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What Means Most by Owlpost68
Chapter 11 : Surprising Thoughts
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Edited 3/12/2013- Next chapter will be up soon, I promise!
A/N: I'm very sorry for the wait, Ron was surprisingly troublesome :P I want to thank you all very much, the story's hit almost 5500 reads! Really, I can't thank you all enough. Now, enjoy the chapter.

Disclaimer: All I own is the plot, my ideas, and characters, the wonderful world belongs to JKR.

Chapter 11

Surprising Thoughts




Ron’s snores again and makes me jump. He assumes I wake up early naturally, which I guess it is, if you consider waking up next to a lawn mower natural. It’s only in the morning too, we go to sleep perfectly fine, and I sleep through the night perfectly fine, but when about 7AM rolls around—


--Right on cue.

It’s just as well though because that seems to be the time of morning all the post comes. Even if it’s from Harry and Ginny, or the Australian Ministry, whoever it is, the post comes at 7.

This morning, rather than just a note from Harry, and Ginny’s occasional input, Ginny sent one herself about how Harry’s been helping her cope with Fred’s death, and her feelings about Harry having to fake his. This has been going on for a few weeks now, and it seems like Harry’s hard work is paying off. She’s writing and being more open; still in the same Ginny voice as ever, full of exclamation marks and large letters. She’s slowly healing, and I’m glad to hear my friends taking care of themselves.

It’s still not so easy for me. I do feel that each time Ron holds me something heals a little at a time. He’s been surprisingly patient when I lose mine. I don’t know what I’d be doing here without him. Surely I’d be going crazy with worry, and inside my own head with problems.

Ok, so I’m still doing that, but I’d be way worse.


I jerk around to look at the door, and see a small piece of parchment float to the area rug in the living room. Rushing towards it, I snag it before it fully settles on the ground.

‘ Miss Granger, we have located your parents, sorry for such a short note, but we are now on our way to restore their memories, and bring them to St. Victoria’s our wizarding hospital so they can adjust as we agreed on. Please meet us there by 10am.


It’s 9:15


He bolts upright in bed.

“What?What? I’mup.”

“Ron, they found them! We need to be and St. Victoria’s at 10!”

“’Mione its still 8, we have time,” he flops back over on the bed and snores.


He mumbles.

“Ron it’s not 8, its 9:15 now get your arse out of bed!”

Now he’s moving.

“Merlin, why didn’t you wake me up before?”

“If I knew I would have you idiot, Thomson just sent a note.”

“Ok, ok, let’s go then,”

“Ron, you’re not wearing pants. We’re not going to pick up my parents in who knows what kind of state with you not wearing pants.”

For something that took a month to do, now that it’s finally here, it’s sure going quickly. Once we get to St. Victoria’s Tally’s talking through why it took so long to find them as we walk through the halls.

“The witches and wizards we brought in ended up having to go through all your spells until they got to the one you used on your parents, and track it.”

We turn a corner.

“The reason why it took so long was that their process would try and track any spell you did since then, very extensive as you can imagine.”

Another 2 corners; I guess I spoke too soon.

These corridors go on forever.

“So of course they had to try and figure out a way to avoid that.”

Its lucky signing in didn’t take long because all they needed was Ron’s wand, Tally was already there, and obviously he had mine.

“If they hadn’t we’d be here til Boxing Day next year, but they figured it out,” he says cheerfully.

He goes on about a few other things I can’t find the patience to listen too. I’m too busy thinking that the next turn surely has to be the last.

We take another few twists and turns; why did they have to put my parents at the other end of this place?

“Here we are.”

“By, “Here we are,” do you mean, we’re going down another corridor?” I snap.

He ignores my comment and surprisingly stops in front of door 1 billionth.

“Now, your parents are disoriented--”

“So am I,” I mutter.

“--as to be expected, but all they’re doing now is asking for you, where they are, and where their tea is,” says Tally.

Now he’s giving me the chance to say something… really? When we’re right in front of the door?

“The last thing they did was make tea for me, but really? There’s nothing else wrong? No brain damage? Memory loss?”

“Now don’t get your hopes up Miss Granger—“

My heart sinks again, and Ron grabs my hand, I squeeze it, needing something to cling to.

“We’ve only just found them half an hour ago, there are plenty of tests to do, and so far we have no indication that they remember anything they’ve done this year.”

“Well, they remember me. That’s enough for now,” I say, breathing a little easier.

“For now they do miss, but what happens when something triggers they’re memory of last year? Will it erase everything they know now? We really don’t know. This is the first time this case has happened since the 1800’s, and that didn’t end well. Knowledge of this kind of magic is still new in comparison to what’s been around since before Merlin.”

“Wizards having been modifying memories since Merlin, especially muggles,” Ron says annoyance in his voice.

“Modifying yes; restoring, no. When have you heard of a case like that?”

Ron opens his mouth to argue, but I cut him off, “I don’t really care about that right now, I just need to see my parents.” I put my hand to the door knob, and pause… what if they’re mad? What if they don’t recognize me, but still ask for me like Luna’s dad? What if--?

“I’ll be right here with you Hermione, no matter what happens,” Ron whispers, and he kisses my forehead.

I close my eyes, take a deep breath and open the door.

What? Why does it look like my old living room?

Right, they had me remember what the setting was when I wiped their memories.

I see my parents turn around on the couch, see me, and smile. My heart gets stuck in my throat, and tears well up in my eyes blurring them.

“Hermione, there you are dear, we were wondering where you were. Tea’s reading darling,” mum says, as if nothing changed.

“Coming mum,” I say, just as shaky as when I left. This time it’s from relief, not dread. The tears run down my face, and I can’t help but throw myself on my father’s lap and cry. They’re here! They’re not hurt, and they’re safe! My plan somehow worked despite everything that could’ve gone wrong.

“Button, what’s the matter? Shhh everything is ok.”

“That’s just it dad, everything is ok, you and mum are safe, and everything really is ok,” I wipe the tears from my eyes only for more spill over onto my Dad’s shoulder.

“Of course darling, why wouldn’t we be?”

I fall silent, sit up, and open my mouth just to shut it again.

After everything that’s happened, I’m still afraid they’ll be angry when they find out the truth. They really don’t know the difference, but still.

I look up at Ron, and back at my parents.

I can’t even find the right words.

How do you tell your muggle parents that you had to wipe their memories to save them, and then go save the world? It doesn’t really happen every day.

Ron clears his throat, “Mr. and Mrs. Granger, I don’t know if you remember me—“

“It’s Ron, isn’t it? It’s very nice to see you again my boy, but I am confused why you’re here as well,” says dad. He then turns to me, “Hermione, love, as much as I love having you close, do you mind scooting over?”

“Oh, right, sorry dad,” I climb off his lap and move in-between him and mum.

I see Ron smirks a bit, but goes on explaining. With Ron helping we both put in enough each, about if my parents knew where I was last year, or were even anywhere near England, they most definitely would have been killed.

I break down while telling them that.

Mum wraps me in her arms and holds me. “It’s ok dear, we understand. You’re so brave, and you did all that for us, to keep us safe. I’m so proud of you sweetheart.”

Dad leans over to kiss the top of my head, “I don’t know if there are any luckier parents out there. I’m so glad you’re safe sweetie.”

Mum jerks up, “That’s right, oh, you were in so much danger this year! Are you sure you’re alright? Nothing’s broken?” She starts feeling my forehead as if I’d burst into fever.

A watery smile sneaks up on me; yep she’s still the same mum. “No mum, really, we’re ok now. It’s been a couple months since then, we’ve healed, maybe some lingering effects, but nothing terrible that we know of.”

“That you know of? You don’t know? We’re in a hospital aren’t we? That’s what the man who brought us here said, maybe they should take a quick look at the two of you.”

… Yep, she’s definitely still my mum.




While Hermione’s mum went on about getting the ‘Doctr’ back in here and check on us, her dad shakes his head, and turns back to me.

“So, we didn’t really get to the reason why you’re here. Not that I have a problem with that, but everything is still a bit confusing to me.”

“Um, well sir, Hermione needed help finding you, and she was very worried about something going wrong, so she needed someone to help her through this.”

He looks at me, the kind of look that says, ‘there’s more to it isn’t there?’

I clear my throat again, it really has been a lot itchier than it was outside this room, “um, and, well, sir… Hermione’smygirlfriend.”

Looking like this is thoroughly amusing him, he says, “What was that?”

“Hermione’s, my er, she’s my girlfriend sir,” I guess some more Gryffindor courage revisits me, ‘cause I actually manage to look him in the eyes.

He looks stern for a minute, and then laughs, “I’m sorry, I’ve always wanted to do that.”

I let out the breath I didn’t know I was holding.

“Another thing though; we aren’t in England are we?”

“No, sir, Hermione had to move you,”

“Well that explains the walk over here. It didn’t look anything like it. So, where are we?”


“What?” They both yell. Well in her mum’s case shriek is a better word. I rub my ears to see if they work the same.

Since I was expecting the worst, I certainly don’t expect them to look excited. They’re even planning what to see, and where they’d like to go.

This goes on for a good ten minutes before I realize Hermione may want some time by herself with her parents. It seems like most of the emotional conversations have at least calmed down.

“Um,” I say, trying to cut in.

It doesn’t work, so I wait for another opening.

“Um,” I try just a bit louder and still nothing.

“Um, hey!” I yell, and the room goes silent.

Maybe a little too loud.

“Sorry to interrupt, but Hermione, unless you still want me here, I think I’ll go, maybe back to the flat, and send an Owl to the family.”

“Oh, right of course, they’ll be so happy to hear we’ve found my parents,” She says smiling and hugging her mother. She looks so pretty being this happy.

“Could I also give them a estimate of when we’re going back?”

She looks at her parents, “Do you think another 2 weeks will be enough?”

“That should be plenty of time hun. Oh, and Ron before you leave, thank you for taking care of our little girl—“ Mrs. Granger stops abruptly and holds her hand to her head. Mr. Granger follows. They start moaning, and rubbing their temples. Hermione yells, and asks if they’re ok. They only get louder.

I realize they need help, and now. I remember the Patronuses, and how they send messages.

Her parents now don’t recognize her. She has tears on her face, but now has to pretend she’s a ‘Doctr’ she says.

I tear my eyes away from them and run out of the room, and close the door. I think of Hermione and her warm brown eyes when she arrived at Grimmauld Place at the beginning of 5th year, all lit up with curiosity, and happy to see me. My terrier appears.  

Realizing I don’t actually know how this part works I improvise as it floats and looks up at me for direction.

“Um, Hermione’s parents need a healer quick. They can’t remember her. Um, send this to Thomson, and Tally?”

Something must have worked because it speeds down the corridor.

I hear the door open behind me, and turn to see Hermione close the door, then sob with her head resting on it. How is it she was able to be so happy just a minute ago? I ease her away from the door, and we sit on the floor next to it not knowing what else to do but wait.

I’ve never felt so helpless before, but whatever I feel, Hermione has to feel worse. I push my own confusion away, as present as it is, and try and focus on Hermione. This has to be worse than what she imagined. We were in there talking to them, and they even recognized me, but then I don’t know what happened. She was thanking me for looking after Hermione, and they both just blanked? It doesn’t make sense.

We get up from the floor as we hear the rapid footsteps coming towards us.

“Miss Granger, what happened?”

“I, I don’t know! We were talking, we were planning on going to the theater, and then Ron asks if he can go send an Owl, and mum thanked him for taking care of me, and—“ and she starts sobbing again.

“They both grabbed their temples,” I continue with Hermione crying into my chest.

“Then they start moaning like they were in pain, and next I know they didn’t know either one of us.” I rub Hermione’s back to try and calm her down. It might not work, but I need to do something.

“Mr. Weasley, Miss Granger, we need to know exactly what was said so we know what could have triggered it. When we figure that out we might be able to reverse it.”

“I, I remember what she said. She said, ‘Oh, and Ron, before you leave, thank you for taking care of our little girl.’ Then they—“and she nuzzles into me again, trying not to cry.

“Thank you Miss Granger, I know this is hard on you,” he says while writing what she said frantically on a bit of paper. “I should tell you though; if they continue this way we need to bring them back to their flat so they can continue normally. The Auror department will keep a watch on them to see if anything else can trigger their memory to reverse the affects. Right now I think the best thing to do is to go back to your flat, and do something to get your mind off this.”

“Thank you Thomson,” I say, just because there’s really nothing else to say.

“Don’t mention it. Now, wait in the lobby and I’ll tell you soon what we’re going to need to do.”

We nod we set off back through the never ending corridor, led by another Healer. We’d never make it by ourselves.


It’s 7 PM finally. Today seemed never ending. After we left the hospital after being told her parents would go back to their flat, I insisted we walk around or go to a café. Just to be outside and not too much in our own heads for Hermione’s sake. She was quiet the whole time. We had lunch and dinner out, neither one of us really felt like cooking. When we came back though I wanted to make sure Hermione was alright so I sat with her on the bed. She finally snapped and said to leave her alone. I can hardly blame her though, maybe if I was still at school I would’ve gotten all sulky, but now it doesn’t matter.

At least now I have time to write the family. I put my quill above the paper ready to write, and pause. Where do I start? Do I tell them my heart nearly stopped when Hermione yelled to get up this morning?

Before I can answer myself I hear a knock at the door, scaring me half to death.

“Bloody Hell!”

“What?” Hermione yells, bolting upright in the bed.

“Damn I knocked over the ink.”

A voice comes from the door, “It’s Tally, can I come in?”

“Ron, are you a wizard or not?”

She gets up from the bed to answer the door while I try and lift the stains from my pants, and everywhere.

“Oh honestly Ronald,” with an impatient wave of her wand it was gone.

“I’m sorry you two, but this is rather important.”

We both go to the couch while he sits on the chair to the side of it.

“Are my parents alright?”

“We had to bring them back to St. Victoria’s for evaluation. They’re fine now, but, well, they got a phone call.”

“From who?” asks Hermione as she grabs my hand tightly.

“It might be a bit of a surprise,” Tally says, being cautious.

“What is it?” she asks, impatient now, my hand very uncomfortable.

“Well, it was from an adoption agency. Their 3 year old little girl named Aila Shirudo is coming at the end of the week from Japan, and they were confirming your parents will be there to pick them up.”

“What?” Hermione shrieks. She must have gotten that from her mum, though, I’ve never heard it before now.

I don’t think my ears will be the same. At least I hadn’t sent an Owl out yet.



A/N: Hi again! Soooo what did you think? Things are getting interesting right?? I'm very excited :D I can't wait to hear what you all think about it! Oh, also wanted to give a huge shout out to some of my devoted readers, even if I don't know who you are, and my devoted reviewers, Moonyxluna, and CambAngst your reviews help me nail down what I need to work on, and uplift me at the same time, you're both amazing. Also to everyone else who's favorited or reviewed at any point. Thank you all so much! I almost feel "Over the hill" so to speak after 10 chapters. I'll be alternating editing and adding chapters, just so my readers don't get confused. Chapter 1 is 10 times better! :D anyway, talk to you all soon! Please review, thanks!

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