, and Drake would finish. He wasn't really into the pleasing aspect of sex. Great, I was doomed for life of un-enjoyable sex. Yippie!


My prospect of the life outside of Hogwarts was looking shadier and shadier. Sure, it all seemed glamorous to the outsider but on the inside it was fake smiles to cover up broken tears. I was to be married to the most eligible pure blood bachelor, what a treat, most families would kill to get such a match. In-fact some may have. Spilled blood laden all over the matching of wizards; not something talked about though.


From birth, I have been raised to be the Malfoy bride. One mustn't falter when becoming a Malfoy bride. One must act a certain way, one must attend the right functions and one must be of the purest blood. Which, I am not...but we don't talk about those things. There is a lot we don't talk about actually. If it is not fake pleasantries, or death threats it shall not be discussed. As a bride to be we must watch our every move because one toe out of place and you can lose it all.


It's funny really the double standard. The boys are allowed to behave however they please, no restrictions on them. They are not expected of much other than taking their father's place in what ever career venture they had. Most involving the Dark Lord. We were on the other hand expected of so much more, like yielding to our partners every will- even in the bedroom, but still be saint to public eye. It was all very stressful to live such a mundane life. A life, I didn't even want. Sure, Draco could be alright guy- mostly not lately, however, Something has changed since summer, he is like a closed clam I can not break. All in all though, he is a good guy deep down. He is of good breeding and very handsome, but I am not sure he is the one.


There has to be more than this stuffy, over thought, at times evil way of life. I want to have adventures and fall in love. I want it more than I could even tell. Sometimes I just wish I was born someone else.


3rd Person POV


An aging wizard sat at his desk contemplating his next actions. He knew this was a risk, things could go terribly wrong but it simply had to be done. He saw no other way, he knew they were both more than strong enough, there would be hurdles but they would face them head on. No one could know, it must be kept a secret. He found them both trustworthy of this. His decision was made, it would be tonight. He made a wave of his wand locking in his decision. There was no going back. He left his office filling satisfied. He knew what he did was right. After all, he was Albus Dumbledore, the greatest wizard of all time.


On opposite ends of the castles to gasp could be heard, but no one did. No one noticed the finial breaths of the now lifeless bodies that lay in bed.


A/N: I hope you all enjoyed this chapter. I really like it. But hey I am biased. I am still planing on finishing A Simple Life at Hogwarts (ASLAH) but this idea came to my head and would not leave to save my life. I will try to update both a frequently as possible. So if you could all please review, I would be much obliged.





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Switched.: I Wish...


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