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The Damned: Dark Imagination by Dracosfan
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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beautiful image by our sea star!!!!

Things changed, over the vast twelve in half years! People fell in love, out of love with the wrong men and married the wrong women just to find out that the one they wanted was the one thing they would never admit that they wanted. It was the lesson of how hard will someone fight for that one thing.  Though the once short lived miracle occurred as the young woman’s eyes opened smiling upon the red head which held his head upon her arm sleeping holding her hand. Isabella’s weakly squeezed the red heads hand giggling which startled him up, “Mizzy-,” he spoke gulped burying his head in her arm, “I am so very very sorry!”

 “It-,” Izzy gulped weakly, “It is all right!”

Adam felt the salt upon his face kissing her hand, “Come away with me?” he spoke looking into those beautiful eyes of hers, “We will find a way to live with it-you will be fine!” 

“Adie-,” Isabella smiled petting his head, “You have to stay here!” she weakly spoke holding his hand tightly; “It is time we let go!”

Adam shook his head closing his eyes crying harder, “I cannot let you-,” he spoke opening his eyes looking at her, “I cannot live without you!” Adam exclaimed watch Isabella’s face turned to the right facing the room door smiling as a fate almost ghostly like figure stood in the door way to take her home.

“Adam-,” The figure smiled as Adam turned to look at her as she smiled at Isabella, “My darling yes you can!”

Isabella nodded agreeing with Madame taking a deep breath, “Adam you can!” she spoke squeezing his hand as they salt flood began down her pale cheek, “Home ta-ta him!”

“Isabella I-,” Adam whipping his tears taking her left hand again, “No!”

She sighed gulping holding his hand within hers, “Ripping my heart was so easy!”

“Mizzy-,” Adam gulped holding his emotions when a voice came and a figure appeared, “I- do not listen to her stay with me!”

Madame smiled, “Adam it is her density -,” the figure called to the red head as he turned to look, “Isabella was not meant to live this life!” Adam gulped as their eyes meet again taking a deep breath.

“But I cannot let you-,” Adam not wanting to leave Isabella alone, “Mizzy I am nothing without you!”

The tears fell upon Isabella’s face with no hesitation, “No matter what happens Adam I will always be with you!” she smiled putting her other hand on his cheek, “Forever-,” then pulled him close, “My angel!”  Adam chuckled as tears began to burn down his cheek then his pink lips met her red soft lips. He kissed her with such a passion he wished it would never end. Adam felt the tear fall down his face and smiled watching her hold the engagement ring he had given her around her neck.  Isabella Marie smiled as she placed her hand on his warm cheek, “I-,”

“Iza-,” James gulped standing within the doorway seeing her face meet him and she smiled giggling watching him come to her.

Isabella giggling trying to sit up feeling his skin within hers, “Oh Jamie!” pulling him into her closing her eyes kissing his cheek, “I love you so much!”

“My love-,” James smiled stroking her cheek, “My dearest love!”

Isabella smiled kissing James, “Jam-,” she stopped feeling out of breath, “Jamie!” Izzy screamed as her heart began to race, “James!” taking his hand squeezing it not letting go when turning to his beautiful face she not wanting to, felt herself let go. Looking to Adam then James taking both their hands then she was gone.

Adam’s heart stop as the machine flat lined, “Mizzy!” he screamed not seeing Aria standing in the door way holding Arabesques terrified. A nurse along with Draco stopped in the door way seeing the sight of a dead young woman.

“James-,” Draco spoke trying to retrieve James from the side of the bed so he would not be on the floor, “I know this is a very large blow but please son stand from the floor!”

James nodded crying throw his tears rise turning to Draco and the girls as well as Adam, “Leave me!” he asked as Draco, Adam and Kapella nodded leaving the area leaving James and Arabella within the room.

“Jamie-,” Arabella sighed holding Arabesque understanding what he was going through as she whipped James’s tears away as he let himself fall into her arms weeping, “She called for you before she died!”

James crying even more, “Oh Aria-why?” he asked her as she just sat there and held him, “Everything was -,”

 “I know-I know God has a really strange since of humor!” Within minutes the room was cleared leaving James Sirius Potter alone with the body. Arabella gulped, “Jamie dear-,”

James looked to Arabella kissing her cheek, “I promise you Aria I will be all right just give me a moment!” Arabella smiled nodding giving him some time shutting the door behind her James went weak within his slushy knee falling to Isabella’s side, “Iza-,” taking a deep breath as he took her hand, “Isabella!”

Arabella gulped has the flood began down her face grabbing her twisting stomach. Pulling what was left of her proud she took out her phone, “Dante!” Aria spoke crying into the phone, “I need you-,” taking a deep breathe clearing her words, “Adam needs you!”

‘Aria what happened-,’ Dante spoke little afraid to find out as well as concerned, ‘What is the matter?’

Aria breathed deep, “Um I-,” she spoke trying to search her vocabulary for the words to tell the man she and Isabella once loved, “Dante Isabella is dead!”

Dante gulped breathing heavy looking at the small dark haired little thing feeling helpless yet a darker side grew. It has been said that when a heart full of pain begins to heal that it can grow back cracked and vengeful!

His faith died with her, His humanity went with her as well leaving a hopeless vessel of a man with no love in his heart. Adam truly became the thing he never wished upon anyone. The thing he hated most before his twenty first year-the Beast from within he became! Adam sat wallowing within his pain upon the cold ground of Ashwik with the deepening pain to end his own life as well.

Opening the new whiskey drinking half the bottle in the first gulp the fireplace light up lighting the whole room with red smoke, “You cannot live in the dark forever mate-,” the male spoke exiting the fireplace into the black walking over to the window opening the curtains, “There even comes a time when every soul meets there maker!”  

“Just let me die-,” Adam spoke crossing his arms sitting next to his latest kill, “Being nice has never been your fortay!” 

Dante sighed looking at his old friend at what he has becoming, “I help you as a service!”

“So I am a charity case ay?” Adam spoke rising from his seat upon the floor, “I do not need saving because this is the beast you created-,” he yelled point to the body upon the floor then back to Dante, “This is the being God created as to be!”

Dante took a deep breath holding his angry within, “My service Weasley is not a charity on your part and the being we are-,” he yelled back to Adam as if he did not know as to the issue at hand, “Are the beings of our own creation besides I made a promise to a certain young woman to watch over you and I intended to do so!”

“I never meant to take her from you-,” Adam gulped telling the truth for the first time in his life looking at Dante, “She was so sick and horribly messed up and I had no idea that a marriage was underway for you or even that she was married there after!”

Dante shook his head placing his hand upon Adam’s shoulder, “Water under the bridge mate!” walking Adam over to the window Dante began to think point to the land around them, “This all belongs to me now-,” he spoke point to the hills, village and valleys as well as the mansion and everything in it with the ancient things Victor, Nathan and Elijah left, “What if I could tell you I could change all this?”

“That is impossible my dear friend-,” Adam laughed shaking his head, “You cannot change or alter time nor land!”

Dante chuckled at his comment thinking of another way to put it, “Plausible Adam-,” he spoke pointing at the realness of it as he lead him out of the room and onto the balcony, “With Victor dead in his current state he has left something unguarded!” cocking a smiled he shrugged, “Something that change take things you love or simply take out the bad and place a new there-,” taking a deep breath, “Though it is more of a black plague if you will that will change everything even time!”

“Magic and I are not exactly best mates anymore-,” Adam spoke taking a deep breath though wanting to take part in this thing Dante now has, “You rule the coven now and I will see that it is done!”

Dante nodded watching Adam walk away, “As you wish!” he spoke as Adam stopped at in the door way turning to him one last time, “I will be releasing this ultimate power from his realm this very hour actually which is a great time because Isabella funeral is today-,” Dante laughed standing beside Adam now with a cocked smile again, “Attendance is dyer for dark magic lives!” 

“What about you’re new found relationship with Arabella?” Adam asked stopping Dante who now stopped and turned in front of him “Is that a lie?”   

Dante laughed again shaking his head, “Your sister and I are none of your concern but your life my old friend-,” looking straight taking a deep breath walking out of Ashwik, “Is!” he yelled disappearing from Adam’s sight leaving him with the thought that now wish he was taking part in this Change!

By the time the funeral started everyone was rather wet with tears as well as speech after speech looking at the open casket. Arabella though was the last to speak as everyone had already gone and done with their remembrances of a happier time with this wonderful woman, “Many thought of our dear Isabella as a sort of Snow White-,” Aria spoke puling what was left of herself to do this speech, “But I never wanted this for her to die never being able to see her child go to be a woman something I will now see without her a pure happiness taken from her!”

Arabella smiled going to continue as Dante throw open the church doors, “So sad that this all will end!” Draco rose turning to him with Lilly at his side as Arabella went to James said taking Arabesque, “Too late to choose the right side because in just a few moments this all will be a lie!”

“What are you doing?” Elijah yelled moving from Lilly to stand in front of someone he once considered his brother, “After everything I did for you-you do this!” not believing that his old friend would do this to his own sisters family, “Take this sad time and make a mess!”

Dante laughed pointing to Arabesque looking at Arabella, “That bastard will die first!”

“What are you?” Arabella yelled looking at the man she left Albus for, “You will not take this child over my cold dead body!”

Elijah took a deep breath looking at Dante, “You have lost it!”

“Not the child you idiot-,” Dante chuckled shaking his head, “You!”

Elijah smirked looking to the floor then back to Dante, “This story Rosier is not over!”

“On the contrary brother-,” Dante laughed as everything around them began to fade as his curse came to life, “This is how the story of the Damned ends!” he spoke strutting onto the alter opening the casket. Everyone gasped seeing the empty casket Dante smiled looking to them, “Raise your weapon’s!”

People flowed in and out of the train station. Getting in and out of their cars boarding and unloading. Terminal three stood with a green looking bill board where a young woman stood with a brown bag and a black hood. The hooded female gulped holding her bag close squeezing it almost standing outside the terminal as a dark vehicle emerge from behind the grey hound bus.

Taking a deep breath as the car stopped in front of her the female entered the vehicle lowering her hood to reveal her blonde hair buckling herself in looking to the dark brown haired driver, “If we are even thinking about doing this it will be done my way!” he spoke looking at the scared blonde, “Do you understand me?” she sat silent for a moment, “Isabella!”

“Yes Hugo-,” Isabella sighed nodded looking to Hugo then took a deep breathe, “I understand!” Taking a deep breathe himself he turned driving on not taking much of her word knowing that when the time comes Izzy most likely will fall through on that promise yet little did he know by making Isabella promise to such a thing Hugo not only altered both there coming futures but an old one as well.

Could everything over the past ten years be a lie? Everything and anything that happened within the lives of the original children not have happened? What if the events of that night in 1914 did not happen the way each was depicted and that they actually happened another way then Isabella would not be here nor would Anastasia had died. Then every event within itself never happened by one different choice. Not only did one promise and a curse change everything but one major moment can change everything! The true story has begun!

A cold chill ran through the room watching each body bleed. The young teen gulped covered in each family member’s blood just standing there within it the mess when the wand fell. Motionless she stood feeling as if the seen in front of her was a lie hoping it was a dream and not what it was-a massacre. Neither the group nor the last surviving Romanov knew that the raging outside their window was indeed over and this scene which now had blood shed was only to rid the world of evidence.

Loud footsteps echoed through the basement floor above the freighted young woman, “Where are they?” one of the men called holding three of the guards with knives and guns, “Where is the royal family?” Male voices rang throughout the safe house coming down the stairs.

“Your too late-,” The major spoke laughing in his strong yet thick German accent, “There all dead!”

The American shook his head at the sight of a man who could kill a family; “You bastard!” he spoke pulling out his pistol shooting him in the foot, “Now where are their bodies?” silences filled the room making the American and the group more angry shaking his head again, “I’m not asking nicely!” he yelled shooting him in the thigh this time pulling him to his feet shoving his index finger and the tip of his gun into the wound, “Now where are they?” 

“All right-,” The major gulped closing his eyes in pain breathing heavy, “All right-,” he spoke opening his eyes looking at the American and one of the soldier that looked as if he was-, “One princess lives-,” breathing heavy still looking at him, “She’s in the basement!”

A smile came over the familiar man’s face running through the kitchen out to the garden and down the basement steps. Before reaching the young woman three guards stood in front of her debating on whether they should just shoot her now and be done or take her for their own. One of the guards sighed shaking his head, “Kill the Russian bitch!” he yelled with a thick German accent pointing his gun at the motionless teen.

“No-,” The second guard yelled pulling the man’s arm back, “You shall not I have waited to long for this!” he laughed shaking his head seeing both faces fade away leaving two familiar faces to the princess, “Damn it Rowle!”

Her eyes widened hearing the sound of the man voice and name as her mind pulled where and when she had heard it. Truthfully Anastasia had forgotten all about seeing the conversation with Antonin and Rowle in the study that day. One reason Antonin was second guessing himself to kill Anastasia on the spot like he and Rowle did with the rest of her family is because this little princess contains powers beyond their wildest dreams. Antonin sighing looking at Anastasia not knowing that she saw his true face and not the magic mask to appear like Elijah then back to Rowle.

“Antonin-,” Rowle sighed shaking his head, “Speaking of this is-,”

Antonin rolling his eyes breathed deep, “Rowle-,” he began taking a stone splitting it into from the desk showing Rowle and another dark haired man, “We spilt the soul everything is solved!” 

“Dolohov we still have to dispose of the key-,” Rowle running his fingers through his hair, “Lord know that’s even worse for either way history will be affected!” Antonin smiled his evil smile making Rowle’s disbelief stronger, “Splitting the soul and the key will cause immediate death!” 

Antonin sighed looking at both his friends, “I must bend the line and split it at its core see my friends it is not what it seems so much so that the chosen one could come in any form!” smiling seeing that each understood his point, “Although one in theory could destroy the dark lord!”

Paul coming down the same way as Anastasia was standing stopped seeing her next to the cracked door. She began to listen more carefully as the three of them hear footsteps and began to speak welsh, “Anastasia what are you-,”

“Anastasia-,” A male voice called from the top of the stairs making all three man jump. Looking at each other not sure what to do Antonin and Rowle gulped disappearing leaving a real soldier as well as another alone with the bitter man.

Hearing the footsteps of the man stop the guard took a deep breath looking at the freighted teen pointing his revolver at her, “Sleep well Princess-,” he spoke reading the pull the trigger when a shot sounded. Gulping he looked down to his chest seeing a rather small but fatal hole in his stomach.

Anastasia screamed through her tears hearing that shot. Taking a deep breath the dark haired man lowered his gun taking a step toured the young woman that happened to be his wife looking down seeing what he had done-the mess in which he helped create. Stopping as one body caught his eyes well what was left of the prince at least. A prince, who once was his childhood friend as well as adult and a father to a child he would now never know.

He held a hatred for death and its smell though when an infant and his wife is threatened then he must do what he must to protect them even if killing his friends and their families has to be done. Looking up from the dead prince now standing in front of his wife, “Anya-,” he spoke stroking her shaking shoulder trying to pull her from the nightmare, “Anastasia!”

Anastasia gulped finally looking at her husband shaking, “Elie-,” she cried shaking as he took her hands within his, “Oh Elie!” falling into his arms holding him tight as he just let her cry within his arm.

“It’s all right now-,” Elijah spoke kissing her head, “Nothing will happen to you now!” Anastasia nodded taking a deep breath exiting from his embrace kissing him sweetly.

Sighing she gulped taking a deep breath, “Take me home!”

“Of course!” Elijah smiled taking her hand leading her out of the room never leaving her again though as they left the bodies began to disappear leaving only blood stains. When they reached the top of the stairs a figure appear in the spot Anastasia just stood in laughing with a cocked smile then disappeared.

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